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Ukraine To Build Naval Base In Sea Of Azov For ‘Protection’

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Ukraine To Build Naval Base In Sea Of Azov For 'Protection'

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On April 11th, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the site where the Ukrainian naval base in Berdyansk will be constructed.

The initial plan to build it was initiated by his predecessor Petro Poroshenko.

Zelensky shares the understanding that Ukraine needs a naval base to protect its commercial ships.

The President also examined the territory of the Berdyansk Sea Commercial Port. It is planned to create infrastructure facilities there for the “East” naval base of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, which is now located in Mykolaiv.

“It’s very important to have our ships here. We protect our ports, our trade this way. It is a direct aid to the economy,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

The President was informed that all construction works are planned for 2020-2021.

The distance from it to the nearest point on the Russian coast, the village of Dolzhanskaya in the Krasnodar Territory, is only 67 km, and to Kerch – 150 km.

Ukraine To Build Naval Base In Sea Of Azov For 'Protection'

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In 2020, part of the existing infrastructure of the Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port will be transferred to the naval forces, and next year new berths should appear in the port, they plan to repair part of the administrative buildings and build residential buildings for the personnel.

The port authorities agreed to the transfer of the port territory and to the re-equipment of the infrastructure.

“The main objective of the base should be to guarantee the safety of the city and the region. At the same time, the military base will not interfere with the work of the trading port and will not reduce its capacity,” the port administration said in a statement.

The cost of re-equipping the port for military needs is estimated at 553 million hryvnias ($20 million), and judging by President Zelensky’s statements made in Berdyansk, this money will be allocated in full.

The office of President Zelensky specified that the capacity of the Vostok base, which is currently deployed in Nikolaev, will be transferred to Berdyansk.

For the first time, fleet command announced the possibility of building a military base in Berdyansk back in 2017, under the previous president, Petro Poroshenko.

And in 2018, after reports of thorough checks by Russian border guards of all ships going to the Sea of ​​Azov, it was decided to relocate part of the Black Sea Fleet to the waters of the Sea of ​​Azov.

The Ukrainian ships that were detained by the Russian coast guard in November 2018 were sent from Odessa to Berdyansk.

This Ukrainian-caused incident led to a deterioration in Russian-Ukrainian relations, the imposition of martial law in several regions of Ukraine, and anti-Russian sanctions announced on March 15th, 2019 by the United States, the European Union and Canada.

For transition through the Kerch Straight, the editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian edition of BlackSeaNews Andriy Klimenko said the following:

“In March 2020, the average duration of artificial delay of vessels before passing the Kerch Strait from the Black Sea to the Sea of ​​Azov was 31 hours, and in the opposite direction – 34.7 hours.

And until July 2018, this figure was equal to the technological waiting time for the pilot and the caravan – about five to seven hours.

As for the detentions of merchant ships by Russians inside the Sea of ​​Azov, they have not been since October 22, 2018. In my opinion, the reason is that then merchant ships began to accompany Ukrainian military boats. This proves that the construction of a base in Berdyansk will also be an effective measure.

However, Russia can “asymmetrically respond” to the actions of Vladimir Zelensky. Therefore, in the near future, we expect more inspections.”

The plans are showing quite showing for the likely scenario in which Ukraine will continue on its path of organizing various provocations in the Black Sea, and in Eastern Ukraine and entirely blaming it on the opposing side, be it Russia or the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.


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One of the easiest targets for Russia to take out in case of the war reaching a higher level.

Zionism = EVIL

No ship can pass the Russian blockade at Kerch straits anyway. The dumb Jew owned Ukis need to buy a map first.

Jens Holm

Another incompetent remark.

Stalin let all Ukrainians be killed by leaving the to the Nazis after giving them a hard time or worse by the Bolsjevics.

At that time Kharkov, Donetsk, Rostov and several other big towns there had 30% jews.

“Zionism = EVIL”: If thats facts I deny facts.

AM Hants

Wasn’t Stalin Georgian?

How many Russian lives were taken, when the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire?

How many Russian lives were lost in WWII, when the Georgian led the Soviets?

How many of the 15 Soviet Union, members, held onto ‘professional victim’ status and held their begging bowls close to their chest? When running to the Soviet EU, run on exactly the same ideology as the old Soviet Union?

