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UK Withdraws All Troops Training Syrian Militants In Turkey, Jordan And Syria

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UK Withdraws All Troops Training Syrian Militants In Turkey, Jordan And Syria

FILE IMAGE: Facebook, Special Air Service Regiment

The UK has quietly halted its efforts to train the so-called Syrian moderate opposition within a network of camps established in Turkey, Jordan and Syria, the Telegraph reported.

One of the camps where UK special forces were training the “opposition” was the at-Tanf garrison controlled by the US-led coalition in southeastern Syria.

According to the Telegraph, the UK Defense Ministry has confirmed the last 20 UK soldiers involved in the program returned home.

The UK troops were involved in the Pentagon’s $500m program aimed at training and equipping 5,000 “moderate opposition” fighters. However, the effort clearly failed.

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martin aguilar

Americans and British, the scum of humanity, have been clearly defeated in Siria !! Thanks God !!!


America, UK and Israel have been defeated in Afghanistan.


Its high time that the British Armed Forces stopped training TERRORISTS in far off lands in support of the US Empire of Chaos. By directly supporting proxy terrorists to overthrow the ELECTED president of Syria , the British Army has disparaged the many worthy actions of British forces during past centuries.

The men and women of the British Military are being used for the personal advancement of those who should in fact be put up against a wall and shot.

The various British governments who are responsible for this sad state of affairs in the 21st century are all culpable of treason.

Mahmoud Larfi

In case you didn’t notice, it’s still the British empire… and the US is its latest installment for world domination.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Have to disagree with you there this is a continuation of the Roman Empire as it never really stopped it’s ambitions.


I disagree! I believe the British are against the Americans! “Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer”. The Brits took back control of the USA with Central Banks but it was over taken by Jews! Russia is a British colony! Not proven but a well known fact even to most intillectual Russians! That story about MIG- 15’s making a copy of Rolls Royce engines by visiting the rolls Royce factory wearing soft soles on their shoes to pick up the metal shards to take back to Russia and analyse them! hahaha Trotsky, Marx and Lenin were all British agents! Communism is a British invention! Any country that has a red flag and hammer and sickle is British! Hong Kong was British! The Brits invent the tech and hand it over to the Russian’s! The Brits work with America but also work against them! Wikileaks is British intelligence!!!!!! Its made to bring down the USA! I know this is hard to grasp but there is so much proof! Especially during WW2. The Cold War was really Britain vs America via British proxy “the soviets”! Most Russian Oligarchs live in Britain! Profits from Russian oil and gas go to the city of London! if u are a white nation and in the commonwealth u are safe! The only enemy the Brits have are Jews! Jewish America vs Britain and its proxies! This is the real truth! Hidden in plain site! If you don’t believe me, start looking it up and u will find all the info u need! In Russia, this is almost common knowledge!

Moussa Saab

British empire collapsing too then. Just look at their economy.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The British collapsed long time ago and just lives on old glory days , it has never recovered it just slowly fading away. The members of the Commonwealth go their own way and only keep one of economic and humanitarian needs open to one another, there are only 2.5 billion people in it and most are Island nations.


America was an Empire but dwindling fast! UK was an empire but survived due to its alliances! Soviet Union was a Proxy Empire controlled by Britain! This is the real truth! So much proof is out there!

This is how wars are fought! We already see it now! U create fake enemies who actually work for u! The brits were doing this long a go! They are masters! The USA started doing this for the first time in the 1980’s with Al-Queida and their CIA asset Osama bin laden!

But the mastery of conflict are the British!

The Brits will survive any crash! The city of London is the financial capital of the world! But USA debt is not recoverable! 21 trillion with 340 million citizens! Left and right wing at each others throats! Guns Mexico on its border (a 3rd world nation ruled by gangs) Without the Reserve currency status, the USA is fucked! This is coming soon!

This is why American elites are fleeing to New Zealand and Tasmania This is a divide and conquer plan! Began long a go!


It must be very hard for these trainers to go home and explain how they recruited , armed and trained groups who shared their recruits, weapons, and tactics with terrorists who attacked Europe these past few years.

But maybe it is not hard if no one holds them accountable.


Better go after the politicians who were sending them.

roger temple

Too damn right you are!


The SAS are now needed at home to protect British Citizens from the same type of Wahabi gangs that the SAS were training in Syria :)

Flirting with terror groups as a cheap form of ‘power projection’ is never a really good idea and never has been.

Langaniso Mhlobo

It is true USA is a empire of chaose which over through elected Presidents.Supported by rubbish puppet British milky white puppets.Their don’t say it is wrong to USA just go with the flow like free rider condoms.


Britain is fast finding herself on the Wrong side of History. This is hardly surprising when one looks at the dire intellectual calibre and basic honesty of most politicians in Britain today.

Tudor Miron

Rats are running from the sinking ship.


Spending taxpayer money and risking their soldiers’ lives to train terrorists. Never go full retard.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Think the US and Norwegians are still there but they may need airlift to get them.


they realised its a lost cause to train ISIS…..oh no sorry my mistake…..syrian moderate opossition rebels i meant….

Carol Davidek-Waller

Since most of the ‘opposition fighters’ in Syria are foreign mercenaries, I doubt very much the folks the a UK were training were Syrians. Too many journalists continue to try and cast this as a civil war when in fact it is a foreign invasion. Yet another ham fisted regime change attempt by the drugged up degenerates in DC using surrogates and bullied allies.


I all the time repeat that there is no any other terrorist in the world except UK, America, Israel and the Saud family.


You are correct my friend.


