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MAY 2021

Ukraine supplies weapons to Islamic terrorists in the Middle East

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Ukraine supplies weapons to Islamic terrorists in the Middle EastFrom May 22 to 25 , the company “Ukroboroneksport” delivered 15,000 units of small arms (AK-74) to Saudi company “TMAS Marketing” (PO Box 59234- Riyadh 11525). In order to hide the true consignee the firm has provided the Ukrainian party end-user certificate, which consumer advocates Kuwait.

Weapon has arrived in Turkish, Lebanese and Jordanian militant training camps. In each of these major groups are preparing for 5000 extremists for further transfer to the territory of Syria.

Saudi Arabia and the United States began the final stage of a plan to overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. Already, the terrorists are offensive in the provinces of Idleb, Homs and Deraa. In the near future they will be transferred to Syria more gangs.

Preparing at the moment the invasion of Afghan Taliban in Tajikistan will be another step to expand the zone of influence of the so-called “Islamic caliphate” and an additional distraction for Russia, which will lead to a reduction in support for Russian Bashar Assad.

At the same time thousands of militants from the Ukrainian “Kalashnikovs” will fight not only in Syria. Against the background of the US struggle against “Islamic state” in fact promotes the transfer of the CIA IG militants in Iraq, where Washington prevents local Shiite militia. At the same time blocked the delivery of Russian weapons to the region under the pretext of sanctions, allowing terrorists to finally crush the Syrian government forces.

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