How many Ukrainians lost their lives in the $oro$ funded, Orange Revolutions?

2014-2016, 100,000 dead Ukrainians.

900,000 Ukrainians with life changing disabilities.

Millions displaced.

What is left of the Ukraine gene pool, following $oro funded and NED funded (tax payer picks up the bills), regime change?


Figures from Oleg Tsarov.

Why have the US set up 13 bio-weapon labs, with full diplomatic immunity in Ukraine?

Why has Bill Gates and $oro$ invested heavily in Monsanta-Beyer, specifically the Ukraine branch?

Why did Monsanto purchase Erik Prince Blackwater Mercenaries, to work in Ukraine, pre-2013?

Why is Gates so heavily involved in eugenics, climate change and erasing the beef industry, in favour of the Vegan industry?

No wonder Monsanto-Beer, was so important to him.

Why can’t the US afford to close down their chemical weapons, in accordance with OPCW guidelines? Yet, they can afford to invest in so many bio-weapon labs, encircling Russia. Whilst advertising for Russian DNA. Funny that.

Jens Holm

It has nothing to do with Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky apart from what happend in Ukraine in the last days of the German dominance and after.

1) One of the biggest resisstence groups defended Ukraine from the Bolsjavics for a while. 2) There was the socalled land reforms, where the local farmers in two steps went into big farms named kolkoses. Many local farmers was killed, deported and jailed 3) The there was the period after that. where the Communist on purpose let several millions there starve to death even there was enogh food in the rest of the country (it was no rainig in Ukraine).

So thats after WW1 ……………………………………………………………………..

Stalin was single Leader of USSR after Lenin died in 1924 and under and after WW2. ……………………………………………………………………..

It seemes You dont know that USSR collapsed and Ukraine as many not had a single rubel or for that atter any other currency.

So people invest and not only those personal enemies of Yours but many.

Your version of socalled “encirkling” makes me sick. Russia lost WW1 3 times as the only one. And the revenge was all the way to west of Berlin and even a wall. What did it solve? It kept millions in the dark and many still are.

Isnt entcircling taking Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania and half of Polen???

To me its Neovolonialisme. You hardly found a single Russian in any of those countries.

And there Your numbers for killed not even mention those countries, where they even today are very low populated because of USSA. Kaliningrad had no inhabistants and therefore is Russia.

And what about the entcirling there. Russia now for years has big missiles as compensation for they have none in Uraine.

So we are back to square one.

Here its true “The West” never let Russia steal those independent countries again. NEVER. We want the small Europe open, where we can trade and produce for each other and have no walls between us made of steel, concrite and landmines.

Those many states as well as Roumania, Bulgaria, Hungary and land ver was Russia and was not even asked.

The same is for the agressive attitudes in Asia and East. Almost all is taken by military forces and fortresses. People in Tjetjenia as well as Krimera never asked for being deported.

Russia has to be, where Russia is if they are not nice.

Ukraine was the business of USSR. See what happend. Whatever happens there its none of Your business. Let those decide themself in their own quagmire. Its not a Russian one as well as Yours.

As many others You probatly talk about the nazis there. Well the alternative is old communist collapsed not seeing it yet. I nver like comunisme form a priitive system based on same thing by the Tzars killing edicated middle class people such as Jews.

AM Hants

Remind me, who led the Soviet Union during those times?

Was Stephen Bandera allegedly what you would class as resistance? Why do Ukraine worship him?

How many member states were part of the Soviet Union?

Did Russia not suffer, when the Bolsheviks overthrew the Soviet Union, back in 1917?

Did Russia not suffer when she lost 13 million Russians during WWII?

Why do the professional whingers of the Soviet Union believe their pain is far worse than the pain the Russians suffered?

Ukraine has not had a single ruble since 1991? What about €100 billion, annually from Russia? Cheap energy and industrial contracts? Not forgetting Russia also paid all debts and compensation, relating to the Soviet Union. With no help from the other 14 members.

Russia lost WWI three times????

Remind me, but, didn’t Russia have their hands full with the Bolsheviks overthrowing the Empire and had nought to do with WWI? The World War that took out so many Empires, including Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian.

