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Ukraine Continues Attempts To Destabilize Russia From Within

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Ukraine Continues Attempts To Destabilize Russia From Within

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On March 18th, Russian Security Service – FSB – officers detained 14 members of the Ukrainian youth radical neo-Nazi community “MKU” in Gelendzhik and Yaroslavl , according to the Public Relations Center of the department.

“The activity of an organized group of supporters of the Ukrainian youth radical community“ MKU ”, created by the citizen of Ukraine Krasnov Yegor, born in 2000, who uses the pseudonym Yegor Yakovlev on the Internet, was suppressed,” the FSB said.

The detention was carried out in cooperation with the Investigative Committee in the framework of a criminal case under Art. 282.1 – organization of an extremist community and participation in it.

13 members of this group were detained in Gelendzhik, and only 1 in Yaroslavl.

In the houses of the detainees, the FSB found “a significant number of Nazi materials, edged weapons, communication equipment containing instructions for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices and firearms.”

The Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Territory opened criminal cases against 19 and 20-year-old local residents suspected of illegally organizing an extremist community, the ministry said in a statement.

A video was released from the arrest:

According to the investigation, in 2018, a resident of Gelendzhik, together with a like-minded person, organized and created an extremist organization, “whose main activity was the commission of crimes against persons leading an asocial lifestyle, without a fixed abode, as well as inciting hatred and enmity on a national basis.”

This happened shortly after a man recruited by Ukrainian intelligence was found to carry an improvised explosive device (IED) for “personal protection” in Crimea. He was also taking photographs and videos of various potential targets, as ordered by his handler.

Ukrainian special services are continuing their attempts to destabilize the situation in Russia, and as mentioned this is not the first time individuals from this radical group were detained while attempting to organize incidents in Russia.

Furthermore, in the event that a terrorist attack is successful on the territory of Russia, from provenly Ukrainian groups, related to Kiev’s intelligence, this could become a formal reason for a Russian counter-terrorist military operation on Ukraine’s territory. If it were to come to such a scenario, the operation would likely be in the form of a peace enforcement operation.


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They hate Putin and Russia so much that they are literately helping Russia to resolve problem of Ukraine permanently.

Just Me

The Donetsk freedom fighters need maximum support.


You are not Russian and you don’t love Donbass Russians more than Russians themselves.
You are not to lecture Russians how to take care of their own people!
Russia will not put in danger existence of 145 million Russians because of 400 000 Russian citizens and ethnic Russians in Donbass.
Nobody will invade Donbass, without immediately being punished by Russia.
That goes for NATO as well .

Just Me

How many times will it take for the Russians to understand the the Bilderberg Zionists smell blood and covet the vast resources of Russia. Biden is a corrupt senile bitch whose son has made millions ripping of the dumbass hohol a$$holes and NATO pansies are entrenched in Kiev. They will keeping on pushing Russia as long a their is no strong response. Russia needs to take the gloves off and draw a line on their miserable a$$.


Ukraine and Belarus are integral parts of Russia and should never have been allowed to secede after the collapse of the USSR. Gorbachev has been the worst enemy of Russian people and interests.

Assad must stay

i know right, dude is a straight dope lol

johnny rotten

How many idiots are there who have been brainwashed and you can hire for a few dollars, Ukraine seems like an intensive farming of these wretches, there is an urgent need to close this monstrous social experiment.

Peter Jennings

If these terrorists are not wearing military uniform and living amongst the citizens, should they be construed as spies?

Maybe the exercise is one where boy’s are sent to do a man’s job.

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis fail as usual…
Few things are so certain in life…

mike hutchings

i am a patriotic American. This anti-Russia business is being used to deflect from the real enemy which is China, that over time threatens both countries. Trump knew who the enemy was and the CIA, NSA, FBI; pick your poison; staged a coup to get rid of him. a coup supported by self righteous politicians that got their marching orders from the deep state…. BUT Trump is still the man and the PINO that they installed is fading fast. The PINO can’t stir up interest for another mid-east ground war and the soldiers that will be sent home in body bags….not to mention the deaths in the Donbass…and Putin is a Killer? this is just flak for fools and Biden is a prop. if they ever met face to face, Biden would challenge Putin to a push up contest and forget why he was there….MAGA

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