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Ukraine-Like Scenario For Belarus? Protesters Wave EU Flags, Stand Against ‘Russian Occupation’ Amid Putin-Lukashenko Talks

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Ukraine-Like Scenario For Belarus? Protesters Wave EU Flags, Stand Against 'Russian Occupation' Amid Putin-Lukashenko Talks

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December 8 marks the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Union State between Russia and Belarus. The Union State envisaged a free travel area without border checks, customs-free trade between the two, a joint currency, military cooperation and the creation of new joint political bodies and institutions.

By 2019, only some of these goalss had been reached. While the free travel area and customs-free work sucessfully, such things like a joint currency, and the creation of new joint political bodies and institutions remain under the question.

On December 7, Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held extensive talks on a closer integration between the two countries in the frameowork of the existing Union State. However, no breakthrough was reported. The presidents managed only to strike an agreement to meet for further talks in later in December.

Over the past years, the Belarussian leadership has intentionally delayed a further integration with Russia and palyed a double game in some key questions of the internationa lrelations. For example, Belarus, which is a part of the Union State with Russia, has refused to recognize Crimea as a part of Russia and kept a ‘neutral’, if not a ‘soft pro-EU’ stance towards the conflict in Ukraine.

Minsk is interested in getting economic subsidies (for example, in the form of a gas prices and cheap loans), but wants to provide an independent foreign policy and plays footsie with the European Union and the United States. In an attempt to fight back the Russian cultural influence in Belarus, Minsk in fact allowed activity local radical nationalist and anti-Russian groups, while this activity did not pose a threat to the Lukashenko government itself.

These measures allowed Lukashenko to strengthen ties with the EU and the United States, and, at the same time, continue receiving economic support and trade preferences from Russia.

However, more and more signals appear that the Minsk policy may lead to some ‘unexpected consequences’ from the current Belarussian leadership. On December 7 and 8, pro-EU and anti-Russina protetsts took place in Minsk. According to pro-opposition sources, the December 7 rally collected  up to 1,000 people and the December 8 rally collected over 500 people. They chanted anti-Russian and anti-government slogans and waved EU flags. One of the main formal slogans was the demand to not ‘surrender sovereignty’ to Russia. The protest leaders also claimed that the ‘people’ will not recognize any deal between Belarus and Russia.

The Minsk population is estimated at around 2,000,000 people. So, 500-1,000 protesters are a small number. Nonetheless, if one takes into account the strict security and law approach of the Lukashenko government towards any kind of protests, the fact of these protests itself could be considering as a worrying signal. Furthermore, the visual style and approach of protesters mimick that what we saw in Kiev in 2014.

It’s interesting to note that these developments followed a recent rapprochement between Belarus and some European states and an increase of EU and US ‘soft power’ campaigns in the country. If Belarus and Russia really achieve some kind of breakthrough in the upcoming negotiations on the further integration, this could and most likely will be used for a Ukraine-like scenario in Minsk.

Ukraine-Like Scenario For Belarus? Protesters Wave EU Flags, Stand Against 'Russian Occupation' Amid Putin-Lukashenko Talks

Click to see the full-size image

Ukraine-Like Scenario For Belarus? Protesters Wave EU Flags, Stand Against 'Russian Occupation' Amid Putin-Lukashenko Talks

Click to see the full-size image

Ukraine-Like Scenario For Belarus? Protesters Wave EU Flags, Stand Against 'Russian Occupation' Amid Putin-Lukashenko Talks

Click to see the full-size image


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Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

It’s simple. The Belarussian People want to be part of NATO and the EU, they hate their failing currency, their failing government, their poor quality of life. Joining NATO/EU will improve their economy, income, living conditions, and standard of life. They want a bright future and strong economy where they can thrive and make a living to support themselves!

Neo Onh

Concentrated BS from a BS….

Jens Holm

Very good comment. I am not impressed by most of his comments. This might look like we say: Blind hen also can find food and lay egg.

So go on Larry Rabbi


Why don’t you troll elsewhere? you are a annoying little toe-rag!

Tudor Miron

You are pathetic little zio :)

Jens Holm

This comment from him makes a lot of sense. He just refer, what they to for improvements.

