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Ukraine-Like Scenario In Belarus: First Confirmed Death During Protests In Minsk

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Ukraine-Like Scenario In Belarus: First Confirmed Death During Protests In Minsk

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A protester was killed during clashes with Police in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, the country’s interior ministry reported on August 10 evening.

“During the confrontation with special forces that deployed to unblock the square, one of the protesters tried to throw an unidentified explosive device at law enforcement officers. It exploded in his hand, the man received injuries incompatible with life,” a press officer of the Interior Ministry, Olga Chemodanova, said.

Meanwhile, clashes between security forces and protesters continue in Minsk and several other cities. According to pro-opposition sources, protesters are trying to build barricades in Minsk.

Media reports claim that the Internet was mostly shut down in Belarus amid protests. Nonetheless, photos, videos and other data continue surfacing online from the scene of riots.

The Pushkinski suqare is the main place of clashes in Minsk. Social media reports claim that several petrol bombs were thrown at police officers. These reports remain unconfirmed.

Ukraine-Like Scenario In Belarus: First Confirmed Death During Protests In Minsk

Click to see the full-size image

Pro-opposition sources are also spreading the declaration of the nation-wide strike from August 11. If this happens, this will be a notable blow to the country, which is already in the comlicated economic situation.

Apparently, the main ‘success’ of the opposition is the August 10 death of the protester. The man will likely be turned into a sacred sacrifice to fuel street violence and destabilize the country in further. Sacred sacrifices are the important fator of most successful regime changes of the previous years. In particular, in Ukraine in 2014, the mass deaths of rioters (many of them in very suspicious conditions, including repots about sniper fire by foreign mercenaries hired by supporters of the coup) became the turning point that allowed to increase the violence to the level, when radicals supported by the West overthrew the Yanukovich regime.

In the case of Belarus, the main striking force of protesters is also radical nationalists and neo-liberal-styled Antifa groups that united their forces against the Lukashenko government. According to local sources, a large number of the foothold hooligan group MTZ-RIPO (another name Patriot) was spotted during the ongoing protests. In 2014, a large number of members of this Antifa group participated in the coup in Ukraine. Some of then even joined the so-called Azov battalion (mostly consisting of neo-Nazis) that participated in the conflict with local resistance forces in the region of Donbass. Therefore, it is not the first time when Belarusian left radicals unite their efforts with their supposed enemies (neo-Nazi groups).

The interesting fact is that a similar situation is observed during BLM riots in the United States, where Antifa radicals (supposedly fighting ‘fascists) openly cooperate with black racists motivated by ethnic hatred towards the non-black population.

The riots in Belarus develop amid the increasing media and diplomatic campaign against the Lukashenko government. Western and even Russian neo-liberal mainstream media are actively covering the situation painting it like the popular apprising against the Lukashenko government. Various representatives of the Russian ‘neo-liberal community’ even gathered to support their ‘democratic brothers’ in the front of the Belarusian embassy in Moscow. In fact, the protests are led by the aggressive and well-coordinated minority and does not represent the entire population.

Several Western officials, including US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, already called the elections de-facto non-legitimate. If the protests continue and the level of violence grows in the coming days, the Lukashenko government will likely face an increasing pressure on the international scene, including new sanctions, propaganda and clandestine efforts to destabilize the situation in Belarus by the Euro-Atlantic establishment.

The irony of the situation is that just a few weeks ago Lukashenko was publicly flirting with Washington & Co and making anti-Russian statements. Nonetheless, his new friends immediately betrayed him. In these conditions, Russia (as always) remains the only guarantor of the Belarusian sovereignty and the power that is ready to assist the Belarusian leadership in its attempts to avoid the wide-scale chaos and the fate of Ukraine 2.0. It should be noted that the stability of Belarus is also a matter of national security for Russia. The Ukraine-like scenario in Belarus will have all chances to facilitate destructive trends in Russia itself and set additional conditions for the destabilization of the country ahead of the 2021 parliament election.


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  1. Raptar Driver says:

    I knew this would happen, Lukashenko did not listen to orders from the world government he needs to go. That’s the way of the road.
    Since Russian government listen to orders, I still think they might have something to do with this.

    1. HiaNd says:

      Western conspiracy bollocks

      1. Raptar Driver says:

        Conspiracy theories is what the CIA invented To discredit truth tellers.

