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JUNE 2023

Ukraine Claims Only Uneducated Farmers Voted for Trump

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According to Ukrainian TV, mainly uneducated farmers voted for Donald Trump during the US presidential election.

Ukraine Claims Only Uneducated Farmers Voted for Trump

Photo: caroletansley.com

People from the village community, who do not have higher education, voted for the leader of the US presidential election, Donald Trump, head of the Ukrainian edition of Voice of America, Myroslava Gongadze announced, speaking on the 112 TV-channel.

“Half of the US population has always supported him. He had 43% of votes at certain time, now he has more. This is especially true for not urban, rural states or sparsely populated territories of the US… Generally, the voters’ turnout was high, the highest [voters’ turnout] was among white men without higher education. These people became extremely active. They was not active for very long time, but Trump managed to do this [to activate these people],” Gongadze said.

Several months ago, propagandist Savik Shuster explained success of the Brexit referendum in a similar way on Ukrainian TV. He insisted that educated social groups of the UK supported preservation of the EU membership.

According to Shuster, only proletarian provinces and pensioners, charmed by populists, voted for the UK exit from the EU, while industrial and scientific centers of the country supported preservation of the EU membership.

“London’s elite voted in this way, educated people, all educated people, voted in favor of the EU, young people voted in favor of the EU. This means that old men and old women decided that their grandchildren should live outside the EU,” Shuster said.

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Carol Davidek-Waller

A fit of pique. The illegal, war mongering Kiev putsch is in danger of losing its U.S. lifeline. A good thing for everyone but the U.S. puppets. Between corporate agriculture and Monsanto, these aren’t enough U.S. farmers to elect a local dog catcher.


Putting aside all the other ridiculous content in this article I will just make one point. This idea that it is only young peoples’ future that matters is bogus. All they have to do is wait a little while and all the old people will have died off, and they can then do what they want. Big problem here. By that time they wont be young people any more, they will be the new old with a new batch of young brats telling them how stupid and uneducated they are. See my point?


Haha and so true.


Well, I’m a male who voted for Trump and I didn’t go to college. Instead I taught myself programming and started my own company. I enjoy reading, and learning on my own terms without memorizing pointless tidbits for a test. But I guess I’m an uneducated hick, at least that’s what the MSM is always telling me. I’d be so much smarter if only I had gone to college and majored in ethnic studies and learned to be ashamed of myself and my culture.


Well done and to the millions that are like you.

If you look at most of the Uni lecturers, those that are legends in their own egos, check out their CVs. They start off at school, then go to College/University and graduate, with no practical experience of their subject, just library/computer led knowledge. Gaining experience in 10 hours of lectures a week, mainly in social sciences and fed by proud Marxist tutors. They then graduate and continue their library/computer led education, studying for their Masters, again with no practical experience. Another graduation, with a career offered at some college/university in a position of Uni Lecturer, still with no practical experience in their field. What happens next? Uni funding/sponsorship for their PhD, as they happily plod on, in the safety of the classroom, still with no true practical experience of their chosen subject, just a library/computer led education. Meanwhile, the years roll by and the new students carry on flocking in, financed by the student loan and a lot of debt. The subject has moved on, but sadly their lecturer is still stuck with the same books and notes, that he/she first presented their students with, 20-30 years previously, whilst focusing on praising the ideology of Marx.

You went out, worked hard and hopefully you are enjoying the rewards. Raise a glass to celebrate missing out on all those social science lectures.




Reminds me of the days we were happy, laughing and chilled out. Then what happened? Democrat Tears took over.


My first association with the Ukrainian statement, for the election as a whole, someone beat me to it (Wizard of Oz, the Witch is Dead).


I’m afraid that’s all the media in Western Europe too.

It was hillarious to see the very same channel who call terrorist to the protesters that encircled the congress, saying that the protesters that surrounded the White House were fighting for liberty and for the will of the people.

John Whitehot

hillarious :D


The MoveON.org protesters, with their ‘Democratic’ tears, flowing into their teddy bears and wondering why mummy is not making it all better. Can you believe it, they are actually protesting against a democratic election. They are seriously protesting against democracy.

Meanwhile, over in Russia, where they had just been holding thermo-nuclear war drills, owing to the ambitions of those that created the Ukraine problem and the High Priestess Clinton, wanting more war, what were the people of Russia doing, when they heard that Trump had been elected?

They were partying, celebrating and rejoicing. Sending warm wishes to the Trump supporters in the US. One Russian town, was even offering free bus rides for Trump supporters, provided they showed a photo of Trump.


Hot damn Billy Bob! I didn’t know there were so many of us!

jeff smith

beginning to believe the russian paradigm on the western overthrow of the duly elected government of ukraine supplanted by a western puppet government that is very much fascist and anti semitic


Ukraine should concentrate on their own mess delivered by the Clinton administration!


The John Deere tractor reminded me of this epic message from Alex Jones from 4 years ago: ‘You fail! Your devil worship fails! The hill-billies, the country boy can survive! The John Deere hat wins! You lose! We win! Your devil palace is falling down!’



The neocons that stirred the pot in Ukraine are going to be swept away and be on the sidelines, Ukraine and all the NATO loud mouths will shut up in a few months. As far as Trump being elected by the “uneducated”, the intellectual fools made a spectacle of themselves and lost.


Would it not be accurate to say that the Kiev regime and its supporters are 100℅ criminal?


Hahaha – who is running rings around Kiev, in the East Ukraine civil war? It is the farmers and miners that are defending their territory. The highly educated in Kiev, are providing the comedy, which has sadly cost over 100,000 lives in Ukraine, not forgetting many more life changing injuries and millions of displaced people. The highly educated in Kiev, thought it was better to niblle on $5 billion worth of cookies, handed out by the cookie monsters, than go for the $15 billion interest free loan and cheap gas. The highly educated in Kiev, also though it was a good idea to ship all the Ukraine gold out to the US. Meanwhile the lowly educated farmers and miners in East Ukraine, are busing defending their people and their territory from the highly educated dimwits in Kiev.

If you have a problem that needs fixing, who are you going to call? An academic and they can provide a thesis on the problem or a highly skilled labourer, that can actually fix it?

Lord Humongous

Ukraine, hear this. Your “independence” is going to be short lived from this point forward as the future President Trump refocuses on taking care of America. You will be left to deal with Mr. Putin by yourselves. Best you accept that you are historically part of Mother Russia. Mr. Trump and America will no longer intervene.


Unfortunately Ukraine does not have even farmers.


These fool people do not understand that USA democracy is as follows: Democrat-Republican-Democrat-Republican-Democrat-Republican…………(each for two periods). This time a republican person had to be a president (whoever this person is). So, here we have Trump for two periods. All the theater of voting supporting and enquesting are just to make belive to USA people that they live in a democratic country. After these two periods, a democract president will come (whoerver be this person)…… do you want to bet ?

Jacek Wolski

So who got elected after Reagan served for 8 years?


Sounds like the media élite are as clueless and out-of-touch as they are in the West.

I spent nearly a decade in various universities and I’d’ve voted for Brexit and for Trump. …Albeit without any great hope or enthusiasm in either case: it’s more a vote against the EU superstate and against that notorious pro-death establishment criminal Clinton than for national sovereignty (which has long been in the hands of a political ruling class).


Nope I know of many educated Ukrainian Americans voted for Trump here in California. They’ve posted their support on their fb.

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