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Ukraine To Demand Turkey To Close Bosphorus To Russian Ships


Ukraine To Demand Turkey To Close Bosphorus To Russian Ships

Igor Voronchenko

Speaking at the second International Maritime Security Conference in Kiev, Igor Voronchenko, commander of the Ukrainian Navy, said that Kiev would ask Turkey to close the passage of the Bosphorus Strait to Russian warships.

“As the commander of the naval forces, I ask and express my confidence that the international community will still make a decision and recognise that there was an act of aggression against the state of Ukraine … We will try to ask for the closing of the passage of the Bosphorus Strait in the Republic of Turkey”, he said, accusing Russia of violating international law.

Voronchenko claimed that it would be achieved in line with article 19 of the 1936 Montreux Convention regarding the Regime of the Straits, which gives Turkey control of the Bosphorus Straits and the Dardanelles and regulates the passage of naval warships.

“We had to show our face in the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov, and show what these boats are capable of”, he added.

Earlier on November 29, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he had discussed the possibility of mediating the recent crisis between Russia and Ukraine, which erupte when a Ukrainian naval group violated Rusisa’s territorial waters last weekend.




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  • northerntruthseeker .

    Closing the Bosporus will be considered an act of war and in violation of international agreements to keep that passageway open for ALL international ships..

    But is this exactly what the psychos in the US/NATO want?


    “We had to show our face in the Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov, and show what these boats are capable of”, he added.”
    Is this some kind of joke ?! LOL

    • slayern2

      Haha I can’t believe this clown actually said that… he’s a joke, just like his master Porky. Delusional lunatics all of them.

      • gustavo

        Fascists, after all.

    • Rob

      Ukraine To Demand Turkey To Close Bosphorus To Russian Ships and allow Western ships to blockade Russia. LOL

      The Ukrainian nation is now hostage of child butchers from Washington.

    • Yankee Doodle

      This is getting real deep now.

      He is speaking in code.

      All of them are.

      The missiles hitting the Ukranian boat (towed to sevastopol with contractors on board).

      The argument about Six service men or 3 Service men. Its code for 3×6 or 666.

      666 is a reference to Deep State players being involved – ie the Skull and Bones Guys all US Presidents are members of, The Synagogue of Satan (Tel-Aviv), and Dragon (Satan – City of London logo – the Worlds Financial capital and an independent like the Vatican).

      Its the other Ukranian cargo vessel that was exposed (showed its face). He was showing what it was capable of – eeded to show what it was capable of – code – expose it was a spy ship about to deploy a bomb.

      Ukraine are now occupied by NATO and are communicating coded messages. Strange comments, number references, srange eye movements, strange speach patterns, patches on wrong arm, etc, all distress signals.

      Copy and paste of an earlier comment:
      Apparently, after the failed False Flag in Kerch NATO are now in full
      control of Ukraine. UK and US officers no longer training and advising
      but instructing (big difference – if you understand the double speak and
      legal terms these weasels use). To the everyday guy ‘instructing’ means
      teaching or training or demonstrating, but for those who know legal BS
      instructing means ‘Giving orders’, for example, “I instructed the Gunner
      to put a round through the door”.

      Advanced NATO weapons now pouring into Ukraine too – for defensive purposes. In legal BS, a defensive weapon can be used againt an agressor about to attack or reasonably believed was about to attack (think – Russian Agression, Russian Agression, Russian Agression – can you see). Defensive weapons against Agression (or reasonably believed about to attack – ir invade). Expect further escalations.

    • S Melanson

      And they did, they showed the boats were perfectly incapable.

    • Feudalism Victory

      Yes werent they captured after driving around in circles?

  • In my opinion, Turkey should hold a neutral stance and see how it develops, then choose a side. Choosing a side before the situation escalates is wrong. Turkey should wait and see how it develops before resorting to a side

    • World_Eye

      What benefit has Turkey from the medieval Ukraine what ?

      • gustavo

        None, of course. This Ukranian guy is just an USA-parrot.

