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Ukraine-Russia Crisis Over Black Sea Incident – November 27-28 (Videos, Photos)

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Ukraine-Russia Crisis Over Black Sea Incident - November 27-28 (Videos, Photos)

BAK Berdyansk, one of the ships arrested by Russian coastal guards. It was arrested and escroted to Kerch.

On November 27, Crimean authorities started determining measures of restraint for the 24 Ukrainian servicemen, who had particiapted in the violation of the Russian border and been engaged in an armed clash with Russian coastal guard near the Kerch Strait. So far, court has arrested 12 servicemen for two months. The rest cases will be evaluated on November 28.

The investigation into the Black Sea incident between a group of 3 Ukrainian warships and Russian coastal guards in Russian territorial waters is ongoing.

Ukraine-Russia Crisis Over Black Sea Incident - November 27-28 (Videos, Photos)

Arrested Ukrainian servicemen

The Russian Federal Security Service also released a list of weapons and ammunition, which were seized from the arrested Ukrainian warships:

  1. 30mm gun x 4
  2. AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher x 4
  3. 12.7mm DSHK machine gun x 2
  4. 7.62mm PKT machine gun x 4
  5. AK-47 automatic riffle x 13
  6. 9mm pistol PM x 4
  7. 9mm nonlethal pistol x 1
  8. flare pistol PS x 1
  9. 30mm HE fragmentation shell –x 765  [there are 32 more cases with shells – the total number of 30mm munition is unknown]
  10. Vog-17 grenade x 1975
  11. Vog grenade x 495
  12. RGD-5 grenade x 4
  13. RG42 grenade x 48
  14. RGD grenade x 20
  15. UZRGM-2 fuse assembly x 30
  16. RG-42 fuse assembly x 38
  17. 30mm rocket signal x 87
  18. 7.62mm bullet x 9865
  19. 5.45mm bullet x 11736
  20. 9mm bullet x 1189
  21. 12,7mm bullet x 612
  22. bayonet x 15
  23. AK-74 magazine x 42
  24. PM magazine x 4

When the FSB refered to 30mm guns, AGS-17 automatic grenade launchers and PKT machine guns, it meant combat modules installed on two arrested Gurza-class boats of the Ukrainian Navy.

The FSB also released documents seized on the Ukrainian warships. The documents confirm that Ukrainian servicemen had a direct order to  carrry out a “covert” passage of the Kerch Strait obviously violating the established legal rulles of passage through the area.

Ukraine-Russia Crisis Over Black Sea Incident - November 27-28 (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

The seized documents confirm the previously released testimonies by arrested Ukrianian servicemen.

This video shows moment when arrested Ukrainian ships were entering the Russian port of Kerch on November 26:

Meanwhile, Russia has started deploying a Bal coastal defense system near the port of Kerch, according to reports and videos appearing from the ground.

The Bal coastal defense missile system employs Kh-35 anti-ship cruise missiles. Every launcher carries 8 containers with missiles, which are capable to strike targets within the range of 130/260 km (depending on the modification). The Kh-35 is equipped with a 145 kg High Explosive Fragmentation warhead. It’s designed to defeat ships with the displacement of up to 5 000 t.

An interesting fact is that the US in fact showed restrain in this very case and limited its reaction to the Black Sea incident to general calls for de-escalation and light anti-Russian accusations.

The United States expresses its deep concern over the incident in the Black Sea that occurred November 25 as Ukrainian vessels attempted to transit through the Kerch Strait. Reports that Russian vessels rammed and fired on the Ukrainian ships, injuring Ukrainian crewmen, before seizing three vessels, represent a dangerous escalation and a violation of international law.

The United States condemns this aggressive Russian action. We call on Russia to return to Ukraine its vessels and detained crew members, and to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, extending to its territorial waters.

We call on both parties to exercise restraint and abide by their international obligations and commitments. We urge Presidents Poroshenko and Putin to engage directly to resolve this situation. In that regard, we reiterate our support for the Normandy Four format.

The United States supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, extending to its territorial waters, as well as the right of its vessels to traverse international waters. As stated in our Crimea Declaration, the United States rejects Russia’s attempted annexation of Crimea.

This statement confirms that the November 25 provocation was not coordinated by the Poroshenko regime with its “Western partners”.

At the same time, the statement of the German mission to the UN is an interesting example of double-think. Berlin mocked the right to self-determination of the Crimean population and denounced the Kerch bridge project, which is obviously contributing to economic and social development in the region.

