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JUNE 2023

Ukraine Once Again Proves Itself As Hotbed Of Radicalism In Eastern Europe

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Ukraine Once Again Proves Itself As Hotbed Of Radicalism In Eastern Europe

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On September 9, the Security Service of Ukraine announced that it had detained one of the ISIS leaders in Kiev.

According to the released statement, the detained terrorist was an aide to Ahmed Chataev, an ethnic Chechen and ISIS member from Georgia. Chataev, eliminated in Georgia’s Tbilisi in 2017, is thought to have been the planner of the 2016 Istanbul airport attack.

The ISIS member detained in Kiev was participating in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq and entered Ukraine with ‘fake documents’ in 2018.

“In the Kiev region, he created a criminal group, which included immigrants from the countries of Central Asia. According to operational information, during this time he continued to coordinate “ISIS” cells abroad,” the statement says.

Since the 2014 coup, Ukraine has turned into a hotbed of radicalism and terrorism and is still serving as an important foothold and transfer point to Europe for ISIS an al-Qaeda members fleeing the Middle East (after the collapse of ISIS in Syria and Iraq and the series of defeats suffered by al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria).

ISIS-linked militants were even openly participating in the operation of the Kiev regime against self-defense forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR/LPR) in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine Once Again Proves Itself As Hotbed Of Radicalism In Eastern Europe

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The environment of the permanent political terror, censorship and religious tensions (like the Kiev regime fight against the canonic Orthodox Church) goes fully in the framework of approaches liked by supporters of ISIS and al-Qaeda. The high level of corruption in Ukrainian security services and the public Ukrainian support (if not on the official level, then at least in media) to almost any terrorist entity that declares that it fights against Russia made Kiev and its surroundings an attractive destination for terrorists. A large number of them then tries to enter the European Union, while the rest uses Ukraine as a base for operations in Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, Ukraine also become a popular destination for various neo-Nazi and radical nationalist groups. This situation was covered in details by the Soufan Center, a US-based think tank published its report “White Supremacy Extremism: The Transnational Rise of the Violent White Supremacist Movement,” released on September 30, 2019.

There is no surprise that in these conditions representatives of the conservative and constructive part of the Ukrainian society that survived in the Kiev-controlled part of the country feel themselves under a permanent political and religious pressure. The Kiev regime has not only been fighting opposition parties and voices, but even the canonic Orthodox Church, which is being supported by most of the population.

The ‘European integration’ has been ongoing in Ukraine at its best.


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Lone Ranger

SBU did the right thing for once…? Hold me, I think Im fainting… Good job. Keep arresting these scum. Dont leave out CIA/soros toyboynazis either.

Антон С

Yeah, Trump tell that he defeated DAESH, but we know the truth. US is master of DAESH, S.Arabia – main sponsor. “Nusra” – turkish branch. Sometimes terrorists get some strikes from masters, if they they fulfill orders badly. It’s hard to manage terrorist gangs full of drug addicted maniacs with orders only, it’s not an army. In other hand could be useful to cut off few most infamous branches and rename the rest gang. AQ to DAESH or JaN to HTS. That’s how Trump “got a victory”. DAESH was dispersed to smaller branches, such as SDS, “Free syrian army” (at-Tanf camp) and other “moderate” cutthroats.

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