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Ukraine Says Germany To Dominate In Europe Thanks To Russian Gas

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Ukraine Says Germany To Dominate In Europe Thanks To Russian Gas


Ukrainian says the Nord Stream 2 project will allow Germany “to usurp privileges” in Europe’s energy sector.

“Unfortunately, after a coalition was established, we can only say that Ms Merkel’s position on the Nord Stream 2 project is not that categorical,” Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Yelena Zerkal said told Ukraine’s Channel 5. “She can see the positive aspects of the Nord Stream gas pipeline as Germany will have the largest gas market. And Germany will be in complete control of Europe, including Hungary and other small countries.”

This statement by a top Ukrainian diplomat shows that a failure in countering Russia’s North Stream 2 project has forced the Ukrainain leadership to make an attempt to drive a wedge into the key European powers. Ukraine has no more options but make such fierce attempts to prevent a collapse of its “energy game” with Russia.

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is scheduled to be put into operation in late 2019. It will run from the Russian coast along the Baltic Sea bed to the German shore and will connect the Russian resource base with European customers. The pipeline will not cross transit countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, running through the exclusive economic zones and territorial waters of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

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Sour grapes from the zionist lunatics in Ukraine.


As if Merkel was not a globalist. XD.

But, what amazed me is that Germany can control Europe with russian gas but Russia can’t control Europe with his own gas !!!! XD.

Like I said so many times, Russia must stop delivering gas to Europe. But, people will say that I’m mad again.

Dmitry Lunyov

if you give us 50 billion euros per year, I think Russia will refuse to supply gas to Europe ))


What will you do with 50 billion euros ???


Some of the euros may end in Las Vegas. XD But the rest will undermine the US led sanctions against Russia.


Russians will do nothing with that money. What they need is to start producing processors, cars, airplanes, hard disks, ….

They need to fucking invade east and south Ukraine. They need to arm Syria and destroiy every aircrafts that enter Syria. They need to recover Golan height, …..

They need to stop providing oil and gas to Europe.

They need to stop drink vodka.

That is what they need.

They don’t need toilet paper money.


1. Income helps to build these industries. 2. I doubt Russia is going to invade Ukraine, bla bla bla 4. Vodka consumption helps to support that industry. :D


What industries ?? Selling oil and gas to others countries than Europe must be enough to sustain critical industries.

Russia didn’t invade Ukraine and made a big mistake.

Vodka consumption is a big problem. Even the russian ministry wanted to stop this phenomenon.

Shylo Duffy

Not to mention organic foods. Russia has never allowed gmos in their Country. People everywhere are finally understanding that gmos are a cancer causing chem…I myself won’t eat gmo foods and do my all to search out non gmos Russia when the rest of the world is sick will be one of the few Countries people will turn to.

Tudor Miron

They need, they have… you need to shut your f$ck up regarding what we, Russians have or will do. That’s not your business. Take care about your own country which is?

Shylo Duffy

You tell them I have nothing but love and respect for Russia and specially you’re President.I know you guys are good God fearing souls ..

Tudor Miron

Thanks for warm words Shylo. I would like to add that we should not fear God. We should love and we should do to please what we love.

Concrete Mike

Thats right, as a canadian, i consider russia a friendly but rival nation. I love how you guys play hockey, its always good games when our nations meet on the ice.

Right now we have 4 (6)elite russians facing off in the eastern conference final. Ovechkin my man, Kuznetsov and Orlov on Washington side and Kucherov, Vasilevsky and Sergachev on the Tampa side. ( why the fuck did montreal trade sergachev ??)

Jens Holm

Nobody else can and will use it, so it makes no plus for them.


You are mad. XD Russia has gas to sell, and Europe has a lot of money. So why not !?


I never trust the money lover. Usually, they want nothing but spent their money into shit.


Because europe is bying resources for printed moeny. thus getting something value for nothing, Russia must cut all ties with west.


But Russia can turn the Euros into hard assets. Gold bullion for example to stabilize it’s currency and market. Not healthy for Russian economy to start cutting all ties with west.


Oil and gas aren’t hard assets ???

Russia can destroy Europe economy and then, start producing what Europe make with russian energy to kill Europe for good. One enemy less.

This process will create an uprising in Europe and all the european USA puppets will be hung.

But, Putin provides Europe with energy and in return Europe make sanctions against Russia. XD. People call Putin a chessmaster. XD.


“Russia can destroy Europe economy and then, start producing what Europe make with russian energy to kill Europe for good. One enemy less.”

