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Ukraine Is None Of America’s Business!

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Ukraine Is None Of America's Business!

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Ukraine borders Russia, not America.

Mexico borders America, not Russia.

Written by Eric Zuesse

Russia never coup-grabbed Mexico, but in February 2014, America coup-grabbed Ukraine. That was an act of war against Russia (in order to steal Russia’s naval base in Crimea and in order for America to become able to place U.S. nukes in Ukraine only a five-minute missile-striking-distance away from obliterating Moscow), and Russia responded to America’s blatant aggression by allowing the residents in the region of Ukraine that the Soviet dictator had transferred from Russia to Ukraine in 1954, Crimea, to vote on whether they should remain in Ukraine or be returned to Russia. Over 90% of them voted to return to being Russians.

For this democratic response by Russia to America’s Ukrainian coup (and to America’s attempt to grab Russia’s naval base in Crimea to transform it into a U.S. naval base there), America and its vassal nations repeatedly sanctioned Russia — another step in America’s World War III aggression against Russia — and refused even to consider Russia’s demand that Ukraine must never be a member of America’s anti-Russian military alliance NATO or otherwise become a staging-area for a possible U.S.-and-allied invasion of Russia (a modern-day version of Adolf Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa” blitz-attack to grab Russia).

The heads-of-state of U.S.-and-allied countries should therefore be removed and prosecuted by the International Criminal Court in order to halt WW III before it reaches the nuclear stage. If this would violate any laws, then it still must at least be attempted, in order to force the ‘news’-media in those countries to report on what is really at issue in the ‘war between Russia and Ukraine’, which is America’s empire and its world-endangering war against Russia (now using Ukraine as America’s proxy-soldiers and WW III introductory battleground). That is “aggressive war,” not any sort of defensive war by America and its vassal-nations. As such, it violates the U.N. Charter; and if the non-U.S.-allied nations won’t do everything they possibly can to defeat America at this stage in its global war of aggression against Russia, then the consequences of their collective failure in this matter will assuredly be the elimination of the entire world as we know it. A post-WW-III world would be far worse for its survivors than it would be for its billions of non-survivors. The burden of guilt now is, consequently, not only upon the regimes that are seeking to expand yet further the American empire, but it is also upon the bystander nations, whose fates are also on the line in this matter. The fate of everyone is. And this is why everyone — and not ONLY the U.S. and its vassal-nations — must become actively involved here, to prevent the nuclear phase (which would be its final phase, and would be completed in considerably less than an hour). Imperialism must finally meet its match, to end it, for all time, before it ends all of us.

We are already in WW III, but stopping it before the final phase might not be impossible.


U.S.-and-allied publics have been psychopathically deceived. NATO — America’s anti-Russian and anti-Chinese military alliance — is the world’s real satanic entity.

Ukraine is none of America’s business! But it very much is the business of the American empire — a business that still might yet be stopped, before it’s too late (for everyone).


The US & UK May Start WWIII As An Economic Turn-Around Strategy

Russian Forces Take Control Of Key Stronghold Of Popasnaya. Strikes Eliminate Dozens Of Foreign Equipment Pieces In Kharkov

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Every year the rain season causes ants to make a bee line to my house, if I wait for them to come in to the house and set up a colony I would be fighting ants everyday all year long, but if I go outside and attack the trail all the way back to the hole in the ground where they belong, it’s over in one day.


do something about this idiot spamming whore

Rick Jefferson

You are right. It should be banned from SF.

Men with Butterfly Nets

We’re outside his door but he refuses to come out.

Washington DCorruption

Europe is none of America’s business


‘Ukraine is none of Russias business’. There, fixed it for ya.

Rick Jefferson

Of course it is because they want to put nuclear missiles on Russia’s border, not the USA border.

The Local Neighborhood Watch

Of course it is. As Russia’s neighbor, it broke the neighborhood’s dog poop law, refusing to pick up the neonazi crap that’s been infesting the neighborhood for years already. Time the foot came down on such antisocial behavior.

Deplorable Commissar

Logic: Syria is non of Russia’s business.

Russian apologists : But Russia was invited there.

Logic: The Ukraine invited NATO. How is that any different ?

Chris Gr

LOL personally I am not against imperialism

Rick Jefferson

It’s completely different because Zelensky wants to put nuclear missiles on Russia’s border.

Neoconniving their way to Armageddon

Zelensky just wants to snort coke 24/7. It’s the US that wants nukes on Russia’s border.

Solomon says just tear Ukraine in half

The Solomon Islands invited China and now Australia wants to invade the Solomons.

See, it works like this in NATO World. Might makes right. If Ukraine can’t cut it, tough luck.

Don’t blame Russia. NATO made the rules.

Putin’s Bane

Ukraine is none of Russia’s business as the Ukrainians try to make clear. They didn’t greet the Russians with flowers and flags but instead put up a heroic defense of their own country. Finland didn’t want to join NATO, Sweden didn’t want to join NATO, NATO didn’t want Ukraine as a member. America warned Russia as soon as it became clear that they wanted to invade Ukraine it would have consequences. Yet for some unclear reason Russia just went along. No country in the world supports Russia even China is standing on the side watching the mistake made by Russia. On Victory day Russia as the great nation it can be, should admit that it was a mistake to invade an other country just as it was a mistake by Germany.

Rick Jefferson

Ukraine is Russia’s business because Zelensky wants to put nuclear missiles on Russia’s border. You don’t know what Ukes want because only the nazis are allowed to speak. Dissent is not allowed in the Uke Police State.

Putin’s Bane

Who told you that?

Rick Jefferson

Zelensky closed all opposition media. He also arrested the leader of the largest opposition party, arrested reporters and journalists, and even disappeared many of them.

Rick Jefferson

Your analysis is 100% correct.


Hunter Biden and his associates have a lot of business in Ukraine among them Biolabs and arm supply. It’s american business.


Here in Mexico we have already been close to a civil conflict without the need for Russian intervention, derived from the neoliberal and insecure oppression caused by the interests of the United States.

Where'd everybody go?

Those fires in Biden’s eyes look scary. Trouble is, the biggest action he can muster behind them these days is a flickering flame at the end of its wick.

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