UK Prime Minister Summons Cabinet To Vote On Joining US Strike On Syria – Report


UK Prime Minister Summons Cabinet To Vote On Joining US Strike On Syria – Report

UK Prime Minister Theresa May

UK Prime Minister (PM) Theresa May is to summon the cabinet on April 12 to discuss backing a possible US military action against the Damascus government in response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria’s Duma, the British BBC TV reported on April 11.

An unnamed senior British official told the BBC that May is still hesitating to ask US President Donald Trump to hold off any military action until she discusses a possible involvement of the UK with her cabinet.

Previously, May condemned the chemical attack in Duma and hinted that the Damascus government may be behind it. However, the Britch PM is yet to officially accuse Damascus of carrying out the attack.

Leader of the British Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn warned May from taking any decisions on Syria without the approval of the cabinet. Corbyn also stressed his rejection of any military action against the Damascus government as it could further escalate the situation in Syria.

The UK preparations for a possible military attack on Syria shows that the US and its allies are once again planning to ignore international investigation mechanisms and to make an unilateral decision over the Douma incident.

Main Scenarios Of Possible Military Escalation If US Strikes Syria



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  • World_Eye

    Bitch the biggest and ugliest bitch in the world

    • Drogba

      Tranny, just look at it .

  • MeMadMax

    Of course they will vote on it…

    They all need a distraction from the continuing economic collapse…

    • Starlight

      Please tell me you ain’t so thick that you do not know a British cabinet is APPOINTED by the PM, who can replace any member at any time for any reason- including to ‘fix’ a war vote?

      It is the House of Commons that is the representative democracy, NOT the cabinet. The commons is NOT voting on the war. Do you people know anything?

      • Lehrasap

        Please tell me you ain’t so thick that you do not know that British law is PM has not to ask the approval of House of Commons to start a war.
        Please tell me you ain’t so thick that you do not know that even in the House of common the majority belongs to the May. And rest of the liberals are also under the MSM influence and none of them is speaking against the staged drama of chemical bomb.

  • Bobby Twoshoes

    Can we stop calling it the “Douma attack” or the “Douma incident” there is still no credible evidence that anything actually happened.

    • Starlight

      Yes keep spewing that lie. Of course MI6 forget, to make fools like you happy, to manufacture the evidence it requires to sell this war to all the other nations.

      choice 1- murder women and children at a location completely under the control of forces of the West at the time (MI6/SAS, SAMS, White Helmets), thus crafting perfect evidence.

      choice 2- do nothing and trust to luck, so idiots on this forum can be pleased and reassured.

      Wow, I can see why so many of you are certain MI6 went for option 2.

      • Bobby Twoshoes

        What? I think I’m supposed to be offended but I can’t really take offence to that unintelligible word salad. Relax, think your rant through then please get back to me when you have something that can be understood by someone who doesn’t have schizophrenia.


    i would be surprise if they DONT

  • Russie Unie

    Impeach this bitch ! Long live Corbyn !

    • Starlight

      Corbyn the zionist monster who has been cleansing Labour of all anti-zionists? Don’t worry, this piece of blairite filth will be in power in the UK in time to oversee the Iran War.

      • RichardD

        Are you on prescription psychotropics for schizophrenia?

        “Israel’s Labor Party has officially suspended relations with Jeremy Corbyn in the wake of his handling of the antisemitism crisis.

        The chairman of the Israeli party wrote to Mr Corbyn on Tuesday accusing the British Labour Leader of having shown “hostility” to the Jewish community.

        Avi Gabbay said the temporary suspension was necessary as long as Mr Corbyn continues to “fail to adequately address the antisemitism within Labour Party UK”.”

        – Israeli Labor suspends ties with UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism crisis –

  • Ariel Cohen

    Her eyes are dark and evil-looking. She’s almost worse than Blair . .

    • Starlight

      She’s a puppet. A true puppet. Even Trump has a little free will- May has strings but no brain.

      • Ariel Cohen

        Aah, finally Starlight has begun to make some educated / politically astute comments .. .

    • Not as hideous as Fuhrerin Mutti Merkel, but a Silver Medalist, perhaps.

      • Ariel Cohen

        Merkel has the eyes of an old prostitute who has finally realized that she cannot get clients any more because of her old tired, worn out policies. .

    • jorge

      The British government action is only a motive to start a international war, And the motive of the british government was the prison of british intelligence officers and of special troop soldiers by the syrian army in Douma. That’s the reason why Theresa May looks so furious in the later days, and maybe also the explanation for the abduction of the Skripels. But the real reason for this international war, if there will be one, is the will of the imperialist western powers to rule the world, since the desintegration of the URSS. It will be a error crassus, lets see if they are going to make it.

  • JEinCA

    Now we know the reason for the false flag in England. It was about gaining approval by cabinet vote for a strike on Syria. Connect the dots.

