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Ukraine Prepares For More Agressive Actions In Black And Azov Seas

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Ukraine Prepares For More Agressive Actions In Black And Azov Seas


Ukraine plans to purchase 20 patrol ships from French shipbuilding company OCEA within three years in order to boost ‘border security’, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said.

“A large agreement will soon be signed between the governments of Ukraine and France, which will be followed by the ratification at the Verkhovna Rada. Within three years, the State Border Guard Service will receive 20 modern patrol ships from French company OCEA. This is the second large-scale Ukrainian-French project after the Interior Ministry aviation”, the ministry said in a statement.

According to the Ukrainian side France proposed a loan and agreed that 25 percent of production would be localised in Ukraine. The cost of the contract totals 136.5 million euros ($151 million).

The ‘border security’ that the Ukrainain government wants to boost was clearly demonstrated in 2018, when Kiev staged a military provocation in the Kerch Strait in an attempt to instigate the conflict in the region. In the worst case scenario, these actions had chances to lead to a new regional war. So, any growing capabilities of the Ukrainian military in the region could be seen as a new threat to the stability of Eastern Europe.


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Hasbara Hunter

A couple of Hypersonic Missiles & the Entire UkroNazi Fleet will be turned into Submarines…

alejandro casalegno

Hypersonic????………….a Kornet is enough!!!!!

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah probably…but I just like to remind the AngloZioNazis with the fact that they are pretty defenseless against them Russians at the moment….so AngloZioNazis can basically do whatever they want…as long as they don’t Really Piss off them Russians…a Nice & Balanced Status Quo…

Liberal guy

Nazis of babil hv lost even if their so called 4th reich being established.


A few nukes in your mums butt and will be even tighter than before


You don’t speak Ukrainian and you haven’t lived in Ukraine, so wake up to the fact that you live in Canada and Ukraine is none of your business. Stupid canuck.

Hasbara Hunter

You are Nothing but a little Paedophile-Parasite….crawl back in that place where the sun never shines piece of Vermin….

Ivan Grozny

Did anyone not remember how it turned out, the last time France was supposed to build some ships to another nation??

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Floating stuff aint my forté, so do you mind educate me on that?


Two amphibious military craft for Russia back in 2014, IIRC they were scaled back and sold to Egypt (USA) to prevent the deal.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Ah ok, thanks for the info.


Yes, they built them, completed them, Russia wanted them, but US blocked the deal with sanctions, and eventually France had to flog them to Egypt (who was happy to buy them on discount, because they were planning also to buy Russian Ka-52 helicopters, that the ships were designed for). US sanctions hurt European economies every day, but the globalist EU scum don’t care. So the morale of that story is, Europeans need to start minding to their own countries and forget about the US. Yes, we remember.

Ivan Grozny

Anyways – the Russians was allowed to remove all the stuff that really put the planned boats (Mistral-class) one of a kind. The Egyptians bought a useless hull!


Actually, it is more complicated than that. Russians had installed many of their own sophisticated systems on board by the time the sanctions hit, and they WERE LEFT IN PLACE. That meant that the prospective buyer required Russian expertise to operate the craft!!! Egypt, having good relations with Russia, decided to go for it. From this perspective it is a most interesting deal.

AM Hants

How long did Ukraine hold on to the ships thatvthe US were due to scrap, but, sold to Ukraine. Just before Ukraine decided to allegedly load them with weapons and try to antagonise the Russians, over by the Kerch Strait.

Ironic 2014, France cancelled the Mistral order to Russia. Look how strong Russia has become in the past 5 years. Now, story almost over, when Russia turns off the gas in December and leaves the Naftogaz transit pipelines devoid of gas, France gives Ukraine some scrap for it’s navy.


Modern day’s nazis. Serving their babylon hidden master.

Dušan Mirić

Wow! They are going to serve beans to their soldiers every day?

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