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MAY 2021

Ukraine Delivers Air Defense Systems To Turkey, Through Shady Deal

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Ukraine Delivers Air Defense Systems To Turkey, Through Shady Deal

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Ukraine appears to be delivering S-125M1 “Neva-M1” air defense systems to Turkey.

These are reportedly to then be subsequently delivered to the Government of National Accord in Libya.

The Ukrainian State Company Ukrspetsexport in December 2019 exported to the Turkish company K.B.A.T. Ithalat Ihracat Mumessillik Ve Danismanlik Ticaret Ltd. the first batch of military goods under a contract for the supply of two S-125M1 Neva-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems totaling $30 million.

The contract included:

  • UNV antenna post from the S-125M1 Neva-M1 (SA-3) anti-aircraft missile systems – 1 pc.
  • Training anti-aircraft guided missiles 5V27D UD – 2 pcs. (Training-active anti-aircraft guided missiles of the S-125M1 Pechora-M1 combat air defense system. The peculiarity of the 5V27D UD air defense system is that the charges of the warhead of the rocket are replaced by mass-size models, and the powder fuel of the launch and propulsion engines is replaced by inert substances. It fully reproduces the mass-dimensional, functional capabilities of the basic missile. It is intended for training the military personnel of the anti-aircraft missile battalion in order to obtain practical skills in combat work of operators and launch calculation in the simulation mode ka and the charging / discharging missiles).
  • UNK-M1 control cabin for the anti-aircraft missile systems S-125M1 Neva-M1 (SA-3) – 1 pc. (Performs the functions of the command post of the anti-aircraft missile battalion, deploying combat crew and deploying equipment for synchronization, indication systems, controlling the position of antennas, head amplifiers of the target receiving system, automated launching device, simulation equipment and launch control systems), including:
  • A set of control and signaling cables KU-N, according to sheet No. A25-10846 (5 items), – 1 pc. (specially designed for connecting the components of the S-125M1 Pechora-M1 (SA-3) air defense system for transmitting control signals and commands;
  • A set of power and communication cables KC-H, according to sheet No. A25-10847 (9 items), – 1 pc. (specially designed for connecting the components of the S-125M1 Pechora-M1 (SA-3) air defense system and providing power from a power plant or industrial network);
  • – A set of spare parts, according to sheet No. A25-10842 (1778 items), – 1 pc. (a set of specially designed components (components), electro-radio-measuring instruments, electrical machines, transformers, accessories and materials necessary for maintenance and repair of the S-125M1 Pechora-M1 (SA-3) air defense system under operating conditions).
Ukraine Delivers Air Defense Systems To Turkey, Through Shady Deal

Click to see full-size image

Ukraine Delivers Air Defense Systems To Turkey, Through Shady Deal

Click to see full-size image

The shipment was made by air, from Kiev and Lviv.

Recently, there appeared to be reports that there was a disruption of the contract, but they appear to be false.

Namely the reports stated the following:

“On December 27, 2019, with the direct participation of the previous general director of Ukroboronprom Group of Companies Pavel Bukin, a $30 million contract was signed with the Turkish state-owned company SSTEK Savunma Sanayi Teknolojileri A.S for the supply of two S-125 anti-aircraft missile systems. At the same time, the Turks wanted to purchase complexes modernized by the private company Aerotechnika-ML.

But already in January, after changes in Ukrainian leadership, the Turkish side was informed that it was necessary to re-sign the contract, since Ukrooboronprom wanted to change the supplier. Imagine the surprise of Turkish officials when, at the end of February 2020 from the Ukrainian side, it was proposed to supply complexes from another company – Techimpex. And, in addition, it was proposed to sign a contract through an intermediary firm of a certain Tofig Nagiyev (a citizen of Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation).”

Techimpex does not have its own production and is a company that buys weapons throughout the CIS and resells according to various “gray” schemes. Soviet-made complexes were bought in Moldova in 2016 at a price of $200,000 apiece as non-working.

The second fact: in 2016, the SBU issued a decree banning the entry of Ukrainian citizen of the Russian Federation Tofig Khabibbovich Nagiyev for a period of 3 years.

As a result, the Turkish side refused to sign the agreement.

However, it appears that the Turkish has accepted the change, if true.


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  1. Zionism = EVIL says:

    The Uki Jew cunts are also hosting thousands of Wahhabi terrorists, it is time Kiev is turned into chicken Kiev.

    1. Assad must stay says:

      The shipments need to be intercepted, either in the air or on the ground before they are operational

  2. chris chuba says:

    But .. but … it’s not compatible w/NATO systems so why isn’t Pompeo and Grenell threatening Turkey with destruction?

    1. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

      Its about turkey building their own systems, they go shopping study it and than build their own short range system! After they have studied russias s 400 they will build a long range system!After that they drop out of Nato!

      1. Bob says:

        Nah – they simply don’t have the infrastructure – look at Turkey’s armor hardware – uprated Israeli based M-60’s and second hand 1980’s German Leopards. They are not going to successfully reverse engineer and actually replicate ultra-advanced Russian SAMs.

        1. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

          They build licensed part for the Leopard 2 in Turkey! They build a lot of Nato Hardware in license! Drones ! Long term they plan their own Fighter yet similar of the F 35 because they build so many parts in turkey for the F 35! Turkey has a plan!10 -15 years and they will achive it!

          1. Bob says:

            Rotary drones and engine parts are a long way down the engineering ladder from advanced Surface to Air Missiles Systems.

          2. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

            Turkey is co producing s 400 with russia! Aint far from there!

          3. Peace2 says:

            are you able to post any evidence to support this comment?

          4. Sencer says:

            Pedo , you were talking about rimming , boys sitting on laps and fetish porn 1 hr ago , now you want be a part of a politcal discussion and asking for an evidence ?

            You have an IQ close to an ape , what are you gonna do with evidence , colonial filth ?

