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Ukraine Prepares For Attack On Crimea

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Ukraine Prepares For Attack On Crimea

Ukrainian army troops receive ammunition, with a Ukrainian flag in the back, in a field on the outskirts of Izyum, Eastern Ukraine, Tuesday, April 15, 2014. An Associated Press reporter saw at least 14 armored personnel carriers with Ukrainian flags, one helicopter and military trucks parked 40 kilometers (24 miles) north of the city on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Sergei Grits)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) stage drills near the Russian borders on a regular basis. For the first time, Ukrainian Army has overtly declared that during the exercises they practice striking real targets on Russian territory, and not an alleged enemy.

On March 24, Ukrainian Joint Forces Command released a video showing military drills in the South of the country. It demonstrates targets on the Crimean peninsula on Ukrainian radars.

During the training, the artillery soldiers worked out dozens combat exercises, including interaction with artillery reconnaissance units and operational change of launching ramps positions. Anti-missile division conducted air monitoring and recognition of enemy air objects, using ‘Osa Akm ‘ air missile systems.

– According to comprehensive training, the regular calculations of the air force found a ramp from the territory of the opponent of unmanned aircraft and handed over the target coordinates to the command point of the troops group. For the destruction of the opponent, strength and means were involved. In addition, in order to suppress further attempts at the enemy’s intelligence to destroy his deployment points, a unit of jet systems ′′ Smerch ′′ was involved in the exercises. – said the commander of the joint forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Sergey Naev.

Ukraine Prepares For Attack On Crimea

S-500 Air Defense System Image via Military and Commercial Technology blog

Meanwhile, on March 22, Commander of the Russian Southern Military District claimed that Russian new long and medium-range air defense systems S-500 ‘Prometheus” and S-350 “Vityaz” may be deployed in Crimea in some moment. Now, the peninsula is under the protection of Russian S-400 “Triumph” ADS.

Such preparations by the Ukrainian military do not correspond to the official statements of Kiev that the Crimean peninsula is part of Ukraine. However, this is not surprising, since military attacks on their own citizens have become a common practice for the Ukrainian military command. At the same time Russian forces ensure protection of the Crimeans from their real enemy.


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Assad must stay

yup its all over halturnerradioshow.com too, belarussian/russian forces will attempt to split ukraine in half and race to kiev if hostilities break out :))

Pave Way IV

Putin shouldn’t waste a single Russian soldier’s life in Ukraine – it’s completely unnecessary. Instead, just pick the top two or three Ukrainian oligarchs like Ihor Kolomoiskyi and Rinat Akhmetov. Send them a message that they will both be held responsible and die by the hand of Russia if even one Ukrainian soldier steps foot in Crimea. F’king dare them to do it. Give them a crossing point into Crimea and tell them they’re welcome to send armed Ukraine soldiers through that point unmolested. Then remind them that the second that happens, the entire Russia state apparatus will lazer-focus on covertly killing both of them without hesitation wherever they are on earth. Those two control most of the Ukrainian legislature. With the oligarchs dead, the legislature can focus on important stuff like de-shitholizing what’s left of their country (probably too late), instead of focusing on being sodomized by NATO and picking fights with Russia.

John Wallace

I think there are only a couple of road crossings into Crimea. I went from Kharkov to Yalta by train but it was early morning when we crossed the bridge and we left Simferopol to go back to Kharkov around 10 at night so we arrived in Kharkov around 7.00 am That was around 2003 .

Pave Way IV

Is Ukraine even able to pay their soldiers, or do they work for free? Honestly, how does Ukraine pay for anything? The hryvnia is worth about a quarter of what it was five years ago, and it would have been less without massive outside intervention. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/303bd4e2ccdb09b6ae659e88854f12f4cacef238710c87ccec375365850e5428.png

viktor ziv


Pave Way IV

He didn’t lock his legs tight enough. It’s important to really tense them up, like a rock. I like the idea of fixed bayonets for a presidential honor guard, too. What could go wrong? And limit vodka consumption the night before to < 1 litre. These are basic soldiering skills.


Luckily enough Poroshenko didn’t pass by smoking his cigar and skipped dangers of all those flammable vodka vapors…

John Wallace

That happens all the time with people who stand at attention for long periods of time and very common on parade grounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4TtUMQ0Mz4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx8dg7kfygU


Crimea will soon be one of the most militarized locations in the world. Maybe the Ukrainians need to taste some Iskander strikes as smelling salts to come back to reality.