        1. HiaNd says:

          OK “truth teller” I don’t buy it.

          1. Raptar Driver says:

            My audience is not you. You are an internet scoffer.
            The truth will find a way with or without your misdirection.

          2. HiaNd says:

            True…..the same goes for you though….unfortunately…

          3. Raptar Driver says:

            I am a truthseeker Not a mocker.

  2. Laurent Parodi says:

    The US France Germany the EU are calling for free elections and do not recognize the results. Riots are starting. It seems the west is trying to do in minsk what they did in Kiev in 2014.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Seriously, as a friend of Russia, I hope the new FSB is better that the pathetic KGB that created a moron like Putin. It hardly takes a genius to know that the Americunts and their NATO arselickers are trying the Yugoslav and Ukraine template in Russia. Surround the country with NATO bases, try to destabilize its economy by sanctions and then use paid “color coded” social “revolution”. The stupid drunken cunt Yeltsin allowed hundreds of western NGO spying operations, “religious” organizations and businesses, students and journalists who are all a front for the 5 eyes and western intelligence in general. Every so-called student in Russia is a foreign paid agent. The FSB needs to get tough like Iran and execute a few of the cunts and then let’s how their color coded revolution works.

      1. HiaNd says:

        You are no “friend of Russia”you double faced filthy snake!
        You and your second rate would be power Iran are just beggars for Russian support while you spit on Russia and Putin whenever you can.
        You double faced, snake tongue, evil rat.

        1. cechas vodobenikov says:

          ignore the smeya

      2. guest says:

        Russian passive behaviour will only invite more aggression.

    2. AM Hants says:

      They can try, however, Belarus knows the tricks to avoid.

  3. Daniel Martin says:

    It seems like the lady with the cookies is visiting Minsk these days. ?

    1. HiaNd says:

      Everybody keeps informing us about Maidan2.0 like it is some kind of discovery..At least you do it with the style

    2. AM Hants says:

      And the ghost of McCain, trying to haunt the good people.

  4. PZIVJ says:

    Off topic:
    The Minsk Offensive (Russian: Минская наступательная операция) was part of the second phase of the Belorussian Strategic Offensive of the Red Army in summer 1944, commonly known as Operation Bagration.
    The Red Army encircled the German Fourth Army in the city of Minsk. Hitler ordered the Fourth Army to hold fast, declaring the city to be a fortified place (“fester platz”) and defended even if encircled. The Soviet 5th Guards Tank Army attacked from the north-east, while the 2nd Guards Tank Corps moved in from the east, and the 65th Army advanced from the south. About 100,000 Axis soldiers from the Fourth and Ninth Armies were encircled, of whom some 40,000 were killed and most of the rest captured. The result was a complete victory for the Red Army, the liberation of Minsk, and the rapid destruction of much of the German Army Group Centre.

    1. Laurent Parodi says:

      Summer 1944? Are you talking about operation Bagration which started on June 22sd 1944? The soviet army made an advance of 600 kms on the whole front in just 3 month. Germany lost army group center which was under the command of General Walter Model.

      1. PZIVJ says:

        This map is listed as June 29 – July 4, 1944. This was a fast movement in the second phase of operation Bagration ?
        “By the time the operation had commenced, the entire Fourth Army had been bypassed on both its northern and southern flanks. Despite this, it was ordered to hold fast.”

        1. Laurent Parodi says:

          Model was not stupid. He had only 800 000 soldiers in his army group center and he knew right front the start that he was lacking the man power to repel the soviet advance. The German army failed to understand what the soviets were about to do. The Germans thought the soviet army would attack on the ukrainian front so they sent their best units to reinforce that front. But the attack on army group center came from the bielarussian front. It was a complete surprise for the Germans. The soviet made a encerclement of army group center in a few days. Model asked the permission to retreat to save his army but the permission was denied. The Germans lost thousands of mortars canons tanks planes and around 450000 soldiers in less than 3 weeks.

          1. PZIVJ says:

            The Partisans where very involved in the operation.
            “Some 10,500 explosives were detonated along the rail networks connecting the Dnieper to Minsk, all bridges in the area were blown up, and telephone lines extensively cut, paralyzing Army Group Center’s communications for the first 48 hours of the offensive”
            5th Panzer div was called in from south, but all they could was to form a rear guard to try to slow down the disaster for Army Group Center.