Its no secret Russia hardly makes any improvements, which also is written in the article.

Much as You are able to read but not able to understand the article.

AM Hants

Let us have a look at some of the improvements that Russia has not made, in the past few years.

Then compare those achievements with the streets of San Francisco, with their human faeces problem.

Even the CNN could not deny this headline.

Putin Opens Bridge, Defies the World

Remind me, how long did it take to design and build the bridge?


Russian airports named best in Europe… https://www.rt.com/business/334260-russian-airport-best-europe/


World Cup 2018: How Russia has transformed its infrastructure … https://www.constructionglobal.com/infrastructure/world-cup-2018-how-russia-has-transformed-its-infrastructure

That is before you get on to their new weapons and systems, which make all that the NATO Member States have, including the US, impotent.

Tudor Miron

This creature has two ph.d’s – one in blatant lies and another in stupidity.

Jens Holm

You can name Yourself as general or president here as You wish. Thats what avatars are for.

They are made for free speech, if You know what that is.


Ok Jen’s I name you president of this forum

John Wallace

Does that make him a dictator president as he wasn’t voted in democratically. Good we can have a coup and you know what happens to dictators in a coup. Up against the wall Jens.. At last .. :-))

Xoli Xoli

Very good Analyst.He study until he became so stupid just like devil for greediness.

Jens Holm

Thats right. Devils wear Prada. They also can eat Baluga and drink a lot of Vodka and not be alcoholics.

People also fight abot gold. Should they fight about zink?

John Wallace

What a piss weak pussy you are Larry VD. Have to vote for yourself .

Jens Holm

Whale Ars again.

In my country its allowed to vote for Ourselves. A little embarasing if we only get 1 vote…

John Wallace

I gave you your one embarrassing vote Jens so be happy.

Jens Holm


I hope the hospital will let You out again…

John Wallace

Oh dear Jens. A lot has happened in those 4 months.. I escaped over 3 months ago so I hope you are not using this as a ruse to draw me out . I am not going back where they all wear white coats and the jacket is so tight. Why does it have to be so tight I can’t move .. Wave Jens , I am standing outside your house so wave.. Don’t want to wave .. OK I will check out that hot chick close by.. The blonde one , you know the one I mean..

Jens Holm

Thats completly irrelevant for his comment. We use Avatars here and the name can be related to a cat, a ship or anything else.

It make sense to me Bella russians gets jobs mainly in Poland taking the jobs wont have themselves instead of unimplyment.

Therefore they at least have some hopes from west.

“Black Waters” 4 comment above are situated at the Black sea or Biafra/Nigeria too:)

AM Hants

Sadly, they also know little about their history. Owing to the fact Ukraine, Russia and Belarus have not ratified their borders, since the fall of the Soviet Union, back in 1991, the idiots loyal to Soros and admirers of The Maidan, can wish all they want for Belarus to join NATO, however.

Do they really believe that NATO member states, all the streets are lined with gold? Have they not heard of the ‘One Belt and Road’ project and wish to turn their backs on all the opportunities that will present them with?


Slovakia joined NATO and EU in 2004 and the standard of living did not improve. We are now part of joined EU market, integrated economy, we share common curency €, we have western prices in western supermarkets in Slovakia, we have western banks, we work for western employers producing goods for western or global markets. By all definitions of capitalistic economic theory we should also have western salaries. But we dont. They pay us 30% of what they pay to western people. And even if a person from western Europe comes to work to Slovakia for a western company the situation is that the company pays him western salary while the same company in the same market pays 30% of that salary to slovak employees. Why is that? Becuase the explanation does not exist within capitalistic market economy theory but within imperial colonial policy of the west.

Harvey Swinestein

Larry . .the nice men in white coats are looking for you. They want to take you back to the nice place where you will get your meds that you missed this morning . .

Xoli Xoli

This tipe of a reasoning by a person with a PH.D is really unfounded and deeply ridiculist. Even a less eliterate person from a cabbage dam wont reason like this.No wonder most educated people of this western world are behind property and supreme financial greed and dependence.

