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UK Outlet Introduces Teens To “Most Dangerous Man In The World” – Vladimir Putin

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UK Outlet Introduces Teens To "Most Dangerous Man In The World" - Vladimir Putin

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The Day is a UK outlet, founded by a team of established journalists and directed at teens.

It has articles that present world events, with captions, questions for revision, a section for readers to “decide” their own opinion and to express it. There is even a section called “Become an expert” with articles from MSM and YouTube videos for teens to educate themselves further on a topic.

On July 22nd, the outlet published an article that’s “not biased at all” titled “Putin – the most dangerous man in the world.”

“Can Putin be stopped? The ruthless Russian president is guilty of outrageous criminal conduct both at home and overseas. And, today, his Kremlin power base looks more secure than ever.”

The article is written in a very simple, interesting manner, with metaphors and comparisons and established “evil Overlord” Russian President Vladimir Putin as the Bond villain that he’s always (allegedly) been.

The article presents Crimea becoming part of Russia as entirely unilateral, and that a referendum not even being mentioned.

It simply says that Russia downed MH-17, and that Putin supports the “bloody regime of Bashar al-Assad, who slaughters innocent people with barrel bombs and chemical weapons.”

It mentions that Putin and his GRU agents meddled in the 2016 Presidential elections in the US, as well as that he “may” have meddled in the 2019 UK General Election.

The article has a word watch, familiarizing young readers with terms such as:

  • Cronies – Close friends or supporters. The term derives from a slang name for university.
  • Sabre-rattling – The display or threat of military force.
  • Oligarchs – People who are part of a small group holding power in a state. Aristotle coined the term “oligarch”. Like aristocracy, oligarchy means rule by the few, as contrasted with democracy, which is rule by the people. Oligarchs aren’t exclusive to Russia.
  • GRU – Russia’s foreign military intelligence service, the equivalent of Britain’s MI6. [Clearly, much worse than MI6, because GRU activities keep getting allegedly caught without evidence]
  • Annexed – Forcibly acquired another state’s territory, which is generally considered illegal. [Somehow forgot to mention Israel]
  • President for life – Putin has just made an amendment to Russia’s constitution, removing the limit on the number of times he can serve as president. [Presented in a non-biased way that all but says that there is no way for anybody else would be elected, similarly to how Chinese President Xi Jinping was voted President for Life]

Then, when teens are done reading the article, it’s time for some reflection, with two very non-biased question:

  1. Would you rather live in a strong country with a wicked leader or a weak country with a virtuous one?
  2. Should Russia be expelled from the United Nations?

Not at all suggestive.

Then, to turn it into a joke entirely, there’s activities suggested:

“Putin loves to be photographed taking part in sports like hunting and deep-sea diving. Do a collage of him playing hopscotch.”

But the second suggested activity is even more interesting:

“Before he became a politician, Putin was a KGB agent in East Germany. On two sides of a piece of paper, write a story about meeting him then.”

In conclusion, it paves the way for some more rampant speculation, hysteria and also follows the established narrative that US foreign policy “plays into the hands of Russia.”

What do we know?

Most agree that the US’s recent foreign policy has played into Putin’s hands. Its reluctance to engage in another overseas war left the door open for Putin to befriend President Assad and greatly increase Russia’s influence in the Middle East; Egypt too has gravitated towards Russia. By supporting the Kurds’ bid for independence, the US pushed Turkey into Putin’s arms. In Afghanistan, Trump allowed Putin to get away with offering the Taliban a bounty for attacking US forces.

What do we not know?

Whether Putin has a coherent plan for furthering Russia’s interests. Some experts believe that he is basically an opportunist who likes to make trouble for his enemies whenever he gets a chance. According to the Russian journalist Andrei Soldatov, “When you are trained by the KGB, it means you see the world in terms of threats […]; you do not have strategy, you rely on tactics. Because you don’t know what the next threat might be, you only respond.

In overview, the article is incredibly speculative, presents assumptions as facts, and disregards many of the opposing facts or claims that are openly available to anybody who decides to look. The “Become an Expert” section contains only biased MSM reports and YouTube videos who present only one side of the argument and/or situation.


