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Ukraine Will Ultimately Capitulate To Russia: Ukrainian Member Of Parliament

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Ukraine Will Ultimately Capitulate To Russia: Ukrainian Member Of Parliament

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A member of Ukrainian parliament from the Opposition Platform – For Life party by the name of Oleg Voloshin said in a television interview that Ukraine will inevitably surrender (capitulate) to Russia.

According to the deputy, Kiev’s refusal to take a constructive approach in negotiations with Moscow could doom Ukraine to a cold winter.

The parliamentarian recalled the difficult situation with energy resources in the country, because of which the population may have problems with heating.

“In this situation, negotiations on Eastern Ukraine are already of secondary importance. Naturally, if we are still plodding on Donbass, then what kind of preferential supplies of gas and coal may be. <…> They said:” No capitulation “(No surrender). But it is already inevitable. Economically and energetically, capitulation is inevitable,” Voloshin said.

Therefore, the MP stressed the need to establish a dialogue with Russia and called on Ukrainian nationalists not to interfere with this process.

“In these conditions, the authorities should throw away this patriotic pathos and finally say:” We cannot just stop the war without Russia, we cannot ensure the availability of heat in apartments without Russia, we cannot ensure the work of the remnants of our industry without Russia, we are without Russia we cannot ensure the availability of electricity in power grids.” <…> This is the current position of Russia in relation to Ukraine,” the MP noted.

Voloshin expressed the opinion that if the current Ukrainian government is unable to come to an agreement with Russia, then their successors will have to establish relations with their eastern neighbor, who will come to the leadership of the country after the popular unrest caused by the fatigue of Ukrainians from the difficult economic situation in the state.

Meanwhile, the energy crisis could potentially be made even worse as Ukraine is expecting another tranche of its IMF loan to come by year’s end.

“We believe that the IMF will pay [Ukraine] a tranche of $1.4 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021, but is considering a possible range of this amount from $1 billion to $1.5 billion,” J.P. Morgan says in the EMEA EM Emerging Markets research, Kyiv Post reports.

As reported, the IMF and Ukraine currently have a Stand-By Arrangement to the tune of about $5 billion, signed in June last year. Kyiv immediately received the first tranche in the amount of about $2.1 billion, but subsequent disbursements have not yet arrived in Ukraine. The NBU hopes that the current SBA, designed for 18 months, will be extended for another period of six to nine months. The Ukrainian side is currently negotiating this issue with the International Monetary Fund.

On October 12, the International Monetary Fund presented its World Economic Outlook. According to the document, the IMF downgraded Ukraine’s GDP growth forecast by 20% for 2021 but slightly upgraded its estimate for 2022.


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Ukro’s are shocked to discover the laws of physics side with Putin. This is against their religion.


Good. They will realize siding with Russia and her allies is much better than siding with NATO.


Maybe, but it will not be as bad if it becomes a member of the European Union and the union army becomes well established.




Never gonna happen. 1.) Ukraine cant afford the compliance to NATO standards. 2.) Ukraine is unstable and a risk to other NATO member states under Charter 5.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

He is right.
CIAtrolls and Ukropnazis will cry and rage 🤗


Ukrainian is now a failed state due to being held hostage to US coup and hostile ethnic minority leadership. They act as regional spoilers for US geo-strategy agenda. Ukraine has gas transit pipes but Ukraine doesn’t produce any gas itself. It is Russian gas that transited through the pipes. This is rather idiotic position for any Ukrainian leadership to place themselves in, but they are good vassals and do what US wants. Sadly, in long run this will be all be to cost of actual ethnic Slavic Ukrainians.


Yes it is inevitable. Ukrain cannot sustain itself and the “West” can’t afford it either. They were used for a geopolitical purpose, which ultimately failed.


Poor Yukies, winter is coming……

L du Plessis

Ukraine should never have listened to the US.

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