Xoli Xoli

Since you people’s with papers take over the world.It actually start moving in one direction towards destruction. It is not papers which be form or do the job but commitment, experience and dedications. Just to become multi task .Which clever people call knowledge transfer and multi Skilling.Uneducated person in the engineering or any other field wont leave job and run away to other countries.But a person with Papers like PHD will first start working in native country and later runaway.To exposed his native countries weakness or he will runaway to evade tax and enjoy his money abroad.Instead of ploughing back to less vulnerable people of his native country.A less educated man will stay in his country and keep on paying tax for existance of motherland or country which made him something in life.


Russians are powerless, no soft power at all. If not in Ukraine and
Belarus than where? Russians will be surprised again as they had been in
Ukraine. To Putin and the “brotherhood” the protection of the “family”
and the Jewish oligarchs is way more important than unity with Belarus.
And than of course the question of unity of Russia itself will
inevitably follow.

Jens Holm

Of course the Russians are not powerless. They need to find better levels for a lot of things.

Putting Jews in it makes me laugh. It would be nice if some few bunches did all that. Much like it tells me much more about You.

AM Hants

Yeah, which is why President Putin, has banned the Rothschilds from Russia and the oligarchs, who could not be good Russian citizens, by paying their taxes and keeping out of politics, no longer reside in Russia.

Black Waters

This is just too close to the Russian border, you can’t let them get away with it this time, if you allow this the U.S gestapo and NATO will do it again, it will be a matter of time to reach their influence in Moscow, they are pushing too far away with it.


This is a hybrid warfare strategy of US/AngloZionist NATO Empire to defeat their opponents, they are too afraid to do it directly so they use this tactic. You see, this happened suddenly and almost simultaneously in countries that did not want to submit to the AngloZionist Empire. They have done their dirty tricks in Ukraine, the Middle East, Africa, China, Latin America and several other places. Russia is watching and following this closely.


You guys are freaking hilarious! “Anglo/Zionist NATO Empire”?? I am rolling on the floor laughing. You prefer the Fascist authoritarian oppression of Russian Communism to freedom, liberty, individual self determination? But, I get it….if you dare speak against the Putin regime, you will end up in a damp cellar in chains and your family will disappear. Sounds like a wonderful way to live in dread and suppression Comrade.


I hate to break this to you but western governments are under the control of a group of people that make the Soviets look like puppy dogs

AM Hants

comment image

They have already encircled Russia. Remember, back in 1989, Bush Senior had taken over from Reagan and his Secretary of State was James Baker. When they were sweet talking Gorbechev, with various promises, if only he would dismantle the Warsaw Pact, remove the tanks off the streets of Eastern Europe, they promised him they would not move an inch into Eastern Europe.

Weren’t the Bush family close to Allen Dulles and heavily involved in supporting the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party, back in the 40s?

Clinton takes over from Bush. Major took over from Maggie Thatcher and Blair took over from Major, just in time for the Kosovo War and the NATO invasion of Bosnia. 1997, NATO was trying to get Ukraine to join them, but, owing to the fact Ukraine and Russia have never ratified their borders, since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine could not join NATO. Nothing has changed, whether NATO wishes it or not, apart from Soros arriving in Ukraine in 1992, to write the constitution, together with the mother of Chrystia Freeland. From 1999 NATO started moving into Eastern Europe. How many Eastern European nations are now NATO Members and how many more are preparing to join NATO?

comment image

So besides being encircled by NATO members, Russia is also expected to have ‘First Strike Missile Defence Systems’ on all her borders, minutes from Moscow and leaving Russia unable to defend herself against a nuclear attack. Together with neighbouring nations and members of the EAEU being encouraged to turn their backs on Russia.

Funnily enough, Belarus, just like Ukraine, has also never ratified her borders with Russia, since the fall of the Soviet Union, back in 1991. The borders are only recognised whilst Belarus, Ukraine and Russia are members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Ukraine Without Borders – George Eliason

‘….Experts operating under the aegis of the UN Security Council came to the following conclusion about Ukraine’s borders: Within the framework of international law , it turns out that, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has not been properly registered as a state, according to the UN demarcation of its borders. According to the accepted contractual framework of the Russian Commonwealth, or Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the country remains on the limits of the administrative boundaries of the USSR, over which the UN has no legal jurisdiction. The EU currently backs this position. The only established borders are on the European side.
Is the U.S. going to sanction Ban ki-Moon? Will they drone the UN?

