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Ukraine Reinforces Its Warlike Rhetoric with Actions

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The Ukrainian President has handed the Ukrainian Armed Forces 150 units of military hardware, which will be sent to Donbass, as well as announced a new task – to raise the Ukrainian flag over the main cities of Crimea and Donbass.

Ukraine Reinforces Its Warlike Rhetoric with Actions

Photo: Reuters

On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has handed 150 units of military hardware to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The whole batch of Ukrainian weapons and military equipment, including warplanes, tanks, armored fighting vehicles, infantry combat vehicles, special vehicles and radar locators will be sent to Donbass, the Russkaya Vesna information website reported.

According to the Polit Navigator information website, speaking during ceremony of raising the national flag at St. Sophia Square, Poroshenko noted that demonstration of the military hardware during the handing and at tomorrow’s parade will show “power of the Ukrainian army.”

Representatives of the Poroshenko’s administration claimed that all the equipment was manufactured or upgraded at the Ukrainian military-industrial enterprises.

Speaking at St. Sophia Square, the Ukrainian President also announced a new task – to raise the Ukrainian flag over some cities of Crimea and Donbass.

“This is an extremely difficult task for us – to make our flag to reappear on Donetsk and Lugansk, on Simferopol and Sevastopol,” Poroshenko said.

He also remembered “heroic patriots”, who run with blue and yellow ribbons and hang them over cities of Donbass and Crimea at the birthday of Taras Shevchenko: “These are steps for returning of our Ukrainian flag in Donbass. These are steps to return the flag to Crimea.”

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Doom Sternz

The podium that Poroshenko stands at has a stylised pitchfork symbol, this of course was the prefered weapon of the ethnic cleansing campaign in Galacia during WW2.

George Evans

looking at those fearsome war machines, the Russians must be quaking…..

the mission should surely also include taking Moscow and Leningrad….


Even if by some miracle the US military took Moscow, the Russians would retreat to Siberia and bleed US forces dry. c.f Napoleon in 1812 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNatwyAJ6dI

George Evans

I forgot to add..the mission should also claim Beijing and the whole South China Sea …but only after Moscow…

surely any neocon is entitled to dream….


Hillary is getting bigger; soon she will be the size of the Hindenburg. Let’s hope that she goes down in flames.

George Evans

we,ll know in November…either a big party..or a wake…

if she does go down..we had better hope she takes Bill with her…


Russia could have intervened on the side of the Donbass twice, just like in 2008 with Georgia, yet did not. How has that helped? Obviously not at all.

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