The ICBMs, were they the personal property of Ukraine or were Ukraine storing them for the Soviet Union? How much did Ukraine receive as compensation? Did Ukraine contribute to the debt repayment, from the days of the Soviet Union? Russia had the codes and carriers for the Soviet ICBMs, Ukraine just stored the missiles. Which were not much use without code or carrier, now we’re they?

If Ukraine was so upset about the ICBMs, then why did they hand over their domestic weapons, to Senator Obama in 2006? Remember when he came courting, with a briefcase of $US?

Remind me, but, Finland, Latvia, Estonia. Lithuania, etc. Etc, etc were they part of Russia or part of or fighting the Soviet Union? Poland, prior to her 20 years independence, was split in 3, was it not? Prussia, Russia and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Why did they try to annexe Czechoslivakia and only hold onto independence between 1919-1939?

Ukraine, business section of the Soviet Union? Seriously cracked up laughing. How come Ukraine is a failed state, if they were the business genius, of the Soviet Union?

Even the UK and US, back in 1994, were warning Ukraine that if they did not invest or respect the people of Crimea, they would end up returning to Russia. The same year Crimea voted to return home to Russia and Ukraine said no. What came next, besides the independent autonomous Republic of Crimea?

Jens Holm

The Tzars lost to the Germans. After a peace the Red Army lost to Germany. And when they collapsed Bolsjevics tryed to take Poland back and lost a lot of land.

The result was a fortification all the way from Murmansk by Kiev to the Black sea named the Stalin Line. 3 times was it.

Russia iself lost about 27 millions incl. Ukraine. Many millions was done by Stalin himself. None say people in Sovjet should suffer more then others, but it was USSR which took those lands by force and not the opposite way.

I dont care about the Ukraine economy. i care about if they should have choises themselves or not. Its no choise onlyto be allowed to be an affiliated to the Collapsed Russia.

And yes it was a very big trade where all was in a very big totally stupid collapsed Engels economy of the wirst kind. Therefore the dividings was very complicated too. None coul d say what was worth anything and what later on suddenly was worth a lot.

Robbers from West and East and wqest was there too. Many of the already was corrupt top top communist which never has had cared for USSR. It was grabbing of the worst kind.

I wil remind You a lot in Russia was with nothing because there were not educated people as well as technpology for it. We see it today in the oil industry. Taking. Empty oilfields was empty because of they were empty by the Russians.

Today we see big europena companies can find 3 – 4 times more oil and then get taxed by the Russian State. Is that theft Russia get billions a year in stead of nothing.

The main poblems for Russia being big is the lack of a middle class which can handle advanced things and logistics too. You mpre or less blame Wersterns for that level.

Well blame the Russians themselves being so stupid naking a lot of good scientist but in the other hand their skilled are not to use, because the rest of the population cant produce and distribute.

S Western send in. Westerns can produce.

Its exact the same with the lack of a fair tax system. procers and distrubuters has to rely on stability and pay in tax each month.

We still see people pay no tax even they ask how much. And then suddenly he tax collaectors arrive and plunder people down to the last shirt and even put them in jail for cheating. A state has to have an income and that mainly should be company tax as well as income tax.

I will say it again. Ukraine is none of Russia buisines, so stay away. Handle the many Russian stupoidities first.

Experts devellop thigs fine in Russia, but they can produce them, bacuse they are too epensive and there is no modern production of any kind. The Armata is a very good example. Anybody could build such one with all the money given to it.

But the result is a tank not even Russia itself can efford. Who in the whole world has money for such a thing, so it also cant be financed by export.

AM Hants

Sorry, you lost me. The Tsars lost out to Germany, together with the Red Army, losing out to Germany???

Having problems understanding your post, despite trying. Knowing English is not your first language.

Soviet Union lost around 26 million, with Russia losing 13 million, out of the Soviet losses.

Russians were not educated people? Really?

Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Vladimir Putin and could go on.

Russia empty oilfields?

Russia can develop things, but cannot produce them?

Armata tank, good example. Russia cannot afford to put it in production? How much does Russia spend on defence? $48 billion and hypersonic in active stage. S-400 and why is the US so threatened by S-400?

US Defence budget $750 billion and how come they need Russia to get them into Space?

Jens Holm

Thats not the point.


Do enlighten us on what it is then :)

Jens Holm

1) Some visible control for fishing dont need a navy as such. 2) A navy base often is for guests. I see USA trying to cross in there – and what hapens next.

