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UK Sells Two Retired Combat Stores Ships To Egypt In Rare Deal

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UK Sells Two Retired Combat Stores Ships To Egypt In Rare Deal

The British fleet stores ship HMS Fort Grange (A385) underway. Fort Grange was renamed Fort Rosalie in May 2000 to avoid confusion with RFA Fort George (A388). U.S. DefenseImagery photo VIRIN: DN-SC-87-01122

On October 29, the UK Defence Equipment Sales Authority (DESA) announced it had sold the retired Royal Navy combat stores ships Fort Austin and Fort Rosalie to Egypt.

The DESA, which is a part of the Ministry of Defense’s Equipment and Support procurement arm, is responsible for the disposal of the UK Armed Forces’ surplus military equipment and vehicles.

“DESA is exceptionally happy to be working with the Egyptian Navy on the regeneration of two former Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships,” Head of DESA Clive Walker said. “This represents a tangible demonstration of the strengthening relationship between the two navies and the importance of the strategic relationship between the UK and Egypt.”

Fort Austin and Fort Rosalie were taken out of service with the Royal Navy earlier this year. In May, both ships were put up for sale to be scrapped. Later, however, the notice for recycling was withdrawn, likely as a result of Egypt’s interest in the ships.

The twin ships have the capacity to store 3,600 tons of stores, including refrigerated items, in four holds. They are also capable of replenishment at sea, using three 10-ton and three 5-ton cranes and vertical replenishment.

Each of the ships has a single spot flight deck, an emergency landing platform atop the hangar and a complement of up to four helicopters.

Before being sent to Egypt, Fort Austin and Fort Rosalie will reportedly be refurbished in the UK by the Birkenhead-based Cammell Laird shipbuilding company.

The deal marks the first sale of UK military vessels to Egypt in more than 30 years. The UK Government has hailed the landmark deal as part of its Global Britain vision. The total cost of the deal is yet to be revealed.

Fort Austin and Fort Rosalie will likely be used to support the operations of the Egyptian Navy Mistral-class helicopter carriers Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar El Sadat. Cairo has been working to develop its naval capabilities in order to cope with the raising threats in the Mediterranean and the Red seas for several years now.


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Yanuqis, Wahhabis, Zion, your day will come

British fukers going broke LMFAO…


actually their problem is incompetence and hybris


Royal Navy is now a disaster zone. Their subs break down, their new destroyers break down, and their new-ish capital carriers are white elephants they cant afford to stock with full inventory of boondoggle F-35 warplanes, so they have helicopters spaced out on the decks so it looks a bit less embarrassing. The RN is at a crossroads, as to whether decisions are made to haul themselves out of the mess, or the decline goes critical mass and becomes status quo for future.

Precisely. Stupid british pigs sell their garbage to canada, australia and other nations dumb enough to buy their garbage.

Their design and engineering is pathetic. No doubt the Russians & Chinese sit back and laugh at these idiots.

Donald Moore

Global Vision, sell what is left of their Navy and claim they are a world power!


british garbage, somewhere the Russians and Chinese are laughing…

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