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Ukraine Lost All Soviet Mortars in Donbass

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The Ukrainian Army has received about 200 pieces of the Molot mortar launchers since the country lost all Soviet mortars during the hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine Lost All Soviet Mortars in Donbass

M120-15 Molot mortar launcher (Photo: na.mil.gov.ua)

About 200 pieces of the Molot mortar launchers of the local production have already entered service of the Ukrainian Army, the Interfax news agency reported, citing Chief of the Weapons of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Major General Nikolai Shevtsov. Practically the entire arsenal of mortars, which remained in the country since the times of the Soviet Union, was destroyed during the hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

“Practically the entire arsenal of mortars was lost during the hostilities. Military units that started to restore the combat capability at landfills have mortars, which have exhausted its resources. Therefore, there is such hurry in production and purchase of mortars,” Shevtsov said.

“As of today, troops have received about 200 mortars, produced at the Mayak plant. Its further delivery is expected. But we will not voice absolute figures for obvious reasons. The mortars enter the Ukrainian Army and are already being used on the front line,” he stressed.

Earlier, in July, Ukrainian military said that they are not satisfied with the quality of the M120-15 Molot mortar launchers, provided to the army for testing. According to the military, cosmoliners had some problems with the vertical mechanisms and couldn’t change the angle of the laying for range. Militaries also had claims to the quality of the metal. Two months after the start of the using of the launchers, its tubes had started to rust. The paint had started to peel off and erase.

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Fast-tracked local production? The poor operators will be in more danger than the russians.

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