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Ukraine Became World’s Largest Nazi Hub

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Ukraine Became World's Largest Nazi Hub

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The Soufan Center, a US-based think tank published its report “White Supremacy Extremism: The Transnational Rise of the Violent White Supremacist Movement,” released on September 30th. [pdf]

The Soufan Center was founded by Ali Soufan, a former FBI agent, with broad experience in anti-terrorism, even in the operations to find and eliminate Osama bin Laden.

“White supremacy extremism is a growing transnational threat and one that is too large not to tackle head on,” Soufan said. “As the world has become more and more interconnected through social media, white supremacy extremists have found it easier and easier to recruit, fundraise, and spread violent propaganda. Moreover, white supremacist extremists are imitating Salafi-Jihadist groups like Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, and many are taking advantage of international conflicts –such as the conflict in Ukraine -to expand the global white supremacy movement. Our new report outlines how these groups currently operate across the world and provides actionable solutions for policymakers, civil society, security services, and law enforcement agencies to combat this brand of violent extremism.”

In it, even a Washington-aligned think tank can’t deny that Ukraine has become a safe haven for White Supremacists.

Of course, this is presented as a threat to United States interests more than anything, but, after all, the ‘youngest democracy’ in Europe is first of all the youngest Nazi-infested state.

As per the report, Nazi extremists (called WSE or White Supremacist Extremists in the report) pose a clear terrorist threat to the US.

There are transnational networks that operate in the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa and others.

The thing they have in common: Ukraine.

“These networks share approaches to recruitment, financing, and propaganda, with Ukraine emerging as a hub in the broader network of transnational white supremacy extremism, attracting foreign recruits from all over the world. Where jihadis travel to fight in places like Syria, white supremacists now have their own theater in which to learn combat—Ukraine, where the conflict between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces has been raging since 2014, attracting fighters from around the globe who are fighting on both sides. Recent research shows that around 17,000 foreigners from 50 countries, including the United States, have gone to fight in that conflict.”

There are many similarities between jihadi terrorists and Nazi extremists.

“While fighters espousing white supremacist, beliefs have traveled to Ukraine, others have joined for a variety of reasons, much like their jihadi counterparts. Nonetheless, many fighters, particularly from Western countries, have taken advantage of the conflict in Ukraine to expand the global white supremacy extremist movement.”

Of course, not all of the people that travel to Ukraine and want to take part in the conflict targeting civilians and blaming everything on Russia because they want to be radicalized, but it just somehow turns out that way.

Some of them go there because they’re seeking “adventure” or out of “sheer boredom,” but those also get radicalized sooner or later.

There is also a table presenting the numbers, and allegedly most of these foreigners traveled to Ukraine to fight on the side of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, which is, quite honestly, absurd to anybody that has even paid a little bit attention to the on-goings in the Donbass. Since the very start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, forces of the Donetsk and Luganks People’s Republics have been declaring that they are resisting to the pro-Nazi Kiev regime. Therefore, it’s quite strange to expect that real Nazis would go to support them.

Ukraine Became World's Largest Nazi Hub

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The analysis in the table was made by Arkadiusz Legieć, Senior Analyst at the Polish Institute of International Affairs, 2014-2019. An “independent researcher” from the US’ proxy state in the EU.

Despite most allegedly going to fight on the side of the Russian-backed separatists, the report underlines how many were recruited by the Azov Battalion, one of the Nazi-infested “volunteer battalions” fighting on the side of the Ukrainian government.

“In Ukraine, the Azov Battalion has recruited foreign fighters motivated by white supremacy and neo-Nazi beliefs, including many from the West, to join its ranks and receive training, indoctrination, and instruction in irregular warfare.”

There appears to be quite a few similarities in how al-Qaeda recruits terrorists and how the Azov Battalion does so.