Pave Way IV

I feel bad for Ukrainians suffering under their corrupt regime in Kiev. Maybe we should freedomize them? They’ll thank us in the end, you know.

Assad must stay

same, they are victims of a nazi junta

Clarence Spangle

Избавятся от евреев… эта проблема уходит…



I don’t feel sorry for them,they allowed those criminals to take over.

Pave Way IV

Same criminals controlling the place as before Maidan. Ukraine just rotated middle management out for new incompetent ones. They had a mistaken belief that it actually f’king mattered, and it was the U.S. that spoon-fed them that fantasy. We were very convincing – we do that here all the time and everything just keeps getting better and better. I can barely stand it anymore. There’s just too much utopia, that’s why we export to places like Ukraine.


Maybe they can join the seceded Ukrainian territories and reduce the territories controlled by the corrupt regime in Kiev.


Maybe the terrorist US/NATO Ziocorporate globalists are going to deploy some stuff in their Ukrainian whorehouse and the Zionazi Kiev regime’s neonazi battalions are there to maintain peace and stability for more business and partnership with Putin.

Just Me

NATOfaggots on the march towards Russia.


Dick Von Dast'Ard

Can the CIA controlled puppet regime get anymore stupid? Chances probably are it’s a yes!

History shows desperate people do some desperate things.

The S-350 system to go with the S-400 is now a certainty.

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis will fail miserably as usual. And it will be the end of their CIA colony failed state aka Ukropisstan.

Assad must stay

about time hahahhaa


Hahahahahahahahhahah funny!!! 🙈🤣🙈


Even Kiev government must know this would be a crushing defeat & embarrassment if they tried it

Assad must stay

they prob think or know US/NATO will back them

Rhodium 10

Ukraine army invading Crimea?….just the Russian military staff send a warn to Ukraine military of an inminent use of Nuclear tactical weapons…and end of the offensive!….they did the same during 90s during NK war when Turkish army was ready to invade Armenia…..imagine just one kalibr cruise missile with thermonuclear warhead ( 200kt) 10 times Hiroshima launched towards your infantery&artillery forces….

Band Itkoitko

No nukes would be used against Ukraine. That’s not justified or needed. Ukraine can be pushed to submission in two hours if necessary. Actually, I don’t think we will ever see any serious war between Russia and Ukraine. A finished country like Ukraine cannot pose much challenge and no mildly non-suicidal person would go to war against Russia.


…we would see Russian invasion of Ukraine up to border with Transnistria-Moldavia. Russia would invade half of Ukraine

Band Itkoitko

That’s wishful thinking. A lot of people may even hope that Ukraine would attack Russia, because this would definitely solve a lot of problems. The thing is that those people there are cowards. They can attack helpless people, but once they see even a bit of resistance, their cowardice and incompetence gets revealed. Attacking Russia would end their unjustified, unstable, undesired power. They’ll never do that and lose their undeserved power and their lives. They are parasites.


They are “parasites” with their Master in Washington…So it is not up to them to decide… Never say never…

Band Itkoitko

If the parasites are cleared, Ukraine can start recovering and regular Ukrainian people would benefit a lot. A lot of problems would be solver for a lot of people.

There’s always a chance that those parasites lost their minds and may try attacking. They don’t precisely have a great history of acting smart.


So who is to permit that “the parasites are cleared”? US, EU, NATO ?! I don’t think so…. They are US creation. Nobody is aloud to touch them. I agree; they “don’t precisely have a great history of acting smart”. But they are not total retards either… They know, that they depend on Washington’s financial and political support. To stay on the top and keep control of the country in their hands. They will never openly challenge their authority. Their biggest problem with them, is their blind hate of everything Russian. That hate makes total retards beyond any limits, out all of them.

Band Itkoitko

Good question and a major dilemma. I still think that the main responsibility and initiative falls on the Ukrainian sovereign – the people. If they take that burden, they can be helped (e.g., the cases in Syria, Crimea, Eastern Ukraine). If they decided to be patient with this iniquity, who am I to say anything… I actually quite respect their decision. I firmly believe that the enemies will be put to shame in the end.

Should Russia get involved and split a chunk from Ukraine is also up to Russia. I think they have a legal right under the Russian Commonwealth system. However, politics and practical or circumstantial considerations are relevant in the immediate current situation. I’m sure they follow strategic goals, and I’m convinced that Ukraine falling into peaces is not something Russia wants, but can accept if needed.