    2. guest says:

      How is this relevant to the current situation?

      1. HiaNd says:

        You are in overdrive bot!

        calm down they must given you a too big raise in salary recently….

        you and your friend Zio-EVIL are all over the place talking about “weak Russia and weak Putin”

        What poor Russia can do against you?

        1. guest says:

          Shut up you stupid ignorant attention seeker. You are not worth responding to.

          1. HiaNd says:

            ha ha ha so WHY you have “responded” to tell me only that?
            What is wrong with you shit-head getting upset so early in the morning?
            Oh yes you just told me “responded” not to “respond” !

            ha ha ha
            Not nice I need your “bright” comments so badly !

      2. HiaNd says:

        It is “relevant” you are just too stupid to see it!
        Face it, some people are stupid like you and others are not.

  5. Rhodium 10 says:

    I think that Belarus army will take the control and expel Lukashenko…otherwise they will have to fight vs Russian army or pro Russian militia that will take under its control many parts of Belarus….The military staff fear the Ukraine scenario…..Belarus is not only Minsk where pro western and nationalist are strong…in case of worst scenario( an antiRussia and Pro Nato government similar to Ukraine) Russian troops and militia will intervene which means the end of Belarus state.

  6. Tommy Jensen says:

    Someone is not doing their job properly.
    The Belarus Intelligence and or military must have been bought, and why havent KGB warned Lukashenko to take action?

    It looks extremely weird that West so easily can instigate riots and regime change. Or did one more Erdogan (Lukashenko) think he could get into the clube by charming the West.
    The world never get wiser.

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      You’d be surprised what money (or the prospect of earning insane amounts) does to people.

      1. guest says:

        But these rent a crowds have proved useful in Yugoslavia, Georgia and Ukraine. Russian passive stance has encouraged US and western subversion.

        1. HiaNd says:

          There was no “rent a crowds” in Yougoslavia just core group well trained, well paid and well indoctrinated and their friends. The others were just useful idiots brought there through social media invitation on protest ,some anarchists and other usual idiots were doing all that for free.
          The same goes more or lass for Georgia but Ukraine was much bigger organization than Soros usual gang and much more money was involved, there was CIA, MI6, Georgians and Ukrainian neo-NAZI well paid and well supported by US and other secret services. If there was any “rent a crowd” anywhere it was in Ukraine.

        2. cechas vodobenikov says:

          Georgia is different—they have their own language and huge non Georgian populations—Abkhaz that speak Russian although w a peculiar accent—the Ossetians that speak Farsi and Russian, Turkic peoples and Armenians…Yugoslavia even more different…different ethnic, religious and linguistic groups/exploited by USA/Germany to reduce it to warring nation states

          1. Raptar Driver says:

            The only different linguistic and ethnic group in Yugoslavia is the Albanians. Everyone else is Serbian and speaks Serbian although different dialects.

        3. paolinks says:

          Useful? Don’t watch at the status quo, dig deeper. Yugoslavia is a hot mess since the ’90s. Recently Kosovo has started to crack, with its long time ruler accused of mafia crimes. Georgia is yet to understand what she will do when she grows up. They want Saskashvili in jail. They want to stay in the west, but stay friendly with Russia. Sometimes they accuse Russia of subversion, but don’t want the anti-Russia scum ( like Saskashvili ) in power anymore. Ukraine is a fuc**** shit****, with no prospect for the future, no economy, with a disillusioned population with very low morale.

          And, on top of all this, the empire is crumbling under debt and social riots.

  7. J Roderet says:

    Belarus will defeat this Western-orchestrated color coup. The pro-coup forces are a much smaller percentage of the population than in the Ukraine in 2014. This will not be a repeat of the Maidan chaos and destruction. Belarus is not a polarized society, like the Ukraine. These US-funded, neo-liberal rioting freaks are just a very loud, aggressive minority group. The patriotic, pro-government majority will win. I have also just read some encouraging news — already 3,000 of the pro-coup rioters have been arrested.

    1. HiaNd says:

      I agree with everything you say.
      No way that they’ll pull the same bullshit again.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      With 9 million people and quite homogeneous it should be relatively easy, but there are a lot of western NGO and usual suspects in Belarus. Poland is the staging post for this unrest.

      1. HiaNd says:

        Wow showing off that you have been reading article this morning on Belarus?
        Or just your usual pretending to be an expert and guessing?
        This is not Iran we are talking about you don’t have to try so hard to look intelligent when it comes to Belarus.

