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Ukraine Abducted Two Russian Soldiers from Crimea


Ukraine Abducted Two Russian Soldiers from Crimea

Photo: kyivpost.com

Moscow has accused Ukraine of abducting two of servicemen from Russia’s Republic of Crimea.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the servicemen were “illegally detained” on November 20 and taken from Crimea to Ukraine’s Mykolaiv region. Moscow called the incident “another act of gross provocation” and called for their “immediate return”.

Ukraine argues the detained men – Ensign Maxim Evgenyevich Oditsov and Junior Sergeant Alexander Vyacheslavovich Baranov – are deserters, who defected to Russia from the Ukrainian military in 2014. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) added that the pair were apprehended after crossing into Ukrainian-controlled territory.

Considering the wide media coverage of incident, Rusisa’s leadership is pushed to search some diplomatic (or other) way how to return the servicemen back home.

Earlier in November, a number of men were arrested in Crimea and accused of plotting acts of sabotage against military objects in the peninsula. Several men were shown on Russian TV confessing to the claims and confirming their links to Ukrainian special services. Kiev has rejected the accusations.

This analysis was released by SouthFront in August 2016:



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  • Byzantines

    That is the result of passive Putin policy against Kiev junta. He can not to offer the security for the Russian nation calling Calitcians, Baderistas and Azov battalion, “brothers“. With excuse that he will not be in the trap of provocation from Junta, he is risking the lives of Russians citizens. Kiev junta is still there because the Russian oligarchy interweaving with Kiev.

    • Takumi Fujiwara

      well putin cant do much we doesnt want a war it nato

  • Takumi Fujiwara

    russia should go and abduct an high number of ukrainian soldiers so that kiev would have no chance but to return the 2 russian soldiers