          5. Peace2 says:

            Hmmmm … so btt hurt, kiddo. Perfect! Now make me some dönor, göktü r d-Uyghur-half-chinese nomad in breed!

          6. Sencer says:

            LOL that was rich from a colonial parasite living with the monies his ancestors stole from Congo.
            Come her open your mouth wide with yr eyes closed. I will serve you doner , insignificant filth.

          7. Peace2 says:

            Yeah … Congo made us rich …. you were limited to do some genocides, … cry more about it inferior-stinking Turk?

          8. Sencer says:

            LOL , nice confession you have here, colonial filth.

            Tell us more about your filthy grandfathers who has done nothing other than robbing some poor Congolese throughout the history, pedo.

          9. Bob says:

            Turkey is most certainly not ‘producing’ Russian SAM systems – Turk’s want to purchase Russian hardware – and hope to get some Russian technology transfer in future. Russia will sell entry/export level systems and pass on selected information at their leisure. Wake up to engineering reality.

          10. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

            they co produce parts of the s 400 in Turkey, it was part of the deal!

          11. Bob says:

            Making some mechanical parts to another state’s design-agency specifications. That is hardly the stuff of an advanced engineering nation. Turkey does not produce advanced electronic warfare suites or advanced missile systems. Period. Give it up.

          12. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

            You are a fool to belive that turkey wont take apart a couple of S 400 Trucks and study them!

          13. Bob says:

            Turkey has long been primarily a hardware consumer not a producer – this is a country whose armor consists of Israeli spec M-60’s and 1980’s second hand German Leopards – they don’t have the historical design agency capacity to all of a sudden start producing the most advanced surface to air missile systems in world.

          14. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

            it takes time but that is the way they choose! They build their own radar system already ! only the missile technologie is missing! And they went shopping for that!

          15. Bob says:

            For goodness sake – after-parts-add-on M-60’s and second hand Leopard’s without any reactive armor – that is a total paper-tiger armor corps and broader metaphor for Turkish military. If they still cant even design and manufacture a reactive armor suite they certainly cannot suddenly produce advanced SAM’s in just a few years. The S-4-00 is a developmental evolution of a missile system family dating back decades, originating in Soviet era, in design and development. These highly advanced systems are not magically replicated overnight by a consumer nation. Get a grip.

          16. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

            You dont get it do you! Its not about the weapons they have from today its about the upcoming years! Altay is the answer to your M60 Leo2 Bullshit! work in progress! Look at their drone Programm! they have plans for a stealth yet which will take 20 years but they will get there! They have laser weapons on the field against drones! And working like no other nations! https://www.armyrecognition.com/weapons_defence_industry_military_technology_uk/turkey_uses_laser_weapon_technology_to_shoot_down_chinese_uav_wing_loong_ii_in_libya.html Please educate yourself before you talk more BS!

          17. Wayne Nicholson says:

            Lots and lots of plans but an economy that is in free fall and a leader who is much better at making enemies than making friends. The Turks are good engineers …. much better than westerners give them credit for but it takes more than weapons to have a strong military.

            If anything NATO will kick Turkey out before Turkey leaves on their own. Turkey is not energy independent and they are adjacent to a part of the earth threatened by drought which makes the refugee and terrorist threat great in their country. They need good relations with rich, powerful countries in order to be secure. They get that security by covering NATO’s SW front and acting as a buffer between the ME / Africa and Europe.

          18. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

            Who isnt dependent on energy in the EU? A few countries not even germany or france! Turkey is the most important country in the middle east! Its an energy hub and the gate keeper for Nato in the black sea! Erdogan dont want to give blowjobs anymore he tries to riule the region like the old Ottermans did!

          19. Wayne Nicholson says:

            Very nice but none of this does anything to make Turkey independent of NATO. The Ukraine is an “energy hub” for Europe as well and all that does is make them dependent of Russian gas transit fees to survive. The situation with the Ukraine is so desperate that the USA had to sanction the Russian pipeline to Germany just to keep the Ukraine from becoming a failed state in Europe. You and I both know that’s going to blow up in their face as both Germany and Russia are set to defy the USA as we speak however that’s the value of being a third party “energy hub”

            In order to be independent of NATO Turkey has to become economically independent as well as militarily and right now they are neither. They of course could get fed up with NATO and just leave however this would not make them a stronger more prosperous nation.

            The only way Turkey will leave NATO is if they find another alliance for mutual security or they are kicked out by NATO and they are NATO’s cannon fodder at the moment. Their primary role in NATO is to provide large numbers of armour and infantry …. who’s gonna replace them in NATO if they are kicked out?

          20. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

            Thats why turkey goes shopping to have all the military it needed to be independent from NATO PLANEsTANKS AA Defenses! etc

          21. Wayne Nicholson says:

            Please explain ow buying weapons equates leaving NATO.

            Turkey is number 18 on the list of largest military budgets at $19B …. just above Spain and just below Iran. Canada, France, GB and the USA all spend much more on their military than Turkey does that mean that all these countries are planning to leave NATO as well?

            France spends twice as much as Turkey does that mean they want to leave NATO twice as much as Turkey?

            Erdogan is threatening to leave NATO because he’s pissed at the USA for supporting the coup against him and the EU for being assholes …. that doesn’t mean it’s a politically viable solution. He’s pissed at Russia as well he’s also got the Saudi’s and israeli’s pissed at him so where does that leave him?

            I’m sure he’d love to leave and start his own caliphate but the Lira is sinking, his country is swamped with refugees, he has a dumpster fire on his southern border and no one wants to join his caliphate so tell me again how he can leave NATO without substantially weakening the country and possibly inciting a civil war?

          22. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

            Turkey has no modern weapons yet and it needs NATOs protection and weapons! Turkey cant even use howitzers like the PAnzerhaupitze 2000 from germany without ammunition from germany! So starting any war without Nato blessing is almost dead at the start! first they modernize their army and than they drop out no more need fpr Nato when you can self defend your country! With one of the biggest armies in the world! Today not up to date in the future battle ready against everybody!

