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Ukraine Gets Official NATO Status: Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

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Written by Peter Korzun; originally appeared at strategic-culture.org

NATO has granted Ukraine the status of an aspirant country. Macedonia, Georgia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina have similar status. This means Kiev has been offered a real chance to make its dreams come true. The next step will be obtaining its Membership Action Plan (MAP), a set of criteria to meet before the country is allowed to join. It is tailored to each applicant country’s individual profile. This type of plan can be granted at any time; there is no need to wait for summits or ministry-level meetings. Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are aspirants with a MAP.

Ukraine Gets Official NATO Status: Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

Last summer, Ukraine’s parliament (Rada) adopted a resolution recognizing full membership in NATO as a foreign policy goal. In 2008, NATO agreed that Ukraine and Georgia should become members at a future date.

The Swiss newspaper Le Temps recently reported that hundreds of US and Canadian military instructors have been training Ukrainian personnel at the Yavorov firing range since 2015. Not long ago they were joined by British and Lithuanian trainers. Roughly 6,000 Ukrainian servicemen have undergone training there in order to expedite the process of meeting the requirements set by NATO. The US Navy operates a facility in Ochakov. This month, the State Department approved the possible sale of Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. The announcement preceded a statement made by Kurt Volker, the US special envoy to Ukraine, in which he offered to disband the self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine.

This is all part of a broader picture. On March 2, Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia announced the formation of an alliance to counter Russia. Chisinau is to cozy up as close to NATO as it can. The Moldovan government has announced its decision to buy lethal weapons from countries in that alliance. The US Navy operates a facility at the Bulboaca training base.

The calls for Georgia’s membership are getting louder in the US. Tbilisi’s NATO bid has been openly supported by the Trump administration. It has been reported recently that Georgia is to adopt a fast-track approach that will expedite its entrance into NATO. This policy has been recommended by the Heritage Foundation think tank. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, has said that nothing stands in the way of Georgia joining the bloc.

This move is clearly intended to provoke Russia. Official status in the alliance is one step on the way to membership. If the policy goal is expansion at any cost, then that’s a step in the right direction. But will it benefit NATO? Make it stronger? Hardly.

Let’s take a look at the facts. Ukraine’s economy is in a funk. It depends on the West for help. Kiev already spends much more than the 2% of GDP required for defense allocations, in accordance with the recently approved NATO standard. The West will have to help Ukrainian taxpayers shoulder the burden. Besides anti-tank systems, Ukraine’s military lacks much of the weaponry and equipment a modern force is supposed to have in its inventory. As a result, its soldiers do not have the needed skills to operate these sophisticated, up-to-date systems. Training Ukrainian servicemen is a massive, onerous project.

Kiev wants to be in full compliance with NATO standards by 2020. It’s hard to believe it will be able to meet this deadline. Ukrainian analysts claim that the progress that was reported as part of the transformation of its military is nothing but a myth. Natan Chazin, a former advisor to the chief of the general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces, believes the military reform has gone nowhere. Washington and its NATO allies now find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Last month, the New York Times published an extensive article on corruption in the ranks of Ukraine’s military.

And it’s not just the armed forces. According to the Brookings Institute, the reforms in Ukraine have foundered. The IMF has suspended its aid because corruption continues to plague the country. Ukraine’s ruling circles of Western support. There are a multitude of reasons why its Western partners are frustrated by the way that country is being run.

The Atlantic Council emphasizes the fact that Ukrainian politicians are embracing extremist rhetoric. The country’s commitment to democracy is being questioned because too many oligarchs hold too much power. All told, is Ukraine worth the effort? Isn’t it likely to become a drain? It very much appears that it will.

Nor will Georgia or Moldova do anything to make NATO more powerful and efficient.

According to the newspaper Georgia Today, no improvements have been seen from the military reforms, nor is the military any stronger, no matter what the officials from the ruling party (Georgian Dream) claim. Corruption is on the rise. There is no effective system to separate the powers and establish checks and balances. Georgia still has a long way to go to catch up with the poorest countries of Europe.

Moldova and Ukraine are competing for the title of the European state with the lowest living standards. Could anyone imagine the poorest country having a modern and efficient military? Naturally, Moldova looks to the West for help, which will turn the country into just another headache. The nation is immersed in political scandals. But even if NATO admitted that Moldova did not meet its standards, it could still join the bloc by integrating its military operations with Romania.