Nr 2 is provocative. I dont think their is lack of provocations there.

John Vishnevskaya

Jens, can you do something more than just make short nonsense comments ? It really wears thing after a while. It is supposed to be about commenting with intelligent response. We would all appreciate that.

Jens Holm

I told him. Its a provocative move and no matter of guns but fx inviting friends and guest to Azov.

You are the one, which is not very bright in those matters. Normal persons fx has seen Russian prison taking there.


Yeah, John, don’t be a dummy, dummy.

Jens Holm

I am not Nana Banana.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The most stupid of nations, just got stupider.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, the Americunts want to build a base in the Sea of Azov under the pretense of “Ukrainian Navy” which consists of two fishing tinnies and a four rubber Zodiacs.


Bonus: there is no nation called “Ukrainian”…

Jens Holm

You dont decide that. They do. They live there. You dont …


And Putin is a tall man.

Jens Holm

They could remane it to “Child of Russia”:)


Maybe father of Russia. They were Kiev Russian before Moscow Kzarate renamed Russian Kzarate

AM Hants

Kiev Russ, when part of Russia and before the Tsars gifted it to Ukraine. Didn’t Ukraine do well, with all those territorial gifts from Russia? Just how big was Ukraine, back in 800 BC? How big was Ukraine, back in 1653? How big was Ukraine, post 1917? How much Russian territory was gifted to Ukraine? So why didn’t Ukraine do anything with her independence, besides rely on her begging bowl?

Jens Holm

You forget the world at that time was a world of Empires.

AM Hants

As stated. How many Empires, including the Russian Empire, which was overthrown in 1917, came to an end between 1917 and 1919?


How many evil empires came to an end in thee 1990s? At least one: USSR. They allied with the Nazis in 1939 to start WW2. Remember?


you’re dumber than dumb – find a spade and bury yourself 6 feet under and spare the sensible crowd your inanities.


They don’t teach you in Palestine about the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement? Maybe that’s because your leader Haj Amin El Husseini was part of that alliance too


Why? Because I defeated you in a battle of wits? It’s not my fault that you showed up empty handed. Or empty headed. lol


Ukraine is the real Russia. Moscow adopted this name after they took Ukraine.

AM Hants

800 BC, really?


Did I say it was Russia 800 BC, or the voices in your head (minion Putler I guess)

AM Hants

Kievan Rus, when Viking Prince Oleg ruled medieval Russia.


That before half breed muscals took over Kiev, rite?

AM Hants

When did Kiev become part of Ukraine? Was it not when the Tsars, centuries later gave it to Ukraine?


Kiev Rus become part of Moscow Kzarate, then Moscow Kzarate changes its name in Russian Kzarate.

Back then there was no Ukraine, Kiev was homeland for the Don Kozaks, when they negotiated with Moscow an aliance against Poland-Lituanian empire, they ned translators since their language resambled more Polish.

AM Hants

At least we agree there was no Ukraine back then.


Yes we do, but that doesn’t help Russian Imperialism narrative in any way, UK could claim USA since there was no such thing at some point.

AM Hants

You do realise the UK and US are owned by the Vatican?

Treaty of 1213, when bankrupt King John was bailed out by the Vatican, who were given the territory of Great Britain and all colonies, past and present. Treaty has never been revoked.

Washington DC controls military. City of London controls economy. The Vatican controls spirituality.

All UK President’s, except one are descendents of King John.


Wtf did I just read :)) That’s why I like to come here, it’s like a virtual sanatorium, you never fail to surprise me :)

AM Hants

So are you saying their was no Treaty signed in 1213, bailing out King John, in exchange for all the territory of Great Britain, including past and present colonies?

Are you saying that the Treaty never existed, so could never be revoked?

By the way The Vatican is an independent country, lodging in an independent country. With it’s own laws and taxes, run on the old Roman Empire system.

The City of London and Washington DC are also independent of their host nations. Run with their own tax and legal systems, on the same Roman Empire rules.

Judea, over 2000 years ago was an outpost of the Roman Empire. Was it not?

The Crown Estate, Vatican Estate and FED Reserve are all administered by the same crowd.

City of London controls the world economy. Washington DC controls the military. The Vatican controls spirituality.

As we repeat the same old script, learning nothing from history, century to century.