          23. Sencer says:

            Well , TR uses domestically produced 155mm Fırtına howitzers with locally produced ammo ,not Panzerhaupitze 2000 s.

          24. Peace2 says:

            T-155 Fırtına is a Turkish 155 mm self-propelled howitzer “””””based on the K9 Thunder that was developed by South Korea’s Samsung Techwin”””
            Domestically produced of course, but the South-Koreans have the patent.

            Poor try, Turk.

          25. Sencer says:

            TR still does not use Panzehaupitze 2000, and still do not get the ammo from Germany, but uses domestically produced T-155 Fırtın with local shells. Glad you made a search on what I said and learned something new today. Keep following me for new horizons in your life.

          26. Peace2 says:

            Still coming back with … what horizons?

            That Turkey sets up its own arm-industry, using the technology of other countries?
            Look at this horizon first and learn, kiddie (P.S. FN Scar-L is obsolete, but still my favorite)

            Or did you mean the horizon of your almighty army, not able to defeat some PKK-l 0 sers within 4 decades?

            Enlighten me of your new childish horizons, or else just go f/yourself. Pick one, inferior-EU- t u r d!

          27. Sencer says:

            Here comes the Belgian colonial filth , with some FN stories as if anyone cares about firearms or handgunds in 21th century.

            What more interesting is , the same parasite tries to compare a regular army with a guerilla movement , without knowing the history of conflicts between Taliban / Russian Army and Taliban / US army +NATO.

            Looking at your knowledge and mental capacity , it is not so hard to understand why EU is falling so hard. . LOL

          28. Peace2 says:

            “”the same parasite tries to compare a regular army with a guerrilla movement “”
            Your Turkish problem, not mine, kiddie, but you won’t understand it, which is normal for a child. Is Belgium facing geurrilla-groups?
            Nah, we solved the CCC problem rather quick.
            Nor am I a parasite.

            Two poor accusations but failures in once sentence … wow … impressive!

          29. Sencer says:

            Yes you are a colonial parasite. Know yourself first.

            If you dont undestand from asymmetric warfare , then dont speak about it.
            I dont care about yr small and unimportant country , and I am not interested i it.
            So may be you should go and sell yourself elsewhere , and quit following me like a wet beaten pupy lookhng for attention.

          30. Peace2 says:

            I’m not both of them. My ancestors were Colonists, I’m not responsible for their actions. Poor try, kiddie, try better next time.

            But my small country – which of course does not interest an ignorant, arrogant low-life toddler – has been producing his own weapon since 1889, you, … the mighty Turk … now starts to fabricate his own weapons, the prototype of which was bought from South Korea.
            And a small country like Belgium stores 20 warheads, the big and almighty Turkey just stores 50 … in Incirlik … a NATO base, so not Turkish.

            And we don’t have an “asymmetric warfare”, we are developed. You T u r d s are so full-filled with your own pathetic ego … but not solving a simple guerrilla-movement. so spare me from your endless complaining about it.

            Starting to get it, or is my horizon too far from your bed in Istan-bull-sheet, inferior-EU-T u r d?

          31. Sencer says:

            Colonial filth , US deals with assymetrical warfare although they are more developed than Belgium. .I am also not the one complaining about it. A little disturbance is always good , it keeps you awake. So quit trying to promote yr insignificant small country here to me with irrelevant trivia.

            Here is your grandfather meet him ;

            ”In the 23 years (1885-1908) Leopold II ruled the Congo he massacred 10 million Africans by cutting off their hands and genitals, flogging them to death, starving them into forced labour, holding children ransom and burning villages.”

            Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/blog/11297#ixzz6MvgJX1eA

            Have you seen why you began manufacturing guns in 1889, just after a few years you colonized Congo ? Because buying guns from abroad for killing Congolese was too expensive for you. LOL.

          32. Peace2 says:

            “”to promote yr insignificant small country “”

            If my small country is so “insignificant”, why do 240 000 T ur d s are happily living here? How many Belgians immigrate to your almighty Turkey?

            And using the Colonizing as his ultimate grass …

            Kiddo, when we were colonizing and exploiting Zaïre, you t ur d s had to deal with coups in 1960 and 1971 …

            Anything else, poor kid?

          33. Sencer says:

            Ask them then , why you are asking to me.LOL. Millions of Iranian, Syrian , Afghan immigrants live here in TR who are confronting us here on net all the day , what do you want me to do, cry for your insignificant country ?

            Yes , one thing more Mr Parasite , what your grandfathers did with all those monies they stole ? Because it seems to me that the wealth of your insignificant nation was exlusively extorted from your colonies .

            ”The ABIR Congo Company (founded as the Anglo-Belgian India Rubber Company and later known as the Compagnie du Congo Belge) was the company appointed to exploit natural rubber in the Congo Free State. ABIR enjoyed a boom through the late 1890s, by selling a kilogram of rubber in Europe for up to 10 fr which had cost them just 1.35 fr.”


            740% profit. LOL. Thats how colonialists filth work , dont they ?

          34. Peace2 says:

            Does Turkey also hosts thousands of Lebanese, South-Sudan-, Eritrea-, Iranian-, Mali-, Afghan- T ur d k ish -refugees like Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and Belgium?

            Cry more about it, parasiting EU-Turk.

            “”””what your grandfathers did with all those monies they stole ? Because it seems to me that the wealth of your insignificant nation was exlusively extorted from your colonies .”””
            Yeah, jealous about it, T u r d? Turkey had no colony when we were exploiting it … you were busy with multiple coups … cry more, pathetic t u r d!

            But now the Chinese taking over the cobalt-mines in Congo … where is T u r d key, inferior EU-parasite?