When the USSR broke up and Ukraine was preparing to declare its independence, Russia set the terms for that independence based on Ukraine’s membership within the CIS Treaty:
“On the whole, Yeltsin has been quite careful to avoid making statements which could evoke negative reaction in Kiev, but it is quite obvious that he has not welcomed Ukraine’s independence. Yeltsin has been quoted as saying that, “Russia reserves the right to review the borders with those republics that declared themselves independent.” [See ” Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet in Russian-Ukrainian Relations Discussion,” Paper 95-11, Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University . Also, Roman Solchanyk, “Ukraine: A Year of Transition,” RFE-RL Research Report, Vol. 1, No. 7 (February 14, 1992), p. 3.]…’ https://www.opednews.com/articles/Ukraine-without-Borders-S-by-George-Eliason-Cultural-Genocide_Genocide_Genocide_Hate-Groups-Neo-Nazis-140415-286.html


Dale Stewart Thesis – 1997 Russia Ukraine Friendship Treaty – Pages 62-63 The Conclusion


As late as March 1 997, experts in Russian-Ukrainian relations predicted no
resolution to the problems that confronted these two states. In the long term, it was
thought that both parties might sign a Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership.

However, in the short term, eight factors seem to explain why Russia was incapable of signing the Friendship Treaty.

•First, without border recognition in a treaty, NATO could not invite Ukraine to
join as a member during the Madrid Summit in July 1997.

•Second, Boris Yeltsin’s health prevented him from traveling to Ukraine to sign
the treaty, especially before the NATO conference in July 1997.

•Third, if Moscow had really wanted to sign the treaty, it would have separated
the Black Sea Fleet and Sevastopol issues from the treaty and continued negotiations in search of a suitable solution.

•Fourth, Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin’s political party, Our Home is
Russia, regularly supported the State Duma’s and Federation Council’s claims on
Ukrainian territory, principally claiming Sevastopol as a Russian city. This suggested that the issue had moved to the center of Russian policy from the fringes.

•Fifth, the Russian leadership did not denounce or criticize Mayor Luzhkov when
he traveled to Sevastopol against Ukraine’s wishes.

•Sixth, Russians did not recognize Ukraine as a distinct ethnic group; from their
perspective, Ukraine should follow Belarus’ s example for establishing close ties with

•Seventh, the recognition of Ukraine’s borders would have further promoted
national unity. This might have allowed Ukraine to distance itself from a close relationship with Russia, which would not have been in Moscow’s best interests.

•Eighth, Russia had not agreed to demarcate any borders with any of the CIS
states because Russia argued that “the CIS borders should be divided into ‘transparent internal’ and ‘jointly guarded external’ borders.”

All of these factors led the experts to underestimate the impact NATO enlargement would have on Russia’s decision-making…’


Icarus Tanović

1000-500 protestors if even so in over 2 million city population. Those are western spies, and those that works for various USAID alike companies.
Ne bis in idem, as Latin sentence says. Same scenario won’t work two times.
They are stupid if think that will achieve some benefit with those clowns.

Jens Holm
John Wallace

Hey Jens have you ever been in a group and told a joke then wondered why when you delivered the punchline they all look at you real strange and walk away shaking their heads.

Jens Holm

Yes I have.

John Wallace

That was 4 months ago Jens. Talk about slow , I think that is totally in completely retarded territory. Never mind mate you will catchup one day.. On a 400 meter circuit you must end up level at some stage.. Hope you are breathing well ./.


You continue to entertain me Jen’s in fact your the only reason I read the comments here in fact you have inspired me to travel to Denmark someday as I want to see for myself if you danish are all as strange as you are.

Jens Holm

The Scandinavian model for countries is unik. people come here to be inspired and implement things from us in their own versions.

We trust the police. We trust the courts. We are number one in no corruption. Our crime rate is relative low, because we try to include all instead of seperate so many. We do have free education for all.