I almost fell out of my chair laughing. XD Europe can import LNG at a higher price. If Russia wants to give the market to US and Qatar. Are you frikin Serious? :)


Higher price = higher price for products.

But, Russia is giving the market to Qatar by letting USA invade Syria and Ukraine. Soon, you will see a pipeline going from SA and Qatar to Europe via Ukraine.

Jens Holm

We do not know that. So many socalled good lines are proposed. Another for gas is Saudi Arabia by Israel, which egypt dont like at all. Saudis has a lot of gas worth nothing today.

Jens Holm

Next time You should start sitting on the floor. I have the expensive solution having belt and airbag on my armchair :)


To dam hard to see the screen from the floor. Still waiting for that airbag upgrade. :D

Jens Holm

Mine is a non flexible pilot project. So far it only have killed my wife and two friends being too fat for it

Jens Holm

Again: You might make big problems, but Russia itselves will collapse again. Rudimentials for improving is not done at all.

Most oil money again are eaten up by the corrupts and used for weapons, which they hardly can efford to produce themselves and not many can or will buy.

You have a very big filter. Soem would say a Niqab and very dark sunglasses.

Why dont You read about facts and come back. Russia is no big economic power at all and in the big picture they becomes smaller and smaller. The big examples for growth is India and China.

Concrete Mike

Russia doesnt want to kill europe, they want to coexist to cooperate. You know that, stop that shit. Get it through your thick head WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT WAR!!!

The russians put a guy in space in 1957…they are clearly smart, smarter than us idiots here, they also dont want war, so guess what?? The war you want…it aint happening…we are not idiots and we will not get provoked by your shennanigans.


Where did I say that Russia want to kill Europe ? Nowhere.


Have to agree with you on this one, they sgould cut all ties, banking, energy, Russia is a selfsufficiant country, we don.t need to feed gayrope to get by.


It’s so obvious. Russia has food, weapons, energy, knowledge, …. but Russia is still playing like a third world country. XD.

That’s because they take this garbage money for nothing in return but shit.

Main problem is that Russians want to enter this fucking west gang. People are attracted by gangs I don’t know why. Not a good idea to enter a gang especially when it’s another gang.

Shylo Duffy

You haven’t a clue just what a genius Putin is do your my friend..Youre blind if that’s what you believe.

Jens Holm

The russian production is mainly crap. They even produce their advanced weapons as they never have heard about Henry Ford. Also they dont have money to build them and have no buyers.

You ignore well written and well descriebed facts. And You easy can raise the level by internet here.

I agree with Shylo Duffy.

More like old jokes like Russia gives free parking in Siberia for cars.


Russia needs money. I understand what you are saying about honor, but those rules do no apply in this world


Ur statement is half correct and half incorrect! Yes Germany can control europe but so too can russia! This syrian war and the Ukraine war is mostly about gas pipelines and stealing the russian gas market to Europe! Europe didnt want to be so dependent upon russia and the USA wanted to protect its petro dollar! Russia will now trade its gas in euro’s making the USD weaker! Since this syrian war has failed many have accepted the reality that Russia will feed europe its gas! After the fall of Aleppo, the writing was on the wall and thats when we saw the shifts in alliances! Qatar bought 20% of Rosneft and so too did glencore! Blocking the Ukraine gas pipes and trying to introduce new pipes from qatar has failed! Now Russia also has a gas hub to southern europe coming from Turkey!

So of course this means Russia has more leverage over Europe! This is undeniable! Europe tried to get its gas from qatar and Baku but this failed! Now its mostly coming from russia! Europe needs gas an needs it fast! Qatar will profit from Rosneft now and will also profit from its shared gas field with Iran when Iran starts to feed China and india via pipelines!

US petro dollar at great threat!

Of course this gives russia power! Even more so than Germany but neither of these 2 nations would risk their monopolies for more conflict now! They will be joined at the hip! Russia sells their gas in euros and it also gives turkey leverage over Europe to some extent!

I dont understand why u think this doesnt give Russia leverage! They have turned the gas off before and it really fucked shit up for Europe! Keep in mind Germany is decommissioning its nuclear power plants.

u should reconsider ur opinion.

Shylo Duffy

Well said and it’s all a fact..

Jens Holm

No, its not at all facts. Russains are too dependent on a few sources.If one goes away, the Russian economy will collapse fast but for Europe it will only cause bigproblems.

Jens Holm

Europe is not only based on gas. All other sources can be bought from anywhere else and are. EU also have a plan for replacements as well as saving energy for elctricity and heating and do producesome oil and gas themselves.