Ukraine’s integration into NATO, as well as its new allies under the anti-Russian pact will force Moscow to take decisive measures to fend off this growing threat. That will bury any hope for détente in Europe. Would Russia’s recognition of the sovereignty of the self-proclaimed republics in Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk or in Moldova’s Transnistria make NATO happy? No one can stop Moscow from offering massive military assistance to an independent country. Currently part of Moldova, Transnistria may want to join Russia instead. The expansion of NATO will inevitably lead to Russia taking measures that will include the deployment of long-range high-precision weapons. Will that boost the security of the European allies?

NATO is an organization in which decisions are made by consensus. Normally the interests of rich and prosperous nations differ from those that are poor and looking for ways to survive. Ukraine, along with Georgia and Moldova, does not share Europe’s concern over immigrants. For Kiev, that is somebody else’s problem. Rich European nations have little interest in the internal conflict in Ukraine. They just want it settled one way or another. But in recent years, the alliance has been pursuing a policy of expansion for the sake of expansion. It has granted membership to nations that have made very modest contributions, if any.

The leading members of the bloc will have to lend a helping hand to the aspirant countries, even if that aid is not used efficiently. They will be saddled with additional expenses, constant headaches, and a deteriorating relationship with Russia. What positive aspects will there be? Hardly anything one could think of. The potential advantages apparently lie beyond the grasp of any ordinary person.

More does not necessarily mean better. A growth in membership does not automatically make the alliance more powerful. The US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and the Scandinavian states have little in common with Ukraine, Georgia, or Moldova. Relations between Hungary and Ukraine have recently gone downhill. Does NATO need another perpetually smoldering conflict to add to the one between Greece and Turkey? Will anyone ask the people residing in those NATO countries if they want new members? Doesn’t expansion at any cost look like a dubious endeavor? I’m afraid it does.

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Ulriuch Schliz

There Lugansk and Donetsk are always mentioned as “self proclaimed” republics – even bY friendly sources. MY Question is -WHO ELSE THAN TEMSELVES COULD PROCLAIM THEM, IF NOT THEY THEMSELVES?


Ukraine is an example of the failed states and basket-case states that CIA regime change produces. Is there a single case that stands out where the CIA was involved in overthrowing a government where the result was better than before the CIA got involved?


hahaha good point u make here!


KennyB I really don’t know how a purposed destabilization organ gets stabilized outcomes at the closing of the day!?!

Onno Frowein

The handwriting for Washington is on the wall, the same as was the case of incorporating the former & bankrupt Soviet nations into the EU. NONE of those countries ever qualified for EU membership according to EU own extensive requirements as were written in their 2 volumes ‘WHITE BOOK’ It was obviously overruled by Washington. This is a SCAM by the NEO Nazis in Washington in the hope WW III will start again in Europe by challenging Russia! The rewards for USA would beat ANY war in the Middle East or N. Korea. And for those who doubt my vision read Brzezinski’s book:The Grand Chessboard – American Primary & its Geostrategic Imperatives’ . Published in 1997 when USA was still a superior military power but since the last national speech by President Putin in which he gave a WARNING to USA/NATO NOT to challenge Russia because they have superior arms & especially super sound Missiles which could reach USA in 20 minutes besides the fact that Russian submarines surround the USA & could hit in minutes Washington, NYC, Boston & the West Coast as well. US foreign policy has been a disaster since WW II but like always large Empires – like Great Britain before – become IGNORANT & STUPID. And as for US WAR records starting with the Korean War the USA hasn’t won ANY meaningful War!! So its NOT only the handwriting but even more USA/NATO miserable Trackrecord which should open the eyes of US leadership in Washington!

chris chuba

So instead of sucking the Russian federation dry they will be sucking the U.S. dry as long as we don’t get a hot war first.

Onno Frowein

Chris it’s not about ‘sucking’ it’s about intelligence Eashington doesn’t understand that they WILL NOT WIN WW III but thw world will disappear which Einstein already mentioned after WW III you will have the ‘ STONE AGE’ again that is if if any human will survive!


Argentina is the future and will be the better place on Earth after that USA and Russia will destroy each others. I’m planning to move there.

AM Hants

Over on Veteran’s Today, there is a worrying article, if true, we will not have to worry about it, as we will be no more than thermo-nuclear ash. There again, it would not surprise me if Russia sent back the gifts, to the senders, with a bonus.

Keeping Trump and Netanyahu Out of Jail: Israel Plans Sneak Attack on Syria with Trump, Russia Betrayed
Trump is threatening nuclear war unless Mueller backs down from filing charges against the president. This is more than “distraction,” this is the real “art of the deal,” the real Trump, a New York mobster armed with nuclear weapons.


Well this means that a war with Nato is a certainty as sure as the sun sets tomorrow. Ukaine will make sure Nato gets into a war with Russia . Reckless really and I pity those other Nato nations getting nuked and into oblivion first before the rest of us.

