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Ukraine Claims It Developed Own COVID-19 Vaccine To Avoid Using That One Created By ‘Russian Invaders’

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Ukraine Claims It Developed Own COVID-19 Vaccine To Avoid Using That One Created By 'Russian Invaders'

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On October 22nd, the first press conference of the Ministry of Health on the Ukrainian vaccine against coronavirus took place in Kiev.

The information that such developments are being carried out appeared quite literally on the day before – October 21st and surprised many, because earlier this was not even discussed.

It is interesting that the developments on the vaccine were published on the very eve of the local elections and the President personally reported on this topic.

After that, the developers contacted the journalists as well.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy raised the topic in today’s election interview, which was broadcast on all major TV channels.

The candidate for the development and introduction of the vaccine is the American-Ukrainian company Diaprof-Med, headed by Company President Mikhail Favorov, a native of Ukraine, but living and working in the United States. He is the father of Andrei Favorov, a former top manager of Naftogaz.

During the presentation, Mikhail Favorov talked about what the future Ukrainian vaccine is and how long it might appear. The head of the Ministry of Health supplemented the data – he said how much it could cost. And he said whether it is planned to purchase a foreign drug due to the new circumstances.

However, all the comments about the vaccine are rather vague. And this has already given rise to the version that all statements on this matter are nothing more than pre-election PR of the authorities in order to demonstrate to Ukrainians a “breakthrough” in the fight against coronavirus.

First, the head of the Ministry of Healthcare Maxim Stepanov took the floor. He said that the development of the drug has been going on for six months (that is, apparently, since mid-April). And he repeated the already known information that the vaccine passed the preclinical phase of trials. This means that it has been tested on animals and is now preparing to move on to human testing.

Recently the Ukrainian President looked not so well at media events. Some Ukrainian media speculate that he may have become used to drugs:

The president of Diaprof-med Mikhail Favorov, a native of Gaivoron, Kirovograd region, spoke in more detail about the drug.

According to him, he moved from there to the United States about 60 years ago.

“When the sequence of the virus appeared, a group of Ukrainian scientists who worked in your country wanted to make a test for the determination of antibodies. We created a protein project, one of the best in the world. It is available not only for class M and G, but for Total antibodies. , and helps to determine the timing of the disease. It will now be introduced as an additional to PCR in Ukraine “, the scientist began.

According to the physician, when his employees were developing a test for antibodies, they noticed that those who had been ill develop those antibodies, the same protein that scientists are developing. Then Favorov realized:

“If he is a vaccine, he will be able to protect. After that we began to research our protein. It is completely original, belongs to us: Ukraine, Diaprof.”

Mikhail Favorov noted that their protein folds into a ball of 25 nanometers.

“What does this mean? That the ball has a 3D effect, and the disease will only interact with the ball. Then we immunized rabbits, mice, rats – whoever we immunized. And they all gave a very good immune response. that antibodies are produced and this protein could become a vaccine.”

Based on the results of these first studies, Favorov notified Stepanov. The scientist told the head of the Ministry of Health that their protein “by definition neutralizes the virus.”

Then the doctors found out that immunization does not disrupt the structure of cells. From that moment, the Ukrainian American realized that they could start making the vaccine.

“It will take a long time, three phases. But it is already clear that over time we will be able to obtain a drug that will protect against covid,” he said.

Mikhail Favorov said that due to the lack of necessary laboratories in Ukraine, research was carried out in the United States.

“Ukraine does not have not only a fourth level laboratory, but even a third one. Therefore, we asked foreign centers. In particular, we sent monoclonal antibodies of mice to Texas. We were sent a three-fold repetition of the experiment to neutralize the virus. in others, scientists are more likely to get sick.”

Mikhail Favorov said that their vaccine is recombinant, that is, it does not contain the virus.

“This protein, which we made, it is never infectious. But since it is made on the basis of the sequence of the virus, you can immunize mice, rabbits, rats – whoever you want, up to horses with it. That is, you can get antibodies with it. Then the antibodies are taken. and are already being introduced where the virus can grow. And if the virus does not grow, then it (the original protein – Ed.) was correct,” Favorov noted.

Maxim Stepanov added that the Ukrainian protein and vaccine are unique. However, this is a moot point. Indeed, four types of vaccines for covid are being created in the world, among which the protein also exists.

Media representatives were interested in who the clinical trials would be conducted on: whether on Ukrainians, whether they would be volunteers, how many people would be needed.

Neither Stepanov nor Favorov answered any of these questions. The head of the Ministry of Health only noted:

“The research procedure is standardized throughout the world. We will comply.”

The head of the national medical chamber, military epidemiologist Serhiy Kravchenko, called the creation of a “Ukrainian vaccine” against coronavirus a scam, which President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the head of the Ministry of Health Stepanov talked about in recent days.

“I know a couple of adventurers in the President’s Office who put on this theatrical performance in pursuit of political PR. I understand the group of lobbyists who are present in the President’s Office and lobby for their financial interests.

But to discuss this level of laboratory work of students of the Faculty of Biology of Shevchenko University is the highest level of ignorance.

If we continue a serious discussion, I will ask Mikhail Favorov to repeat in English in the United States what he said in the President’s Office, because there is a very strong system of public law.