100 ISIS have defected to SAA. Its so good news for me. I wish that all ISIS and Al-Qaeda defected to SAA.

Langaniso Mhlobo

The mastermind of depopulation,man to man marriage promoters USA,British and puppets have lost the war in Syria.Go and instigate North Korea for new unnecessary war.Self impose secret society global community of USA and puppets.


North Korea will be a step too far for the morons that control the US I think. Real war is not a Hollywood movie.


This guy in the picture is an australian SAS and not british SAS


The shameful use of the SAS ‘club’ there for all to see.


Yes Florian, just like in a circus in Bucharest.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

These Brits are probably dressed up as Kurdish Special forces and conducting operations for them in Iraq right now and been there at the start of the operations.


Oh dear, are the globalist’s head-choppers losing too badly? What a shame :P Best leave as quietly as possible and leave the cleanup to the Syrian coalition.


” UK Withdraws All Troops Training Syrian Militants In Turkey, Jordan And Syria “.. Sure! And we believe that instantly ;-)


It seems possible they are re-thinking their strategies. Mr Rycroft’s (you know Mr Rycroft? – he’s the shameless I’m sooo clever Mr Russia vitriol guy) … his contribution to the latest round of UNSC on NK was remarkable for all the things he didn’t say – and his complete dearth of support for his American counterpart’s call for “action.”

He also said this: “We continue to wish for a peaceful way forward. Dialogue will always be our end goal. But returning to dialogue without a serious sign of intent from Pyongyang would be a set up to failure. North Korea must change course to allow a return to dialogue. Were they to do so, the opportunity exists to end this crisis. Until that moment, we must stay the course on sanctions, and continue, as the Secretary-General has called for, to present a united front.”

These speeches are prepared in advance and they are very carefully worded; there is no hint or allusion that is not intentional. (Ignore the US – that lot think “Diplomacy = American instruction.”)

Now Mr Rycroft is not unaware of the Russia/China ‘double-freeze’ offer, ie., the only offer of dialogue on the table – so he’s asking for commitment to it directly from North Korea? America’s NATO allies have been remarkably subdued and unhelpful (to America) in this matter: they’ll support sanctions, they’ll support dialogue, but this time – they won’t support military intervention.

Russia’s overt displays of contempt for American stupidity and arrogance and their standing up to her aggression and blocking further attempts to more war is paying dividends…. her allies are taking a step back from her.


Rycroft was Bliar’s Private Secretary. He was involved in the push for the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq as well as the recent push for war in Syria. He is some kind of troublemaker!


“He is some kind of troublemaker!” ———— Yes! Complete embarrassment to any self-respecting Brit. But read that speech – not even a whiff of military action trouble-making in it.



You are right. His tone was very different from anything I’ve heard from him regarding Syria. He was really pushing for war in Syria, but not in NK, thankfully. Haley looked silly. I enjoyed the moment when she said about not letting your guard down when you have nukes pointed at you. You could see in her face that she realised she could equally well have been talking about US weapons pointing at NK. I also enjoyed Putin’s cheeky comment about Austria and Australia the other day. It’s the first time I’ve noticed him not using diplomatic language.


Yeah – this display of overt official Russian contempt for the USG and state is most … illuminating. And now it’s coming directly from Putin… probably, the most admired and respected leader in the world today. (…I think it might be directed at Europe (esp old Soviet bloc) … “This is your protector?” But it’s off the cuff so one can’t really take it at more than face value..)

First America insult from Putin I noticed was when Snowden was stuck in Sheremetyevo (see, thanks to the US a South African can now pronounce and even spell impossible Russian names) … he was asked what he thought of the raucous demands coming out the US and he replied “It’s a lot like shearing a pig; too much squealing, not much fur.” (I nearly hit the floor when I heard that one. That was when I sat up and started taking notice of one Mr Vladimir Putin.)

———— I thoroughly enjoyed Nikki’s “insulting.” LOL LOTS of things the Russians are doing/saying these days are “insulting” America – the double-freeze offer isn’t one of them.

Cheryl Brandon

Go back to UK! You were training terrorists and, you have been named and shamed and, your crimnes revealed;Bloody bullies/illegal squatters.

Real Anti-Racist Action

More British lies. Mi6 and their SAS stooges never leave the ME, never do. They are still inside of Jordan and still inside of Turkey. Maybe they stopped training these terrorist and are instead training Kurd’s to attack Iranians citizens, but do not believe the fake controlled media or British politicians or Generals or Agents. The UK has strong presents inside of Turkey and Jordan at all times! http://en.farsnews.com/


The guy in pic has Australian flag – but same difference as both lend their militaries to US foreign aggressive war programs.


Training islamists is always stupid, no matter for what cause. in the end, they will always bite the hand that feeds them.

So UK is better off gone there.


The rats are leaving their sinking ship! Good riddance.

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA/NATO under UN security eye blind council is training terrorist but are concern with North Korea’s weapons testing.Of cause North Korea is right to have proper defence against Secret society USA/NATO =UN global terrorist community.For depopulation purpose their know any war with Korea will directly affect Russia and China that is why USA is pushing south Korea and Japan which is in sleeping mode eyes, instead of waking up from USA chaose.USA was the one forcing Syrian troops to with draw from Lebanon and later killed Harriri with mother of all bombs and accused Syria to have a reason to attack it.Where is Saddam weapons of mass destruction.If it was a threat why are USA threatening North Korea with weapons of mass destruction (nuclear weapons).Where is the Gaddafi who abandone nuclear weapons.Why is USA/NATO supported ISIS running the country.The books of UN Security Council was not yet close and puppet France attack Libyan army convoy and Libyan Presidential Palace while there was no order of attack from fake UN.

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