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Ukraine Buys British Missiles: A New Round Of Escalation?

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Ukraine Buys British Missiles: A New Round Of Escalation?

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Ukraine Buys British Missiles: A New Round Of Escalation?
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Ukraine Buys British Missiles: A New Round Of Escalation?

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On October 21, The Times, reported, citing a Ukrainian source, that Britain is in talks with the Ukrainian authorities on the sale of weapons to Ukraine, including Brimstone missiles. If the parties reach an agreement, it will be the first sale of missiles to Kiev by the UK.

Brimstone is a high-tech air-to-ground missile developed and produced by the MBDA international consortium for the RAF. They are guided by millimetric wave radar and semi-active laser and have a multi-effect, tandem-shaped warhead with adaptive fuzing. It is planned that the missiles will be the first delivered as ship-based weapon systems, and the possibility of their installation on aircraft is also considered. The cost of one missile is about £ 100,000.

Ukraine Buys British Missiles: A New Round Of Escalation?

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Given the unstable situation in Ukraine, the prospect of supplying high-tech offensive weapons is rather alarming news. The Brimstone’s name  is a reference to the American Hellfire missiles, of which the British weapon is an improved version. Won’t these provocative moves by the Ukrainian government lead to the biblical “fire and smoke and brimstone” coming down on their heads?

The Ukrainian authorities have been rushing out of the frying pan into the fire for a long time. On the one hand, there are downturns and economic uncertainty that have been going on for the last 12 years, which have now reached a critical stage due to the disaster in energy supply, inefficient state administration and the internal struggle between the oligarch’s clans that play a key role in the country. On the other hand, the Ukrainian government has no way to oppose the Euro-Atlantic elites and their project, according to which the country should function as an irritant to Russia and an element of the arc of instability in Eurasia.

The Brimstone delivery is just one in a series of news stories about Anglo-Saxon military support for Ukraine. In June, London and Kiev signed a memorandum on the joint production of warships for the Ukrainian navy. The parties agreed to jointly design and build warships in Ukraine and Great Britain, reconstruct Ukrainian shipbuilding enterprises, and build two Ukrainian naval bases on the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

On October 19, President Zelensky met a very important guest, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. The latter said a great deal on the topic of what the geopolitical role of Ukraine is. Austin once again called on Russia to “end its occupation of the Crimea,” spoke about the doors to NATO being open to Ukraine and Georgia, and of course that the war in Donbass was solely the result of Moscow’s actions, and that the United States is doing everything possible to support Ukraine in this conflict.

Here we observe a very rational policy on the part of the US and the UK. The policy towards Kiev is an example of how they “warm up” hot spots around their geopolitical opponents, such as Russia and China, supply local leaders militarily and sometimes financially if the latter’s economy is on the verge of collapse, and provide stable information support, solely define who are fighters for freedom and democracy, and who are aggressors and oppressors in regional conflicts.

In today’s serious confrontation between the great powers, one of the main Euro-Atlantic aspirations is to prevent their opponents from leveling these very hot spots and moving on to developing strategic cooperation with each other. It is no coincidence that along with Ukraine, Austin visited equally unstable Georgia, and his slogans there were similar, because the principle of Tbilisi’s actions towards Russia is the same – provocation and distraction. It does not matter that London and Washington are not interested in a real partnership with the underdeveloped countries of the former Soviet Union for reasons of expediency, and neither Georgia nor Ukraine will be accepted into NATO, because they simply do not meet the criteria for membership, and the supply of missiles will not help to resolve the conflict in Donbass but will give a new escalation and new human casualties. It is important that the project of Anglo-Saxon politicians successfully performs its function of forming the conjuncture of international relations around Russia, and neither Moscow nor other participants of these relations can oppose it so far.


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zionist idiots zelensky and kolomoisky buying british garbage? How surprising. Talk about a kick back scheme.


Britain wants in on the US created Ukrainian graft, trough-feeding, scam. And, after few years head start, US is saying, well okay, you can have a small slice too.