I phoned my colleagues in the USA, we laughed at all this.

After what Mikhail Favorov said, I will now have to contact the first deputy of the department for the protection of national statehood, Roman Nikolayevich Motkovsky, on the air.

He has a subordinate department for combating terrorism and they are the ones who deal with bioterrorism issues. Because this story with the movement of proteins in the laboratory, placement in some kind of environment with viruses – where did you get a living culture of a live virus? Comment on this insanity above my nervous limit and stress resistance,” said Kravchenko.

He added that the company “Diaprof-med”, which is called the base for the creation of a domestic vaccine, has been selling consumables for laboratories since 1996, and later engaged in ELISA test systems, and Mikhail Favorov’s company is engaged in the sale of express systems in third countries.

The Ukrainian vaccine comes at a moment when it can “counter” the Russian vaccine, so that Ukraine shouldn’t purchase any of the “occupiers medication.” However, taking into account the current situation with the governance system in Ukraine, it is more likely that the ‘developed’ Ukrainian vaccine does not exist or does not work. In the best case, Kiev is planning to buy some ‘democratic’ vaccine in the near future and present it as its own achievement. In the worst case scenario, the Zelensky administration is going to employ questionable locally developed medications (with a high risk to patients) on its own citizens. The achievements of the Ukrainian state since the 2014 coup is pretty impressive. Ukraine lost Crimea, the region of Donbass and the sovereignty, but got the fake European integration, the fake investments from the ‘Western partners’ (in fact looting of the country), fake patriots (neo-Nazis), fake church (loudly promoted as an ‘independent one’) and the fake government (led first by the oligarch and then by the comedian). Now, it’s time for the fake vaccine.

The only hope of the Ukrainian citizens is that Zelensky’s fake vaccine project will crumble as the ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Ukraine, created with the same intentions of countering all Russia-linked (even if by words) and use the anti-Russian hysteria for some tactical political achievements, has already crumbled. In this case, the potential damage from new brilliant inventions of the Kiev government will be minimalized.


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johnny rotten

In the land of the madmen, the bullshit never ends.

Антон С

These madmen closed all state owned tuberculosis and psychiatric clinics at spring, because no money. Now so called prime minister of Kiev regime speaking about no money to pay pensions after next 15 years: “We will have to double taxes, but companies against it. We will not be able to pay pensions after 15 years. This is simple arithmetic.”

(“Нам придется в два раза увеличить налоги, но компании выступают против этого. Мы не сможем через лет 15 платить пенсии. Это простая арифметика.”)


The question is that, who will use those from Ukraine??


I am out.

Maybe israelis will do. They have become great buddies with the ukrops.

Porc Halal

No wonder, their president is a jew…


A jew supporting nazis. I have seen everything!!

Porc Halal

You shouldn’t be so surprised tho…judaism is nothing but communism/socialism…NSDAP stands for National Socialist German Workers’ Party and it was funded and founded by the wall street jews…

Антон С

NSDAP has no connection with socialist ideology, it’s ultra-nationalist. Same as Zelenskiy have no connection with judaism or jewish culture, he is a cosmopolitan in worst sense of this word. Same as Trozkiy and other revolutionists.

Porc Halal

I disagree with you on this point…in any case, how would you interpret the presence of “socialist” and “workers” words inside the party’s name (of the NSDAP)??…

Антон С

Easily. You’re not the first who got tricked by the title of NSDAP. It was enemy of any socialist and communist movements n Germany and abroad. Do you know that socialism is 100% means of production must be in public hands? I.e. all factories and plants, electricity, raw materials. 3rd reich was known by such magnates as Krupp, Porsche and so on. It’s not socialist method of management. So the 3rd reich wasn’t socialist not by ideology and not by type of economical management. In modern Moldavia so called Communist party is not communist actually. When they were at power with president Voronin, they preferred euro-atlantist vector instead building of communism. Same as many “democratic” parties are nazist in reality, if to look at Ukraine or Pribaltica.

Porc Halal

Are you for real?!…I grew up and lived for a good part of my life under a communist regime…are you trying to teach me what communism/socialism is?!…try harder…

Porc Halal

Let me rephrase it “ the first (ie R. Moldova) is now a romanian “independent” state, in fact a russian satellite”…

Антон С

“Moldova is a region of Romania”

I stopped reading after that, you’re delusional, if denying real life. And Romania was never communist. Even close. I can say more – communism was never built. Read more, remove your illusions. If you wish.

Porc Halal

am I delusional?!…dude, your brain is toasted…you are a russian who have been brainwashed by delusional russian fake history propaganda…but hey, who cares?!…

Porc Halal

And still they were all jews!…nobody can deny this fact

Антон С

As previous one. His father’s real surname was Walzman.

Captain Freedom

Joe & Hunter Biden are already the first ones in the line


They have even fought and won a war on Mars, against the martians. Now the planet is free to be colonized by terrestrials.


hah a junkie leads dead country.


I would hope that the Azov battalion is the first to be given the vaccine . They deserve it :)


Without surprise, genocide should also soon happen in Ukraine.. The sheeple will not protest it

cechas vodobenikov

if true one of the few positive developments in ukraina

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