          35. Sencer says:

            Mr Colonial Parasite ,for the 30th time I live in Istanbul . I understand that you want me to live in EU so that you would have a valid argument , but sorry.

            Yes we do have refugees and immigrants , in fact we are the Nr 1 when it comes to host them.

            ”Turkey continues to be home to the world’s largest refugee population.”


            True , we were dealing with multiple coups which were organized by Gladio , a paramilitary organization of NATO.during all those years. Thats what happens if you live in a very strategic land where Asia, Europe and Africa meets , but not some dark North European land where all your neighbours are rich colonialists.

            BTW are Chinese cutting the hand of the daughter or son when father does not fill his rubber colecting quota ?

            No offense , just curious ..

            ”Failure to meet the rubber collection quotas was punishable by death. Meanwhile, the Force Publique (the gendarmerie / military force) were required to provide the hand of their victims as proof when they had shot and killed someone.”


          36. Peace2 says:

            “”we are the Nr 1 when it comes to host them.””
            Tell that to Lebanon, EU-t ur d. Lebanon hosts more refugees than their entire population. But crying and ignorance is your ultimate gig, ait?

            And you missed colony … now crying about it …

            meanwhile T ur d key has massive massacres and genocides on their conto …

          37. Sencer says:

            Why shud I tell it to Lebanese, colonial filth ? I gave you the link of a NGO , post yr complaints to them. LOL

            And sorry Mr Parasite. you are the one crying , following me like a pupy and trying to convince me that Belgium is not an insignificant country , as if I care.

            Do you know why yr grandfathers cut the hands of the Congolese they killed ? Here is your answer ,

            ‘the gendarmerie / military force were required to provide the hand of their victims’ as proof when they had shot and killed someone, as it was believed that they would otherwise use the munitions (imported from Europe at considerable cost) for hunting. As a consequence, the rubber quotas were in part paid off in chopped-off hands.”


            Hmm It strangely reminds me Nazi concentration camps where people were gassed due to increasing price of a single bullet.

          38. Peace2 says:

            “”And sorry Mr Parasite. you are the one crying , following me like a pupy and trying to convince me that Belgium is not an insignificant country , as if I care.””

            I’m nor a parasite, nor I will follow you, EU-parasiting-sheet-t u r d. You keep coming back to me like a puppy-s l u t, like savage inferior- EU-t u r d s behave … nothing new for me, … muh.

            But making 3 lame assumptions all wrong, trying to defame me ….

            A T ur d, who has multiple massacres on his genes, blaming a developed Belgian … hahahaha! You are a poor toy, but nice to play with. Hmmmmm

          39. Sencer says:

            Calm down colonial parasite , I am just introducing your kin to you .

            Look here ;

            ”A village which refused to provide rubber would be completely swept clean. As a young man, I saw [Fiévez’s] soldier Molili, then guarding the village of Boyeka, take a net, put ten arrested natives in it, attach big stones to the net, and make it tumble into the river…Rubber causes these torments; that’s why we no longer want to hear its name spoken. Soldiers made young men kill or rape their own mothers and sisters.’


            So, your grandfathers were counting their money when they were forcing young men to rape their mothers and sistersin Congo.

            Arent you all damned ?

          40. Sencer says:

            LOL why shoud I, colonial parasite? We killed to protect our lands , you killed to exploit them and now you are claiming to be a developed nation with all the wealth you stole from them .

            Lets continue ;

            ”As a consequence, the rubber quotas were in part paid off in chopped-off hands. Sometimes the hands were collected by the soldiers of the Force Publique, sometimes by the villages themselves. There were even small wars where villages attacked neighboring villages to gather hands, since their rubber quotas were too unrealistic to fill.”


          41. Peace2 says:

            You just missed colonizing, just busy with local massacre on the locals … impressive.
            Try to read it again, poor parsiting EU-T ur d.

          42. Sencer says:

            Have you seen this, Mr Colonial Parasite ?

            ”One junior European officer described a raid to punish a village that had protested. The European officer in command “ordered us to cut off the heads of the men and hang them on the village palisades… and to hang the women and the children on the palisade in the form of a cross”. After seeing a Congolese person killed for the first time, a Danish missionary wrote: “The soldier said ‘Don’t take this to heart so much. They kill us if we don’t bring the rubber. The Commissioner has promised us if we have plenty of hands he will shorten our service”.”


            So how much you stole from Congolese to be considered as a ”developed nation ” ? Do you have an estimation ?

          43. Peace2 says:

            You don’t dare to re

          44. Sencer says:

            ???? LOL. Calm down, filth.

          45. Peace2 says:

            Says the EU-parasiting-f i l t h … impressive!

          46. Sencer says:

            Mr Parasite you began posting unfinished sentences. Are you ok ?
            Please calm down , I am sure there are people on this world who can even accept a colonial filth like you as you are, but that wont be me .LOL.

          47. Peace2 says:

            Sure inferior-genocidal-filth, sure.

          48. Sencer says:

            Low IQ colonial parasite , you will write and then post , not the the opposite.

          49. Peace2 says:

            Yow, pathetic EU-parasite, you will clean our t 0 ilets, not the opposite.

          50. Sencer says:

            In your dreams , colonial parasite. Now All you can do is to listen insults from TR while your leaders do nothing but hide like beaten dogs when they hear the same.

          51. Peace2 says:

            Really … wow … hmmmmmm … impressive comment with zero content. Congrats agian t u r d!

          52. Sencer says:

            Get lost colonial filth, quit that keyboard, and that cheap booze. It makes you even more stupid than you really are.

          53. Peace2 says:

            You told me to see your extrovert and immanent horizons … lots of promises, zero result, ait, fücking inferior, Tûrd?

          54. Sencer says:

            Isnt that the reason why you follow me like a sad fuck although you get what you deserve all the time while you stomp in anger, insignificant colonial parasite ?