    3. guest says:

      Let’s hope so. So far the record in Ukraine has not been that good.

      1. HiaNd says:

        “Record in Ukraine” whatever that means
        You would do that much better of course because you and your friend Z.EVIL are sooo bright …much more intelligent than those pesky, incompetent Russians huh?

        1. occupybacon says:

          You are too thin skinned, he’s on your side. I side with Ukraine but if I sided with Russia, I’d still blame Putin for acting amateurish in Ukraine. He could easily prevent Euromaidan but he lagged behind the events and Nuland defeated him with some…cookies?

          1. HiaNd says:

            Even if so everybody makes mistakes..
            I don’t know whose mistake was Ukraine or maybe CIA was for once unusually good

          2. occupybacon says:

            Probably not even CIA was prepared for that and it was a surprise. I don’t find other explanation with that stupid move letting Biden’s son get on top of Ukraine energy company. That was a very bad image for Obama administration. Also the military funding help for Ukraine was very poor/stingy. Anyway it was Putin’s duty to know everything before happens in his “backyard”. He was sending $15 billion per year to keep Ukraine on his side and he lost all these money.

          3. HiaNd says:

            “very bad image for Obama administration”

            Oh common man you can’t be that naive! There was nothing in Ukraine that Obama didn’t have next morning on the table !
            CIA is at home in Ukraine and they supervise literally everything in Ukraine from government to oligarchs to extreme right wing movements.
            I am not saying that Obama had his cut in their robbing of Ukraine but he did at least favor to the Biden family by giving green light and letting it happen.

            “military funding help”
            Even if not “stingy” sometimes, the lion part of that “help” would always go back to US buy paying those US contractors in training camps…those mercenary professionals from US security firms and US exporters of arms to Ukraine for their weapons (and only than the crumbs, tiny left over would go to corrupt politicians of Ukraine and when they took their part than the even more tiny part would go to Ukrainian army .

          4. occupybacon says:

            That’s not the idea. The CIA goal is to dig deeply between Russia and EU and arming Ukraine would have forced Putin to send more arms and ‘volunteers’ to the other side. That could make Merkel mission to deal with Putin, impossible. Anyway Obama was afraid of Putin. In person, not as country. He had Biden to take care of Russian matter and all Biden could think of Ukraine was ohh look a banana republic, let’s steal as much as I can from them. So, that’s the image Obongo administration created. To say that CIA controlls everything in Ukraine, if I was Russian I would say that with pride, I’d start asking question about the capacity of my government to deal with some… cookies?

          5. HiaNd says:

            Thanks for some very interesting feedback on Obama there…
            The rest I will not comment much;
            every nation ,government , nation, person has her weak and strong side.
            Name of the game is to make a weapon out of our weakens against our enemy.
            Not easy thing to do.

          6. occupybacon says:

            Nobody can make a weapon from his own weakeness that would hurt his enemy more than himself, that’s why it is called weakeness. Or it would be called something else.

          7. HiaNd says:

            Instead of asking how to do it, you have answered :” it is impossible”
            That is narrow mindedness

          8. occupybacon says:

            My dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

          9. HiaNd says:

            fuck of retarded NATO motherfucker

          10. occupybacon says:

            Please don’t cry little girl, here’s a lollypop for yu.

          11. HiaNd says:

            FUCK OFF MORON !
            Majority of people here takes you for what you are really; an idiot.

          12. occupybacon says:

            I worth more than 50 of you.

          13. HiaNd says:

            in that case talk to yourself retard you are blocked !

          14. occupybacon says:

            My hearth is broken and my day is in ruins

          15. HiaNd says:

            it was Putin’s duty to know everything before happens in his “backyard”.

            True and it is obvious that part of the mistake must be on the behalf of the FSB and those who were controlling situation in Ukraine or even on Putin and his associates, advisers, members of the government who made wrong estimate of the situation or even on Putin himself directly.

            Shit happens and I do not think that Putin is God he also makes mistakes
            Everybody does mistakes (except you that’s why you had sex with all your skeletal girlfriends and acquaintances ever since you were 12 to the present day)

          16. occupybacon says:

            You are better informed than Putin.

