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Ukraine In The Eyes Of An Admiring American

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SouthFront got a letter from our reader – American who visited Ukraine long time ago and recently and decided to compare Ukrainians before and after the beginning of Civil war. Here it is:

For many years now I have travelled to Ukraine. I have grown to love the country and its people very much. They are a unique group as they have risen from ashes to a progressive country. The people have endured many hardships over the years, and yet have risen about the smoke and dust to achieve great progress in many industrial fields. Their love for music, theatre, and culture is second to none. They welcome you with open arms and will give you everything they have to show their kindness and hospitality. As a boy in my neighborhood there were many people from different ethnic origins, and I grew to observe them and learn from them. Most memorable were the Ukrainians as they were always kind, and provided us young children very tasty treats from their kitchens. These are found memories.

I recently again visited Ukraine and even though the US media has painted such poison  stories about what is truly happening there, I saw a change in the people. The hard working people now look somewhat like zombies, going here and there without the robust love of life. They have become very withdrawn, and are afraid to speak their true political views for fear of reprisals. Having always read and enjoyed learning more about history, I started to see a similarity to that of Germany under the helm of Adolph Hitler. No one dares to express their feelings, their views, or to question what is really going on with the present Ukrainian Government.

Ukraine In The Eyes Of An Admiring American

I was very hurt to see the life sucked out of these people and to see this country being run to ruins. I also saw the other side, the side that has to wear masks to hide their identity. These loyalists to the present regime are nothing more that street thugs doing the Kiev Governments dirty work, much like the forces Hitler used to achieve his goals. I look at them and see masked bandits, scaring people, robbing, and beating for fun and for their own satin like pleasures. The Government now consists of people who only are representing themselves, they steal and steal more everyday. They fill the media airways with such extraordinary lies about everything, especially of “Russia invaded the Donbass, area of Ukraine”.

The American Government and their media puppets are also guilty of helping fuel these lies and also to protect the Ukrainian President Poroshenko Nazis that exist in Kiev. They have poisoned the country treating the people like slaves for their own practical and financial purposes. Now I look at the so-called “Russian Invasion”. The stories about Russian tanks are all over the area in Donbass, and that they are seen in large numbers. The Ukraine Army had used the same tanks as the Russians for many years, and also use the same rifles as Russians, the famed AK-47. Many countries across the word have these weapons so does this mean the Russians have invaded their countries also?

Many Americans are starting to open their eyes and see the truth of what has happened, and is continuing in the Donbass area. More and more Americans see that this is not Russian aggression but that of personal aggression from Poroshenko and the American Government Officials that pull his strings, so they can get what they want. This is an interesting concept, what DO they want? Mostly  to line their pockets with the riches of Ukraine’s natural resources and to further aggressive expansion to the borders of Russia, Then when President of Russia Vladimir Putin raises concerns, the media accuses him of being the aggressor and  poisons the minds of the people who have lost their ability to think freely. President Putin is doing what any good president would do and that is to protect his country, and to continue keeping Russia strong and progressive. Unlike America where the leadership seems out to destroy any and all opposition to its ideals.

Mr. Putin is strong and wise leader, and whishes the best for all countries, but does not want the  diseases that plague many countries to plague his people. This disease is like a snake with many heads. Mr. Putin knows that these problems would ruin his strong and progressive country and who can blame him, Mr. Putin is more admired everyday for his strength.

More to follow…

American with OPEN EYES

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