Countries wishing to avoid having that kind of fate best is to leave Nato now.


I believe Russia will know whom to strike regardless of what happens in Europe in the event of war. It would however, dampen the prospects of ww3 if European countries would grow a pair, drop NATO as a knuckle-dragging organization and start actually being independent. This could have the advantage of forcing the US to evolve into the 21st century.

Alice Barnes

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If ukraine joins NATO its WW3 guaranteed!
Russia will have to act first also!
This move was done because of US loss in syria!
Be sure that russia will use the East Ukraine pocket as an excuse to intervene (which I believe is ok). East Ukraine war will ramp up much more so soon, especially if Syria retakes Damascus pockets!
Russia will already have a destabilising plan set for Ukraine’s there are a lot of pro Russians in ukraine!
Ukraine will be over taken or split in the next war!
There will be an East ukraine and a West ukraine!
East ukraine are the Russian speaking population anyway!


It sounds like regardless if Ukraine was split the ethnic Russian population would still be antagonised. The whole country needs to be sorted out as one, but I think this will escalate a lot further before it gets better.


if the country was split the antagonising of its bulk Russian speaking population would certainly decrease! This newly formed independent state would be protected by russia or would join russia!
As for the other Russian speakers scattered around ukraine. they will have a choice. Move or stay and follow the rules that area they choose!
This is my forecasted opinion! could be wrong though!


I certainly agree that if it became part of Russia they would strongly retaliate against any provocations! However, I think Crimea is extremely strategic for the Russian military which is why they straight away integrated it into Russia, whereas Donbass is not so. Russia is using this as an example to the world of discrimination, ethnic cleansing, and hypocrisy of the West. What it has demonstrated is that no matter how many USD and arms Ukraine and the West uses, they always fail. Donbass has survived and is rebuilding. I think of it as using Judo against your opponent.


i think there was also a strategic reason to NOT join East ukraine either!
If East Ukraine also became apart of russia (even easier to do than Crimea) then Donbass would be Russia! Thats it! ukraine would not and could not do anything other than protest or do some espionage / terror attacks!

But because Donbass is a war zone of which it has declared self determination calling itself Novorossia and having its own flag etc! This allows Russia to have a beach head or bubble of influence so to speak inside Ukraine who believe the area is still ukrainian!

Its actually to russia’s benefit that this area is attacked by kiev forces as donbass rebels will be seen as victims being attacked in their own home simply for CHOOSING to not agree with the revolution / coup in kiev! They did not agree with the over throw and want to go it alone (be independent) but those that FORCED the elected govt out with violence have attacked those who do not agree with the over throw!

So, russia can support them, and Putin will gain support from his own people in Russia! They can USE the ukrainian attacks upon donbass to eventually step in and say “enough is enough! We have attempted truce and dialogue yet u still bomb civilians in their home towns, we will protect Russian speaking people”!

Russia will have an excuse to GO IN and it will be for humanitarian reasons!
Russia going in will mean at least half of ukraine is taken (up to the river) .

Better to have a beach head inside ukraine that is being attacked in order to gain sympathy and change hearts and minds! All of the areas around Donbass such as Mariopol are totally against kiev! Watching a city be attacked and called “terrorists” all because they disagree with a violent over throw of a govt which was up for re-election in one year, they were attacked and supported by the West!

Russia can take ukraine EASY! All the experts note this! Half of Ukraine will side with Russia in such a war and the other half will have recruits who have no will or passion to fight and risk death for $20 per week!


1) Ukraine would attack as it is their former territory and in the eyes of the hypo-critic West they would be encouraged as it widens the front that Russia now has to battle (the entire border with Ukraine).

2) See example of Crimea. Ukraine still take pot-shots and infiltrate for terrorist attacks regardless if it’s now Russian territory.

3) Yes, anybody who sides with Russia is disparaged and attacked, but like I said in point #1.

4) Yes Russia could step in. But unless they could seize the entire Ukraine and keep NATO away, then the war would only escalate for Russia and the war will never be resolved. I think it will take the entire country to settle matters, arrest the neo-nazi’s, keep the US out, and begin a process of rebuilding the country with acceptance for people of all backgrounds, possible operating as a Federation.

5) , 6) and 7) Hopefully it’s that easy if Russia does decide to go in.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Aspirant Country is A Bull Shit term means nothing and no obligations are required in these situations like Turkey. Probably will see those Polish “Green Men” that were in the Donbas region like the last time when Russia caught them.