          17. HiaNd says:

            Why not calling him an idiot as well?
            He us the person whom you all like
            to ridicule so much.
            He has raised Russia from the ashes like phoenix and
            have been screwing West ever since.
            Yes he has lost few games of which the biggest by far was Maidan.
            But most of the time he is on the winning side against huge number of enemies.
            USA have exaggerated propaganda against him so much that he is getting proportions of super-hero with super-natural powers.

            Stop obsessing about Putin, he is only human trust me.

          18. occupybacon says:

            Wrong, he didn’t rise Russia, the price of the barel did it. In 1999 the barel was below $20. In its highest peak, in 2008 it reached $120. Then most of the time it was around $60. Still 3 times as during Yeltsin. Since the oil makes the most of Russia exports, anyone in the place of Putin could benefit from the same luck.

            And btw today natural resources as fosil, minerals, wood make 92% of Russia’s exports. If he was skilled in economy, in 20 years Russian exports should be mostly goods instead of natural resources.

          19. HiaNd says:

            your comments are again becoming moronic
            the way true Bacon idiot used to be before…
            you forget of course that Russia in 1999 was robbed to the bone by New York Jews and local Jewish Oligarchy and they have controlled absolutely everything in Russia that has any value oil and gas included !!
            You forget 2 Chechen wars and that Russia was totally bankrupted country not having money for salaries and pensions with police totally corrupt and army in disarray .
            There was no aspect of life that was not in total ruin and destroyed not only financially but psychologically as well.
            And then you go with your ” price of the barrel” bollocks like it is magic wand!
            The same price was for everybody including already super rich Saudi’s and it didn’t take them to land on the moon or mars or do anything at all extraordinary !!!
            Yet you keep repeating it like circus monkey time and time again!

            in only 10 years Oligarchs are gone, war in Russia past and forgotten, law and development of the country and army installed!
            While countries like Saudis (the biggest exporters of most expensive oil -Russian oil “Ural”is always much, much cheaper than Saudi “Brent”)Saudis didn’t develop much at all in the same period..
            etc etc… and I can go on and on..on that subject but actually I don’t want it because I don’t give fuck what you think really !

          20. occupybacon says:

            Yeah, I thought I would insult you by comparing Russia with some bedouin/camelar country that luckily found oil, but can’t build an industry to compete with the other countries from G7…. But you did it for me. Thanks, I think you nailed it.

          21. HiaNd says:

            All I was saying that oil prices didn’t turn other oil countries into paradise and I took Saudi’s because their oil was the most expensive and they were the biggest exporter in the world at the time !

            You know what NATO moron I had enough of explaining you anything so go fuck yourself !

          22. occupybacon says:

            Saudi oil is not more expensive than Russian oil, actually is cheaper.

          23. HiaNd says:

            It is not true!
            Saudi Brent was always much more expensive (because best quality oil and easy to refine… Ever since US – IDIOTS have made blockade of Venezuelan oil which is similar to Russian oil , the prices of Russian “Ural” have risen sharply (even US imports it now) and prices of “Ural” are unusually high only because of blockade of Venezuela !!!

            Now fuck of you ignorant ill informed twat

          24. occupybacon says:

            I was not saying Russian oil has higher quality than Saudi oil, I said Saudi’s is cheaper to produce, because of drilling and transport costs. So Saudis can survive on $15 /barel. And the main Venezuelan oil importer is still USA.

          25. HiaNd says:

            I have explained it to you and you still don’t understand what I was talking about and keep talking nonsense ?!!
            I had enough of you and your retarded comments!

          26. occupybacon says:

            Ma’am you need to calm down

          27. Raptar Driver says:

            Russia would have risen from the ashes with any mediocre leader.

          28. HiaNd says:

            I am sick and tired of answering to Bacon already as it is… I don’t need another US simpleton to waste my words on.
            Think whatever you are pleased who gives fuck!
            You are just another American hater of Putin, that’s all.

            Why would Russians give fuck what brain washed Americans think about Putin?
            So I don’t either !

        2. Vitex says:

          “guest” is such a courageous commentator that it doesn’t even have a username. It’s probably blue haired and transitioning to something

    4. cechas vodobenikov says:

      yes—they may have some grievances, but then there always some in all societies that do

  8. Alberto Garza says:

    the russians are silent .

    1. HiaNd says:

      So what do you suggest them to say?
      Much more important is to do right things than to make stupid declarations.

