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UK Ships 100 Light Armored Vehicles To Lebanon To Help ‘Secure’ Border With Syria (Photos)

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The United Kingdom has donated 100 light armored vehicles to the Lebanese Armed Forces to help to “secure” the border with Syria.

On January 18, the British embassy in Beirut announced that the vehicles, Land Rover Wolfs, had set sail to Lebanon from the Kingdom’s southern coast. All the vehicles were upgraded with a Revised Weapons Mounted Installation Kit (RWMIK). The vehicle’s worth around £1,5 million.

The embassy said the vehicles will help the Lebanese military secure and stabilize the border with Syria and support its efforts against terrorists and smugglers.

“Really delighted that the UK has been able to donate these 100 vehicles to the Lebanese military,” Martin Longden, the UK’s Chargé d’Affaires in Lebanon, said. “It’s a great practical example of the friendship and collaboration between the armed forces of our two countries, and the UK’s genuine commitment to a strong and stable Lebanon.”

The UK’s support has allowed the Lebanese military to deploy four additional regiments on the border with Syria and to build more than 75 watch towers along the border in the last few years. The UK also trained 11,00 Lebanese service members and donated 350 4×4 vehicles.

The UK claims that its military aid is meant to help secure Lebanon’s border with Syria. The real aim of the Kingdom’s support is, however, to limit Hezbollah’s freedom of movement along the border. The Lebanese group receives much of its military supplies through Syria.

The UK, the US and France support the Lebanese military on the hopes of using it as a pawn against Hezbollah. However, the Lebanese military is still coordinating with Hezbollah on the Syrian border and in other parts of the country.


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Jens Holm

Nice try. They might need to donate fuel too. Saudis might help with that.


The vehicles are from surplus stocks that the UK cannot use in UK active situations due to Health and Safety requirements :)


The same happened with Cyprus. We bought all the retired land- rovers from the Dhekelia bases and when Turkey intervened in Cyprus in 1974, the RAF planes bombed the material they sold us. These are our donors on the one hand they help us and on the other they bomb us.


When the British army largely withdrew from Egypt after WW2 , there were thousands of military transport vehicles that the British no longer needed or wanted back in Britain.

Rather than donate the vehicles to the Egyptian government, they were literally driven or pushed off the ramps of landing craft into deeper waters just off Egyptian coast.

The Egyptian Government departments and people who then needed to buy new vehicles from Britain etc. The Egyptian people and state had suffered greatly from European nations playing at war in THEIR country.

johnny rotten

United Kingdom, United States, still call them that while in reality you cannot find anything more disunited.

Peter Moy

This looks really benevolent on the part of BoJo. Wait until the Lebanese see how much mileage is on the odometers. They were probably better off with Toyota Hilux pickup trucks – excellent for modifying into ‘technicals.” (Just ask ISIS).


He points out the crimes of Israel in order to legitimize them in advance.

Hind Abyad

Israel made US a banana republic.


La Montagne de sucre pollue la Planete

Mark Zuckerberg censors governments



Mark Zuckerberg’s company Facebook is already used to censoring governments. After closing French Army accounts in the Central African Republic and Mali in December 2020, plus those of the incumbent President of the United States in January 2021, Facebook has also just closed those of Ugandan president Museveni’s team.

The decision came a few days before the Ugandan presidential election in which President Yoweri Museveni was running for a second term, in an attempt to favour his adversary, singer Bobi Wine.

The above is in line with the partnership signed between the transnational company and the Atlantic Council to encourage “the correct use of Facebook in elections around the world, monitoring disinformation and foreign interference, helping to educate citizens and civil society”.

In 2011, at Israel’s behest, Facebook censored accounts calling for an uprising in the Palestinian territories [1].

Etc., etc…

Hind Abyad

Les Français laissent rien passer..
‘PAGE GAULLISTE DE RéINFORMATION . Les médias nous manipulent et nous mentent, sachons trier le bon grain de l ivraie’

Hind Abyad

Merci Alexandre!

Je vai lire avec beaucoup d’intérêt..


Ça c’est bien aussi !

[Tribu – La 1ere] Jusquʹoù lʹEtat peut-il nous contrôler? #tribuLa1ere

https://podcastaddict.com/episode/117710807 via @PodcastAddict

Hind Abyad

Je ne peux pas le croire;-( C’est rocambolesque…non?


osons rêver, c’est pas défendu !

En direct Antoine à 20h…


Hind Abyad

Oui c’est pas interdit ;-).. merci

Hind Abyad

That’s what Biden did this morning

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The news just keeps getting worse and worse for Iran, it’s like the wrath of God is being poured down upon them, what else could go wrong that hasn’t already.
First the Turks stop buying their gas from Iran and instead start buying US supplied LPG at a higher price, and that’s despite the fact they’re legally obligated to continue imports from Iran, now it’s going to International court.
Riots start in Iran that look like an open rebellion, and the only thing that stops the riots is the on start of the Corona Virus epidemic.
Then the epidemic hit hard and is still hitting hard [they’re not alone], that hurt on top of the already existing US sanctions.
Then Azerbaijan and Georgia closed their borders to Iranian trade, that’s hurting the Iranians financially and politically.
Then the Israelis started bombing the hell out of them and have escalated their attacks during the last 2 months which culminated in the big operation at the start of the week.
Then the EU ended their support for the Iranian nuclear deal and have now all aligned themselves to US policy, so no nuclear deal or ballistic defense deal for Iran now, it’ll be a fight to the death with Iran practically standing alone.
And the biggest one of all, South Fronts revelations about the real nature of Iran and Russia’s alliance in Syria, that was a really big hint that Russia is now viewing Iran as more of a problem than they are a help, so what will that mean if it’s the case, nothing good for Iran I’m sure.
Just imagine the Russians sitting down with the Jordanians and Israelis and discussing an autonomous zone on Syrian sovereign territory which excluded Iran, one the Russians and the Arab League Nations like Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, and even the Saudis, would have some say in, even Israel would have a voice according to what the article revealed, I had no idea they were discussing that, OMG, Assad must be choking on that one [I did].
And now we have this latest installment of ‘lets crap on Iran as much as we can’ from Briton and the Lebanese Government, so who’s next I wonder, I’m not even game to take a guess.