Additionally, the statement called for “a peaceful and durable solution to the conflict in the east of Ukraine including Crimea”, which is hardly possible while the current political regime exists in Kiev:

  • The current Kiev regime will never formally accept the re-unification of Crimea with Russia, which is the establsihed fact;
  • The current Kiev regime will never support the real de-escalation in eastern Ukraine because the Kiev power circles headed by Poroshenko will gain no political or financial revenue from the solution of the crisis.


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Daniel Miller

The fact no one was killed suggests that the Russians dont really want to fight Ukrinians they want to fight their govt and those Nazi(littearly) volonteer battalions also Poroshenkos and to a extent Lukashenko’s ratings suggest that Ukranians are starting to get annoyed by their govt and the vocal minorety of bandera supporters. I have a feeling they will see another Maidan but only this time it wont be pro west.

Mister Mister

Yes, you see clear. Russian Soldier not want fight. Ukrainian Soldier not want fight with Russian soldier. Only UK want Russia and Ukraine to fight.
Bridge still stand. No ships on bottom of sea. No soldier killed. Proof Russia and Ukraine soldier not want to kill each other. Only UK want Russia and Ukraine soldier to fight.
Russia will fight UK before Ukraine if UK attack again.

Jonathan Cohen

All these forces and soldiers need to go south to fight ISIS, US and UK too. Since Russia, Ukraine, UK and US all respect ABORTION RIGHTS, there is no issue here worth fighting over or keeping weapons in this,or any, region where they can’t hit ISIS.

Concrete Mike

Isis is a smoke screen to disctract dumbasses.

Brother Ma

Well even tge first Maidan was foreign- led and executed. Apparently the snipers were all Georgian mercenaries brought in. Russia needs to send in some of its own people and turn the tables.

Daniel Miller

they probably have


1500+ hundred grenades and fuses, not familiar with the types…amny HE I wonder, what damage potential to bridge???

Mister Mister

It is that ‘special’ weapon they did not mention that the world is waiting to hear about. These leaks are like a warning to the UK and US, such as the earlier filming of crew members and putting out the footage 2 or 3 at a time – ie is the next crew man wearing a British uniform and speaking with a British accent?
Why are the other 20 or so captured sailors not being show?

The pressure on the UK (and apparently the US too) must be really building now.
At least the bridge is now on the Worlds radar and any further attempt to bring it down can not be covered up now or dismissed as an act of war against ‘Russian Agreesion’.


VOG-17 fragmentation grenades used by 30mm grenade launcher.
Pictured in turret: 30mm gun – 7.62mm – AGS-17 grenade launcher.
comment image

Mister Mister

Important updates from Russian media – get them documented before they get scrubbed out and sent to the memory hole like all the references to ‘bomb Crimean Bridge’ and ‘SADM Kerch Bridge’ and all others recently!

First – The Russians have x2 UK special operatives in custody and also x2 Ukranians who are either US spec ops / intel or US trained. No mention of any ‘package’ however.

The Russians are ‘slow leaking’ this giving the UK and US a chance to deal with this without painting them into a corner. The slow leaks (like showing the world that the Tug was not a tug but an intel vessel crewed by intel officers and spec ops) gives the UK and US time to consider thier moves – note how the usual US Bullhorns are suspiciously quite. First leak with link – more to follow if not deleted:

Second – Moscow now demanding a public explaination from the UK for the ‘Bridge Incident!

It appears the UK would rather risk diplomatic relations than even acknowledge there was a bridge incident. Note – this link has already been censored – document it in case the entire story gets scrubbed or altered as previously:

Third – US now hinting at break in relations with Russia:

There are many stories appearing very briefly in the Russian media and then being pulled. Moscow clearly using the media to embaress the UK and US, but not paint them into corner.

Russia also advertising to the whole world they are now fortifying the bridge and publically moving an entire battalion of anti-ship missiles to cover the bridge show that something was, or still is, in the water, and no one other than Russian divers are going to retrieve it. They did not need to do this as Bastion and other coastal defences (and air defences) cover the bridge. It is clearly a public message.


All those small arms, what for?

Mister Mister

They just standard arms carry by special ops team. Rifle, Pistol, Machine gun, many bullets for each and choice of other weapon. Other item too for trained eye to see. It be clear message sent to UK and US expert that spec ops team and equipment now captured by Russia.
Russia be very careful not to paint UK and US into corner, as rat or tiger very fierce when put in corner and no way to get away. Only way out is fight. Russia not need or want fight. Have tried hard not to have fight.
Bridge still stand, ships still float, sailers and soldiers still live.
Even Ukraine soldier choose not to shoot. Only UK shouting for war and send big destroyer with hollywood on board to scare stupid english to fight Russia.


This interesting (a bit old from UNIAN). There have been plans on some sort of action for some time:


Jonathan Cohen

why don’t the bullets fit the guns? they have 13 ak47s and 11000 5.56 rounds for ak74. So they don’t fit right?