They know ukraine joining NATO means war! Better for Russia to make the first move on this (id say thats what they are trying to make russia do)! Better to take half of ukraine and protect Moscow than to have NATO forces only 300km away from Moscow!
Russia attacking first means “Russian aggression”!
Escalation ensues!
but better Escalation ensues while russia takes half of ukraine than escalation ensuing with NATO on the border of East Ukraine and Russia!
There will be a war in Ukraine soon! A MUCH bigger one than now! And Russia will start it for their own protection!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Problem is that the western portion see people fleeing from this corrupt regime in Ukraine and the poverty it created. The end of Ukraine federated Republic is done anyways as soon as they overthrew the legitimate government with western NATO green men of mercenaries and those 9,000 soldiers from Poland.

The World would be a better place with all those participants being executed for war crimes including NATO and western governments and their officials.


War in ukraine is coming for sure now.

Pave Way IV

Who will fight for them? Most of the male fighting-age population has left (or are planning to leave) for jobs in the west. They’re going to need to draft children and pensioners, soon. They probably can’t even find enough mercs that are willing to fight for them (even if they did pay on time).

chris chuba

Who is anyone kidding, the only requirement is geography and a willingness to host missile bases.

The only bright spot for Russia is that Ukraine might become the U.S.’s Cuba and require a few billion $ a year of aid to speedup our economic demise. The sooner the lunatics in my country fail, the better we are all off. The problem is that my peers are being conditioned to not even recognize that we’ve been lied too.

Brad Isherwood

Illegal Jeckyl Island Federal Reserve – print money out of thin air for Military Industrial Complex and Wallstreet.
Gary Cohn (Goldman Sachs ) got Trump to sign the Tax reform bill which gave the US 1%,…..
83% of the Tax breaks.

Watch the movie Interstellar where NASA is outted for faking the Apollo Moon landings.
Happens 3 times. ..
The school,….the broken LEM on the floor in Murphys bedroom with 6 books.
( Apollo 11,12,14,15,16,17)
Later in the Movie ….Murphy tells The crew via visual com link that The promises to solve gravity was all a sham.
Professor Brand who promised to resolve gravity stated earlier in the Movie
in conversation to Cooper

Don’t you know who we are, Coop?
No, professor, I don’t.
You know my father, Professor Brand.
We’re NASA.

So….the Lunatics ( lol !)….in your country have been conning humanity for decades and using same deceptions on public to False Flag wars and keep Presidents like Fake Birth certificate Obama in power,
And let a bankrupt casino money launder for the Mob ….become President

If Kim,Iran or Assad just bought US Missiles things would be fine.
The trick document …once signed …immediately makes the nation subject to Rothschilds Central Bank. : )


It’s natural selection, don’t fight it, just jump and get it done.


I said to invade Ukraine just after the fake coup and not validate the US coup in Ukraine. Now, Putin can’t invade Ukraine without being the bad guy and start a war with NATO.

Pave Way IV

Epitaph seen on tombstone of former Ukraine – now-failed state currently serving as open-air slave colony for the EU. Ukrainians will eventually be granted “Global Non-Resident Foreign Contract Labor” status and be chipped for easier tracking/monitoring by Jewish-Ukrainian oligarch owners.

“Taste the freedom!” V. Neuland
comment image

northerntruthseeker .

OK… I have a problem with this… NATO was formed in 1949 as what was perceived to be a mutual “defense” alliance against the Soviet Union and its puppet states at the time in eastern Europe… The perception was to prevent a Soviet conquering of all of Europe..

Fast forward to 1992 and the breakup of the Soviet Union and the “threat” from the so called “Warsaw Pact” nations in eastern Europe was pronounced dead… At that time, NATO itself had run its course and it should have also dissolved due to the “Russian threat” being supposedly dead as well..

Now comes 2018 and NATO is not only alive and well, but is expanding right to the Russian Federation doorstep… We know that the threat of European communist (Jewish) domination should have “ended” back in 1992, so WHY is NATO now being the aggressor and threatening Russia?

We now see the reality that NATO is indeed no longer a “defensive” organization, but one of offensive force and one that could be used to attack Russia itself… And here we go with them trying to absorb Ukraine right at the Russian border as proof of that aggressive stance…

I do not like what I see happening.. The Russians are not stupid and see the reality of this “NATO” as one that will be used to attack their nation if the scoundrels in the US get their way…


The Empire seems to desperately need a war whether it be with Russia, China, North Korea or Iran. That doesn’t speak well for the Empire. That tells me something is terribly wrong within the Empire. Most likely all those decades of printing dollars is about to catch up with the Empire.


Exactly, they are very close to bankruptcy. They keep squeezing more and more out of their colonies, but now even they are broke.
In the not to distant future, American troops will be selling their weapons for food.