      West would jump on occasion to accuse them of anything, now when their Maidan 2.0 is in full throttle .
      The Western propaganda is in full alert

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Putin is a reactionary and not a leader as Syria, Libya and Ukraine have amply demonstrated.

      1. HiaNd says:

        Ignorant again.

        Last time I have checked Assad is leader in Syria and Putin is president of Russia only.
        Russia can’t impose anything on other countries and they never try to.
        Specially not on enemy country like Ukraine
        So only IDIOT can say something as stupid as that !

      2. HiaNd says:

        “Putin is a reactionary”
        What on earth that means?!?

        Do you at least understand the meaning of the word “reactionary” ?!?
        I am definitely sure you either do not understand the word or blinded by hatred towards Putin you talk total nonsense !

    3. guest says:

      Russia is ruled by oligarchs and has no unified voice.

      1. HiaNd says:

        you have not been reading news on Russia in last 20 years!!
        Rusia is not ruled by oligarchs any more you ignoramus !
        Stop talking nonsense.

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        u confuse Russia w USA
        “Putin’s great innovation was that he reduced the wealth and influence of the oligarchs by half. he did not like the patrimonial relationships crated by Yeltsin”. Ivan Szelyeni (NYU) New Left Review 2015

      3. Антон С says:

        Oligarchs are in history since 2004. The richest one, thief and probably murderer Hodorkovskiy, was in prison for 8-9 years and lost almost all his plunder, stolen in 1990’s. The one with most influence, Berezovskiy, left the country and died with debts in London. There was unofficial group of the most important oligarchs, it was called “Semibankirschina” (7 bankers; analogy with historical period when 7 nobles ruled the country – Semiboyarschina): Hodorkovskiy (“Yukos”), Berezovskiy (largest car manufacturer VAZ, main TV station – ORT (now it’s “1st channel), close to Elzin), Smolenskiy (a banker, “SBS-Agro”), Gusinskiy (media-group “Bridge”: TV channels – NTV, 6th channel), Aven (bank “Alpha”, “Alpha-group” holding), Potanin (metals), Deripaska (metals and transport cars manufacturing GAZ). Only three persons from this list are in the country now. Firs four are jews. Plus few other names of such level. In 1990’s they were real power. Hodorkovskiy gave money to bribe all parties in parliament. Berezovskiy was a right hand of the president. Gusinskiy was the largest magnate in MSM sphere, his channels supported terrorists at North Caucasus. Now he is hiding in Israel.

  9. Wizzy says:

    Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland on Russia’s western flank and Belarus is the odd man out. They are coming after Russia. So either Putin continues with his fruitless diplomacy or ”invades” Belarus; Moscow cannot allow a Kiev in Minsk. Lukashenko interestingly has been acting funny lately. Maybe it’s time to enforce the Belarus-Russia Union State.

    1. HiaNd says:

      There will be “no Kiev in Minsk” so stop spreading that kind of talk.
      Putin is too intelligent to “enforce” anything on Belarus and specially not now.

      1. cechas vodobenikov says:

        it is the reverse–Belarus has no interest in creating a maidan….belarus is homogenous, ethnically, religiously. Ukraine is mixed, orthodox/Caholic with Rusyns, Hungarians, Russians, Ukrainians, some Tatars—Huntington described Ukraine as “a cleft nation”

      2. Wizzy says:

        Russia is learning, you see that in Libya. They will not allow a Kiev in Minsk and since CIA won’t stop until Belarus is a failed state, Russia will have to act. Little Green Men 2.0.

        1. HiaNd says:

          You think that you know everything…that’s all I can see from your words.
          I don’t think you know everything and I am not interested in comments of people with the ego problem

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Indeed, Putin’s weakness in Ukraine will prove fatal.

      1. HiaNd says:

        Evil tongue, anti-Russia and anti-Putin, has spoken!
        Snake tongue and the poison wisdom right out of his sectarian arse!

