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Ukraine To Vote On Removing Daylight Savings To Somehow Combat “Russian Aggression”

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Ukraine To Vote On Removing Daylight Savings To Somehow Combat "Russian Aggression"

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On October 9th, Deputy Speaker of Ukrainian Parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk, a representative of the Servant of the People – President Volodymyr Zelensky’s party proposed to cancel daylight savings in Ukraine, in order to somehow fight “Russian aggression.”

This idea has been circulating in Ukraine and Europe for almost the last ten years. Many Ukrainian politicians have come forward with proposals to live at the same time, without adjustments twice a year.

Stefanchuk’s proposal differs from their ideas in that for him it is not just an applied issue of organizing work or health – he wants to “resist aggression from the Russian Federation.”

In review, the politician’s initiative is the following and at “what time” Ukrainians will live if his bill is implemented. As it turned out, there are several options.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk introduced a bill proposing to cancel the transition to summer time in Ukraine.

The key rationale for the politician is that he wants to resist “Russian aggression” and promote the de-occupation of territories.

It is not clear exactly how. But, logically, this can be done if Kiev is synchronized with the time by which they live in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Both of these regions follow Moscow time, while in Russia the arrows have not been subject to daylights savings since 2011.

As a result, in summer Ukraine and Russia (plus Crimea and Eastern Ukraine) have the same time. And in winter – from late October to late March – the time is different, there is one hour more.

That is, if the fight against aggression according to Stefanchuk is a combination of Ukrainian time with Eastern Ukraine and Crimean time, the speaker wishes to synchronize Ukraine with Moscow time, for some reason.

After the publication of his initiative, Stefanchuk explained its meaning to outlet “Strana”.

“The bill does not indicate what time it is proposed to cancel: summer or winter. It only states that there will be no seasonal change. Similarly, the European Parliament does not have a single decision,” Stefanchuk told us.

But, according to him, the overwhelming majority of countries refuse summer time and leave winter time, in accordance with the international time zone.

“Therefore, the bill leaves room for maneuver,” says Stefanchuk.

“If a decision is made to leave the winter time, then the draft law must be voted on at this session, and if the summer time, then at the next. The draft law is structured in such a way that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has the opportunity to make an appropriate decision. The fundamental point is that the seasonal change of time should be stopped in Ukraine,” the deputy speaker said.

If Stefanchuk suggests that throughout Ukraine, including, of course, Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, there is always one time – Kiev, then it will be identical to the current Moscow time. And this in the foreseeable future can be implemented in two ways:

  1. Do not change the clock in Ukraine in October 2020 and henceforth. That is, to stay in summer time – the same as in Donetsk, Lugansk, Simferopol and Moscow.
  2. Put the clocks back in October 2020, then again in March 2021, and no longer move them.

In March 2019, the European Parliament approved the waiver of daylight savings. In Strasbourg, it was decided that the last time the clock hands in the European Union would be transferred in March 2021, not all countries signed up for it.

  1. The last option is to change the clock this fall, but not next spring. If this happens – Ukraine will have the same time as the EU, and not Moscow.

True, in this case it is not clear how the authorities will synchronize with the Eastern Ukraine and, finally, fight against “Russian aggression.” But, perhaps, in Kiev they will decide that they are imposing a new time on uncontrolled territories. Whatever that means.

The last time they undertook to completely abolish the transfer of clocks in Ukraine was in 2011, in parallel with similar work in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, when Viktor Yanukovych was president. However, then the opposition did not allow the adoption of the law. As arguments, they cited the fact that in this way Ukraine acts to please Russia in order to coincide with it in time.

Politics aside, Stefanchuk’s idea is quite likely a sensible one. But its rationale – the fight against aggression by manipulating what time the clock shows – has caused mixed feelings on the web.

After all, the premier reason for this is the following:

“As you know, in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the illegal time of the aggressor state – the Russian Federation. The consolidation of the uniform Moscow time throughout Ukraine will strengthen our defensive positions and will contribute to the de-occupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories.”

Under the same pretext of fighting the ‘Russian aggression’, the Ukrainian government has been violating rights of the Russian-speaking population (a major part of the citizens), ethnic Russians and even fighting the canonic Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). After creating the pseudo-church organization to fight the ‘Russian-linked church’, and de-facto banning the usage of Russian language in multiple spheres, the Ukrainian authorities seem to be ready to push even further and even abandon the ‘time zone’ of the aggressor. In this case, it’s possible to propose the Ukrainian government to consider switching to the Washington time. So, they will become ‘closer’ to their real masters.


