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Ukraine Continues Shelling Russia’s Border Areas And Civilian Infrastructure Of Donbas

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Ukraine Continues Shelling Russia's Border Areas And Civilian Infrastructure Of Donbas


TASS reports that another Ukrainian shell hit a residential house in a farmstead in the Mityakinsky rural settlement in Rostov Region on the border with Ukraine. There were no casualties, but the roof of the house was damaged, the Tarasovsky district administration told TASS.

The administration specified that the incident happened in the village of Patronovka. Before that, shells exploded in the village of Mityakinskaya and the village of Manatskoye.

LNR officials report that they discovered an explosive device under a bridge on a highway used to evacuate people to the Russian Federation in buses.

Video from the area:

Massive shelling of DNR and LNR territories continues. Hundreds of shells have been fired in recent hours. Heavy firefights are taking place at several locations on the contact line.

The Ukrainian government is undertaking all possible steps to provoke retaliatory actions from Russia. In fact, we can already say that Ukraine’s goal, approved by its Anglo-Saxon patrons, is a direct attack on the Russian Federation. The occupation of the territories of the unrecognized republics of Donbass is a collateral task.

At 18:00 local time, multiple eyewitnesses started reporting that the Ukrainian Army had begun massive artillery preparation before the offensive along the entire line of contact in Donbas.

“The ground is trembling in all front-line cities and towns! Grads and heavy artillery are shooting!”

NATO leadership continues to justify the actions of Ukrainian Nazis, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so amid numerous video and photo testimonies from the ground.

At least two shells (apparently launched by the Ukrainian military) hit civilian areas in Russia’s Rostov region:

Ukraine Continues Shelling Russia's Border Areas And Civilian Infrastructure Of Donbas

Click to see the full-size image

Ukraine Continues Shelling Russia's Border Areas And Civilian Infrastructure Of Donbas

Click to see the full-size image

Ukraine Continues Shelling Russia's Border Areas And Civilian Infrastructure Of Donbas

Click to see the full-size image

The Russian army is preparing to repel the aggression, but has not yet started active operations.

Russian army units are being concentrated in the most threatening directions.
The ongoing movements of Russian troops are the best confirmation that earlier on February 15-16 they were indeed withdrawn from the Ukrainian border after the end of planned military exercises.

It is reported that the city of Taganrog in the Rostov Region is planned to be brought into a wartime state.

Today, even a biased observer would find it difficult to deny the fact that it is Ukraine that is unleashing an aggressive war in Europe that has every chance of escalating into World War III.

“Iskander-M” on the streets of Bryansk (Russia):

“Tunguska” gun and a column of 2S3 “Acacia” self-propelled guns in the Kursk region. Equipment allegedly move to the border with Ukraine:

A tank company (T-72B3 UBH) with additional fuel tanks on the side of the road in Belgorod region:

This video is filmed at Maslovka in Russia’s Voronezh region. It shows T-80U, Msta-S, MT-LB, SNAR-10 Leopard, PRP-4A Argus, 1V13 and TOS-1A Solntsepek:



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Another hilarious story.

Yamil Perez

I’m still waiting for the videos of the Ukranian soldiers moving in, Scooby. You reported on them. Now you have to deliver the proof. Where are the videos, Scooby? All I’ve seen is a video of a choo choo train.

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