Our language is very close to english but simplified a little but as compensati added humon, irony, sarcasme and very small body and eyemobemnts can say more then many words.

If I see the education system compared to others, we are much less vertical orieneted. Most high rank Leaders do talk with the ones on the floor and can make fun and complaint and correct the stuff for the coffe machine. So we have a kind of equal behaving not many has.

The respect is what You do. You are not born with respect.

Danes in top rank positions in the world are experts in communication. They often are the ones uniting very different in their way more clever persons across their educations and skills being the glue for very big projekts.

We are very much upside down many other sountries according the importance of family. We put pictures in our offices, so we remeber what the money is for. In USA You sometimes has to have rank to have even a small flower. They think people should forget theor family, when they work.

We also pay a lot of tax. A lot. But the tax comes back in social wellfare, where we pay to all, so we share insurrance a lot by tax. We dont know which 3 of 10 getting canser. We dont know who will be hidden by a car next day.

So all pay but less. The high incomes pay more but are treated just as the most poor ones.

Acoording healt care and hospitals the Goverment and The Rehions are the Leaders and not some private ones. Instead Our leaders outsource a lot in a real competision. We make mistake too and by that mainly has wasted a lot of money on bad and too cheep computesystems, so things are not perfect.

Even very different the Majority of the Parlament is very hard and well connected to USA. It pays off but also has a price.

If You come here, I can advice You to go to some bigger town. Thats where the Country is. Copenhagen – even relative nice – is just a typical Megacenter, where main center parts are as cosmopolitic as any.

In Jobs agriculture represent 10% only. Many think we are a farmers land. We are, we produce more food and other things then ever.
But the main production here is very advanced industrialized products as well as service for the whole world.

Many danes are open as me and also very helpfull. We make our GDP being very open learning things from each other and by education. It seemes to pay off.

I am just a tiny wheel being born into it. I many years took care of small children. Therefor I know language and debateing and arguing is very important for almost any improvement. Very much here by that are decided and done in groups. Its not socialisme at all. Its democrasy, where we have leaders to handle decissions relative well. They do mistakes too but they do listen for real and for important things as well.

In Ownership we have about 80% at the stockmarket and have very big ones and very small ones.

We have invented “flexicurity”. As a company, You easy can get rid of unneded emplyes but those are paid relative well a long period after that, of they cant find a new job. people by that are safe and dont loose their home, their car and like that.

I will say we are quite open to some level. But its said really knowing Denmark and Danes can be very difficult if You wish or want to dig deep.

I live in an area with many tourists in the summertime. All say they are treated nice and are helped. Thats how we are. Its easier for all. If You ask, You will be shown the way to where the diapers are the cheepest one and where the pizza is the best for th price.

We will see what the Corona and oil prices will bring.

I have been in Norway several times but never at their southern coastline and might go there for at least a week. The coastline has so many small towns with small harbours and small Islands. Their currency for the moment is very low compared to ours.

I dont travel much, but in not wet summers I take out several times using a small tent sleeping over 2,3,4 nights as roundtrips up to 150 kilomters from here. I like following all details for my territory well.

have a nice day.


Thank you for responding to me Denmark sounds a bit like Australia was in the 1960,s but you seem a lot more ordered and polite than us Aussies we are a bit rough around the edges down here and our government are controlled by freemasons so there is a lot of corruption we are slowly becoming more like America which is sad there are a lot more homeless people here than there used to be and the drought has hit our farmers hard but it’s still a nice place to visit so if you want to come and visit you are most welcome.

AM Hants

How do they start up the regime change script?

NED – National Endowment for Democracy – tax payer funded NGO, with various Ambassadors (have you seen what poses as an US Ambassador, during the current impeachment hearings?) on the board of Directors. Why is Anne Applebaum a on the Board of Directors over at the US NED, along with Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Venezuela, Elliot Abram, and isn’t Anne Applebaum also a member of UKs Integrity Initiative?

Soros Open Society Foundation

Clinton Foundation

John McCain Foundation

Tony Blair Foundation

Why are so many charities, loyal to politicians, think tanks, funded by the average tax payers and various NGOs, financed by the average tax payer, involved in regime change scripts at home and abroad? Do the tax payers, of so many nations, even realise their money is being used for genocide and ethnic cleansing programmes, all around the world?

