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UK Media’s Is Silent On Skripal Case As “The Russians Did It” Version Crumbles

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UK Media's Is Silent On Skripal Case As "The Russians Did It" Version Crumbles

REUTERS / Peter Nicholls

The UK and its allies continue to push “The Russians did it” version in the Skripal poisoning story.

On March 4, former Russian military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia suffered the effects of an alleged nerve agent in Salisbury, the UK. Claiming that the substance used in the attack had been a Novichok-class nerve agent developed in the Soviet Union, London and its allies rushed to accuse Russia of being involved in the incident. Moscow rejected the accusations, describing the allegations as a provocation against Russia.

However, the UK seems to be totally silent over the Novichok’s origin and Russia’s alleged involvement in the Salisbury case last days.

As the “case does not exist in the media space” stated the sposekwoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova on April 29.

“British journalists lapsed into silence in a day as if, let’s speak openly, there had come an order for everyone to keep silent. They have all lapsed into silence. Therefore, there is no any Skripal case in the British media. It ceased to be interesting. Nobody is looking for anyone, nobody is carrying out any investigations, nobody is demanding from the British side either photos or videos of the affected persons, or as we have been told, the affected persons.”

On Rossiya 1 television channel, Zakharova said that Russia’s Foreign Ministry would not leave without attention the investigation into the poisoning of Skripals, as Moscow has information for the public.

Meanwhile, more and more journalists and experts question London’s version of the events.

Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray expressed his distrust towards the UK government. Murray suggested that London had issued a D-notice to desist from reporting on Skripal’s handler. Murray marked that the chief correspondent of the channel News 4, Alex Thomsen also had mentioned a D-notice related to Mr. Skripals M16 handler on March 12.

A D-notice is defined as a British government instruction preventing particular information from being made public in order to protect the country.

Whether a D-order was given or not is the last thing necessary to clarify the incident. However, it can clarify the UK’s intention to hide the truth behind the baseless accusations.

“Irrefutable Proof”: UK Publishes Photo Of Russian Agent Involved In Skripal Poisoning

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Cold war era propaganda fully works as the realm divided. It’s not going to works if they keep contradicting themselves.


comment image
Now this latest “highly pure strain” may indeed produce numerous victims – among Polish plumbers primarily…


And Truck drivers. They become so unwell as to stop in a busy motorway lane :)

This actually happened :)


And errant dinosaur…


The latest nonsense in the UK Daily Telegraph today is that a named Russian source has said that ‘unnamed ‘ sources told him that there was an enacted plan by Russia to gradually poison Bob Dudley , who was the BP boss and a long standing resident of Russia.

The same playbook as the Scripal fantasy I suppose :)

IF the Russian Government has wanted Dudley to leave, all they had to do is rescind his Visa :)

Dudley is alive and well by the way.


“A D-notice is defined as a British government instruction preventing particular information from being made public in order to protect the country”…TRANSLATION…A D- notice is defined by the British IMPERIALIST as a public WARNING to protect the LIES OF THE GOVERNMENT.


haven’t seen boris the bozo lately. in his cups i would think.
the sun has set on Britain and they soon won’t have the money to turn on the lights.

Feudalism Victory

Whats worse is the clownishly incompetent nature of this case.

James bond these people are not.

Ciccio Serry

It’s only the usual false flag operation.


So much for freedom of speech and press in our fake democracies…


you can move in russia. they forbad telegram, blocked 18 million i.p. addresses (inklusive vkontakte), VPNB is forbidden, juournalists are kileb by fsb, politicians, critics sent in prison.

this is paradise for you.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Smoke some more crack ,Telegram was violating their agreement quit making something out of nothing or you could explain what Telegram did to violate the terms. There is no end to your lies and false truths.

Well look in the US everything you say about Russia actually applies in the US and the West, real Paradiso in the West. OY VEY!


i lived under russians, 1000x better is under yanks.

p.s. gorbachev thinks the same :DDDDD

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I lived under the stairs and like in the US it was hell and terribly oppressing all the time.


your problem


It is easy to say it is better under the yanks if you have never lived under them. But your borderless hatred against russians because you can’t let go of events that happened 30 years back is something you are already well known for. What you are doing here is nothing but pure self punishment.
And as I’m tired of it fell free to reply but I won’t read it as I put you on my ignore list :)


i used your definition for membership in nato.

thanks, but warsaw pact and moscov dictated socialist block was a nightmare! now is freedom and prosperity.


Ever had an American cop pull a gun on you? or how about a marine sticking his M16 in the back of your head?
I have, and I was only on shore leave.


Soros owns Telegram and his crap isn’t welcome in most western democracies either.


bs x bs


“It’s worst in Russia, fellow White people!”
“KGB eats the livers of journalists, CNN said so!”
T. shill.


and why should they? russins did, and nobody will focus on trample of mouse.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

UK did it and their handiwork and prints are all over it and the attempts to manufacture consent are coming to naught .Kill the EU conference on Syria as it’s a major failure and disgrace like Geneva failed talks which both are only about destroying the Syrian Nation and it’s people.


Again where are troll scum like velociraptor, jim crowland, smaug or mountains, free land or latin mass, when articles that don’t favor their evil views are posted.


yiu should focus on article and not on persons. your comment (and the same under another article) was flagged as targeted harrasment!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You Found Him!!


So it was Britain that ran the anti Trump campaign.
Good thing Trump is too stupid to understand that.
If Trump had an average IQ, he might just upset the close AngloAmerican Nazi movement.


The Skripal case did indeed directly follow on the House Intelligence Committee voiding the Russia collusion based on that Trump dossier. Also the Skripal incident is way too close to Steele/Orbis/Millar/MI6 to assume a coincident.


The British have put a D notice on the Skripal case, you can’t even mention the name in the British press.


Do the Brits know about D-orders? Do the Papers say they’re being invoked? And isn’t that news?


No you can’t even mention there is a D notice in any publication in Britain.

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