          55. Peace2 says:

            Nah, poor kiddo, you just keep coming back to me, as a femdom-slave.
            Maybe try some pegging or rimming …. but you have no girl, ait, FÛcking t ur d?

          56. Sencer says:

            Sad fuck , what you are doing here in a political thread ?
            Go watch some fetish porn , cheap horny pervert.

            But dont worry , sad pupy . I bought a leash for you . It will fit you quite fine to your neck and to you fetish fantasies. LOL.

            Your ancestors liked to force young boys to rape their own sisters and mothers in Congo , the sick genes seem to be still living in todays insignificant belgian colonialist parasites.

          57. Peace2 says:

            Nice essay fck-türd, but lame content. Anything else dönör-f a g?
            Or keep crying for not being white. Hahaha!

          58. Sencer says:

            Pervert , are you still dreaming of boys sitting on elders laps , rimmings , anuses ?
            Who cares about being white , yellow , green or whatsoever colonial filth ?

          59. Peace2 says:

            Keep coming back, genocidal, inferior dönör-bragging-sheet? Accept your color, smelling puppy. Now f ff, poor slave.

          60. Sencer says:

            I am jet black filth colonial parasite. As black as the ones you slaughtered in Congo. Any problem for you ?

            Are you looking for a jet black person to fck you off ? Is that yr hidden fantasy ?

            Do I have a part in your fetish dreams in which you drop the soap Just curious.

          61. Peace2 says:

            Ask the ones your primitive race slaughtered in the multiple genocides.
            At least I’ m a European … a Tü u rd like you only can slice kebabs in it, … No EU-member …. hahaha! Go inferior EU-parasite, go!

          62. Sencer says:

            An European, an insignificant colonial parasite who only follow stronger EU nations , who has done nothing throughout his history , and looking for attention following me like a dog on net , jumping in anger ..

            Thats what you are insignificant, pedo . Keep your canned laughters , though it always enjoys me see how triggered you are..

          63. Peace2 says:

            Yow lightweight, here is your bone. Try to catch it, fat inferior fücking t u r d.

          64. Sencer says:

            Speaking about fat fucks ,

            Did your filthy colonialist parasiting grandfathers brought that boogey picking elephant directly from Congo, or you mated a regular belgian whore with a hypo ?


          65. Peace2 says:

            Cry more, inferior infant.

          66. Sencer says:

            Who is her husband , colonial filth ? Titanosaurs Argentinosaurus ?

            What kind of retarded Mickey Mouse country appoints a bogey eating 150 kg obese fatfuck as the health minister ? LOL.

          67. Peace2 says:

            So what? We love her, laughing and being sarcastic about her fatness.
            We even laugh with our federal minister of justice …

            But Turks can’t laugh, ait, like they can’t even beat an asymmetric-guerrilla-group for decades

            But were surely laugh with your inferior t u r d s :

            In case you haven’t the guts to read this: “The Turkish appreciation for fat was widely reported in the nineteenth century and beyond.”

            Anything else, childish, inferior fat Euro-T ur d?

          68. Sencer says:

            So you have evolved from being parasitic colonial filth to ordinary clowns .

            Looking at yr minister of justice whose IQ is obviously smaller than my shoe size , yr boogey eating 200 kg obese ‘health minister ‘ , and you , a retarded old clown of political threads drinking till daybreak and dreaming of kids sitting on older mans laps , it is not hard to see why yr EU is going down the gutter .

            But you can always w@ank with some 150 years old ‘harem pictures ‘ you search on net when you are not after fetish porn.

            LOL , you weird perv.

          69. Peace2 says:

            Hmmmm … When we were colonizing, you were primitave and fü-cking your obese sisters and your own mothers in your Nomadic-tents … Impressive
            But …. maybe some deeks are your thing, ait, pervert:
            Is that you and Exerian on 3:20? Hmmm ….

            Now prepare some dönor for me … I wanna be as fat as Maggy De Block, you and your mother … inferior slave.

            Bella ciao, kiddo!

          70. Sencer says:

            You mean when you are leeching in Congo , parasiting the wealth of other nations , cutting their hands , forcing young men to rape their mothers and sisters ..

            We knew that you were an old pedobear looking to lure kids on net , but now we also see that you are homophobic.. Nevermind though , close your eyes and open your mouth while I serve you some doner which will pop your eyes out, the way you like.

            But what can you expect from a colonial parasitic nation who appoints an obese fatfuck as a Health minister , a retard for a minister of justice , and an old low IQ perv like you to represent an insignificant Mickey Mouse nation on net ?

          71. Peace2 says:

            Meanwhile, Turkey begs NATO to intervene and support your pathetic t u r d k e y

            Can it even more ptahetic, ait, y u r d,

          72. Sencer says:

            2 days before TR calls NATO ,

            NATO head ; NATO ready to support Libya’s government

            Yoıu have noı idea what is goişng on do you, colonial parasite

          73. Peace2 says:

            Yeah, sure kiddo, you lack the capacity of reading the link … ait, toddler? Impressive how low your comments are

          74. Sencer says:

            I did , colonial filth . 2 days before that call NATO offered help.

            But we dont expect an uniformed pervert like you to know such facts do we ?

          75. Peace2 says:

            Nato offered help? Read the link and analyze who is begging, pathetic
            EU-parasiting t u r d!

          76. Sencer says:

            “In Libya there is an arms embargo that needs to be respected by all sides,” Stoltenberg said. “However,this doesn’t mean to put on the same level the forces led by [Khalifa] Haftar and the government of Fayez al-Sarraj, the only one recognized by the UN,” he stressed.
            “For this reason, NATO is ready to give its support to the government of Tripoli,” he said.”


            Yes NATO offered help , uninfoermed colonial parasite.

            This article dates 2 days before to the one you quoted. The Turkish declrarion came after this one.

          77. Peace2 says:

            “”uninfoermed- perfect English- colonial parasite.””

            wow, 3 pathetic assumptions in 3 words and all wrong. Can’t you do better than this inferior-EU-T u r d?

