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JUNE 2023

Ukraine War Reveals Ugly Face Of Western Europe’s Anti-Russian Racism

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Ukraine War Reveals Ugly Face Of Western Europe’s Anti-Russian Racism

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Even “dead Russians” are being cancelled by the West.

Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst

No matter one’s opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine, it appears that the famous “tolerant liberal West” are using the war to express their most disgusting Russophobic racism and dehumanization of the Russian people. With Russian troops pouring into Ukraine, Western liberals excitedly used this as an opportunity to cancel Russian art, history and cultural contributions to humanity. This is occurring at humiliating proportions and has a more dangerous dimension as even simple Russian shop owners in Western Europe are being targeted in racist attacks.

Russia has already been stripped from hosting the Champions League football final and Formula One’s Russian Grand Prix – with much hypocrisy. The Grand Prix did not condemn Russia but cited the “impossibility” of holding the race under the current circumstances. It now appears the event will be hosted in Turkey, where there is no “impossibility” for race organizers despite the country’s illegal occupation of Cyprus, Syria and Iraq.

This was followed by Russian and Belarussian athletes being banned from competing in the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics. Although the International Paralympic Committee [IPC] announced that competitors from both countries would be permitted to take part, albeit under a neutral banner, this was not satisfactory for Ukrainian athletes who issued a joint statement accusing Paralympic bosses of “choosing bloodshed over principle.” Apparently for the Ukrainian athletes, even just the very presence of a Russian or Belarussian – no matter their political positioning or opinion of the Ukraine War, is enough to warrant complaints in evident racism. None-the-less, the IPC succumbed to the pressure and even flagless Russians cannot compete now.

However, it is not only in the sporting arena where Russians are being embargoed, targeted and restricted.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said Russia would no longer be allowed to participate in this year’s Eurovision song contest; Britain’s Royal Opera House cancelled a planned residency by Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet, one of the oldest and most prestigious ballet companies in the world; and the Ukrainian Film Academy has called for an international boycott of Russian cinema, including a ban on Russian films at international festivals.

Although banning Russians from participating in sports competitions and cancelling current events is an immediate response to the War in Ukraine, there are much darker undertones that aim to even smear and cancel “dead Russians.” What is meant by this?

On March 2, Italian journalist Alessandra Bocchi tweeted: “Italy’s main University in Milan just banned teaching Fyodor Dostoevsky because he’s a Russian writer. Dostoevsky was sent to a Siberian labour camp for reading banned books in Tsarist Russia. We are reaching levels of hatred and stupidity that I thought were never possible.”

At time of publication, nearly 35,000 people had retweeted her, easily one of the most viral social media posts of the day.

The University of Milano-Bicocca informed the Italian writer Paolo Nori on Tuesday night that his course on the author of Crime and Punishment had been cancelled “to avoid any controversy, in a moment of high tension.” Nori on an Instagram live video read the email and slammed the university’s decision as “ridiculous”, saying “even dead Russians” are now the target of censorship in Italy. After the justified backlash, the course on Dostoevsky was approved to go ahead as originally planned and the rector of the university said he would be meeting Nori next week “for a moment of reflection.”

However, it is not only sports stars, entertainers, artists and dead authors who are being targeted, but even Russian students in France, Belgium, Czechia and other European Union countries where they have been expelled. The irony is that many of these Russian students are liberal and anti-Putin but are now being driven away by Western liberals from the liberal West.

This demonstrates that the so-called tolerant liberal West does not only have a hatred for Putin, but also for all Russian people, culture and art. After many years of normalizing the demonization of Russians in the media, the Ukraine War has provided the perfect opportunity for Russophobes to openly express their racism knowing that they will face little recourse.

None-the-less, no matter one’s opinion of Putin and the Ukraine War, this crisis has exposed the ugly head of Russophobic racism, something that has culminated for years in Western media and its political landscape, particularly during and after the so-called “Russiagate” incident.


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these fashi from the west and the eu shit their pants


Maybe now finally the Russians will stop calling euronazi politicians for partners. Choke the gas and let them freeze.

Hawaii guy

Sadly, they won’t freeze, the people will. We really F’ed ourselves being so damn lazy and allowing this totalitarian state to take hold. Should have bombed bill Clinton when he lifted monopoly ban.


Then maybe that will shake the people into being less complicit with their governments. It’s not like they have any gripe when it’s the people of Russia that suffer their racism. Ban on Olympics does NOT hurt Putin, is not intended to. It wants to submit all Russians.

Last edited 1 year ago by Manu
The Truth

“We can expect nothing from the West but blind hatred and malice… which does not understand and does not want to understand.” — Mikhail Pogodin, professor of history at Moscow University, memorandum to Nicholas I, 1853.