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Zionism = EVIL

I will tell you guys something which is historically FACTUAL, the Americunts are like teenage dumb stupid armed punks, the limey arseholes are far more evil, insidious and devious as they are backstabbers and intriguers, just look at their mess in Palestine, Kashmir, Cyprus, Malvinas, Hong Kong, you name it, they have been pushing anti-Russian and then Anti-Soviet agenda since Czarist times. This stupid cunt Boris Johnson is a bastard of the “white Russian” counter-revolutionary cunts that tried to take over Russia for their imperialist masters. The BBC Zionist media is now again baying for Russian blood.

Lone Ranger

Let them starve…

Ashok Varma

When they were looting India, they deliberately starved 40 million Indians by exporting all the food from the breadbaskets of Bihar, Bengal and Punjab. India suffered the most at their racist evil paws.

Lone Ranger

Im aware of that.
Are you aware that Hungary and India has a historical connection?
One of our eastern counties is named Hajdu-Bihar county, out of respect for the settlers whom arrived from India in the middle ages and settled in the region.
We also have Iranian people the Jassic people.
Only mentioned it for fun fact.


Yes, Winston Churchill was responsible for diverting the merchant ships that served the needs of India, to the needs of Britain.
He was not stupid, and would have realised the privations that the poorest of the Indian colony ( now, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) would suffer.

Tommy Jensen

But India is wagging to the Anglo Empire as a little poodle today suffering from the Stockholm syndrome, so it worked. Britain won.


Yet they are utter stupid. All the Putinfobia is going against themselves. Young people like the authoritarian figure, the “demonlord”, the thug who rules over everyone. They are, in their utter stupidity, doing a big favor to Putin and to Russia.

When Russia decided to enter the syrian war in 2015, I asked one of my nephews what was his opinion in regard. He only said one thing: “he has balls”!!!!

For them, the US is the lame treacherous and physically deformed troll, ever trying to put people against each other with its psychological tactics. While Russia is the muscular guy, with no fear, who goes against everyone who cross his path.

Wonder who the young folks like more?

Tommy Jensen

No wonder many Western children and youth only have contempt for their parents and adults in general.

Zionism = EVIL

No respect for their elders, and total moral bankruptcy. A fake culture of narcissism. Their old hag of a queen even knocked off Diana in sheer hate. A western teenager is the dumbest animal on earth and can be found in shopping malls and pubs. That is the why they are so easy to brainwash and manipulate by the Jew media.


That was cia/nwo bud,don’t mock the good lady just because the other were a dirty slut!
It was staged by erm khazar incest royalty haters,I’d fight any lieng kunt to the death!!!
What is this vatician neo-liberal righrous week? Fooleths truth not!Wisen up msm trolls!

Tommy Jensen

The only thing which interest the Queen and the second, Prince Charles, is the Bank of London scheme New Green Deal and Clima Change reset.
Because this will increase the thickness of their Royal wallets and kill millions of useless eaters.
Britain has not as you think democracy and just formal status but absolute Monarchy, and the Queen has the power to approve or overrule anything she want.


No they subdued her,because I lived under oath and I knew life like you never imagined,it was far more diligent and sensible and brave!usa infact since 1992 began to decay,slowly but surely,clinton,bush,odummer all enemys of the truth!
The reason britains no democracy and still is under eu-epp rule is fascism,the queen infact were a truck mechanic and driver in ww2,trust her more than kweer!

Zionism = EVIL

Jimi you are hoot, where are from buddy?


The British teenagers vacuous and immoral behavior is at ample display on Spanish beaches, drunk, drugged shameless sub-humans, their parents are not any better. The British have no moral compass.


There is no need for a compass, moral or otherwise in this new world that celebrates ignorance, Bro ,:).

Google now tells us where to go and step bt step instructions of how to get there.

The only plus side to the current dystopia, is that all past periods of degeneracy have eventually resulted in the implosion of the ‘degeneracy ‘ cult.

The USA and ‘friends’ are well past the point of ‘no return’.
This has to be a positive thing, in my opinion.

