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Ukraine Used American Decoys With British Storm Shadow Missiles During Strike On Luhansk

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Ukraine Used American Decoys With British Storm Shadow Missiles During Strike On Luhansk

Two Miniature Air Launch Decoys (MALD) sit side-by-side in the munitions storage area on Barksdale Air Force Base, La., March 21. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Micaiah Anthony)

Ukraine used ADM-160 MALD decoys secretly supplied by the United States during the missile attack on Luhansk city on May 12.

The attack targeted the Machine Building Plant 100, which specializes in the production of equipment for the electronic engineering industry and the Poly-Pack polymer production facility. A fire broke out as a result of the attack and casualties were reported, including six children who sustained wounds.

The Russian Ministry of Defense that the attack was carried out with two air-launched, long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles, which were recently supplied to Ukraine by the United Kingdom, as well as one American-made ADM-160 MALD missile decoy that was used to trick Russian air defenses.

The MALD, or Miniature Air-Launched Decoy, was especially developed for use in SEAD [Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses] operations. The decoy is equipped with a Signature Augmentation Subsystem (SAS) which is composed of various active radar enhancers which cover a range of frequencies. The SAS can therefore simulate any aircraft, from the B-52 Stratofortress to the F-117 Nighthawk.

The newer version of the decoy that was used by Ukraine, the ADM-160B, is powered by a Hamilton Sundstrand TJ-150 turbojet engine. It has a range of 920 kilometers and an endurance of over 45 minutes.

Just like the Storm Shadow, the MALD is air launched. The Ukrainian Air Force may have modified some of its Soviet-era fighter jets, the Su-27s or MiG-29s, to carry and deploy the missile decoy.

The MALD is highly effective. However, a single ADM-160B could cost as much as $322,000, which likely means that Ukraine will not be able to employ these decoys on a large-scale.

The Storm Shadow is an Anglo-French low-observable, long-range, air-launched cruise missile. It features a GPS-aided inertial navigation system with a terrain profile matching system. For terminal guidance, the missile is equipped with an imaging infrared scene-mapping area correlator system.

The maximum range of the Storm Shadow is 560 kilometers. However, it is thought that Ukraine received the downgraded export version with a range of 250 kilometers.

On May 13, Ukraine launched another attack on Luhansk city, targeting the old internal affairs academy building with at least one Storm Shadow missile. However, the MALD was not used. The attack also resulted in material losses and some casualties.

The U.S. supplied tens of billions worth of weapons, ammunition and military equipment to Kiev forces since the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine last year. However, the supply of the MALD was not announced by the Pentagon beforehand.

The decoys were clearly supplied for use along with British Storm Shadow cruise missiles in standoff aerial attacks. This shows how the U.S. and the UK are closely cooperating to provide Ukraine with long-rang attack capability to threaten Russian territory.


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It is high time that some hypersonic beauties started their long overdue Europeon “tour”. The demons attacking Russia, through the rump Ukrap sewer system, will only squeal when their own blood is flowing in the street. The world needs lots of dead Natostan suits and political filth, the demons that started this genocide.

Hypersonic Tsar Bomba 2.0 locked on DC and London

I would start with a tsunami in the UK, and then play dumb (like they did with NS1 andNS2) “-Well, it’s nature. It’s not us!”

I’m inclined to agree. We needed that Tsunami yesterday! And im posting this as someone who would actually be located within the zone of risk, but despite that I believe it to be a necessity regardless.

Last edited 16 days ago by Sunny

Maybe the Brits flooded themselves to prove how many tears they have shed form the Ukrainian dead.

Buford T Justice

The neocon and their stooges must be made to fear and respect Putin , right now they do not . Putin cannot continue to let them get away with it .

Chinky madoo

Another top comment mister martillo, cheers

Dick Von D'Astard

Good time to start wiping out the Zelenskyy political circle. Russia is not in a popularity contest anyway.


ŘF by mala adekvátnym spôsobom na tento útok odpovedať. Mali by sa tiež zamerať na dodávateľa.

Peter Nowak

As I already wrote in a telegram channel months ago Russia should use real time optical observation of territory from satelites or high flying drones to overcome stealth technology and low altitude flying objects like cruise missiles.

Last edited 16 days ago by Peter Nowak

Time Russia started treating this war as what it is, total war involving Nato, i mean why the hell is there a railway track in one piece or an airport, why is the power grid still working, and why is that slug Zelensky and his cohorts still breathing?

Chinky madoo

I ask the same myself mister cromwell, it is clear to me now that the russian government is not telling us the whole truth behind this war or SMO or whatever


Well; as has been eluded to here with aircraft downings, payback with be a bitch. Especially when the doors seem to wide open regarding weapons Natostan is no sending. Gloves will be off now for Russia but expect them to stick with their game plan. How I expect to see a push from the north. I also see Natostan pushing limits to put aircraft and soldiers into full war.

emanuel fernandez

The consequence of the chivalrous and friendly behavior of the leaders of my beloved Russia is becoming more and more tangible with the passing of time. Every time Russia’s enemies both in the Ukraine and in NATO are more shameless, emboldened by the lack of punishment for their acts, every limit is being violated without any strong reaction from Putin, and No one now believes in Russia’s hollow threats.


of course they did, it’s all planed by Pentagon months in advance

muppet show

no surprise there


British cunts

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