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Vox Populi

Daylight savings is an idiotic and counter-productive fallacy in the modern pandemic infected economies. It harks back to an agricultural era intended to prolong daylight by a mere hour and now causes massive disruption with economic costs.


Has more to do with energy conservation, it also has a slight effect in reducing car accidents and crime.
“Clocks in the German Empire, and its ally Austria, were turned ahead by one hour on April 30, 1916—2 years into World War I. The rationale was to minimize the use of artificial lighting to save fuel for the war effort. Within a few weeks, the idea was followed by the United Kingdom, France, and many other countries.”


I have always been unhappy when WinterTime starts at the end of October until mid March in the UK. In October of 2019 I determined to stay on Summer time. I wish I had done so decades ago.

The worst that can happen is being an hour early for an appointment etc :).
I can instead enjoy daylight until 17:30 that seems to make the depths of Winter shorter.

In the UK during the 20th century the change to Winter time was propagandised as being necessary for farmers.
Farmers now have bright lights on their tractors, so there is no excuse to have Winter Time anymore :)

Ashok Varma

China and India, the world’s largest economies and countries do not have any of this insane stupidity. Only European fools would come up this impractical nonsense.

Jihadi Colin

True, but both we and the Chinese are stuck with one time zone, when we both need more.

Ashok Varma

We share Asia with them too, so it is good that we have not followed the western idiots.


It’s powered on ecology,you have to work outdoors to realise the obvious benefits of +1hr.
india is a pittance compared to russia’s (period) no substitute for atomic/fossil/energy,screw apple/nwo lies!


You obviosly never worked late or out to concieve how it does infact helps out work out doors!

Антон С

Good that we stopped this practice 10 years ago. It was really annoying.

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis are going beyond full retard…


But this plan may work out Ranger. When the Ukrops look up at their clocks in Kiev, they will know exactly what time it is in Moscow. No longer a need to have multiple clocks on the wall ! :)

Lone Ranger




on a serious note, if they don’t stop this bullshit, they will find that the ukrainian population has become really pissed

I was already an adult when the “orange revolution” took place in Ukraine

it looked all fun and beautiful at the start, then it became very ugly when Timoshenko started plundering the country

the ukrainians, for desperation, put Yanukovich in power again!!! so the people know very well that these neocon aligned oligarchs aren’t good for them

in case of a real shooting war with Russia, I am pretty sure that the majority of the ukrainian population would side with Russia and return to the partisan struggle


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Dana Corkery

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AM Hants

This is off topic, but, does link into Ukraine, courtesy ‘colour revolutions’ or as Michael McFaul ex-US Ambassador to Russia now classes as ‘Democratic Breakthroughs’.

Has anybody seen the article over on Zero Hedge, ‘Non-Partisan’ Chairman of Presidential Debate Commission Linked to Steele Dossier and More… https://www.zerohedge.com/political/non-partisan-chairman-presidential-debate-commission-linked-steele-dossier-more

Frank Fahrenkpf, co-founder and current board member of International Republican Institute (IRI), which was previously run by John McCain and heavily linked into the Christopher Steele Dossier…

Frank Fahrenkopf, Co-Chair of Commission on Presidential Debates, Co-Founder of National Endowment for Democracy and International Republican Institute (IRI)…

How many US Ambassadors and not forgetting Victoria Nuland are on the Board of the NED? Isn’t Anne Applebaum also on the Board of Directors of the NED?

Why was George Soros fuming that Trump would downscale a ‘Democracy Promotion Event’ at the State Department?…

Wasn’t Soros a major contributor to the McCain Foundation?

Fahrenkop’s colleagues on the IRI include Lindsey Graham, H R McMaster, Mitt Romney and David Kramer…

Kramer, aid to the late McCain and former State Department Official, who was complicit in spreading the Steele Dossier to all and sundry. Another role he had was head of ‘democracy promotion’ Freedom House, set up to fight four “isms” fascism, nazism, communism and isolationism (smear wraps). More projection or double speak than actually doing anything about it.

Scott Carpenter – Google Ideas. Set up to censor public hate, on-line.

The part of the article that interested me, was when it swung into the colour revolutions.

The IRI is one of the four grandees of the NED and so completely reliant on the Government funded NED NGO for funding…

The NED was founded to function as a new, improved version of the CIA. When Hong Kong was due to go back to China, back in the mid-90s, the CIA were causing problems. I believe they were thrown out or on the verge of being thrown out of Hong Kong, and so in came the NED to take over the covert work of the CIA. At the same time the UK Prime Minister, John Major decided to politicalise the role of the Hong Kong Governor, giving the position to his redundant good friend and Common Purpose colleague, Chris Patten, who used to be the Conservative Party Chairman, till nobody voted for him at the recent election. Chris Patten who went onto become an EU Commissioner and then Chairman of the BBC Board of Governors, when the Jimmy Saville story broke and Mark Thomson (CEO of NYT) was the Director General of the BBC. Both leaving at the same time owing to the Jimmy Saville fall out.

