Ukraine War Must Be Fought Out to a Finish


David Hungerford is explaining his vision of the Ukrainian conflict exclusively for SouthFront.

Ukraine War Must Be Fought Out to a Finish

Sometimes wars end when a settlement is negotiated. Sometimes wars end when one side surrenders to the other. In either case the issues that led to war may not finally be resolved for a long time.

However, some wars are fought out to a real finish. The victor imposes terms. And that’s that.

Once we had a situation in the United States where two sides could not live with each other. The southern states had a system of slave-labor agriculture, with 3000 big slaveholders. The northern states had a system of wage-labor manufacturing. There were millions of small family farmers.

All attempts at compomise proved futile. “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” said Lincoln. The slaveholder states seceded from the Union to form the Confederacy. It came to war. The Civil War of 1861-65 took 750,000 lives out of a total population of thirty million. At the end the slaveholders were finished. They are gone forever.
Some say the war in Ukraine is winding down to a settlement based on the Minsk II protocol. Is that possible, or must the war be fought out to the end?

It has been a while since the Kiev junta has attempted an offensive. It makes some pretenses at fulfillment of the political goals included in Minsk II. Some weapons have been withdrawn from the line of contact.
But the junta cannot govern. Its territory is broken into domains ruled by one warlord oligarch or another. The economy is everywhere in a state of collapse. There is no law, only a reign of terror. Assassinations of political opponents, massacres, and shelling of civilians in Novorossiya go on daily.

A regime that cannot govern cannot end a war by settlement.

Novorossiya could hardly be more different. It is the mass creation of the people. They stood up to the junta as soon as it emerged. Referenda in Donetsk and Lugansk established them as Soviet Republics [SF editor’s comment: We don’t think it’s a fact]. Later the names were changed to People’s Republics.

The original names make the historical precedent clear. The soviets of the Year 1905 were created by the people. Lenin didn’t tell them to do it. Plekhanov didn’t tell them to do it. They did it themselves. The Revolution of 1905 led to the Revolution of 1917.

There is no doubt in Novorossiya of the fate that will overtake the people if they fall into the hands of the gang in Kiev. The Novorossiyan Armed Forces maintain constant vigilance. Official Russian policy may turn one way or another, but they will do it as long as necessary.

Ukraine is a house divided against itself. The people of Novorossiya cannot live with the fascists. The fascists cannot live with Novorossiya.

Sooner or later the war will end with a fight to the finish.



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