AK74 mags listed, but no full weapons, is there a ‘land crew’ already stationed near bridge?


This must be a typo, 13 X AK-74 ?
The two turrets take 7.62mm rounds.

Jonathan Cohen

what about the Wayback Machine? or are there other internet archives?

MeMad Max

He’s just blowin hot air up ur ass.
Anything posted on the internet stays on the internet and gets reposted a bazillion times and stays reposted….

Concrete Mike

No but google can scrub it.out ofnits.alrgorithm making it harder to find fornless tech savvy people…like me.

MeMad Max

If you believe that google is the only search engine in the world, then you need to start searching for others…
Use google to find them.

Concrete Mike

Lol your point 1…these vessels are not frigates come on…there river patrol boats.


I was browsing a popular Russian source of news about Kerch and A heck of many people say this was all about keeping Puppet poroshenko in power… Oh I dont know something to keep people from Voting.
I suspect Parasha or who knows what his name is being kept in power and the Russians very successfully played their hand.
All of this barking from America to get NATO to spend more is starting to look Clear.

jade villaceran

He can delay the voting and will grip unto power i little bit more after he sold all of his property and transfered all the money


The Big Question is…….? What now lies on the sea bed……? Or, what lay on the sea bed……Surely the Russians have already located it, even have it in a warehouse at this stage. Or, is it all a hoax? 007 X 2 + Yanki MI X2 suggests FUKUS is turning into SUUK it up. Putin has muzzled Macron and reeling him into the Russian axis….

Brother Ma

Someone said water under Kerch bridge is only 7m deep! What did the Ukronazis expect to hide there and for how long?

Concrete Mike

That shallow? That explains how the bridge got built so quickly

Brother Ma

Yes. Just look up hydrographic depths kertch or azov. You will see the bulk under five to seven m.


It’s pretty clear that with 1 million refugees in Russia, that there’s an ethnic cleansing operation being conducted by NATO governments. To change the demographics in their favor.


The full story is not out! Some thing else was at play, some kind of play

Promitheas Apollonious

The obvious is that the ukrainian sailors did everything for the russians to notice them and stop them. The rest is just speculation and a lot of talk.


Yes, some kind of ploy for the bridge, and to open a door of conflict – more— not a good thing for anyone but those who are nuts

Concrete Mike

I agree, these men knew they were on a suicide mission, they did not want to die for nazis so they surrendered. What the mission was is speculation.


Your mission if you chose to accept it ( if you don’t you die) is to run straight at the Russian Naval Guard and Fire at them: with their attack copters and jets in the air and a few ship to shore – missals point on you— you will be missed and loved — To the Father land!!!

You maybe right- seeing their death – might of just flagged themselves but they did not stop and they had to be made to– Now the UK wants to put is ships there–

Wolfgang Wolf

pretty nice hole in the ukrainian vessel) 1 shot and game over :)

Floyd Hazzard

Ukranians are beyond stupid. There is a putsch government that half of Ukraine(east) didn’t vote on in Kiev while the democratically elected President of Ukraine is in exile in Russia. The overthrowing the democratically elected government under of external pressure and guidance have to date lost/cost them huge swaths of their country, their military contracts with Russia, their economic relationship with Russia, their gas fees and discounts with Russia…and still they persisted. Then they tried to sabotage and impose costs on Crimea through sabotage and economic land borders blockage which cost them lucrative power, trade and water income. Still they persisted. Then they started seizing boats that visited Crimea. Well it looks like they are going to have do dig a canal to get their boats to their ports now. I’ve never ever seen such a display of unabated stupidity in my life.

Brother Ma

It worked for the British and now the American Empires. One blunder to the next with muddling through in between.

We just need to pray that the malicious fool running America keep their fxckups to a minimum so we don’t all go up in flames.


Yes it’s a dangerous time, obviously most of the world wants America to burn, but nobody wants to burn with it.
Hopefully China will defeat the USA on the economic battlefield.
Plan B where Russia/China/Iran destroys the USA on the military battlefield is not in anybodies interest.


The Ukrainians will defect to the Russian Navy, the CIA bitches(SBU) will learn what life is about in a Russian prison. Porky will win a few votes, and the only real losers are the USA/UK, who are showing the whole world how stupid they are.


The long term solution is for Ukraine is western Ukraine is divided up between Belarus Poland Slovakia Hungary and Romania.
All land east of the Dnieper river and southern Ukraine revert to Russia.
If you look at the voting trends in Ukraine, prior to the American coup, that’s what the people want.


jewish troll, nice try to shift the eastern borders of NATO closer to Russia!

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