          78. Sencer says:

            Here the colonial parasite becomes an English teacher after being wrecked once again till the morning.

            Don’t stick on typos, pedo. Enjoy the ride

          79. Peace2 says:

            At least I’m a Belgian, you are just a product of gökTürks and Uyghur-Turks, living in tents and fooking your own sisters when my ancestors defeated the West-Roman-Empire.
            But colonizing you slightly missed … what a shame on your history.

            Seems like colonizing Syria is not going well either,, ait, fücking inferior ke ba b-boy?

          80. Sencer says:

            That’s still a good effort to bring some meaning to your insignificant nation, which I don’t give a fuck. LOL.

            Eastern empires do not colonize ignoramus , they get lands, mix with locals, and try to create homogenous nations. That’s how eastern empires work, that’s what also differs them from quota bearing, hand severing colonial filth.

          81. Peace2 says:

            Like Turkey is the perfect and pure race then?
            Tell me sth new, delusional EU-parasiting-European-fck T ur d!
            I hope that you’re childish dreams come true and that you will join the army in HTS-infantry … Bring some soap in case your shadow … excerian will need your pathetic anuz.

            Get it Istanbully-boyyy?

          82. Sencer says:

            What ‘perfect and pure race” , colonial parasite ? This is a nation not a race here.

            And please try to curtain yr urge to dream about soaps , boys and anuses, pedo. You will get arrested, and they will make you drop your soap all the time if you get locked for being a pedobear. But I am sure you will love every second of it. LOL.

            Now go and read all comments from the beginning , do you now understand why excerian blocked you ? You are simply a low IQ moron . The only reason I dont block you is ; I like seeing you losing control , stomping in anger and crying till the morning.

          83. Peace2 says:

            Turks are an ethnic race, stüpid LUL. Now go and white yourself, poor slave.

          84. Sencer says:

            Here is the illiterate colonial parasite teaching me my nation.
            The Turks in TR are not a race, filth . We are a nation.

          85. Peace2 says:

            You don’t even have the guts to read the link, poor, EU-parasiting T ur d:

            I will summit it for a m o ng ol like you:
            Belgian: 1 massacre in Congo, …. T ur d key: multiple genocides on Greeks, Assyrian-Christians, …

            Belgium: 1 colony and exploiting it… Turkey 0
            Belgium: 0 coups, Turkey 5

            But you are an inferior-savage EU- t u r d, struggling about some pkk-f a gg o t s, not even to handle these in your Caliphate …. impressive, inferior, EU-Tu r d – kish kiddo!

          86. Sencer says:

            Aww , the colonial filth is triggered once again.

            Mr parasite , we dont try to sell ‘European Values’ here and there with bloody hands, do we ? All the people we killed had guns in their hands , you killed viiiagers for wealth and free labour. You are like the son of a mob boss who tries to start a legal business with the capital inherited from his father , and act as if noone knows where all the money came from.

            Anyhow , lets go ahead ..

            ”A reduction of the population of the Congo is noted by all who have compared the country at the beginning of Leopold’s control with the beginning of Belgian state rule in 1908, but estimates of the death toll vary considerably. Estimates of contemporary observers suggest that the population decreased by half during this period and these are supported by some modern scholars such as Jan Vansina”


            Decreased by Half… You very modern , they very primitive. LOL

          87. Peace2 says:

            Yeah, tell this to the Congolese ‘Romelu Lukaku’, fücking r4tard.

            But that’s your last hope, always playing the colonize job, which your pathetic ancestors missed?

            hahaha! Now go, play with your toys, pathetic smelling t u r d!

          88. Sencer says:

            Hmm. OK.

            Colonial parasite , do you want me to teach you how your grandfathers turned severed hands into a valid currecny ?

            ”Forbath’s words: The baskets of severed hands, set down at the feet of the European post commanders, became the symbol of the Congo Free State…. The collection of hands became an end in itself. Force Publique soldiers brought them to the stations in place of rubber; they even went out to harvest them instead of rubber… They became a sort of currency. They came to be used to make up for shortfalls in rubber quotas, to replace… the people who were demanded for the forced labor gangs; and the Force Publique soldiers were paid their bonuses on the basis of how many hands they collected


            Nice legacy. Very modern, developed.

          89. Peace2 says:

            The kiddo … endless repeating himself

            Of course we are developed, ask the Congolese Romelu Lukaku, dümb EU-inferior-t u r d.

            But neglecting the multiple T ur d is h genocides is your only hope.

          90. Sencer says:

            Every comment is different , colonial filth. It slaps right into your parasitic face , and all you can do is to show a football player as an argument as if it is related with any of the things we are discussing here. You are either fucking drunk or high as a kite.

            ”One practice used to force workers to collect rubber included taking women and family members hostage. ABIR agents would imprison the chief of any village which fell behind its quota;”


            Parasitic thugs.

          91. Peace2 says:

            Belgian government recognize the Zairian genocide, you just got more genocides on your conto, not even have to guts to recognize them.

            Keep awake, inferior, parasiting EU-Turk.

          92. Sencer says:

            Who gives a f*ck what belgian government does , , LOL only you do.
            Insignificant country known by Congo ,Leopold II and low IQ colonial parasites like you.

          93. Peace2 says:

            Inferior-t u r d kish Kiddo, if Belgium is so “””Insignificant””. Why do 220 000 Turks in Belgium won’t and dare to go back to your perfect Islamic Caliphate, a k a Turkey?

            How many Belgians immigrate to your magnificent T u r d k e y, making their own bullets?

            Really, poor inferior, Turkish s l u t?

          94. Sencer says:

            Colonial parasite, we have already discussed that 3 hours ago. Next time take notes before you start drinking,. LOL. The question was like this; if presence of 200k immigrants makes a BS country like Belgium an important one, then what can you say about TR bearing 6 million immigrants now?