NED mandate to focus on ‘democracy promotion aka colour revolutions’ abroad, included weighing in on the death of George Floyd, who for some reason had a body packed with condoms containing fentanyl, when he found a police officer sitting on his neck. Who has not recognised the US riots and protests as exactly the same script, going down wherever the NED/Open Society Foundation and Atlantic Council, wish to change the President?

Daniel Twining, IRI Global and also in charge of the The German Marshall Fund.

Who controls the German Marshall Fund? Did not realise it was Soros, but, not surprised and why are they involved in it all? In fact, are they behind trying to get the Germans to cancel NS2?

“…”Colour Revolution – refers to a specific type of coordinated attack that the US Government has been known to deploy against foreign regimes, particularly in Eastern Europe, deemed to be “authoritarian” and hostile to American interests. Rather than using a direct military intervention to affect regime change, as in Iraq, Colour Revolutions attack a foreign regime by contesting it’s electoral legitimacy, organising mass protests and acts of civil disobedience and leveraging media contacts to ensure favourable to their agenda in Western Press…”

“…The similarity between the Atlanticist – backed Belarus riots and the way the Anti-fa and BLM protests operate in the United States is impossible to ignore. need many of the “Colour Revolution” experts currently fixated on Belarus have made this comparison in relation to the US. The Transatlantic Democracy Working Group (more about then later) is a deeply anti-Trump so-called “bipartisan” group that is essentially a Who’s Who of every influential Colour Revolution regime change NGO in the world…”

George Kent – “Colour Revolution Professional”, just like Michael McFaul used to be, who just happens to be running the Belarus Station at the US State Department?… In fact almost every major operative in the effort to overthrow Trump has or has had a diplomatic post in Eastern Europe. Kramer happened to serve from 2005-2008 as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of European and Eurasian Affairs, working on issues related to Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. George Kent currently occupies the same post. Revolver’s Colour Revolution Thesis explains why there is such an overlap between State Department Officials focused on Eastern Europe and key never-Trump operatives. From Lt Col Vindman to Fiona Hill to Yovanovich to George Kent and David Kramer. They are running Eastern European-style Colour Revolutions against Trump because they are “Colour Revolution/Democratic Breakthrough” Professionals used to deploying the same strategies and tactics against target regimes in Eastern Europe…

29 July 1999 – Soros Representative Fox explains to Joe Biden, the role of NGOs organisations like IRI/NED in the “democracy promotion” process.

“…Senator Biden. Will the Senator yield on that point? We can maybe do this in tandem here, because I will not take you off point. Croatia desperately wants economic integration into Europe. We have an Ambassador in Zagreb. We have no Ambassador in Serbia. Could we mechanically do what you suggest in Serbia? Could we send in NGOs? How would we get them in? Could we physically engage in the way we have in Croatia? You are making a comparison, which I believe is legitimate, but, mechanically is it a possibility?…”

The rest of the article is over on Zero Hedge, https://www.zerohedge.com/political/non-partisan-chairman-presidential-debate-commission-linked-steele-dossier-more. and well worth reading, if you want to find out more about Colour Revolutions/Democracy Breakthroughs”. Whether you like Trump or not, it is the same crowd behind regime change events, all over the globe and with no come back.


Excellent research as always, AM.
We ,in Europe, live in truly despotic times again.

I have been busy at home in recent weeks due to replacement central heating.
I hope your travels went well and that you are not in a Covid hotspot.
Nothing that government does makes logical sense. Has it ever?

Is this all a foretaste of a Neo-Liberal marxist terror regime that citizens other nations have been bullied to accept.

AM Hants

Hello stranger. Hope all is well and Hans approves of the new central heating system. Enjoyed going back down South and my liver needed the flush. It was wondering what had happened with regards zero alcohol haha. However, I am getting seriously wound up with Grimm’s Fairy Tale’ Covid. Don’t ask what the imagination would do to Mattock, Fauci and the other morons who appear rather orgasmic, where Covid is concerned.

Have you listened to what Reiner Fuellmich has to say about the Corona Crew and Crimes Against Humanity’? Well worth checking out on YT.

Take care, keep sane and hopefully soon the insanity will come to a close. Or is that a miracle too far?