    • Starlight

      God you are thick. So thick it is beyond comprehesion. The cabinet always does what the PM wants in the UK, cos the PM has the ability to APPOINT the cabinet. Does everyone here have to prove they have an IQ below 80?

  • alejoeisabel

    The Balfour Declaration was a Declaration of Surrender of the British Empire to the Zionist Rothschilds. Here you see the results for yourself.

    • Starlight

      Written by a DRIBBLER who’s never heard the word FABIAN.

      • JPH

        Can you be less cryptic?
        Sorry saw later your post below. Will read that first.

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    • Merijn

      The Whole UK including the Royals are infected by this Malignant-ZioNazi-Tumor….scalpels pretty useless…need a chainsaw to remove it…

  • RichardD

    If she’s smart, she’l sidestep the whole issue and opt out like Cameron did.

    • Bob

      Cameron didn’t opt out – he was soundly defeated in House of Commons when he tried to get Parliamentary authority to bomb Syria – using exactly the same ‘chemical weapons’ allegations back in 2013. This was totally unexpected result for UK government, and NATO, and it spooked Obama, who realized the western anti-war mood could equally backfire against him too. So he backtracked on his ‘red line’ threats, to engage in direct US military intervention against Syria, and stuck to indirect, covert, aggression via the sponsorship of a raft of Syrian based militant proxies.

      • RichardD

        That’s one way to look at it. I’m not sure how unexpected the vote was. They usually have a pretty good idea on those things ahead of time. And it’s questionable if he even had to put it to a vote for a one time strike type of deal. But it did give him a fig leaf to hide behind to stay out.

      • That was great fun. Obozo was staging Navy missile ships in the Med, just like Trump is doing now! It looked like there was no way to stop the attack. British people showed a spark of life saving America (temporarily) from igniting WW3.

        Now the Evil Walrus has “slam dunk” evidence, just as Colin Powell had prior to Iraq Invasion and destruction.

        • Bob

          It’s all getting very deja vu. Except this time Theresa May attempted to pre-prepare for the Parliamentary process approval with the ridiculous Russian chemical assassination script/event. These people seriously think the population cannot see through their stage management.

          • Sadly 95% of media act as the Propaganda Ministry in the Western “Democracies” and a sizable percentage of sheeple are too mind numbed to think. So they just eat or drink whatever the shepherd dishes out.

  • JEinCA

    I’m almost certain it was Mossad behind the false flag attack in Syria. If I was a betting man I’d put money on it. Of course the American Deep State and the Wahhabist White Helmets were in on it too, but Hyman Roth (The Zionists) is the puppet master and he played this scheme flawlessly.

    • Rakean Jaya

      Very highly likely, since the biggest beneficiary from destroyed Syria would be Israel(no one would questioned the Golan again) .

  • Starlight

    Tony Blair’s personal mouthpiece, the fabian run Guardian newspaper, known to older foreigners as the Manchester Guardian, has just reported what I have been TELLING you all day- that gas attack bodies and samples have been moved from East Ghouta to the forensic labs of the West. The gas attack was REAL- and a nerve agent directly linked to the Skripal false flag was used.

    The REASON Trump hasn’t started his strike yet is because Britainis using the PROOF of the nerve gas attack in East Ghouta to build a coalition of nations just as great as that which participated in Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq. The Guardian newspaper was also at the forefront of selling Blair’s lies for that war as well.

    Putin’s BIGGEST mistake was having his people LIE and deny a nerve gas attack happened- just like Putin LIED when that plane full of the cream of the Russian air service was shot down on approach a few weeks ago in Syria (Putin said it was an ‘accident’). Now this lie is ruining everything as May presents the evidence of the nerve gas attack (carried out in reality by an SAS officer working to MI6 instructions) to world leaders one-by-one, building a rock solid consensus against Russia.

    The intial massive blitz on Syria is to be a prelude to the invasion. America wasn’t sure at first they could pull the invasion off, but Putin’s lie, combined with Putin allowing NATO to already spearhead into the East via Turkish forces makes the invasion plan just to easy now.

    Within a day or so, the press will be FULL of stories about the nature of the nerve gas attack in Syria, and how as with the Skripals, it is an agent known to originate from Russia. MI6’s new recruit, the ‘poisoned’ daughter of the ex-spy, will give her long awaited statement condemning Putin, and demanding the world come together to take Putin out.

    Mi6 has wrong-footed the zionist appeaser to almost an infinite degree. Putin’s psychological collapse in the face of such sustained pressure will make it easy for him to retreat Russian forces out of Syria, throwing up his hands dribbling “what choice did I have- it was either retreat of WW3”.

    MI6 has broken Putin. The question now is “has Putin’s utter humiliation broken the spirit of the Russian people?”