      2. HiaNd says:

        You understand jack shit on Eastern Europe
        Go back to your Iran glorification, that you love the most.
        Not even your usual spitting on Putin is so good lately.
        Stick with your insignificant Iran

        1. Codenamed 'Gordon' says:

          And so your fake anti-Zionism emerged

          1. HiaNd says:

            So kicking arse of some big mouthed anti-Russian, pro-Iranian bot is “proof” that I am not anti-Zionist?
            Like Iran is the only country and the people that doesn’t like Jews.
            Ther are differences in life you know…life is not only black and white.
            I don’t have to be friend to every anti-Zionist country to be anti-Zionist.
            Since that guy is regular anti-Putin and anti-Russia bot i am not his friend for sure.
            And I do not think that Russians should get killed for interests of Iran in Syria.
            Think whatever you want

          2. Codenamed 'Gordon' says:

            Russia has interests in Syria. 15 brave Russian soldiers still claim revenge!
            Only Israhell and its supporters can want Russia to get out of Syria

          3. HiaNd says:

            Russia is going nowhere and NOBODY can kick Russia out of Syria or Assad remove from presidency as long as Russia is there.

            Revenge will arrive in due time.
            It us time that people stop attacking Russia, Putin for everything that crosses their mind.
            As you have said your self Russia have had killed soldiers, lost choppers, airplanes in Syria so no need to deride and make jokes about Russia or ridicule Putin if they have shown their commitment.

            No leader is perfect I don’t think he is either but to talk about him the way some people do often is humiliating for Russia and Russians

            Russia didn’t start WWIII over the Donbas and they will not for sure start it over the Syria either.
            So people should better accept that and have patience instead of regularly spitting on Putin.
            Syria will not become high intensity conflict and regional war turning into WWIII.

      3. HiaNd says:

        You ALWAYS keep pushing Russia in any kid of war and defending Iran for not responding bu force when Israel or Turks kicks their arse !

        All in all you want Russia to liberate Syria for your IRANIAN interests

        So Russia must be in service to your INSIGNIFICANT would be power Iran huh?!

        “Putin’s weakness in Ukraine” in what?

        In not invading Ukraine starting WWIII over the Donbas?

        Russia would NEVER invade Ukraine unless forced !
        Ukraine has plenty of NATO soldiers already all over the place and even technically is not possible to make invasion of Ukraine without killing some of them.
        So as usual you talk nonsense!

        1. Wizzy says:

          We know Iran give you guys sleepless nights but that’s how it’s supposed to be. You caused that explosion in Beirut to keep Hezbollah preoccupied with domestic issues but we all know it’s a matter of time before a few IDF soldiers die. Hezbollah just can’t help it, they must retaliate.

          1. HiaNd says:

            Iran is regional power depending on Russia and China help.
            Irans power and influence are of inferior importance.
            That’s all
            Without Russian protection Iran would be nuked into ashtray long time ago

        2. Concrete Mike says:

          Hes an a asian sovereignist. Relax and stop flaming please.

          1. HiaNd says:

            your “asian sovereignist” (whatever that means)keeps vomiting his usual anti-Putin poison.

            If we are to count how many times he has insulted or accused Putin of something than it would be
            100 000 against Putin
            2 against Bibi Netanyahu
            and 0 everybody else !
            Is that “anti*Zionist” when somebody insults Putin and glorifies Iran?
            If only that is “anti-Zionist” than I don’t want to be “anti-Zionist” !
            And I am asking you WHY your Asian soveregnist (he is in my eyes Iranian bot) is doing that ALL the TIME even when nobody is talking about his almighty beloved Iran!

            Why everybody here feels intitled to spred CIA and MI6 anti-Putin propaganda and justify that with “anti-Zionism”
            Tell me WHY or leave me alone!
            And if I am “flaming” because just answering on the attacks of this bot than you are not much better than he is.

          2. Concrete Mike says:

            Hes an old.man from the”british raj”. Let him rant if he wants.

            You can criticize putin without agreeing with cia. Stop painting all with the same brush, just because one bitches at putin does not make that one a cia asset automatically.

            Ive been here for years, he has shat on bibi a thousand times.

            Dont let the fanatics get to you.
            Jte watch ti gars.

          3. HiaNd says:

            From my much shorter experience here, he is not “criticizing” Putin but permanently spits on him and insults him all the time.That has nothing to do with “criticizing” in my book.
            It is pure anti-Putin propaganda and hatred, like they have it on the West.

            And why would I care if he is “old.man from the”british raj” or incarnated Buddha?!

            He is never correct to Russia and Russians since Putin is their president that he doesn’t have to like but he has to stay correct and polite.
            All I can hear from him is; “Putin this”, “Putin that”
            But I’ll try to stay cool ….and it is not easy.

        3. Cromwell says:

          They need to kill some of those Nato bitches,then they would get the message.