The problem for gas is distrubution already having a net for it and and expensive to make a new one or something else.

You write Russia can stop Europe. Well, that hardly true even they can make big problems and instability. But You forget how dependent russians are in gas and oil and they will collapse sooner then we do.


it’s what the English establishment want. All this mess in Syria is to build a pipeline from Qatar to London and cut out the supplies of Russian gas to Europe.

Jens Holm

Yes, Qatars still deny to take polish people for it :)

Jens Holm

Russia almost only have importance in gas. Thats because the gas net is there.

everything else for industry, electricity and warming up can and are taken from many other reliable sources inclusing own ones.

You really dont get how small Russia are in most matters in the world economy. Your amasing surprice me a lot. Facts about that are well descriebed on the internet right here.

Fx japan and germany are bigger then Russia, but of course You can buy and sell more if You are lowlifes as the Russians.


Wow what suckers those Ukrainians are, big losers as usual and pretty soon they will be coming begging for some gas from mother Russia. Maybe just maybe they will find some inner strength and deal with the Nazi scum in the west which will inevitably bring them that one step closer to mother Russia…

Jens Holm

I dont get that at all. And we are not nazis at all a well.


To quote yourself in reply: “bork, bork”

Jens Holm

Even many Russians dont prefare Putin as Mother, which is not even allowed.

There was no election the other day. It could be the last look a like.

Concrete Mike

So.lvov battalion=boy scouts???

Odessa = a little bonfire???

How stupid do you think we are adolf???


Yelena, i suggest you call the “cookie-lady” or madman mccain for instructions on how to proceed. they would probably be amenable to a box of porky’s chocolates. you do have their phone number don’t you?


Ukraine complains Germany will held the position they had. LOL!

Jens Holm

Many get tired by protecting too many lousy and corrupt fractions og Ukraine.

cristi cristikosk

gang of “ukrainian” kikes junta..

Jens Holm

The are allowed to have their oppinions.

Prince Teutonic

No more free gas for these Ukrop thieves…


In most cases governments do not serve thier people rather the people are a resource to the government. The invalid and corrupt gov of ukraine is focused on how they can profit from pretense of alliance with europe. US will pay for thier appearance of cooperation. The people would have benefitted from balanced relations and tolerance and fair elections. The government are criminals but the people suffer the result.

Shylo Duffy

I couldn’t have said better..

Jens Holm

Thats right. That goes for several contries. None in EU and others want to put money into incompetent minus systems like kind of life aid for Sovjet museums.

It mainly seemes Ukraine is divided into corrupt warlords or something.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

So, Germany will dominate the distribution of RUSSIAN gas to Europe, as opposed to “brotherly” Ukraine and Poland, by virtue of their position as neighbours to RF? The heart really bleeds for these Banderised Ukrainian fools. This is what happens when the state ideology is the hatred of Russia and Russians. Now that these pipelines can be built on the sea floor, why shouldn’t they go to Germany avoiding Russia-hating Poland, Baltics and Banderized Ukraine? Soviet Ukraine was a partner in the might of the Soviet Union, but Banderized Ukraine will only be the servants and ass-lickers of the US/EU/NATO gang. Enjoy! Lick, lick, lick!!!

Jens Holm

I dont see that. More like non should accept Sovjet taking their colonies back.

Infortunatly its very difficult to be in the middle and they have big problems with it until they change a lot inside.

To me its very understandable, they take the only possible protection. We see Russians more and more agressive acting like scums. They also dont improve and have learned nothing since their collapse.

You can see it on their BNP and their import and export. An old joke says, that Russians has the biggest dwarfs.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Doh!!! What does the building of Nord-stream II have to do with the hysteria of “Soviet expansion”? It is the US/EU/NATO gang that has expanded towards Russia. Have you checked the map of Europe lately? It is up to Germany and Russia to determine the best route for gas supplies. Poland, Ukraine and Baltics are now hostile territories from the Russian point of view and unstable countries from the German point of view. The Russia-hating countries must realise that there are real consequences for their anti-Russian RACIST policies.

Jens Holm

Yes,Ihave checked the map.

Russia still has stolen parts of Finland and all the countries again are liberated from being colonies.

You just took them by force and after the were liberated after and under WW1.

Acually You also by good reasons lost WW 3 times and still dont understand, that for them there are notning to celebrate by having Stalin and other Russians as fathers.

So russians hating independent countries that much must realize the consequenses goes both ways. It also evident, that You during many years systematicly stole for them for only own purpose.

And Your system has not changed. Thieves expect to be rewarded.

And I do know more then reading a map.