    PS the footage of the drunken cretin that is Putin’s man at the UN, pawing and grabbing at the American representative- the vile and evil woman who has been screaming for the death of Syria since Trump appointed her- should make every person here sick to their stomach. Go watch the footage. Putin ensures Russia is a laughingstock when he allows such scum to represent and speak for Russia.

    Comparing the Russian rubbish at the UN with the dignfied Syrian ambassader is eye-opening.

    But you football hooligan supporters don’t care how poorly your side behaves, do you. It’s all screaming cheers for you with your brains switched off. “Poooteen, Pooteen, Pooteen, Pooteen”

    PPS now MI6 has discovered how perfectly the bold lying narrative of their false flags work, it’s false flags all the way from now on.

    • JEinCA

      Men like Putin don’t break. Russians don’t break but the weak feminized West will break when the Russians start shooting. They will break and retreat or they will launch the nukes and annihilate the world. I say those two outcomes are about 50/50.

    • RichardD

      “Britain is using the PROOF of the nerve gas attack in East Ghouta to build a coalition of nations just as great as that which participated in Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq.”

      You have zero grasp of reality if you actually believe the idiocy that you write. Few if any nations have any interest in getting involved in a gulf war type crusade when the target isn’t a regional autocrat, but the planet’s only military super power capable of defeating the combined might of NATO on NATO territory. Especially when a lot of them are close by would make themselves targets by participating. You’re completely nutters.

    • scott_ewing

      Have you seen the Oliver Stone interviews with Putin?

    • No one spins a yarn better than you, Starlight! You could probably be another Tom Clancy. The royalty checks would eclipse whatever Mossad pays you!

  • RichardD

    The evil Jew plan for NATO Jew 3 personnel in Syria:

  • Drogba

    What a disgusting tranny to be in charge of zionist country, just look at it’s Adams apple bulging out.This is the zionists NWO in action. Satanic evil scumbags.

  • Drogba

    May the satanic zionist tranny. Just look at it’s Adams apple bulging out.This is the zionists NWO in action. Satanic evil scumbags the lot of them.

  • rudy

    In case of bombing the main targets are, The WH, Downingstreet, 10 et l’Elysée !

  • Bob

    As Theresa May’s last ‘chemical attack’ narrative completely falls apart in UK with Porton Downs scientists announcing they have no evidence to point at Russia, May doubles down and declares Syria responsible for a ‘chemical attack’ based on nothing more than the al-Nusra affiliated, and British funded, White Helmets claims. Theresa May is a bad joke.

    • scott_ewing

      I sure as shit hope she’s reading these comments – and then figuring out for herself – that this bullshit ‘no holds barred ‘ CRAP- isn’t flying with most people.

  • scott_ewing

    What the FUCK is wrong with this woman? There’s no evidence.

  • Rakean Jaya

    It should be written as it is ‘US and allies. .. To ignore international investigation mechanisms and to make an unilateral decision over the – non existence – Douma incident”., i know this is quite prejudice, but seeing MSM reports, it’s beyond prejudices.

  • Merijn

    They should Novichok May….Pre-Emptive-Euthanization

  • Johan

    And the evidence ……? Without proof this is a Nazi like agression war May. He te vote is anonymouse, dought it.

  • alexis

    A couple weeks ago, I say my opinion in web discussion, about Scripal plus his
    daughter case, that it is artificially fabricated intelligence games of MI6 and
    CIA. We have heard about Scripal was poisoned by Novichok, but Britons never
    show him to public. Everything went through British Government to media. Scripal
    was never seen on TV. Only I did not understand the goal of this case, there is
    always an intention there. Then came another case, Goutha attack with chemical
    agent followed by accusation of Syrian government and Assad. Step by step, all
    this escalated. Then came the aerial attack on airbase T4 in Syria, now, there
    is US threat to Assad and Russia, with another attack by US Navy cruise
    missiles. The things start to move. Assad with Russia start to act, move their
    military power to new battle positions, Russia Naval ships leave Tartous,
    Russia increased number of anti-aircraft missiles in Syria…now, everything begin
    to have a sense. I would say, there was no poison of Scripal and his daughter.
    Both of them alieved after been contaminated by Novichok agent, 10 times lethal
    than Sarin gas agent. Only victims of this Novichok case are two Scripals pets.
    But not by agent, probably by hungry, the animals stayed at home alone for
    weeks without food. All this was intelligence game, preliminary to next actions
    of the US+GB in Syria against Assad and Russia. Assad win in war against
    rebels, the Turkey faces to USA here too. In Ghouta anti-Assda rebels lost
    their positions, they must leave Ghouta and remove to Idlib. ISIL is scattered by
    now and Ghouta is very close to Damascus, it had priority. Now, will be
    following another jihadi warriors pocket across of Syria. Now, I will monitor
    another advance of SA and its ally and what will be happen…But I am interested
    in something, when later, will be come out the all world lying about the
    Scripal lethal poisoned, and he is now in good wealth condition, how will
    Teereesa make face…