Hind Abyad

The purpose of the aid is to serve Israel’s strategies due to Iran’s emerging deterrent. The second ,to be close to the Russian base Latakia. The impending Israeli cage appears to be stable and planned.

Hind Abyad

”The first explosion was caused by an Israeli Gabriel anti ship missile launched from a vessel in the Mediterranean.The second explosion was caused by an Israeli Delilah missile launched from an F16.

There is an original untouched photograph of the “bird” photo provided below, which was taken at the moment the Delilah’s nuke went off, plus a photo of the recent nuke test in Syria. Photos are attached. This is an open and shut case of nuclear aggression, just as 9/11 was – and by the same core group of war-criminals. The “bird” may be an advanced, classified,
camouflaged armed/targeting/surveillance drone or it may be just a bird.
If it is a bird, it would appear to be large, perhaps condor sized (6-10 foot wingspan).

The two featured articles below are the main (updated) VeteransToday article and the VoltaireNet nuke article. The BlackListedNews links provide a means to back-track to previous articles and/or commentary. The “infrared” photos provided by VT cannot be
independently confirmed as genuine and so should be suspected as fakes for that and other reasons.

“The problem starts with the fact this was not a Hezbollah weapons depot – as even Israel admitted.” The problem is it WAS most probably a Hezbollah weapons depot. Just before the nuke hits you can see and hear the popping and crackling of ordnance cooking off in the video. And the red smoke plume resembles the red colour of solid rocket fuel burning off.

And Israel is lying per usual. And Pepe Escobar is dissembling per usual.’ comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image

Hind Abyad

comment image comment image comment image comment image Good Bye in English…?

signed Z


Finally, The Truth comes out!


~Well done Hind-the puzzle pieces are in place. I can go back to Aaron and show him my instincts are confirmed!
We had a long exchange on the ins and outs of this :http://disq.us/p/2ef87fo

Of course he was blaming Iran!


The ‘bird’ may be an advanced, classified, camouflaged armed/targeting/surveillance drone


Remember, friend, the first accusation coming out of Veterans Today (on day one) was that the still framed photo of the bird clearly seen flying through the frame (a single frame from a local cell phone video) was an Israeli missile fired from a F-16 which, strangely enough, no one actually witnessed.

Fact v Fiction: Iran’s Veterans Today lied by attempting to claim that a bird seen in a video was a missile. If memory serves in our discussion of the matter I pointed out the bird the very first day.

Hind Abyad

”On 23/9/2013, m/v Rhosus, flying the Moldovian flag, sailed from Batumi Port, Georgia heading to Biera in Mozambique carrying 2,750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate in bulk.
En route, the vessel faced technical problems forcing the Master to enter Beirut Port.

Upon inspection of the vessel by Port State Control, the vessel was forbidden from sailing. Most crew except the Master and four crew members were repatriated and shortly afterwards the vessel was abandoned by her owners after charterers and cargo concern lost interest in the cargo. The vessel quickly ran out of stores, bunker and THE ARRESTnewsIssued by the industry network devotedto ship arrests, http://www.shiparrested.comIssue 11. Edited by F.Arizonfelipe.arizon@shiparrested.comOctober 2015WITH THIS NETWORK OF TOP SHIPPING LAWYERS, ARRESTING OR RELEASING A SHIP HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER.Arizon Abogados SLP – Major Sponsor 2009/15IN THIS QUARTERLY ISSUE● The Identification of the “Fuel Supplier” Entitled to Claim a Maritime Lien in an in rem claim● m/v Rhosus – Arrest and Personal Freedom of the Crew● THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. The p&i Club Correspondent”

Hind Abyad

@HuggyBear, more evidence…

August 7- 2020 ‘Captain astonished to find out his ship delivered Beirut explosive’

Retired Russian mariner says he was abandoned by vessel’s owner in 2013 while transporting the dangerous cargo, stranded in port for 11 months..

“It’s very bad that people died; they had nothing to do with it. And I realized that it’s the government of Lebanon that brought about this situation,” he said.
‘A Hidden Tycoon, African Explosives, and a Loan from a Notorious Bank: Questionable Connections’
https://www.theelephant.info/long-reads/2020/08/27/a-hidden-tycoon-african-explosives-and-a-loan-from-a-notorious-bank-questionable-connections-surround-beirut-explosion-shipment/ ———————————————————————————————————–
‘Who Owned the Chemicals That Blew Up Beirut? No One Will Say’
August 11, 2020 8:54 am

‘Who Owned the Chemicals That Blew Up Beirut? No One Will Say’

Hind Abyad

IRAN?? haha..?

Hind Abyad

ISIS is back in Iraq.. in packed market a guy asks for help said felt sick everyone came to help detonated himself. Who’s ISIS..


Hind Abyad

Tout ça semble religieux..(?)

Hind Abyad

Why don’t USRAEL leave people alive?


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