“There are striking resemblances between the Azov Battalion’s Western Outreach Office and al-Qaeda’s Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK), which was responsible for promoting the cause and helping recruits reach the battlefield. Just as Afghanistan served as a sanctuary for jihadist organizations like Egyptian Islamic Jihad and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in the 1980s, so too are parts of Ukraine becoming a safe haven for an array of white supremacy extremist groups to congregate, train, and radicalize. And just like the path of jihadist groups, the goal of many of these members is to return to their countries of origin (or third-party countries) to wreak havoc and use acts of violence as a means of recruiting new members to their cause. Unlike jihadis who are attempting to strike Western targets, though, radicalized white supremacists have the added advantage of being able to blend in seamlessly in the West, just as Brenton Tarrant was able to do. For Russian neo-Nazis, the International Russian Conservative Forum serves as the rallying point for white supremacy extremists from all over the globe to congregate and network.”

It is noteworthy that the report seems to complete disregard the fact that the Azov Battalion is a formation fighting on the side of the Ukrainian government and it is dubbed a Russian group.

A mention of Russian white supremacist movements is also made:

“On the other side of the conflict in Ukraine, Russian groups like the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) and its paramilitary unit, the Imperial Legion volunteer unit, attract and train foreign fighters motivated by white supremacy and neo-Nazi beliefs. Interestingly, 155there has been a decline in the public presence of white supremacy extremist street movements within the Russian Federation. Despite having a significant neo-Nazi skinhead subculture to draw on, many WSE ultranationalist groups have either been co-opted or suppressed (or, as often is the case, both) by the government.”

Despite trying to spin it as if Russians were actually behind the rise in Nazism in Europe and throughout, the report makes a very convincing case that Ukraine is the central hub and the “Nazi volunteer battalions” serve as the perfect training grounds of terrorists around the world.


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cristi cristikosk

financed by the kikes like Kolomoiski, so.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ea041306aec8b4f17f5309f98fb69eb11ae8dd9584f9791368de8bd8fffef89d.jpg


First we have reports that the Neo Nazi’s are led by Zionist Oligarchs and now that Nazi’s are working for the Russian side too. Obscuring the truth, good old western think tanks.

Despite trying to spin it as if Russians were actually behind the rise in Nazism in Europe and throughout, the report makes a very convincing case that Ukraine is the central hub and the “Nazi volunteer battalions” serve as the perfect training grounds of terrorists around the world.

AM Hants

Atlantic Council, who for some reason have been heavily assisted by Burisimo, which has connections to Kolomoisky, the leader of the European Jewish Community, in Ukraine and the founder of the Nazi ‘Azov’ Battalion. Together with the assistance that George Soros, Open Society, provides them. Remember, how Soros bragged about the best times of his life, was when the Hungarian, born into the Jewish faith, was a Nazi Collaborater. it was on 20 December 1998, on the ’60 Minutes Show’. George Soros, who financed the violent Ukrainian coup d’etat. Then you had Google, the US State Department and Rockefeller Group, who were also involved in the Atlantic Council, primary Think Tank to NATO.

Back in 1961 the Atlantic Council was set up. At the time that Allen Dulles was running events, no matter who the President was, over in the US. With the Ukrainian Krushchev, running the Soviet Union. Funny, how Earl Browder, the grandfather of Bill Browder, back in the late 30s, was the leader of the US Communist Party and together with Reinhard Gehlen, worked with Allen Dulles, to decide which Bolshevik and Nazi Elite, were to be given safe passage in the first CIA exercise, Operation Paperclip. How many of the children/grandchildren from those provided safe passage in Operation Paperclip can now be found in positions of power and also happen to be members of the Atlantic Council?


Yeah, usually our eh…. “eminet” MSM screams on the top of their lungs, when any swatica witch is spray painted anywhere on/in this world, everytime some dipshit sparys/paints it they whine about nazi this or nazi that, and we all know witch tribe owns the MSM, but somehow, they dont write an word about whats happening with this scums in Ukraina, that, SF is an riddle isnt it. Then you can ask your self, how come, why dont this media prestitutes and whorespondents yapp something about this, because this are an callical Psy-op, designed to be f…. knows what, but that is what we persive and this is to me, just another wankeedoodle shitfor brain propaganda stunt, then they blaim Russians for it should tell you that, not for me to point it out that this are created to be an force, like an force to eradicate narratives as Nationalism, like the core mission of A. Breivik, since he claimed he was an nationalist, when this same people/group is cooperating/training/whatever, with Wahabi Muslims, and they, the Wahabi are the main reason for the constant barrage of bullshit about Islam in general, and then why. And the fact they attack Russians should be another prof of been an force for terror, than this childish waving with flags, they obviously dont know jack shit, but they know it have an effect and thats why they do this, if nationalists, at least I expect using their native flags, like the color revolution in HK waving AmeriTards flags, etc, tells me they are just an pack of teraitores and thats it, selling their own land to foreign forces.