I am happy that you are well, AM. Long may thay be so.

I listened to the Reiner Fuellmich video yesterday. Sanity is now flowing faster and I look forward to the deluge that will sweep away the Covid soothsayers and high priests as they drown in their perfidy.

Dr Coleman has a sane and informative blog that you are probably familiar with, but if not, here is a link to a recent article.


“Why Politicians and Advisors Will Go to Prison

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA”

Hans sends his regards.

AM Hants

Send my regards back to Hans, with a sack of carrots, haha.

Thanks for the Dr Coleman link, and no, had not come across him. Even WHO are coming out against lockdowns. Guess they never thought it would have an impact on their investments. Meanwhile, the Westminster W*nkers, need the control fix, to keep their right hand active.

Just going to your link.

AM Hants

Cannot wait for the politicians and advisers to fill the prisons. Wonder if they will do an Aitken and find God, haha?


They deserve a special prison. A personal oubliette.

AM Hants

Somewhere isolated, surrounded by sea and with the dinghy tourists to keep them company.


How about the Isle of White?

AM Hants

Have friends over there, so would not wish that on the them. Somewhere in the middle of the Irish Sea, with minimal land. Start rounding them up for a Christmas vacation, with a Corona timeline. Starts for 3 weeks and lasts a lifetime.


“Japan looks to deploy stealth F-35 fighter jets to additional bases”

S Melanson

I just wanted to give you the heads-up that I published an analysis piece on SF. It is part 1 of a 3 part series and I present a very unexpected premise. Any feedback on the analysis would be appreciated. The link is:



Thanks for your link . Its an impressive piece of work.

AM Hants

I was just checking out RT. There is an article that the hospitality is aiming to sue the Government, to prove factual evidence that the pubs and restaurants are a major factor, with regards Corona. Hope they go for it and wish them well.


I agree.
The scamdemic has been characterised from day one globally with the obfuscations of testing,new infections, covid ‘related’ deaths etc. The bigger the numbers the better for a melange of numerical statistics that are meaningless due to inaccuracies, intentional and otherwise.

In layman’s terms, the WHO and its disciples are bullshitters.
Cui Bono ? Its certainly not the general populace of the globe.

Potato Man

If you are wondering what that guy (Ruslan Stefanchuk) looks like.comment image

Jihadi Colin

Well, he’s round as a clock, so….

AM Hants

Russian Aggression?

Hasn’t the Comedian and his wife just returned from a visit to Buck House and a set of instructions from Westminster?

Why has Pelosi given between $500 thousand to $1 million to Crowdstrike? Is it for their silence or future work? Can it be regarded as insider trading, considering has a say in awarding DNC contracts to contractors. Such as getting Crowdstrike, rather than the FBI to check out the DNC Servers? Or the White House Cyber Contract, under Obama? So what contracts has she given Crowdstrike, to invest a hunky chunk of her tax payer, funded, salary to Crowdstike?

In fact why are so many US politicians, both Republican and Democratic, investing so heavily in Ukraine? Including the many, who flocked to Burisma Holdings, which donates generously to the Atlantic Council? Why are they projecting Russian Aggression and is something being planned to create a mega false flag, hence the Comedian turning up in the UK?

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I’m surprised they don’t go the whole hog and just synchronize with eastern seaboard time USA, so that they can get their political orders in real-time.

Jihadi Colin

Or exactly twelve hours from whatever point of the US is exactly opposite Ukranazistan. Hawaii, maybe?


Russia uses a 12-hour clock, twice per day. This is unacceptable and stupit! Khokolistan should switch to a 10-hour clock based on the decimal system: 10 hours in a day, 10 minutes in an hour, 10 seconds in a minute.

Jihadi Colin

Man, Ukranazis are so brilliant. Brilliant, I tell you.

Ashok Varma

Ukraine is now a NATO frontline against Russia and is shedding all vestiges of any association with them. India under the progressive and nationalistic Congress rule try to do the same by creating the NAM.

Jihadi Colin

I know a couple of Ukrainians (personal friends, who have been to India and stayed with me). One’s and ethnic Russian, the other a Jew, and both are desperate to emigrate. To Russia.

cechas vodobenikov

since 2014 it is estimated that 3.5-4 million Ukrainians have relocated to Russia

Jihadi Colin

Yes, Amerikastani propaganda is totally silent about that.


comment image What a clown show that Country is.

Антон С

What a wank,as if ukraine has no reliance on russian gold backed ecology,kills ukraine productivety,fkn drr.

cechas vodobenikov

the Ukrainians now believe the mitchti amerikanski—change name to durakistan

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