Let me remind You that USA not many years ago had 300.000 troops in Europe. Now its less then 100.000.

And no, its not only up to Russia and Germany to decide transports in international areas kept by a lot of different solutions for it. Besides that Norway also will get some by a pipeline righ through Denmark.

You drive trains to Turkey from Yerevan and the windows still are blocked, but it works for Putin, for the rails keep You in line ?

Mo Richard

Stooge, à properly worn condom would have saved us so much time today.

Concrete Mike

Lol a zionist calling another a theif, fuck off loser

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

1. Russia has no troops left in East Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Baltics, as they all left peacefully at the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. And you say the US has nearly 100,000 to keep the EU countries as slaves? Bravo! 2. Finland lost territory because she fought with NAZIS during WW2 and LOST. Didn’t they teach you any facts in the history lessons in your school? 3. Yes, it is up to Germany and other countries whose waters they cross to approve the Nord-stream II pipeline. 4. Norway is free to build whatever pipelines it feels are needed. 5. You need to see an optician about looking more carefully at maps of the expansion of the violent, barbaric and expansionist NATO gang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud3onTavWXE Did you notice the expansion of the NATO plague??? By the way, I am a British Indian from London. Did I catch you out with your prejudiced pants down, dear???

Mo Richard

Man, sometimes silence spares much trouble. Look at you now… Coming to talk about things you don’t even master, on an unrelated topic. You’ve just blown out your stupidity to the eyes of the world. Nothing personal bro.

Concrete Mike

Only dwarf here is your brain.

Its pretty smart to bypass hostile states that dont pay up. Fuck if quebec would let canada east through we would be one happy province over here.

Its not right that russia loses money because of bitch ass urkraine not paying for their gas.

But your blinded by ideology so whatever, keep working for evil, hope you sleep well at night, i coudlbt in your place.


Gee, Karma, who could pf guessed attacking Russian speaking Ikraines and poke the Bear with a USoA sharpened stick could cost Kiev its Cash Cows.

Dumb Nazie Shits

Shylo Duffy

Ukraine can never say that Russia didn’t offer on numerous occasions opportunity for Ukraine.Time after time Putin tried, but being the man Putin is he quietly found a better way although it wasn’t easy.

Jens Holm

Such as putting missiles in kaliningrad and jets almost hit danish territory again for what.

We only can buy more missiles and we have as well as have ordered F35. Thats how it is.

I see no way. Its not allowed to be any opposition in their elections too. Next time I hope we will not cover their cirkus as “election”.

Important parts of Russia are under deconstruction. Dont blame us.

Concrete Mike

Bork bork again you dumbshit.

You got missiles in poland and bulgaria and countless others. You withrew from abm treaty in 2002, this is your mess, dont blame russia. Speak the truth have some balls.

Waste your money on useless missiles and planes while your education/healtcare/infrastructure crumbles. You dont care right as long as you get your troll paycheck…you fucking jobber with your head in the sand.

Remeber with your head in the sand you ass is way up in the air.


I could not care less what the Ukraine thinks or says some of the statements coming out that “government” bizarre to say the least.!

Jens Holm

The influence goes both ways. Russia is too deoendent of onlky few products such as oil and gas. I still ask for western europe should work for less independecy and EU has a plan for it.

True Ukraine loose money by that, but they also have to remember, they cant and should live only by taxing others.


Mark my words. With Britain leaving the EU the EU will lose their most powerful member…Germany economically is very potent but the UK is the world banker and militarily pretty solid…without her the EU will go into a recession. The citizens of the EU will demand some kind of action and the action the EU will do is to rush Russian inclusion into the EU to help prop itself up. It will work, Russian resources will give the EU economy a huge lift but the price of this “lift” is the EU’s direction. Moscow will begin to dominate as her population is more than Germany and France combined. Some states (Italy, Balkan states, Hungary & Germany) have enormous trade with Russia and will be hard pressed to keep her happy. France is not strong enough against Russia (even Germany). Brussels is the capital but Russia will dominate and the UK/US will be its rival….in time the UK/US economy will be hit as BRICS have the Europeans and the Middle East in hand….the politicians for both countries with tails between their legs will “give-in” to the new world order….but its not the Russians or Chinese or Europeans that will be in charge….it is the mega-commerce corporations running things behind the scenes who will rule…those same companies who don’t care about human rights….they will commoditize individuals like if we have bar codes, they will inject us with a chip (like your phone or credit card has) and they will track us and even place mental suggestions in our minds….so much for our evolving ways huh? We are doomed!

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