Tudor Miron

“NATO is an organization in which decisions are made by consensus”(c) what a nonsense :) Honestly this article is below naive. It assumes that NATO is working from common sense and interests of population of its countries. That’s where author drifts away from reality. NATO is nothing more than an instrument of west’s domination over the rest of the world. Accepting new ex USSR countries is nothing other than surrounding and flanking the last man standing – Russia. That’s why no one cares about side effects described in article. No one actually cares about nato own charter rules (clearly stating that a country that has territorial disputes with another country can NOT be accepted). What they actually want is using eastern Europeans as cannon fodder when they feel that Russia is weak enough that they can finally occupy it


shut up, FSB agent!


“…they actually want is using eastern Europeans as cannon fodder..”

Yep this is why they are all over Ukraine training Nazis to send them once again against Russia. I wonder just how long Russia is going to allow this cancer to grow on it’s border. Wait a minute, I just remembered that Russia has stated that in the event of a nuclear OR overwhelming attack, the perps will get to experience all of those new and nifty weapons armed with nukes. That makes me wonder whether the US & British governments are suicidal.


Putin´s mistake.


The mistake was made by Stalin, by grabbing part of Poland and incorporating it into Ukraine, he let Nazis mingle with the good Russian people.
Mr Putin should fix the error, annexe eastern Ukraine, leave the west to America, that way all the Nazis can be together.
Maybe Poroshenko could be the next American fuhrer?


No, Stalin did nod take polish territory. The eastern ppolish ethnical border was where is the actual easter border of Poland. The western polish ethnical border was … you know whre. And where is now? Stalin was extremly food to poles. He gave them the most important german industrial territory, large baltic see shore. the longest poles had in history ever.

John Whitehot

everybody that does not bend to your kind is in mistake to you.

AM Hants

I thought they could not join, back in 1997, owing to the fact that they have not ratified their borders with Russia, since 1991, when the Soviet Union fell? So how come it would not present a problem now?

Don't read butthurt replies

Pathetic! Aren’t Ukrainians descendants of the Russians or share a common ancestry?! What’s wrong with these people? They should be more like brothers and united, but instead want to go against their neighbors. If the Chernobyl disaster didn’t wipe them out, Russia will. Russia should bring back a new Soviet Union or a nuclear power alliance with Iran, China, NK. Add Venezuela, Cuba and give them nuclear weapons. This is a mess. Looks like the reptilians infiltrated Ukraine like they with the Soviet Union.

Western Ukrainians are a special kind – their nationalism brings them at odd also with Poland and Hungary



John Brown

Ukraine is run by a racist supremacist Jewish dictatorship and Goyim Ukrainians are all slaves of racist master Jewish christ killing satanists.


I corrected your typing errors for you :)
Ukraine is run by racist supremacist American dictatorship, and Ukrainians are all slaves of the racist money worshiping American satanists.

John Brown

Wrong its Jewish dictatorship Mossad sinbad.
See former congress woman says USSA Congress forced to sign loyalty oath to Racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire Israel above their oaths to America, its Israel not America first. Its not an oath of loyalty to Britain above America. So its the Zionist empire not the Anglo Zionist empire.
Congress forced to sign loyalty oath to Racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire Israel part 1
The only Member of the sitting US Congress we can document so far that has refused to sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel first even before America is Representative Walter Jones.

John Brown

Despite AIPAC’s efforts to get him un-elected he was re-elected Congress anyhow, unlike the great and fearless American Hero former US Representative Cynthia McKinney, a true American Patriot who tells the truth, the whole truth.
Representative McKinney refused to sign this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel first even over America, which of course would be a direct violation of the Oath of Office any Member of Congress takes upon being seated.
Why is it such a serious matter to get these signers of the AIPAC Loyalty Oath out of Congress? The reason is obvious, without these Traitors who are sellouts to AIPAC and Israel, America could not have been transformed into a virtual province of Israel.
comment image comment image

John Brown

Part 2
Nor could America have been transformed into an Israeli slave-state, provider and war-fighter for Israel with an endless supply of American Soldiers to use as Israeli cannon-fodder in their quest to expand and create “greater Israel”.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImFMcbF2MYYcomment imagecomment imagecomment image
Very few Americans know of this treasonous betrayal by all but one Member of Congress. This betrayal is a very serious, grievous violation of their Oath of Office and also American espionage laws and it constitutes Treason. Why do we know for certain this signing the AIPAC Loyalty Oath is Treason?
We know this for certain because Treason is the capital offense of betraying one’s country and aiding or abetting an enemy of one’s own country, people and one’s government. Yes, but isn’t Israel an important ally of America?

