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JUNE 2023

Ukraine Lost More M777, Krab & M109 Howitzers To Lancet Drone Strikes (Videos)

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Ukraine Lost More M777, Krab & M109 Howitzers To Lancet Drone Strikes (Videos)

MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA – JUNE 25, 2019: A ZALA Lancet-3 attack drone developed by Kalashnikov Concern on display at the Army 2019 International Military Technical Forum at Patriot Park. Marina Lystseva/TASS

On March 23 and 24, several videos documenting recent Russian strikes with Lancet loitering munitions on howitzers of Kiev forces surfaced online.

The strikes damaged or destroyed two American-made M777 towed 155 mm howitzers, two Soviet-made 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled 122 mm howitzers, a Polish-made Krab self-propelled 155 mm howitzer and an American-made M109 self-propelled howitzer.

Another video showed a Lancet loitering munition destroying a fuel tanker of Kiev forces which caused a massive fire that spread to other military equipment.

The Lancet was developed by the ZALA Aero Group, a subsidiary of Russia’s defense giant Kalashnikov Concern. The company produces two versions of the loitering munition, the Izdeliye-52 with an endurance of 40 minutes and a three-kilogram warhead and the larger Izdeliye-51 that has an endurance of an hour and is armed with a warhead weighting five kilograms.

The loitering munition, which is powered by an electric engine, flies towards the designated area with a GLONASS-aided inertial navigation system. After arriving in the area, the operator utilizes an onboard electro-optical system via a two-way data-link to detect, track and lock on the target.

The low-flying profile, small radar cross-section and minimal infrared signature of the Lancet makes it nearly impossible to intercept.

The Russian military has been using Lancet loitering munitions against Kiev forces since the start of the special military operation in Ukraine more than a year ago. So far, there have been more than 150 documented strikes with the advanced system.



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720 y. o. Big Guy SENILE sleepy Joe aka Pedo Peter

Kids of Iraq, Hiroshima, Vietnam, Nagasaki, Serbia, Afghanistan, Syria and many other countries have been Killed by the coward forces of the United States. I ask myself: where are the sanctions against America?


EU has sanctions against USA.

Fuck the shitskins. Their death is their problem. Should have not fought Americans. Have you ever seen a shitskin caring about other people? Never. We all know the answer.

Jens holm

What?? Is it politics making the Russian living age go downand save pension. Is it for more then the 4 mio should leave. Is it for saving employed to take care of the criminals in hjail.

It seemes Rustica has redefined criminal too. The Duma has erased human rights and Putuin ahas no face on facebook but only gas.


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Last edited 2 months ago by anni
John Tosh

Nostradamus predicted World War 3 will last 27 years.

Most people thought that was impossible with Nuclear weapons. Well the Invasion of Yugoslavia in March 1999 was the first Salvo of World War 3

We have till 2026 to enjoy.

The USA will not Survive Moscow will not Survive

Britain will no longer Exist

What is left of the USA will be similar to the original 13 colonies that formed it.

Russia will rebuild New Moscow in the parts of Russia that are now uninhabited.

THIS IS THE FUTURE…… remember the dates are superimposed from Nostradamus to what I saw is going to happen.

The WEST SHOULD ENJOY THE LAST 3 YEARS OF WEALTH…. after which they will have African type poverty and starvation.

I am truly sorry to bring you this news…….its your future!

1 poseidon nuke enough to tsunamize the whole UK!!

“Britain will no longer Exist” I like this part. Can we pls speed up the process..


Nostradamus? Please.

Robert Simpson


jens holm

all mens bisexuel, iven rusticas, americans, we all, you can red in biologia buks.I in Danmark, bat people from al world, from france to

V for Victory

Another 6 artilleries KO…. i still insist that Lancet should have atleast 10 kg warhead to make sure they were perennly denazified… i wonder also, how big is the ukro artillery?


The Russian drones can also be used against nato tanks challenger and leopard if and when they arrive in Ukraine

1 poseidon nuke enough to tsunamize the whole UK!!

600 Nazis grinded in the Donetsk region of the RF today. AND WE ARE TALKING ONLY ABOUT THE LAST 24 HOURS. And only in 1 region. Will the Banderareich have enough manpower for their ‘Spring counteroffensive’? With this daily body count, I doubt.


Don’t pretend like the ukrops don’t have the numbers. They have hundreds of thousands in reserve right now, and they are snatching more men off the streets every day. If there’s one thing they got it’s numbers.

Hypersonic Tsar Bomba 2.0 locked on DC

send them to the grinder

Jens holm

They educate them first. Besides that its a potential reserve. Behind any military forces there has to be many to support it even in the military system.

But they have “many” and if needed many many.

Peter Jennings

These ‘soldiers’ snatched from the street are inexperienced, badly trained, and have no motivation. That’s par for the course for every regime and junta. In any case this isn’t their war. It’s a war propagated by greedy western politicians that has these kids marching to their deaths. The mothers of Ukraine will never forget or forgive zelensky and his puppet gov’t.

Jens holm

You might add and compare, what they are up against.

Potentials can be much better later if they get the right education as well as equipment for it.

As usual none Russians died.

How comes the waggon lits need more meat and new T62 tanks?

Katie Bayles

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Last edited 2 months ago by Katie Bayles

RF si mohla teraz pozvať na pomoc pri tejto ofenzíve vojakov dobrovoľníkov mimo službu z KĽDR. Tí by si istotne rád prišli privyrobiť eliminovaním, fašistov a teroristov z USA.


Last one was epic. Rest of targets was hit, but not destroyed. Warehead too small.

Peter Jennings

You are indeed everything your colleagues believe you are.

Jens holm

Injury Youri gagagla garin or his servecedog wrote that.


Sweet birds of …prey. Amen

God Bless Mother Russia and the last Christian nation on the planet.

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