            As a matter of fact, no one gives a shit to your presence in Europe. What you do is to host some international organizations otherwise you can not even take a shit if Germany or France asks you not to. But here comes colonial filth trying to convince me how impoırtant his country is .. Hillarious.

            So did you decide how you, filthy thugs, will pay back what you have stolen from the Congolese?

          95. Peace2 says:

            You never gave an answer on this, only your hopeless q u a c k i n g and repeating yourself in the hope to be the stud.

            So, kiddo “” Why do 220 000 Turks in Belgium won’t and dare to go back to your perfect Islamic Caliphate, a k a Turkey? How many Belgians immigrate to your magnificent T u r d k e y, making their own bullets?””

            Try, m O ng Ol, try!

          96. Sencer says:

            LOL colonial parasite on the rampage. It is you who you called them there for extra labour, now that they have a life, businesses there you expect them to go back?

            Go cry in front of your parliamentl filth.

          97. Peace2 says:

            What parliament? The one in Brussels, center of the NATO, or Ankara, the center of jihadism.

          98. Sencer says:

            You mean the hotel and offices on rent in Brussels ?

            Turks in Ankara controls TR , Colonial filth ?

            What Belgian in Brussels conrol, NATO ? EU ?

            LOL no , they use yr service and pay your insignificant country for your services , pedo. Dont overestimate your Mickey Mouse country .

          99. Peace2 says:

            Hahaha! Seek and you will find, kiddo. Brussels is the main capital … Ankara is just Turkish sheet. So hard to accept this, ait, k e b a b-sli cer?

          100. Sencer says:

            So what kind of binding decisions Belgians take for the EU in Brussels, Mr. Parasite.
            None. You serve the tables and arrange accommodation there for Germans and French who take decisions LOL.

          101. Peace2 says:

            So what kind of genocides you refuse to acknowledge inferior-EU-Turk … none
            No wonder your pathetic Turkey never could join the EU, despite their lame efforts.

          102. Sencer says:

            Even a monkey with a slighly higher IQ than you knows that TR is not interested in EU anymore. But your masters ( Germany / France ) has to declare that officialy in written , because if we leave the boat ourselves , there will be consequences and reimbursements.

            LOL. We killed alot of people being an imperialist and militarist nation . But we never robbed improvished people of their wealth , cut their hands for quotas, or forced their youngsters to rape their own mothers and sisters. On the contrary to you , most of the people we have killed were armed.

            Thats what differs us from you , colonial parasite.

          103. Peace2 says:

            “”because if we leave the boat ourselves , there will be consequences and reimbursements””
            Muh … Nice erudite poetry, but only parole parole parole …
            And I’m a “colonizing” Belgian, you are just a “genocidal T ur d”, that differs me from you, European-parasiting-t ur d ish f il th

          104. Sencer says:

            So you did not like my reply , colonial filth ? Can post a new one if this is the case.

            Regarreding yr own description above ,
            Please add add ‘triggered and insignificant’ before ”colonizing.”
            Please also insert ‘parasite’ after ”colonizing” as well.

            Now you have the exact description of yourself , enjoy it.

          105. Peace2 says:

            Nah, I know myself better than you, despite your childish efforts.

            Now fück off, inferior t u r d. Do some more genocides … it suits you.

          106. Sencer says:

            Colonial parasite is triggered once again.
            Get lost unimportant filth , arent you tired of following me like a dog and getting kicked everyday ?

          107. Peace2 says:

            Turkey, insignificant country, not even solve the pathetic pkk-guerrilla-problem for 4 decades, even lost Saraqib and multiple observation-towers in Syria …

            Keep parasiting EU-Turk, keep parasiting : 1 euro = 7,42 T u r k i s h lira … wow! I like Congolese more than your landgrabbing EU-parasiting-t u r d s … you know why, kiddo?

            Try f @ ggy, at least try, fücking möngöl!

          108. Sencer says:

            LOL . Here comes the colonial parasite with comments at his actual mental level, which suits 15 years kids of Liveumap .

            ”But but.. 1 USD is ..this much TL”
            ”But but You lost Seraqip”
            ”But but you lost a few observation towers.”
            ”But but PKK 4 decades..”

            ”But but Mongol, I like Congolese more because I am very very triggered. ”

            Stories from a butthurt filth trying to express his anger, LOL.

            Colonial filth, we don’t give a fuck to the existence of a country called Belgium. Nothing happens if you filth disappears from the world, no one notices. Go cry elsewhere

          109. Peace2 says:

            I got you on my lap, kiddo, but you lack the capacity to grasp it … as usual.
            Cry more, please … it’s the only thing you’re good at.

            Now slice some k e b a b s tomorrow, inferior t ur d (sorry for the pleonasm on the latter), l O w-life T ur d kish-EU-parasite!

          110. Sencer says:

            If you are dreaming getting kiddos on your laps , you are on the wrong thread colonial pervert. LOL. Go seek professional help before getting arrested.

            But actually we know what happened. You lost again as usual. Thats the reason you are following me like a small dog , parasite. To get your revenge which you will never have because of your low IQ and lack of sufficient argument to defend yourself.

            Now go and dream about somew kids sitting on laps of elder people.

          111. Peace2 says:

            Nah you’re t ur d ish im be cil are really on my Belgian lap, because you won’t, can’t and even dare to reply on the comment I posted you twice, fücking sl ut.

            So, kiddo “” Why do 220 000 Turks in Belgium won’t and dare to go back to your perfect Islamic Caliphate, a k a Turkey? How many Belgians immigrate to your magnificent T u r d k e y, making their own bullets?””

          112. Sencer says:

            LOL , Belgium being in the middle of western Europe may have better living standards , may be home to some Turks and Kurds who were invited there as workers some 4-5 decades ago .