Jens Holm

Maybee the opposition already many times has asked Lukashenko nicely and he has said NO – Opposition is not allowed and taxpayers money are all mine – even Yours.


Ha! Western spies…..that’s a good one! Does the West provide them trenchcoats, brimmed hats and secret code rings too? You are really just too funny!

Jens Holm

Thats a totally biased number. You also has to add demonstrations many other places.

As random here says “thousends” thats not 1 thousend.


…And they do have corona.

Jens Holm

ISIS digs tunnels for them too. The oil stolen from the Assad thieves now by SDF and USA are in pipelines to Israel, which sell it to Hesbollah.

Hesbollah trade with wieves organs, if the wieves has had at least one son and gets 10%. The money – now in dollar – goes to the Nasrali Beard foundation, which soon again will store ammonium nitrate in Beirut for fun.

The detonation the other day in secret was named operation “Gang Bang”. The next already is named “Even the prophet will loose his beard and never shave again”.


A march of traitors, thieves and idiots.

klove and light

simple really…….Arrest them..torture them to find out the Leaders western info. roads …kill them.period.

AM Hants

The McCain Foundation were holding pre-Rose Revolution talks in Georgia, back in September. Looks like the same crowd have been over in Belarus. You would have thought they would have learnt first hand, how the Maidan worked out.

Now why do Belarus protesters, Hong Kong Protesters, Ukraine Nazis, ISIS/Al Qaeda/White Helmets or what ever they are called today and Anti-Fa protesters all look the same, dress the same and use the same actions and symbols?

Belarus Protesters as shown above.

ISIS/Al Qaeda/White Helmets/Daesh – whatever they are called today.

comment image

Ukraine Nazis
comment image

comment image

Hong Kong Protesters

comment image


comment image


Ukraine December 2013, when the cookie monsters first arrived. McCain and his friends, including the ‘lights are on, but, nobody is at home’ boxer, Nuland spoke so nicely about, when she was discussing which of her men she wanted in charge, post regime change. Remember her F* EU phone call, with US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt?

comment image

McCain and Pyatt, Kiev December 2013, looking excitedly out at the Maidan followers/mugs.

comment image

Crimea Will Be Russian: SBU Bugging Reveals Secrets of Euromaidan’s “Last Supper”… https://www.stalkerzone.org/crimea-will-be-russian-sbu-bugging-reveals-secrets-of-euromaidans-last-supper/


At Hong Kong Airport Ukrainians Are Detained and Prepared for Deportation…

‘… Several Ukrainians were detained upon arrival in Hong Kong and were not released from the airport, obviously preparing to be deported. This was stated by one of the victims Katerina Samara on her Twitter page…’



Lindsey Graham and John McCain – an audience with Petro Poroshenko January 2017.


NATO in the Strategy of Separating Belarus From Russia…

‘…Another traditional way to confirm NATO’s right to exist is to expand the organisation. Say, if there are those who want to join the alliance, then it’s necessary. NATO Secretary General J. Stoltenberg confirmed his intention to include Georgia and Ukraine in NATO, although he avoided determining when that might happen.

At the same time, NATO circles are working to engage in cooperation with the Belarusian bloc while significantly reducing its military cooperation with Russia, including within the framework of the CSTO. Belarus is seen in the West as a strategic “key” to Eastern Europe, which Moscow must be deprived of. NATO is preparing a renewed expanded program of individual partnership and cooperation with Belarus, as well as a treaty on information exhange.

A large group of Belarusian military personnel have been in Brussels since the beginning of December to participate in the development of these documents. J. Stoltenberg, noting the recent successful visit to Minsk of his Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges A. Missiroli (his highest level in 27 years), stressed: “We do not see any threat to NATO allied countries coming from Belarus”

…’If Western politicians are working to undermine Russian-Belarusian relations, especially in the run-up to the possible deepening of the integration of Belarus and Russian Federation, the NATO military has started a parallel game. It involves many Belarusian experts and high-ranking representatives of the Belarusian authorities.