    • potcracker2588

      says the dirty turkish sheep fucker…

      • Mustafa Mehmet

        You cocksucker enjoy 😉

    • Ricky Miller

      In other words you’re waiting to see what Erdogan says before giving your opinion?

      • Brother Ma

        Well he is is a mindless follower of crap. He believes in Grey Wolf hahah! Grey Wolf! What happened? No Popes or priests to murder lately?

    • Tudor Miron

      Here you show your true nature – are you even Turkish? Sounds very Jewish.

    • Brother Ma

      You mean like it decided to join the Allies two weeks before Armistice in WWIi when Germany was already bowed ,bloody and defeated. And yet Turkey sat at the table and got concessions? Yes. You Turks are good at that.

  • World_Eye

    Russia and Turkey have very good relationship, and the stupid Ukros think that Turkey will close passage for Russia. Meh, oh c’mon I don’t want to even talk what some bold mind ukro said screw this. He will ask Turkey for this or that. Turkey is in big arms sale with Russia and will listen to this asshole for what>? No more comment.

    • Sage Durham

      Illegitimate and unelected fascist scum – occupying Ukrainian government.

  • Antonius

    is the commander so stupid he thinks there’s a real chance to close the passage after the two powers have developed such strong economic tires? How imbecile to ask for such a favour!

  • Ricky Miller

    I doubt the Turks do anything of the sort. Russia’s restraint against Turkey’s proxies in Idlib is predicated on regular and stable access through the Turkish straits. Additionally, Turkey and Russia have huge deals in motion regarding Gas supplies and transit, nuclear power plants, the S-400 deal and Russian tourism to Turkey. Both sides want this commerce and Turkey getting into the middle of this could and probably would jeopardize all of that. It’s like the third rail here, Ankara is not likely to even remotely start to touch it. Add to that the fact that Russian ships in transit in Turkish waters obey the rules. They follow navigation directions, wait their turn and as far as I know there have been zero Turkish Coast Guard complaints about how Russian ships are handled during transits. Maybe Ukraine should learn something from that instead of asking Turkey for the moon.

  • Vitex

    All I can say is good luck with that.

  • Peter Jennings

    It’s so easy to be forward when nato is pushing from the back.

    I wish the junta all the best, but don’t be surprised if they get a laugh and a few giggles.

  • R Trojson

    It is about time Turkey chose sides. When you head into battle it is best to know who your friends are.

    • Tudor Miron

      So is it Russians provoking WW3 (as you claim) or is it your kind planning to “head into battle”? Are you the one who’ll actually taste the battle? I doubt it – your kind loves to lead from behind.
      Erdogan learned well enough about American “friendship”.

      • R Trojson

        Do we agree it is time for Erdogan-Turkey to choose sides? One must always be ready for battle since your enemies are waiting to strike when you are not ready. Bullies like Putin and Xi attack the weak who are not prepared to defend themselves.

        • Tudor Miron

          Trollson, this old Jewish trick of accusing others of their own crimes doesn’t work here where people are well informed about actual facts on the ground.

          • R Trojson

            Putin the Great is fighting the Great Georgian Empire, the Great and Powerful Ukraine and one of the Best Militaries in Syria. Putin is a weak joke of a leader. Just look at what he did to the Syrians that shot down a Russian military plane killing all 15 Russians aboard. Putin did nothing. Vladimir, Joseph and Nikita would have lined up the Syrians involved and shot them. Joseph would have shot their families too.

          • Tudor Miron

            Isisting in idiocy…well that’s your choice.

          • R Trojson

            Calling Putin and idiot are your words, You are right that I would never choose to call Putin an idiot. I believe there are very good reasons for his actions, unfortunately non of the reasons are good for the Russian people.

          • Tudor Miron

            I was talking about you not Putin. Time to block you – you’re way too boring Trollson.

          • R Trojson

            Go home with your tail between your legs. While you are crying in your hut work on your language skills before coming back to this board. Hard to discuss when you fail to understand the language.

  • Tudor Miron

    Demanding? Who they think they are?

    • beypuutyina

      little russians

  • Smaug

    The Turks won’t do that, but there is a point that the Kerch is to Ukraine as the Bosphorus is to Russia.