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UK To Expand Navy In North Atlantic To Counter ‘Russian Threat’

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UK To Expand Navy In North Atlantic To Counter 'Russian Threat'

FILE IMAGE: gulfnewsjournal.com

The British Armed Forces will expand their naval presence in North Atlantic in order to counter the “growing Russian threat”, the head of the Royal Navy Admiral Sir Philip Jones told Sky News.

The admiral said that a new Joint Area of Operations (JAO) will be created there meaning more regular deployment of British ships and aircraft.

“It is an intensifying resurgence of capability and scale that we didn’t necessarily see coming maybe 10 years ago. We have had to respond to that – it is also very modern, it is very capable.

“The signature of their vessels, their deploy-ability, their capability is very impressive. They’ve clearly been investing in the research and development to be able to do this.”

He also claimed that alleged Russian actions over fibre-optic cables that run thousands of metres below the sea are one of the reasons.

“We are aware Russians have the capability to detect and work on those cables and of course they are doing this in very difficult environmental conditions, at very great depth,” Admiral Jones said.

“It’s not easy to work out exactly what’s going on. We have to assess what they’re doing. We have to track what they’re doing, we have to monitor what they’re doing both on and below the surface, and we seek to do that.”

Earlier, the US announced that it would re-establish its Second Fleet in the Atlantic, also in response to the alleged Russian threat.

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For those who don’t know by now. Our white helmets cheerleader Fatty Boris, resigned as Foreign Secretary today!

AM Hants

Little Boy Gavin, will no doubt be going for the job, but, his mentor might soon be getting her P45. Interesting times, just in time for the Russian World Cup Finale.


I have ben saying for months that this scenario would happen and many considered it a conspiracy theory :)

I do like it when events kick the smug twats arses.

AM Hants

Jeremy Hunt has got the job. Cannot see him being as rude as Boris or the thing called Gavin. More old school. However, he would have been vetoed by the Rothschild Clan, so who knows how he will turn, in charge of the Rothschild Petty Cash Ministry.


” vetoed ” and vetted ?

Mind you a vet check would be more appropriate in his case :)

AM Hants

Ooooops, sorry, but, tired.


No worries. I tried to be as diplomatic as possible without any criticsm :) It would be useful to have a private messaging facility here I think as some other forums do.

AM Hants

I would take it as positive criticism, especially coming from you. Do agree with the PM facility. It would be brilliant.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Assad curse will strike this idiot off his arse another clown going down!!

Ariel Cohen

He’s not “Fatty”….he’s BMI-challenged and politically sick . ..


He is also a real cocksucker :)

AM Hants

They have sold it all. Except one RIB, plus the HMS Warrior from 1861, plus HMS Victory, both in dry dock. So what are they going to use?


Recycled refugee boats perhaps ? Its a Green option as well and would tick a lot of the boxes.

AM Hants

LOL, no doubt the ones that sank. Waiting for the tide to bring them in.


Of course :)

Ariel Cohen



Poor UK…..Becoming more and more irrelevant as time goes on….

Wise Gandalf

nice fishing boats


Russia will have more targets to play with and eventually sink, using EW, Yassen and black hole subs, Khinzhal and Zircon hypersonic missiles delivered form air and sea borne platforms.


They have no money. US can print with IOU papers offering but not the same with UK. They just commissioned soon to be obsolete expensive aircraft carrier and to make matter worse the aircraft it supposed to host were F35. All the while the economy take a slow dive that strangle their citizens lower and middle income families.


I heard about this, during the Cold War there was a loose defensive line that ran Greenland, Iceland, Norway to contain the Soviets. When the Cold War ended this area was hit hardest by budget cuts for obvious reasons and most ships sent elsewhere. But as I sure we all know, there is a resurgence of conflicts old and new.

Gary Sellars

The least the RN can do is to paint large red circles on port & starbrd. That way, it make it easier for the Rusky pilots to fix their targets once they have found them by following the trail they leave of oil and floating debris…

Fayez Chergui

what Russian threat?


Real diplomacy ? :)


Looks like the UK/EU are going to go to way of USSR? The US says they caused the USSR to go broke with cold war spending, looks like it’s UKs (and NATO/EU) turn. My bad, they’re already broke…and they can’t be fixed. Let’s see, Russia adding new gen warfare items almost daily, economy growing and diversifying, have just showed the world they are 1st class nation and the EU is energy dependent on them…US and EU at each others throats, sanctions against Russia and Iran hurting economically depressed west the most, causing friction and overseas peccadilloes coming home to roost. What’s next ?…eating their young?

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