            But this does not make Belgium an important country . It is till the same insignificant , unimportant country in Europe which made a wealth from colonialism but serves nothing in todays political agenda. It is still an insignificant country which noone will notie if all Belgians disappear from the face of this world.

            Is that a sufficient reply for a colonial pervert like dreaming of kids on net while drinking?

          113. Peace2 says:

            LUL, Belgium is a heimat for Turkish parasites like you …
            Brussels is the capital of the European commission, where is your pathetic Ankara? Capital of jihadists.
            Brussels is even the NAVO-main-center … where is Ankara?

            But again, kiddo “” Why do 220 000 Turks in Belgium won’t and dare to go back to your perfect Islamic Caliphate, a k a Turkey? How many Belgians immigrate to your magnificent T u r d k e y, maki
            Your Turkish-parasiting-inferiority will always be your only horizon, so you can’t teach and never will teach me sth new. Staritng to get it at the end, inferior-s l u t?

          114. Sencer says:

            LOL. Belgium is the first stop for the killers , terrorists running away from TR , colonial filth.

            Belgium is the capital of EU and NATO , not different than an ordinary hotel where people come , conduct business and leave. No one will notice if someday all insignificants Belgians disappear from there , procided that the hotel continues to operate LOL. What happens if one night they all move to lets say , Frankfurt , what will these institutions lose ? Nothing ..

            And once again here is your reply , pedo , enjoy ;

            ” Belgium being in the middle of western Europe may have better living
            standards , may be home to some Turks and Kurds who were invited there
            as workers some 4-5 decades ago .

            But this does not make Belgium an important country . It is till the same insignificant , unimportant
            country in Europe which made a wealth from colonialism but serves
            nothing in todays political agenda. It bears some unimportant people in
            it which nooone will notice if they all disappear from the face of this

            Is that a sufficient reply for a colonial pervert like dreaming of kids on net while drinking?

          115. Peace2 says:

            Puahaha! When your pathetic Erdogan came to beg for nato-assistance, he landed in Brussels, finding zero support.

            Brussels, Belgium, you know, insignificant country?

            Where is the concrete support from Nato, ait? Maybe Erdo must S ück some more Qatar deeks instead to get the money.

          116. Sencer says:

            Did you read the article , colonial filth ? Did you see who ofeferd help ?

            Here is even an older one from 2017 , NATO offering help to GNA.

            Secretary General: NATO stands ready to support Libya

            Next time dont jump on everything you read like a low IQ ape , ok ?

            Yes Brussels , Belgium. An unimportant country acting as an office space for the more important ones like US , Germany France. LOL. A fact, nothing to be offended. If Belgium disappears tomorrow mng , they will gather in Frankfurt or even Oslo , nothing will change.

            Support from NATO , at this stage , will depend on the acceptance of terms requested by TR. If they come with the terms of TR , they may. Otherwise they can f/off.

            By the way your masters in NATO will tell you if they have agreed with us or not. Being a small and insignificant country , like every small and loyal dog does., wait till they declare their decison to you.

      2. Wayne Nicholson says:

        “Its about turkey building their own systems, they go shopping study it and than build their own short range system!”

        The bought the SA-3 …. that’s a 1960’s air defence system that the Russians haven’t used in decades and they already have it’s NATO equivalent in the Hawk missile system which .

        Why would the reverse engineer an obsolete Soviet system that was copied from the US MiM-23 Hawk which you already have in your possession?

        I’ll tell you the real reason the Turks bought these missiles …. they’re cheap …. half the price that Raytheon wants for the the MIM-23. They’ll deploy them in Libya where they don’t need the latest and greatest.

        “After they have studied russias s 400 they will build a long range system!After that they drop out of Nato!”

        WTF does this copying a Russian missile system have to do with dropping out of NATO? I can understand reverse engineering the AD system but what does that really give Turkey? The S-400 is part of system. It can’t defend itself against low flying drones and cruise missiles so unless you have that covered your fancy missile will be taken out in short order.

        Belonging to NATO is about belonging to a military / economic union. Now if you would have said Turkey will leave NATO when they have nuclear weapons and closer ties with China / Russia it would make more sense. But a missile system that could be knocked out by a wave of cruise missiles without Pantsir’s and Tor’s nearby…. not a chance.

    2. Pave Way IV says:

      Same reason we’re not threatening Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and (eventually) Syria and Libya with destruction: they’re much more useful as weakened, corrupt states dependent on US/ZATO largesse and marginally allied (at least the corrupt governments) with us in our forever war against Russia and Iran. ZATO will have increasing trouble integrating with Turkish military equipment, but NATO isn’t counting on them in a hot war, anyway. We mostly use Erdogan as a thorn in Russia’s butt to destabilize Syria, Iraq and Libya. Far less important: secondary land base for spying on Russia and Iran, staging terrorist attacks against them and (Pompeo’s wet dream but mostly a hollow threat) using them as forward bases for an invasion of Russia or Iran.

  3. lovethemapples says:

    Well, there is a weapon sale ban on Libya (any party), hence 3rd 4th parties are used for the smuggling. Thats pretty common in Africa.

  4. Gary Sellars says:

    Pfftt… Why would anyone spend good money on Ukropi junk? Who buys a S-125 SAM system in the 21st century?

    The Banderite trash make nothing but garbage. Ask the Thais what they thought of the Bulat tanks? ROFL!!

    1. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

      Its about understanding a system replace old parts with new and that system is battle ready!

      1. Peace2 says:


        1. Sencer says:

          Unbelieavable , low IQ ape asks for a proof as if it will be able to understand what is being said and written.

          The only proof you can undestand is one which you can take in your mouth and suck all the way home , filth. A jet black Congolese one .

          F/off now, pedo.

  5. Bob says:

    Ukrainian corruption all but ensures only a fraction of these are going to be actually operationally viable.

  6. Mikronos says:

    Where did Haftar get a Pantsir unit in Libya? Russia sell him that?

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