Are you Russians expecting something from the West? All these years of watching Russia foreign affairs unfold, I’ve realized you people expected too much. Disappointed much? Welcome to the real world. FYI they do understand you more than they have to. This war is one example of Russia’s not fighting for righteousness. If you Russians have any sense of justice, you would’ve had protected Syria from NATO. And if you people have any brain, you wouldn’t have let Ukraine issue spiraled out of control 8 years ago.

Tommy Jensen

The ideological roots of Western Libtards are KKK and Plantage slave owners.

Hawaii guy

Yeah, concentration camps seem tame compared to the hatred coming from my country of idiots.


USA? Yeah it’s embarrassing. Not all of us are that stupid.


Thankyou, I am a American and can read. After a lengthily self investigation of 911, had to be nuts to believe it ever happened to begin with. Osama Bin-laden played star roles for US, CIA. Leader Osama bin laden al-Qaeda in Soviet Afghan War and Attacks 911. My father fought against Nazi like so many more in the US, that had less than 1/2 million killed in WW-2.


Lengthy but weak investigation. Had you carried a courageous one you would have seen the myriad proofs that 911 was done by the US. Bin Laden doing 911 is little less mythologic than Santa Claus

Alexandre Moumbaris


Hawaii guy

All events will be replaced by two left feet, fat westerners and auto tune.

Timmy Temperance

The only way it couldn’t be racist is if all those Russians, including the Bolshoi ballerinas and Dostoevsky, were in the Russian army fighting in Ukraine.


Even that would be racism because it’s not like Israeli genocidal soldiers are boycotted anywhere.


Folks just need a target to project all of their own self loathing on to. Sad to see.

Jimmy Dugan

Ukraine is really a Zio-Nazi racist den of criminals and Russia had to no choice but to clean it up. God Speed Russia.


West has bought into the anti-cultural marxist hate-ideologies of racism, feminism, etc. and this is the result we are witnessing now against Russia. Marx was right about one thing though, about class-war. The elite class is in a permanent war against ordinary people, against true education, against true culture, and against ordinary people and their families becoming prosperous and cultured. This is the true meaning of class war. This is why the elites cannot tolerate the rise of Russia.


You put racism, feminism and Marxism in the same camp? The fuck is the matter with you? You some nazbol?

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

West is falling, East is rising. The crumbling americant empire and the EU will collapse. Russia and Asia are the new World leaders now. The $ is toast.


Lets not forget that Russian CATS have been cancelled by France. Any cats owned by Russians cannot appear in shows and Russian cats cannot be exported. It beggars belief, the absurdity of it all!. It is so ridiculous, it is truly laughable and I am laughing at the moronic anti Russians. I find it hilariously absurd.


Just imagine for a moment that Canada, a historical ally of the US with ethnic and family ties, as a result of a sophisticated propaganda by China, a part of the population embraced the communist ideology.

Later, with infiltrated Chinese agents and a huge amount of money, they did an underground job of buying Canadian politicians and soldiers that would lead to a coup that would put a Chinese puppet in the government.

Finally, without stopping carrying out a gigantic smear and boycott campaign against the US, they began to install nuclear missiles on the border aimed at the US.

Question: what would Biden have done?


Inverting everything is a nice way to explain all this.


In Sweden anti Russian propaganda have always been spread by the goverment with direct funding of Swedish tax payers.

Sweden state TV, was always paid by the tax payers, and recently it was maid included in the Tax, and they take the fee of everybody.

Tax payers pay about 150 USD yearly. They call it a TV-license fee.

The article say its racism, but is it? I think it is anti Russian propaganda.

One fact that everyone have to understand foremost is that most people are stupid, they accept everything their goverment feed them. And they dont want and dont have the intelligence to have any say in politics. They also “dont have time”, they like to live their life.

And if I was asked I would say that people who pay taxes are equally responsible for their goverment actions. Its their tax money that support all the wars.


Exactly. We’re complicit. The more you oppose the US/EU nazification of Ukraine in word or deed, the less complicit of all these kinds you are.

Christian J. Chuba

There is yet another reason to hate Russians (as if we needed anymore!). We all hate how Russia plays the victim.

Bobby Dazzler

USA officials specialize in Orwellian New-speak, here are some basic translations into ordinary-speak:

Economic Sanctions = Trade War

Humanitarian Intervention = Aggressive War of Conquest

Uni-polar World = Threatening your own NATO allies to comply or also suffer economic sanctions (Trade War)

Fun Fact: the US Empire’s recent list of targeted countries for aggressive wars of conquest is essentially a Neo-Colonial, re-conquest, of several previous European Empire’s former Colonies – Iraq/Libya/Syria/Yemen.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bobby Dazzler

The racist who spread lies against muslims, now they are spreading lies against Russia. But southfront at that time was with the racist. Now see what happens to you.

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