Lone Ranger

Indeed, Putin is the most dangerous man destroying neo toyboy nazis, wahabimossad nazis and pedo rings all across the World.
The Leader of the Free World.
CIA trolls, hasbarats and MI6 will cry and rage :)


After cccp end,royalty also too the hit by nwo-eu-epp+cia before killing diana to subdue royalty
They nazi/cia fear commonweaith,but once brexit,truly exerts,you can expect eugeddon soon!

Damien C

The buckets of vomit in the modern western society that masquerade as journalists are the human form of anti-matter.

MI6, MI5 The Mossad, DGSE, DGSI, BND and SISMI all over the years have cultivated and compromised members of the media to harness their ability to propagate the views of those intelligence services.

In the USA it isn’t as necessary to cultivate and groom future media mouthpieces and performing monkeys as a simple phone-call to the not at all independent outlet will see the irritable or non ball playing journalist in question sacked with out warning.

Anyone in any doubt to this should remember that after 9/11 over 800 U.S journalists were sacked without notice or reason. All these sacked journalists had one thing in common and one thing only. They were asking questions about the 9/11 events and actions that the government found difficult or concerning. No freedom of speech there, no mention of the 1st amendment.

The British generally slide its in-house naval/airforce/army gazette writers into cushy number in the Telegraph/Times/Independent/BBC/ITV and SKY when their military service is over. Were years later after ensuring unobstructed meteoritic rises in position they are firmly placed where they can become the perfect tool. Its handy for the journalist in
question also as they get paid twice for doing one job.

The Mossad are absolutely ruthless for promoting journalist they favour not only at home but especially throughout the entire western world. Many media outlets are owned by pro Israel elements and they are only too happy to oblige the whims of all things Israel. Take the BBC for example

The Jewish population of the UK is 0.5 % of that figure 40% are orthodox Jews who kinda stand out in a crowd and don’t really dabble in the media that leaves 0.3% of the UK population that can be measured in relative percentages throughout society industry
commerce entertainment and banking. Yet bizarrely the BBC programme makers and editors are over represented by people with close ties to Israel or the Jewish faith. They hold almost 30% of senior positions within the BBC alone, this could never have happened by any natural process and it is not anti-semitic to point it out though they would differ on that point.

While the media has an absolute grip on the impressionable minds of a lesser educated
public who seem to ask fewer and fewer questions for themselves and instead opt to be spoon-fed their views. The intelligence services and the super-rich will forever try and control it and in turn us as a society.


Well said.

Laurent Parodi

UK elite is dumb. The more they make their own people dumb with insane propaganda the more they will damage UK itself.

fayez chergui

Same scenario was set up against Hitler. God bless his soul.


Yeah, yeah.. and this scenario pushed him to wage extermination war against USSR – which he didnt wanted at all.. Right? U are brainwashed in the same way kids believing this outlet will be..

Black Waters

It’s an U.S modus operandi, same with Ghadaffi, they demonize and dehumanize people by trying to portray them as “evil”, so in order to do this they need complete control over the media and any information contradicting their narrative




Begone incest: May hitler rot in eternal hekk where he truly belongs,Begone incest p00fs!
Your homosexual vatician sect is the reason ,erdogan took over sophia,so god bless erdogan!!!


Obviously homosexual inspired doctrine,and the other p00fs that persist to disrespect the best leader,
Not perfect,then again an anyone suggest in this fkd up world of any one better who accomplished more
than what was lost?

Black Waters

The U.S and the UK know they are gonna be nuked to the stone age if they keep going this way, let’s just hope they see the light before it’s too late for them.


ike usa is begging for debt relief,but they shan’t get it,what they get for lieing=abonimnation,
there will be PAIN!The more they accuse the harder the fall,they are not adult enough to deal!


Some years ago, I convinced a colleague to attend a conference with me in Russia. I used the opportunity to show her around a little and I tried to balance the more touristy places with more rural, out-of-town areas. When we returned, I asked her what her overall impressions were. I will never forget her very simple response: “I think I have been lied to about Russia my entire life”.

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