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Ukraine VS Red Cross: Kiev’s Hysteria Endangers Its Own Civilians

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Ukraine VS Red Cross: Kiev's Hysteria Endangers Its Own Civilians

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It is difficult to imagine combat operations without the activities of humanitarian organizations. In this case, the conflict in Ukraine is not an exception. The international organization Red Cross is active on the territory of hostilities. The International Committee of the Red Cross is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose goals and objectives are exclusively humanitarian and are to protect and assist the lives and dignity of people affected by armed conflict and violence.

The Red Cross has been actively working in Ukraine since 2021. Thus, on May 14, 2021, the Red Cross delivered humanitarian aid to the village of Sakhanka. In November 2021, the Red Cross brought 150 tons of coal, food, water, food, and hygiene kits to Stomariivka. Further, Red Cross employees repeatedly provided humanitarian aid, assisted in forensic medical examinations in the DPR, and supported the evacuation of civilians.

Amid the ongoing military operations, it is worth noting the willingness of the parties to the conflict to work and cooperate with the Red Cross.

On March 20, 2022, Mikhail Mezintsev, the head of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation, stated that Russia sent an official appeal to the UN, OSCE, and the Committee of the Red Cross to invite members of the organizations to participate in accompanying practical measures of the humanitarian operation, which is carried out by Russia.

On 28 March, the Red Cross expressed its readiness to open an office in Rostov-on-Don to provide assistance to evacuated Ukrainian citizens.

Ukraine VS Red Cross: Kiev's Hysteria Endangers Its Own Civilians

Synonym of the word “shit”: Ukrainians urge to boycott the Red Cross

As a result, the head of the Ukrainian parliamentary health committee Mikhail Radutsky urged the Red Cross not to do so. The official states that «the aggressor country abducts and forcibly removes Ukrainian citizens under the guise of evacuation». Earlier, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk accused the head of the organization, Peter Maurer, of making a “very questionable decision” to open the station, which is 60 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

The Red Cross denied accusations of any forced evacuation of Ukrainian refugees to a facility in Rostov-on-Don in Russia.

“The ICRC never helps to organize or conduct forced evacuations. This applies to all the places where we work. We will not support any operation that goes against the will of the people and our principles,” the statement reads. Representatives of the Red Cross also said: “At the moment, we do not have a representative office in Rostov-on-Don. We are scaling up our activities to be able to meet needs where they arise.”

On March 29, the DPR Commissioner for Human Rights, Darya Morozova, reported violations of the Geneva Convention of August 12, 1949, on the territory of Ukraine. It is reported that Russian prisoners of war are being tortured in the Kharkiv region. Daria Morozova appealed to the Head of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine Pascal Hundt and the Head of the UN monitoring mission on human rights in Ukraine Matilde Bogner to intervene in the situation, give a proper legal assessment of the actions of Ukraine and take urgent measures to prevent the torture of citizens in the future.

Earlier, the Kyiv authorities accused the Red Cross of cooperating with Russia. The Ukrainian side ignores the torture of Russian servicemen. Ukrainian militants shelled Red Cross offices in Mariupol and Chernihiv. The Russian military has to paint over the Red Cross symbols to prevent Ukrainian fighters from focusing fire on Red Cross vehicles.

The head of the ICRC press service, Evan Watson, claimed “deliberate disinformation attacks on Red Cross and Crescent employees”, adding that representatives of the pro-Ukrainian Mariupol city council deceived the public with the words that the ICRC “indulges in the forced removal of city residents to the Russian Federation”. In its turn, Ukraine pledged to open humanitarian corridors after another round of negotiations with Moscow. However, it made no effort to facilitate the evacuation of Mariupol residents from the basements.

Ukraine VS Red Cross: Kiev's Hysteria Endangers Its Own Civilians

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Today, on 1 April, the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, Colonel General Alexander Fomin, had a telephone conversation with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer. The parties discussed the interaction between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the ICRC in Ukraine.

Third parties are not left apart either. A few days earlier, through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the government of Chile handed over $100,000 in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, the country’s Foreign Ministry reported.

The myopic policy of the Kiev regime has already damaged the authority of the independent humanitarian organisation which is saving lives of Ukrainians. People actively spread the Kiev’s claims and reduced their donations to the Red Cross, instead they send donations to not credible actors, alleged volunteers, companies, who often turn out to be marauders. Such cases are more and more frequent.

The Red Cross is not only an organization that conducts humanitarian aid in Ukraine but also an organization that serves as a platform for all countries in the field of humanitarian action. The Red Cross affirms its commitment to help the people of Ukraine and all those affected by the conflict until the end of hostilities.