They use Ukrainian weapons more.

Last edited 1 month ago by Zarathustra
AM Hants

Not forgetting Zelensky’s other mentor $oro$. Why is Bill Browder running things over in Integrity Initiative, which the UK Government fund primarily for media disinformation against Russia?


Not much different than Roman Abramovich, triple Russian-UK-Israeli citizenship. Russia also runs media disinformation against US and UK, who run disinfo on Russia. All are jewish-controlled, Israel is clearly the largest benefactor at the expense of America, Britain, and of course Russia.

Aleksandr Dugin’s Summary On His Views Of Israel & Zionism: https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/aleksandr-dugin-summarizes-his-views-on-israel-and-zionism_VxSE5HrJ9mDLtft.html

Aleksandr Dugin Embraces Aleister Crowley English Subs 1995 Crowley’s Memoirs:

comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by Zarathustra

What “disinformation”?


What’s freakier is that Josef Stalin’s granddaughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, defected to the United States in the 1970s and married William Wesley Peters.


Her daughter is Olga Peters, 49 years-old. This dyke renamed herself Chrese Evans and lives in Portland, Oregon.
comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by Zarathustra

Older photo:
comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by Zarathustra

Just remember, cash on delivery guys, or you’ll never see your payment. Winter is coming Yukies…..


Are they buying western aircraft able to use them or perhaps deploy them in tall buildings and trees? I guess if the use them on those ‘assault boats’ the USA gave them they could double as an outboard motor.

Last edited 1 month ago by HB_norica

ukronazi pigs like to target children’s schools with large caliber howitzers. No secret…


Not sure if this is to intimidate Russia, but if it is, won’t intimidate them especially when Europe is trying to buy more Russian weapons over American

Gorgeous George

The only idiots in this deal are ze Germans because they are going to pay it. Finally the missiles will end up in NK :). Well, maybe not they have better homegrown stuff.

Dick Von D'Astard

What platform would Ukrainian Air Force be using to deploy the Brimstone weapons from?

Rather intriguing.


Not only that. But considering their financial situation this is pretty much the most moronic move they can make now. Well, just another example clearly showing how great western democracy works :-)

Dick Von D'Astard

What I’m thinking here is that the missiles are going to be stored within Ukraine for when the British establishment (under Rothschild diktat) lose another war over Crimea.

AM Hants

Has Ukraine actually got an Air Force, in working order?

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

I wouldn’t call it high tech.


there is no such thing as british missiles and if ukraine means throwing money towards britain than sure it wont threaten anyone at the end of the day

AM Hants

If they build a Naval Base in the Sea of Azov, what type of ships will actually be able to navigate the sea? What is the main reason, besides the UK wanting to recreate the Crimean War. Gosh, we cannot even defend ourselves (UK) from dinghy tourists, so how the hell are we going to set Ukraine up, to try and take out Russia? In fact, has Parliament agreed to go to war with Russia, as I assume it will end up being an act of war?

Rodney Loder.

The Australian political situation was the front runner for the Ukranian Civil War but Ukraine was only 50% on the losing side Australia is 85% on board to be annihilated when AUKUS takes on China, Russua and Iran combined, without Angela Merkel Germany is unlikely to be there for the two brats and the spoilt child to fight anything stronger than an already broken South Asian State and lose even there.

AUKUS is not without options but the US has none, the US either confronts China’s rise or be pushed out of the African / Asian and Turkish spheres of influence, there is no going back for the US but Australia and the UK can easily just walk away, it only takes one election then live to fight another day for another cause, the US is an accident about to happen.

Anyhow Ukraine’s demise doesn’t have to be Australias future, Australia can eaisly announce that the Freemason / jew maggot alliance no longer rules the Country because none of their evil dreams and schemes came to fruition as they were always contingent on my acquiescence which will never be forthcoming. God is great (swt).

Last edited 1 month ago by Rodney Loder.
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