John Brown

part 3a
No, quite the contrary. comment image
The only reason the average American does not yet know this is because the Major Mass Media is controlled by six media moguls who answer to run Israeli linked large American investment house that works through Switzerland. Together these six media mogul who are all traitors have essentially created an illegal New Monopoly, a true News Cartel that does little more than feed the American public a continuing stream of USG propaganda, USG big lies and USG false-narratives.

John Brown

part 3b
It is our job at Veterans Today and the rest of the Alternative media of the Internet to get the truth out to everyone and expose this USG propaganda, these big USG lies and USG false-narratives. Soon unless stopped the Internet, which is the World’s New Gutenberg Press, will bust the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) and this truth will dissipate to every America. This will bring an end to the espionage done against America in America by AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC and other Israeli-linked foreign espionage fronts.


An American assault on Russia is much more likely in Ukraine, than in Syria, simply because a war in Syria would threaten US money supply via ME oil. Even a short war between Iran and Saudi Arabia would bankrupt the USA.
So the US will start a war in Ukraine, then make the EU pay for it. Destroying Russia and the EU would be the American dream.

John Brown

Part 1
the following video evidence in Britain again totally destroy the Anglo / Zionist empire world empire narrative. It’s just the global Zionist empire as it is official and the law Jews are legally superior with more rights than all others in Britain, including Anglos in what was once an Anglo country. The Anglo Zionist empire term is like calling apartheid South Africa the “Africans Boer / Zu Lu black / empire”. When one group totally dominates all others with superior legal rights to all the others enshrined under the law, such an argument is basically a joke.
See good video examples of proof. Shouldn’t it be The Guardian, the BBC or The Daily Telegraph that look into these matters? Why aren’t they? Stop Everything You Do and Watch This!!! January 11, 2017 / Gilad Atzmon Al Jazeera Investigations – The Lobby EP 1-4 http://www.gilad.co.uk/writ… So that you learn how Israel and its Lobby are plotting against Britain and the Brits. So you learn about our treacherous MPs who are shamelessly serving a foreign state and its foreign interests. Ask yourself, how is it that the most important news about the institutional betrayal of our political system is delivered to us by a Qatar TV network? Shouln’t it be The Guardian, the BBC or The Daily Telegraph that look into these matters? Is it a coincidence? The Israeli Embassy told us that Shai Masot was a junior employee. Watch this video and judge for yourself, he seems to run the entire Labour Party. Britain must probe the activity of the Jewish Lobby and the Israeli Embassy immediately !!! And if you want to understand why this plot is embedded in Jewish culture just read this
Nothing beats the voluntary confession from Jewish sources . Even the most brainwashed Goyim will get it. Here is one for you. Racist supremacist Jews confess to running African and the Americas slave trade enslaving Goyims. This link Jews enslaving blacks the video with the 6 pointed star of Satan in it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=163&v=hyTmEdWZlqA
The Lobby P1: https://youtu.be/ceCOhdgRBoc
The Lobby P2: https://youtu.be/Vuk1EhkEctE
The Lobby P3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3dn-VV3czc
The Lobby P4: The Takedown https://youtu.be/pddH2sfNKNY
comment image

John Brown

Part 2 See good video examples of proof. Shouldn’t it be The Guardian, the BBC or The Daily Telegraph that look into these matters? Why aren’t they? Stop Everything You Do and Watch This!!! January 11, 2017 / Gilad Atzmon Al Jazeera Investigations – The Lobby EP 1-4 http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/2017/1/11/stop-everything-you-do-and-watch-this So that you learn how Israel and its Lobby are plotting against Britain and the Brits. So you learn about our treacherous MPs who are shamelessly serving a foreign state and its foreign interests. Ask yourself, how is it that the most important news about the institutional betrayal of our political system is delivered to us by a Qatar TV network? Shouln’t it be The Guardian, the BBC or The Daily Telegraph that look into these matters? Is it a coincidence? The Israeli Embassy told us that Shai Masot was a junior employee. Watch this video and judge for yourself, he seems to run the entire Labour Party. Britain must probe the activity of the Jewish Lobby and the Israeli Embassy immediately !!! And if you want to understand why this plot is embedded in Jewish culture just read this. http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/2017/1/11/the-plot-against-britain
Full video
The Lobby P1: https://youtu.be/ceCOhdgRBoc
The Lobby P2: https://youtu.be/Vuk1EhkEctE
The Lobby P3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3dn-VV3czc
The Lobby P4: The Takedown https://youtu.be/pddH2sfNKNY comment image

