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JUNE 2021

Ukraine and EU are imitating talks with Russia

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Ukraine and EU are imitating talks with Russia

Originally appeard at Rusvesna, translated by Vladislav Krasnodarski

In the recent days in Brussels, took place the sixth meeting of the ministry pertaining to the association agreement of Ukraine and the EU. In the fields of the meeting was discussed the intent of Ukraine and the European Union to begin from the 1st of January 2016, temporarily use of the trade and economic charter that was signed between them in 2014 (European Union Association Agreement).

As it stated on the Russian Ministry of Affairs website, the hope of preserving a profitable trade for the  regimes of Moscow and Kiev “was fated not to occur”.

“The reason is simple: nobody of our partners even intend to reach an agreement and search for some kind of compromise with Russia. The EU and Ukraine are categorically and principally refusing to find any kind of possible results of the negotiations in the form of legally binding documents. At the same time Ukraine, with the silent blessing of the European Commission and in violation of the September 2014 agreements, actively continued the implement rules of the “frozen” agreement with the SA into their legislation”,-said the MID (ministry of foreign affairs)

The Ministry stressed that Russia until the end did not refuse to have talks, and cited the Minister of Economic Development Alexie Ultsekaev, who earlier underlined that, “There are quite a few countries, who are at the same time members of two free trade zones. But there are no examples of any countries being members of two different systems of technical, veterinary, and customs regulations at the same time”.

“In response our partners pursued simply an imitation of negotiations and obvious tactical manipulations with the intention of wasting the time and force of Russia to face the fact: the trade and economic part of the agreement will take effect on January first 2016 regardless of the results of the so-called “negotiations”,

It was noted in the department:

“We will not address the myth of profitability of the agreement (SA) for Ukraine. We can’t stop the current leadership in Kiev from harming their country by subverting their economy to external influence – these are Ukraine’s own internal affairs, even as bureaucrats in Ukraine and Brussels claim that Ukraine made its own “sovereign decision”. It is unclear why Russia should be the one paying for this decision. We have our own economic interests, which we will not sacrifice to satisfy someone else’s ambitions.”

In the current situation Russia must take steps to prevent economic risks and guarantee the protection of  its legitimate interests.” – stated the Ministry.

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