“the main responsibility and initiative falls on the Ukrainian sovereign – the people” Maidan was staged coup – 2nd. color revolution. Democracy was hijacked from start and never had any opportunity to develop in Ukraine! Ukraine was forced (by US) to cut economic ties with their by far biggest export market and source of investments – Russia. Leaving country out of any economic options left! The people have “voted with their feet”. Over 50 million population has turned into just above 30 million. Most of the Ukrainian working force has abandoned Ukraine (mostly to EU, the rest is in Russia) Ukraine has NO FUTURE ! The only valid question is when it will collapse as country.

I’m convinced that Ukraine falling into peaces is not something Russia wants Russia KNOWS that Ukraine will fall apart because divide between Western Russo-phobe Ukraine and South Eastern Russo-phone is every day bigger. In the case of war, Russia will protect ethnic Russian population of Ukraine.

Band Itkoitko

That’s quite sorrowful. Ukraine is a nice country and deserves better. I really desire an improvement there.

On the side of hope: when you read the Psalter (and believe in that), you can see that injustice, iniquity, and wickedness never actually succeed but get put to shame and receive judgement (in Greek “κρίση”, which is the root of the word “crisis”, and now we see a lot of crises falling onto some nations and people). Of course, this is an article of faith, but there are God’s laws that no conspiracy and no power can overcome, twist, and trick. All those powerful men are delusional. How the judgement will come, we don’t know. A lot of people are getting into despair when they watch the abominations ongoing, but that’s because of weak faith.


I agree completely

Kenny Jones ™

No they don’t, don’t spread misinformation, this is distraction from an attack on Novorussia, even they wouldn’t attack Crimea, impossible scenario


Yakuza? Ukraine attacking Crimea is like Yakuza cutting its own finger


If they want to commit suicide thats the way to go,ukraine would cease to exist,and if they are deluded enough to think Nato would help them,forget it,they will be left standing there holding onto their dicks,

Tommy Jensen

Whats wrong with that?? Holding on to ones dick?


Ukrainian sabre rattling – as faint as that sound is. In 2021 any attack on Crimea would be considered an attack on Russian Federation itself, from Russian point of view – due to events of the Crimean referendum and subsequent full re-integration of Crimea into the Russian Federation.

Donald Moore

What a lop sided battle that will b, they can’t beat the their break away states now they want to take on Russia.


If it happens… The point is not to “win” but obediently executing CIA (deep state) order. To escalate local proxy conflict on higher level, into the proxy war against Russia. To give NATO excuse, to intervene on Ukrainian side (covertly).

Donald Moore

Makes sense, the US has not started a war in over six years, they are a little behind on their Color Revolution Plan!


Ramping up proxy conflict in Ukraine has always the same objective: hurting Russia and keeping EU-rope in submission.


They will not do it. Any action will be over in a couple days. Putin does not go to war, he works with all sides, like the prostitute he is. Ukrainians are a weak poor nation without any skill or intelligence, but they have america and Joe Biden backing them.


The only prostitute cia gimp is ye soros/lfgbtq companion+co,needless to say usa only makes ukraine far weaker than ever before (PERIOD) what the fk is this CIA/LGBTQ week? Ogrr the poor cioa p00fs getting smashed by heterosexuals ,poor sowwy cia poofs! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/38c4f90d976580e91d44b35dea6f9b2d90b54cd5a1884c62f6d37cbdecaa6f22.jpg

Aleks Noir

it would be the shortest lived attack in history.


I hope the Ukrainian’s on the front-line know that’s a certain death sentence for themselves.

Adrian Costa

they want to attack russia with russian made weapons…

thomas malthaus

Alexander Mercouris mentioned two days ago that Ukraine President Zelensky was a possible impeachment target. I hadn’t heard that so can anyone lend credence?


U.S.A. wants War with Russia. Interesting. Since Israel, U S.A. want a gas pipe line through Ukraine. Russia is not a country who does not have top of the line armaments. It is not Syria. Crimea War of 1858.


Seems the Ukraine has had enough of existing. They can’t even afford to fire those “Grad” launchers, that even the PMF in Iraq shoot off on a daily basis. Just a Ukrainian wet dream.


Never mind what the deep states homosexuals rant in vain,Putin would choke usa + ukraine +eu: Let them try,if the have the fekn balls these bandeira/soros/assflogged mockers of(real)christians: Yes Putin will fk’em,not because of war,but rather in keeping the peace,silly cia/soros birdy brain: Fkn drr,mr impatient(i want it ,i want it all,right now) Won’t happen,cia/usa/nwo/lgbt are kepoot,drr!

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