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G2 man

There are confirmed reports that the Kiev Nazis are using human shields and shooting civilians.


Civilians should shot back.


Shooting all on face. Sprry me English.

Russia lost 2 teeth in Ukraine

Confirmed by Lavrov?


Confirmed by Ukrotards. They film everything as a function of their adolescent interpretation of what it means to be “western”.


It’s not smart to take a selfie when torturing POWs…


And yet we have the infamous photos from Abu Ghraib.

Warrior Nation

Except that was not exactly torture at Ghraib. What Ukro-tards do actually is torture and murder.


Maybe by the same people that accused Red Cross of been pro russian and forcibly deporting ukranians lol… you guys hypocrisy amd desperation now shines bright even in pro western medias like the WSJ

Putin is a dead man walking.

For those IDIOTS who believe what Kremlin propaganda are telling them. I have a message towards Russians. Ukraine have at the moment activate 500000 soliders wich are professionally trained for over 8 years. Plus we have 14 million men actively training at the moment and are eager to kill Russians soldiers they even try to bribe the millitary to be allowed on front lines. Ukraine mens are willingly ready to die to liberate the entire country including Crimea from Russian Orcs. Are you Russia ready to die for Putin?? You Russians already have 18000 dead soliders plus around 40000 injured… and you achieved nothing absolutely nothing apart from dying for Putin How many of you are ready to die in Ukraine for Putin??


Boring. Didn’t read.


You should have read it. It was hilarious!!!! heh heh

Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

Stay off CIA supplied cocaine. SLAVA ROSSIYA!


🇫🇮❤️🇷🇺 Russia will beat the fascist regime in Kiev✌️

Russia lost 2 teeth in Ukraine

That’s why they retreat to Belarus, got a spanking


how much you lose after being sodomized for 8 years in Arkansas prison?


Sodomites should be sex changed into Eunuchs, as should rapists and all perverts, those who are allowed to live, that is!

Zelensky is a dead man walking.

awwww, so cute that you are trying to cope.


500 000 Ukrotards? How the hell did the Russians just drive up to Kiev and Kharkov, at the same time, and then sit there for five weeks? Are there really 14 million men left in Banderpistan? Now did you get your NATO memberhip and your nuclear weapons? Did you regain Donbass and Crimea? Did you get to increase the Banderpite Nazi freak Azov force to division, or corps size? In terms of achievement.


And Russia has stood down the total might of the USA and NATO. No one wants any of that.


I’m an American do you realize how stupid you sound?


“they even try to bribe the millitary to be allowed on front lines”

Do i tell him about the mercenaries been arrested after that boombing or men been forcibly conscripted while people under 60 and above 18 are not alowed to cross ukraines borders?

Horváth Zsolt

you will be fucked you are dead


Sawyer monkey jibbers


Start using lighter drugs. That shit you use is too much for you…


With 500k soldiers out numbering the 190k Russian invasion force. And everyone says they are such effective soldiers armed with the latest American gizmos. UKA should be winning, but appear to be losing. That seems strange to me.


Its true, Ukraine have 500-600k soldier. For invasion you need 3:1 ration. Russian only send about 150-200k soldiers. It’s seems to me russian troops are far better than conventional army on operations, seeing they seems to be able to push into city and even took over. It’s so silly of the media claiming russian troop are low tier seeing those map.i cant wrap my head around it tbh. No matter which side you on math dont pick side.

You can claim whatever you want, russian lost 15-20k troops and another 20k wounded, but im telling you 600k troops should already overwhelmed 200 troops by now especially if they are defending force who know layout of the land.


This is full retard: https://www.expressnews.com/news/local/article/alex-stein-plano-city-council-rap-putin-ukraine-17008806.php

Guy Metdrapedes

He’s a troll exposing just how ridiculous society has become.

John doe

This is better, Alex Stein recruiting https://youtu.be/-9mR36gJB6I

Peter Jennings

It’s a wonder the Red Cross have time inbetween ferrying right-wing gangs around the city. Recent footage shows Azov criminals piling out of a Red Cross ambulance, which is against the Geneva Convention, and every other convention. Couple this with the war crimes against Russian soldiers, and it’s going to busy for years at the ICC. That’s if they can be bothered to do their job and not chase down innocent people on a nato say so.


In Libya, the Red Cross was very corrupt indeed. Delivery of firearms and drugs with armed French DGSE Sp[eical forces, whatever. Many violations of decency.

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