John Brown

Part 3 This Al Jazeria investigation has dealt a massive blow to
the racist supremacist Zionist global empire and its propaganda by exposing it for what it is. Evil needs darkness and dies under the light of day and
While watching part 2 you may want to ask yourself why the Jewish lobby and Israel are so influential within the Left and the Labour movement, is it really a coincidence?
The Lobby P3: An Anti-Semitic Trope
Then you watch Part 3 you may want to ask yourself what is it that drives the
Shabbos Goy within the labour party and beyond? Is it greed? Is it power
seeking? What is it that pushes Brits to become servants of a foreign despotic state?
Al Jazeera Investigations: The Lobby P4: The Takedown
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When you watch this final episode you must ask yourself how is it possible that British media has remained silent? Would it also stay silent if Shai Masot was a Russian or an Iranian’s agent? Asking the above questions may suggest that you are at the footstep of the understanding of Jewish Power and its negative impact on our society.
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The Lobby P1: https://youtu.be/ceCOhdgRBoc
The Lobby P2: https://youtu.be/Vuk1EhkEctE
The Lobby P3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3dn-VV3czc
The Lobby P4: The Takedown https://youtu.be/pddH2sfNKNY
What drives is it that drives the Shabbos Goy? if they are not a racist supremacist Jews? Is it greed? Is it power seeking? What is it that pushes people like to become servants of a foreign despotic state?comment image

John Brown

Part 4 Below great video confession explained in great detail by a racist supremacist Jew; of the racist, supremacist, Jewish, dictatorship;,global, slave, empire of the chosen, racially superior, master, Jewish race and why Jews are the chosen, racially superior, master, Jewish race to rule the world in a global, dictatorship, slave, empire.
The following is a lecture by Rabbi David Bar-Hayim whose biography, and gently smiling face, you can find on Wikipedia. For our purposes, just the first paragraph will be enough. It says that Bar-Hayim is an “Israeli Orthodox rabbi who heads the Shilo Institute (Machon Shilo), a Jerusalem-based rabbinical court and institute of Jewish education dedicated to the Torah of Israel”. Not a lightweight by any means, and a man with established credentials.I strongly encourage you to take the time to carefully listen to his entire lecture (1h47m) to not only convince yourself that my chosen excerpts are not partial or taken out of context, but also to get an emotional “feel” for the man who not only is an articulate speaker who is clearly used to teaching, but who also conveys a coherent picture of a man who gave these topics a great deal of thought and who has to courage to call things by their names rather than to “remain silent” like so many of his “politically correct” colleges.
See this link for the confession
Full video
The Lobby P1: https://youtu.be/ceCOhdgRBoc
The Lobby P2: https://youtu.be/Vuk1EhkEctE
The Lobby P3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3dn-VV3czc
The Lobby P4: The Takedown https://youtu.be/pddH2sfNKNY
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Garry Compton

Pompeo will strike Syria and Ukraine will be in Nato – because it already is . Trump is the Deep State and run for cover – oo dah chee

Neo Onh

This only makes it more imperative to liberate Novorossiya and all lands east of the Dnepr river from the Kiev nazi junta!



In the USA/NATO grip

by Manlio Dinucci

During the first half of March, two major war exercises are underway – one in the Mediterranean off the coast of Sicily, the other in Israel – both led and supported by USA/NATO commands and bases in Italy.

At the Dynamic Manta 2018 – a submarine war exercise, supported by the Sigonella and Augusta bases and the port of Catania in Sicily – naval forces from the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Greece and Turkey participate with 5,000 men, surface ships, sub-marines, airplanes and helicopters.

The exercise is led by the NATO Command headquartered in Lago Patria (JFC Naples), under the command of US Admiral James Foggo. Appointed by the Pentagon as his predecessors, at the same time he commands the U.S. Naval Forces Europe and U.S. Naval Forces Africa, whose headquarters are in Naples Capodichino.

The purpose of the Dynamic Manta 2018 is explained by Admiral Foggo: the United States is fighting the “Fourth Battle of the Atlantic”, after those of the two World Wars and the Cold War. It is fought against “increasingly sophisticated Russian submarines that threaten the sea lines of communication between the United States and Europe”. The Admiral accuses Russia of conducting “an increasingly aggressive military activity”, citing as an example the Russian fighters flying over US ships. However, he does not say that these warships operate in the Baltic and Black Sea near the Russian territory. At the same time the US Global Hawk drones, taking off from Sigonella, fly two or three times a week along the Russian coasts on the Black Sea.

Wearing the NATO captain’s hat, Admiral Foggo prepares Allied naval forces in Italy against Russia. Wearing the US captain’s hat, he sends the Sixth Fleet from Italy to Juniper Cobra 2018, a US-Israeli joint operation mainly directed against Iran.

