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Ukraine Faced With A Significant Cut Of Transit Russian Gas

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Ukraine Faced With A Significant Cut Of Transit Russian Gas

Originally appeared at A-specto, transated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

Gazprom” is bypassing Ukraine on gas supplies to Europe by using other pipelines, the Ukrainian gas monopoly, “Naftogaz” said.

“Naftogaz” said that Russia currently delivers transit gas through “Opal” – the European gas pipeline owned by “Gazprom”, connecting “Nord Stream” with Germany and the Czech Republic. The Ukrainian company said that the change in the transport policy of “Gazprom” does not affect European customers of the Russian company, since the daily volume pumped to the EU has not changed.

“According to the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (EMOPSG), from 22 December onwards, Russian “Gazprom” significantly increased the volume of gas transported through the “Nord Stream” pipeline. Almost all of the gas from the additional volume is passed through the “Opal” pipeline. At the same time, the volume of Ukrainian transit gas for the same period decreased significantly. The daily volume of gas supplies to Europe through the two routes has not changed, the Ukrainian company said on Friday.

According to data, “Gazprom” has increased the transportation of gas through “Opal” by 41% and has curtailed the Ukrainian transit by 19%. At present, “Opal” operates at 80% of its capacity, compared to 50% previously, according to “Naftogaz”. The pipeline stretches 470 kilometers from the German coast of the Baltic Sea, next to Brandoff on the Czech-German border.

“Opal” receives Russian gas through the “Nord Stream” pipeline, owned by “Gazprom”, but due to limits set by European regulators, it did not use its full capacity. In late October, the European Commission adopted an increase of “Gazprom” access to “Opal”.

On Thursday, the head of “Gazprom”, Alexey Miller, told the media that “Nord Stream” is working at full capacity. Russia stresses that Ukraine has proved to be an unreliable partner in the transit of Russian gas to Europe. Moscow is concerned about the possibility of a repeat of the gas crisis of 2006, which left parts of Europe without fuel after Ukraine began to withdraw gas destined for the European market.

To solve the problem, “Gazprom” is working on the “North Stream-2” project, which will double the capacity of the “Nord Stream” and the “Turkish Stream”, which will deliver Russian gas to Turkey and Europe via the Black Sea. The contract for the transfer of gas between Moscow and Kiev expires in December 2019 and has not yet been extended.

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We saw that film so many times.In the end, again the Kremlin will satisfy the demands of Kiev junta.West hold Putin from his balls with a threat that will sanction the Russians oligarchs who have invest in west financial system and real estate.By the way what happen with the Russian 3 by $ to Kiev?Kiev after west demand get from Russia discount gas price , more discount than Gazprom gave to Viktor Janukovitj.


in each contract there are countries whom the buyer may sell oil or gas. if is forbidden to sell ukraine, no country may sell them.

Marek Pejović

well, sounds like by 2019 russia will have the capacity to bypass ukraine altogether. that is, if those corrupt juntists even manage to survive till then. And no, they can’t survive just on a warm heart that McCain’s little frontline tap on the back brings them; they need real money, real weapons, and real diplomatic backing. and guess what: McCain’s didn’t bring them any of those things. what he is REALLY doing is only quietly discrediting himself and showing that he is in the globalist camp, which is good, he gives Trump a reason to cut him off if needed.

Huisje tuintje boontje beesje

Ukraine is going to end up as a rogue state like the US , no gas and oil supply from Russia , which means they will have to ask their ISIS friends for oil ,or start to be the drug weapon and prostitution corner of europe ! A good deserved perspective if you ask me.

chris chuba

There is definitely a strong possibility that they will increase and expand their weapons smuggling market into Europe and the M.E. This is no laughing matter.

Wasn’t the expansion of NATO and Western influence justified on the basis that it was supposed to bring stability to Eastern Europe to prevent this type of activity?
Another broken promise, I hope Russia is keeping a record of this.

Huisje tuintje boontje beesje

Indeed it’s no laughing matter , i was just being sarcastic, but the US strives with instability in the world


Instability, and the destabilisation of all potential competition (Russia & China) is official policy.


Every winter, ukraine say the same thing over and over, like crybaby.

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