And putin controls his small dick

AM Hants

You have personal experience of that or just mirror transposition?


Putin dick is so small that Medvedev is proud of his being bigger.

AM Hants

Like I said, you know that from personal experience or another case of General Harding troll, mirror transposition script?


Yeah, from personal experience, small people tend to have small things.

AM Hants

Not necessarily.


But Putin has a small peepee


Putin’s dick is so small, he won the election in the country of small dicks

Jens Holm

Thats right. The Leaders of Moscow took Kiev Russia by force and did it to its own, where the Christianity as the name became very important and is today.

You can find semilarities like Iran and Iraq. Iraq is the old shiit area but Iran the big one.

But I also can mention my own example. Denmark was a well respected even poor small empire. We also were Norway, greater parts of Sweden, land in the nothern part of the German many states country. We also had Iceland and Greenland and even had 3 small colonies(as the big ones had big ones:) .

But we are friends now being cousins having our own homes. The last diversion, were Norway became independent by Nationalisme and tthey didnt like Sweden, they even took a Danish Prine as King.

Preussen also by agressivness took a great part of Denmark. After they lost in 1918 we could have taken back anything we wanted, but we decided to vote about and only took, where danes lived.

There are semilarities to Ukraine for that. You can divide Ukraine in 3. The only Ukrianes, the Rusian speaking Ukraine and the ones comming from anywhere to regain production in the Donetsk area.

And we did get peace with germany and good relations. I am sure we were treated better by nasty Hitler by that too.

So Ukriaine shoul vote those 2-3 counties/oblasks home to Russia. They are only there because Krustjof then could say any counterattack against the Ukrainins was to protect the many Russians living there.

Tou only are partly correct abot Yourversion named “Kzarate”. Its true mongolds had great influence there and sometimes had it. Its also true those people also was from north from Finland and East all the way to Ural.


Thanks for the history lesson, mate


Time to cleanse the whole Ukraine from ZioNazi!

Jens Holm

Very optimitic. So – also corrupt and infected – old communists should take over and copy the Russian succes.

All muslims cut the boys and sometimes inside heads too.

Jens Holm

If they insist some missiles and biggre drones might be better.

Laurent Parodi

Spending money you don t have for warships you don t have. Yes that is very smart lol.

Gary Sellars

LOL!! The only ships that can enter the “Sea” of Azov are those that the Russians allow in. Yeah sure 404istan, go ahead and spend money you don’t have on a base you don’t need, and won’t be able to use properly!! Hilarious!!

AM Hants

So Ukraine.

Gary Sellars

The “Ukrainian Navy” doesn’t exist other than a poor excuse for a coastguard. FFS their “flagship” is an old Krivak-class frigate that is hopelessly obselete.


Russia did give commercial ships that went to Ukraine endless delays in the Kerch Straits. That was very childish and immature behavior. So it should be blamed too for the bad relations.


and who will pay for it – the disintegrating states of A of course. but it won’t happen anyway – just another ukie pipedream!


NATO probably. lol


on the face of it maybe but rest assured not one member of nato, except the disintegrating states of A, is prepared to challenge Russia in any serious way and, in fact neither is the moronic leadership in washington dc, but they would like to encircle russia and be able to threaten the country to regime change and a navalny-like puppet in Kremlin, ’cause the russians have more commodities and more riches than the entire Nato combined and that is what is galling the washington morons. they are having wet dreams when thinking about all that gold, oil diamonds, iron ore, manganese, nickel and you name it. all of which the disintegrating states of A is entirely without.


Challenge Russia? In what? lol No nation dares challenge Russia in salted cucumber production? lol Russia leads the world in making ominous threats. Nothing else. Sure it can destroy the world. It can invade its friendly neighbors. That’s about it. Challenge? lol Germany is so far ahead of Russia that its difficult to believe that its thought that Germany lost to the USSR in WW2. lol I think we all realize that Germany eventually beat Russia.


you have no idea sbout anything do you – continue to take your meds.

alejandro casalegno

Naval Base, for what????……………..surf??????……….

AM Hants

How deep is the Sea of Azov? How wide is the Sea of Azov? Will they use their old rust buckets, they forgot to remove, when the people of Crimea voted to go home to Russia? Or will they use the US boats, that were due to be scrapped, till Ukraine paid over the odds for the tack?

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