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UK Minister May Be Fired Over Israeli Connection


UK Minister May Be Fired Over Israeli Connection

UK Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel met Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Foreign Ministry Director General Yuval Rotem and Security Minister Gilad Erdan in secret.

Patel was heading back to London after cancelling meetings on a planned trip to Africa to respond to media reports that she failed to declare meetings with Israeli officials in a breach of diplomatic protocol.

On November 3, the Sun newspaper reported that Priti had held undisclosed meetings in Israel. On November 8, the Sun reported that she had failed to disclose that she had met the director general of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Yuval Rotem, in New York and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan in London.

Under British protocol, a cabinet minister would normally organise meetings through the foreign office and be accompanied by officials, and visits with Israelis would typically be balanced with meetings with Palestinians. Patel was also reported to have visited the Golan Heights, territory disputed between Israel and Syria, which British officials tend to avoid.

A spokesman for Theresa May denied that the prime minister had been aware of Patel’s meeting with Netanyahu in advance.

“It is not true that the prime minister knew about the International Development Secretary’s meeting with PM Netanyahu before Friday November 3,” the spokesman said.



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  • Mase fah

    these indians are biggest traitors and only think about money, she needs to resign

    • Bob

      Industrial scale corruption is a notorious part of sub-continental Asian political systems, and this cultural mindset has been partially imported into UK, as evident where large Asian minorities are clustered and have UK electoral-bloc clout – particularly in local council elections. Patel may just be more of the same.

      • Barbara

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  • Bru

    Just like Nikki Haley, prostituting herself to the zionists…

  • John Panelli

    Yes, FIRE her. She can always find other work as an extra in Bollywood …

    • Kell

      As a midget

    • John Trudgian

      Or a waitress in a pancake shop.

  • Lex

    Looks like the ban on criticism of Zionists is disappearing in the UK – at long last! We see Corbyn – a notorious “anti-semite” (which has come to mean anyone with a moral conscience regarding Palestine) – as leader of Labour, and likely the next Prime Minister within a year which means the so-called “friends” of “Israel” groups are losing their Rasputin-like influence in British Politics. Increasing criticism of the Zionist project in the press and on the streets is another sign, but the reaction to this MP’s behaviour is final proof that the Zionist clandestine power is failing. I suspect that a combination of 3 things has caused this: 1) over 70 years have passed since WWII and the mass killings of Jews (and others) causing the events to have less emotional impact these days, 2) a general disgust with the obvious lies and propaganda produced by the elites in Western countries, and most importantly, 3) the total lack of restraint or moral awareness on the part of the Zionist state regarding treatment of the rightful inhabitants of the land – the Palestinians – as well as the constant military aggression against neighbouring countries, the acts of terrorism, sabotage and espionage, the infiltration and influence campaigns against governments around the world, and now we see the final act of a rogue state: pulling out of UNESCO and threatening the UN itself. The twilight of the Zionist project has been reached, folks, and there will be a great reckoning of their crimes against humanity in general and the Palestinians in particular.

    • Vitex

      The internet makes it difficult to suppress information about the stage-managed “shoah” narrative. When jews start to speak out against that narrative, you know there’s something up. Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen and others. “Not in our name”. And not in mine either.

  • Brother Ma

    Sec of state for international develop. What kind of bullshit portfolio is that? Which house of lords member did she fuck to get this cushy job!

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    “territory disputed between Israel and Syria”?

    Syrian Territory occupied by Israel.

    WTF is happening with Jornos these days?

    • John Trudgian

      I think they might mean Syrian territory, illegally occupied by Israel.

  • Kell

    Oy Vey!
    Shes been stood down – its annuda Shoah

  • TheSecular

    She reminds me of Nikki Haley.
    Expect she’s getting what she deserves!

  • MH370

    is she indian? her names look likes indian
    btw indian are easy to colaborate with israel than china to israel

  • goingbrokes

    Major breach of protocol to a point of incompetency. She needs to go. High officials cannot have unrecorded meetings with other countries officials, this is very close to treason.