          1. HiaNd says:

            Every situation has its time.
            The time for war will come inevitably.
            And when it comes those who waited for that situation, better have their lists of enemies ready and waiting.

    3. cechas vodobenikov says:

      utter nonsense—belarussians speak our language and they do not support nazism like Ukraine. the political differences r trivial..exaggerated by western media

      1. Wizzy says:

        CIA has succeeded in so many countries with similar demographics with Belarus but that’s besides the point. The main issue here is that Russia is being isolated by NATO, they are trying everything to achieve that and won’t stop. Cuz we all know they are preparing for WW3 which will come whether you like it or not. We already had two, what makes you think you won’t have a third? The same actors who started WW1 and 2 will pretty much go for WW3, they can’t help it. In some twisted way, they think they’ll survive a nuclear war and will try to limit Russia’s counter strike capabilities as much as they can.

  10. HiaNd says:

    “radical nationalists and neo-liberal-styled Antifa”
    Here we go again fascists & would be “antifa” financed with Soros, Jew money as battering ram….for taking over and destroying country.

    I would imprison those people and beat the living hell out of them. I would beat the shit out of them day and night till they forget their name and declare to be Japanese.

  11. Porc Halal says:

    typical regime takeover for the satanic globalist kabbal…the same scenario all over the globe…Lukashenko is their enemy and this was even more obvious during the fake so called coronavirus ‘pandemic’…

  12. Band Itkoitko says:

    In the stare contest, Lukashenko blinked several times, but the West blinked as well. One needs to realize here that the machine of control, associated with the agencies in the West, is in overdrive and this doesn’t demonstrate strong standing, but despair and a deadly symptom. Trying a maidan right after elections is a Venezuela tactic. If it didn’t work there, how would it work here? Lukashenko may fail to hold position, because of his unfaithfulness, but Belarus cannot become a ground for invasion of Russia. The military is still faithful and that matters hugely. Everything that Trump and Pompeo attempt on the international stage is a failure. The pompous talk is good for internal politics for the US and Trump is a grand master of US kindergarten-level politics. Apart from that he is a failure: Iran, Venezuela, the entirety of Latin America, the INF treaty, other treaties, the exchange with China, etc. — all failures.

  13. James Adams says:

    Belarus is a Dictatorship !!! Throw him out of office !!!

    1. Band Itkoitko says:

      True. The US is also such, but a more sophisticated kind and more cruel.

      1. paolinks says:

        In fact, a couple of weeks ago, Pompeus Lardeus and Lukashenko met, kissed and hugged in Minsk.

        And now Lukashenko is reaping what he sow.

        1. HiaNd says:

          Lukashenko had to sit on two chairs for simple reason.
          He wants to be democratically elected dictator for life.
          Going on the Russian side would speed up Belarus monetary and other integration in the framework of the Euro-Asian Union and he would lose his position of dictator.

          So he tried to balance between East and West to stay in power

          1. Raptar Driver says:

            Democratically elected dictator for life, isn’t that what Putin is?

          2. HiaNd says:

            Well actually no and that is the fact (you deny obvious).

            He has saved his country from total ruin and falling apart.
            Without him Russia would not even exist as country.
            If there is leader in the world that merits to lead his country for life that would be definitely him.
            Instead ha has chosen that Russia goes in the direction of parliamentary democracy and has been wining posts of Prime Minister and President with incomparable popularity to any Western politician.
            And all that despite savage anti-Putin propaganda conducted most of the time by US& UK secret services, deep state in general and sub-servant media (Western propaganda machine)
            Lukashenko is opportunist a President of artificially created state.
            He has for decades harnessed economic success and stability based on Russian handouts and cheap oil and gas.
            That is cunning person without any merits about anything.

            None of you “truth” seekers” mentions though how long that old hag Angela stays in office with all kinds of impossible coalitions now (just because she is US stooge)

    2. HiaNd says:

      No James you are bot and you need to calm down.
      You must work out little bit better on all those shouting slogans

    3. cechas vodobenikov says:

      not nearly as autocratic, freedom hating, justice hating as USA

  14. Lone Ranger says:

    Wasnt such a stellar idea from Loui to kiss up to Pimpeo, was it?
    Everything the U.S. touches turns into crap.

  15. cechas vodobenikov says:


  16. Vitex says:

    I can smell George Soros

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