From the base of Gaeta, Mount Whitney, the flagship of the Sixth Fleet, arrived in Haifa, accompanied by the amphibious assault ship Iwo Jima. The Mount Whitney is a floating headquarters, connected to the global command and control network of the Pentagon also through the MUOS station of Niscemi.

The Juniper Cobra 2018 – which involves 2,500 US soldiers and as many Israelis – began on March 4, while Premier Netanyahu, meeting with President Trump, claimed that Iran “has not renounced its nuclear ambitions” (not saying it is Israel the only nuclear power in the Middle East) and concluded “Iran must be stopped, this is our common job”.

The exercise simulates the Israeli response to the simultaneous launch of missiles from Lebanon, Iran, Syria and Gaza. The real scenario may instead be that of a missile launch falsely attributed to the Lebanese Hezbollah allied with Iran, as a pretext to attack Lebanon by targeting Iran.

Just 72 hours later – US and Israeli officials declare – US forces would arrive from Europe (in particular from bases in Italy) to join the Israeli forces in the war.

The presence at Juniper Cobra of General Scaparrotti, head of the European Command of the United States, confirms this plan, which he defined at a meeting with the Israeli general staff on 11 March.

Since Scaparrotti is also the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (a position that always belongs to a US general), the plan foresees a NATO participation, above all Italian, to support Israel in a large-scale war in the Middle East.

Manlio Dinucci


Il Manifesto (Italy)




Putin’s warning: The new Russian nuclear weapons

by Manlio Dinucci

The President Putin’s speech on the State of the Nation [1], dedicated to domestic and international issues, aroused little political-media interest and some ironic remarks in Italy. Yet it should be listened to with great attention.

Avoiding diplomatic roundabout expressions, Putin lays his cards on the table. He denounces the fact that in the past 15 years the United States fueled the nuclear arms race, trying to acquire a strategic advantage over Russia.

This is confirmed by the Federation of American Scientists: through revolutionary technologies, the US has tripled the destructive capability of their nuclear attack ballistic missiles.

At the same time – Putin underlines – the US withdrew from the ABM Treaty and deployed a global system of “missile defense” to neutralize the Russian ability to retaliate against a nuclear first strike.

In the wake of NATO’s expansion to the East, they installed missile sites in Romania and Poland, while other launching systems (not only of interceptor missiles but also of attack missiles) are on 18 warships dislocated in areas close to the Russian territory.

Russia had many times warned the United States and European NATO member states that reciprocal measures would be taken in response to the deployment of the US global missile defense system.

Russia has many times warned the United States and European NATO member states that, in response to this deployment, it would have taken counter-measures. “But no one was listening to us, so listen now,” warned Putin. He then passes to the language of force, the only one evidently understood in Washington.

After recalling that after the fall of the USSR, 44.6% of its military potential and that the US and its allies were convinced that it would no longer be able to rebuild it, Putin shows up, on two large screens, the new types of strategic weapons developed by Russia:

– A cruise missile launched from the air armed with a nuclear warhead, with practically unlimited range being powered by nuclear energy, an unpredictable course and the ability to penetrate through any anti-missile defense.

– Kinzhal and Avangard missiles with hypersonic speed (over 10 times that of sound).

– The 200-ton Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile on a mobile platform, with a range of 18,000 km, armed with more than 10 nuclear warheads maneuvering at hypersonic speed to escape interceptor missiles.

– A submarine drone faster than a torpedo that, powered by nuclear energy, covers intercontinental distances at great depths, hitting coastal ports and fortifications with a large-scale nuclear warhead.

Putin reveals the characteristics of these weapons because he knows that the United States is developing similar weapons and wants to warn them that Russia is now at their level or at a higher level.

This confirms that the nuclear arms race takes place not on quantity but, increasingly, on the quality of weapons, that is on the type of vectors and on the offensive capabilities of nuclear warheads.

At the same time, it confirms the growing danger we are running, because of U.S. nuclear weapons and strategic stations, such as the MUOS and the JTAGS in Sicily, deployed on our territory.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, denounces that “non-nuclear European NATO member states, in grave violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, are trained by the U.S. in the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Russia”.

The warning is clear, for Italy too. But none of the main parties took note of this, erasing any reference to NATO and nuclear weapons from the electoral campaign, with a sort of tacit agreement. As if this had nothing to do with our future and our life itself.

Manlio Dinucci


Il Manifesto (Italy)

Cheryl Brandon

Ukraine pursuing losing policies once again? They could be used as a TOOL in USA’s greed to have an all out fight with Russia.


Wow, so soon after the Dutch government promised voters that this wouldn’t happen shortly before and after our referendum on Ukranian cooperation with the EU. I’m shocked! (Well not really)

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