The newly created Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS) issued a report “Belarus between NATO and CSTO. Law and Geopolitics”. The report claims that Belarus takes a cautious approach to military cooperation with Russia, although it legislates this cooperation as a priority. The government in Minsk does not perceive NATO as a direct threat. The US and NATO countries are interested in “soft” cooperation with Belarus in order to “not provoke aggression from Russia”. The main way to maintain security is to strengthen the independence and sovereignty of Belarus, including increasing the defensive capacity of the armed forces. In view of the significant changes in the situation in the region, it is worth reviewing the role of Belarus in the context of the geopolitical confrontation between the United States and Russia. CSTO membership automatically blocks NATO membership and prevents Belarus from cooperating with NATO to the extent that it could pose a threat to Russia. The main conclusion of the report: “unobtrusive” cooperation with NATO and “cautious” military cooperation with Russia without excessive reliance on CSTO will allow Belarus to remain a neutral state and serve as a buffer between the West and Russia…’


Not sure how they NATO and the Nazi supporters, over in the Atlantic Council, can bring Ukraine into NATO. They tried it in 1997, but, owing to the fact that Russia and Ukraine never ratified their borders, in accordance with International Law, Ukraine could not join NATO. Nothing has changed, so why do the Nazi supporting members of the NATO Think Tank, Atlantic Council, believe it will work this time?

Guess it is now down to work, following the NATO birthday celebrations, over in the UK.


What has the John McCain Foundation got planned for Georgia?

Georgian Politician Irakli Gogava: US Neocons Seek to Destabilise Georgia and Drag Russia Into Another Conflict… https://www.stalkerzone.org/georgian-politician-irakli-gogava-us-neocons-seek-to-destabilise-georgia-and-drag-russia-into-another-conflict/


Are they having the Normandy Format Meeting, with regards the Minsk II Agreement tomorrow? Plus, all that is coming up, over in the US, with regards Ukraine’s hard work with the Clinton Foundation, back in 2016.

Rhodium 10

500-1000 protesters are nothing!…


Yeah, why am I not the slightest surpirced, but just look at the crowd, huh, maching and is pro-uh-EU, when most are doing what they can to leave, dont thing for an second its just Brits, despite the insane amount of idiot propaganda, for and against, but others are soon to come after, just watch, and when the eCONomic reality dawns on the people, when austeritys, bail-inns/outs, inflation sky rocketing due to even more insane Green poliTicks, the perfect storm is just begun to brew, I give it maybe 2-4 years and the shit storm will rise to an huricane.

And while we are at whom is doing what and why, since I am a bit feed up with the HasbaRats.

Take the Ukrainians, their Orc army aka the so called Neo-Nazis, whom was so braindead they belived the nonsense feed them by the Cockie moster Nuttland her self and Company, and stil do.
I have an challange to give you, since I dont bother to link that much anymore but Il come up with an question, take an look at the Simon Wiesental Center, the Nazi hunter org. par excelance, on why did they defend the Ukrainian so called Neo-uh-Nazis, and the second question is, ISISraelis armying, weapon and missile tech to the same Groups of uh…. Neo-Nazis.
Yup, but hey, that cant be true, right, and go and find them your self.
Have an nice day.



These idiots will destroy their own state for promise of cookies by the west.


Wow, reading the comments here, I can honestly say that in my entire life I have never seen so much hatred and ignorance. But that should be expected from people supporting totalitarian fascists who oppose freedom, individual liberty and opportunity for self determination of free men and women. Really sad to see so many people steeped in the cesspool of State authoritarian rule & oppression which causes nothing but misery and hardship. I sit here in the glorious free Western world, able to plan and determine my future and that of my family, without fear of interference by a totalitarian ruler. I feel very sad for you all, your ignorance is overwhelming.

Xoli Xoli

There so many things which people can do.Let the government’s of different countries finance or invest in uneducated and poor people to produce local made goods which is needed globally for export purposes..Look how hardworking is the people from South America abandoned by North America but still got smart skills.


One of the main formal slogans was the demand to not ‘surrender sovereignty’ to Russia.

And now they’re waving EU flags…

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