I know why, but I am not shure some of you see this, when we know whom founded, armed and trains this f…. even ISISrael admitted this, the Al-CIAda is behind this to, incl Brits etc, where even EDL an so called nationalistic group was lead by an Jew. I am a bit disapointed with some since they either dont wanna know, or refuses to aknowledge that this are an force made to be an scape goat for hammering nationalists and Christians to Mulism. But the fact is, this are not covered by the western Anti-semitic screaming MSM. If you cant see that, you indeed have an problem, its called controlled oposition, to create narratives about so called Nationalist, and compare anyone whom fights, not bwith violence but thru information and political rethoric against the NWO. You must learn to differentiat, non of us like this scums at all, just wipe them out, that would be the best thing to do, but thats not happening, and ask rather why that is an fact, than whine something about Nazis or what is/was Germany.


chris chuba

They are probably correct about most volunteers fighting for the Dontetsk / Luhansk side because they are (intentionally) conflating total volunteers vs Nazi volunteers. It can both be true that most volunteers fight for the ethnic Russians while 100% of the Nazis fight for western Ukraine. Just look at the numbers for the Russian Federation.

Toronto Tonto

As soon as all putins Nazi Russian troops go home the issue will be solved .

AM Hants

I wonder how long it will take till they start saying that Adolf was born and bred in Russia?

9 May – Russia and many other nations celebrate the defeat of the Nazis/fascists. Russia, who lost around 13 million, during WWII, out of the 26 million the Soviet Union lost. Russia, the Battle of Stalingrad, and didn’t that force Adolf to run back to Berlin? Funny, how those who fully supported Adolf, over in Ukraine and Poland, are trying to blame their actions, past and present, on Russia?

Zionism = EVIL

No “eh” today? Uki Jew dumbass moron :)

Toronto Tonto

Sorry next time pal .

Real Anti-Racist Action

Umm… any historians knows that the word ‘nazi’ stems from the word Ashkenazi-Jew who are (Khazars) Actually Israel is the largest bastion of ‘nazi’s’. New York has a huge Ashkenazi population as well. https://biblicisminstitute.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/khazaria.jpg

Sage Durham

So the story goes – back in that time (850AD) – Russia and some other surrounding kingdoms got the shits with Khazaria (evil empire) – from all their murdering and kidnapping of children and families and then stealing identities. So the Russian coalition successfully took over the khazars and forced them to choose 1 of the Abrahamic religions – Christianity, Islam or Judaism. They chose Judaism – but secretly kept worshipping their evil gods….. And yes – after being defeated a 2nd time after reverting back to their murderous ways – they were forced to flea into exile. But having been so murderous – it made them rich. So they used these riches to infiltrate all the countries they spread to (mostly Europe) and thus by scheming and murdering – they became bankers… and then… the cabal. The shadow government which is the power behind the power. Probably what JFK was talking about just before he was assassinated.

Who are they? ASHKENAZIS

Shorge bill

it comes from ‘national socialist’ in German — , you fascist moron. “NationalsoZialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte” meant to have been in opposing analogy with the “Sozi” party SoZialdemokrat (social democratic party).

You racist idiots will just make up anything and come up with nonsense ‘patterns’ in anything to justify your own preconceived fascist conspiracy notions. Capitalist oligarchs and settler-colonialists have always supported fascists no matter their national/ethnic origin; because fascists attack communists who want to take the oligarch’s property, and can be used to scapegoat ‘outsiders’ for the troubles of society and violently expropriate and expand against them, which increases oligarch and ‘in-group’ wealth and land. Scapegoating instead of having the people realize it’s not any ‘outsiders’ or ‘other’ nationalities causing issues, but simply the domestic and international oligarchs and their exploitation of workers that is ruining their lives, and so rising up against them together.

It’s very simple and straightforward history, which you avoid actually learning about in exchange for this idiot nonsense.

Zionism = EVIL

AshkeNAZI is the mother of all NAZIS.

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