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UK Media Found ‘Russian Trace’ In Recent Tanker Seizure By Iran

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UK Media Found 'Russian Trace' In Recent Tanker Seizure By Iran

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On July 20th, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) released a video showing how the UK-flag tanker Stena Impero was captured.

Following that, British media began to stir hysteria, that actually the British tanker was steered towards Iranian waters to be captured by false GPS coordinates sent by “Russian spy technology.”

This was reported by the Sunday Mirror, which citing anonymous security sources aid that the GCHQ and MI6 were investigating whether Iranian intelligence transmitted spoof signals to the skipper of the Stena Impero.

According to reports, a Royal Navy warship attempted to assist the tanker, but it arrived “10 minutes too late,” to do what exactly in Iranian territorial waters is unclear.

“The tanker was still in Omani waters when the orders were sent, but by the time HMS Montrose arrived the Impero had been redirected into Iranian waters.”

How that happened, when according to initial reports there was no distress signal and the Stena Impero’s tracker was turned off.

Anonymous security sources said that Iranian drones may have tampered with GPS signals.

They told the Sunday Mirror that investigators will look into whether there is a technological footprint – and whether western spy planes in the area picked up any suspicious signals.

An unnamed Western security source said:

Russia has the technology to spoof GPS and may have helped Iran in this venture as it was extremely brazen. It would make British shipping extremely vulnerable and will be of grave concern to Royal Navy warships in the region.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Russian intelligence have worked very closely in Syria, protecting and promoting their interests.”

Of course, Russia’s involvement can’t happen without “evil overlord” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s approval. And the “evidence” that such a meddling may have taken place is that MI6 and other Western intelligence agencies have discovered that Russia has the technology to fool ships into false location recordings.

This relates to an earlier report which found out that wherever Putin goes, GPS stops working.

So, it could potentially “make sense” (surprisingly how UK media haven’t come up with that yet) that Vladimir Putin was on some private cruise vacation in the Persian Gulf and that’s why the Stena Impero moved into Iranian waters.

“British commanders are surprised by the brazen and confident nature of the seizure, which adds weight to the possibility of GPS interference.”

The former head of the Royal Navy, Admiral Lord West, demanded convoys be deployed to support ships travelling through the Gulf to prevent Iran seizing more vessels.

He said:

“If Iranian ships try to attack them you sink them. They are the ones who have escalated things by attacking one of our merchant ships.”

This came after the UK seized an Iranian tanker which was accused of transporting oil to Syria, despite it being prohibited. No evidence was provided.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt insisted the vessel was seized in Omani waters – in “clear contravention of international law”.

After a COBRA briefing Hunt said the incident “raises very serious questions about the security of British shipping and indeed international shipping in the Strait of Hormuz.”

Hunt said MPs would be updated about what “further measures” the Government will take on July 22nd. He said:

“Our priority continues to be to find a way to de-escalate the situation. We need that ship released and we continue to be very concerned about the safety and welfare of the 23 crew.”

Initially Iran reported that the Stena Impero didn’t answer any communications attempts and collided with a fishing boat.

Then, a spokesman for Iran’s Guardian Council was quoted as saying “the rule of reciprocal action is well known in international law” and that Tehran made the right decision in the face of an “illegitimate economic war and seizure of oil tankers.”

Of course, UK media said that Britain seeks a diplomatic solution, but despite that Iran could strike allied targets in Iraq or Syria, which there is also no substantiation for.

Separately, purely for defensive purposes, the Sun reported that the UK may sent a Royal Navy nuclear submarine to the Persian Gulf.

Following the above mentioned Cobra meetings, the British Astute-class nuclear-powered submarine, believed to be at sea already, is expected to head to the region within days.

It will listen to Iranian communications before passing information back to UK operational HQ at Northwood, in North West London.

Military chiefs chose it because of the danger posed by Iranian Yono-class “midget submarines”. Retired naval Commander Tom Sharpe said:

“The Yono midget submarine is a particular menace. Often lurking just below the surface, they are armed with a couple of heavyweight torpedoes. These will kill a frigate and possibly even a carrier. There are always a couple at sea and they are hard to track and even harder to defeat.”

It is likely that the UK will impose sanctions on Iran on July 22nd, but there is yet little conclusive information about what they would be. According to Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the UK does not wish for war.

Currently Britain has one warship in the Persian Gulf the HMS Montrose, the HMS Duncan is en route and HMS Kent is expected to sail there “in a few weeks.”


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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

there will be a spike in oil again, then it will all die down. Its primarily about the money with this incident

David Parker

The stock market is manipulated. It is a device for fleecing outsiders. Government officials and other insiders are the only ones who profit materially. The Clintons came to town broke, the White House was their bizarre divorce settlement. Comey was broke, McCabe was broke. Mueller was broke. Now they all have personal fortunes greater than $10,000,000, all from insider information, favoritism, and bloated salaries.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

MSM manipulates the stock market for establishment also. The whole News cycle is just one massive propaganda / advertising scheme


The russians did it … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b8b9a961fd03d6252566525d23515815f266b065227c2446e3cf17bd702bd64a.png


If the British have any sense they will just release Irans tanker & Iran will do the same. No point dragging this out.


That would be the smart thing to do, wouldn’t it? That’s why they won’t do it. Besides, how would they spin it back home? Not to mention, US/Israel would have to give it’s OK.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

you wont get the spike in oil prices for a quick buck that way, or have crisis initiation for the EU Army


Nope British should have to release Iranian tanker because they have done piracy in international water which is a huge crime while Iran should not release British tankers because first British government should be brought to justice so then tomorow British government will not do this crime of Piracy again to hijack any other country ship or tanker in international water. British government must be punished for its own crimes.

Luke Hemmming

Oh god can it get any more ridiculous the accusations. So now the Russians did it? Yup cool story bro.



Iran is a great country and is a true emerging power in entire Middle East. God protect Iran from all perverters. Ameen.


true and will be the undoing of the ever evil war criminal squatters. they will have to find a new home (green card for the dysfunctional states of A anyone) somewhere fast. to the world it can’t happen soon enough.


nah it was actually Kim Jung un that wanted to prank the brits (and dunny the dunce of course) and while everyone is after Iran, Kim slipped a couple of good ones over the border from Pakistan.


If Iran sanction US and UK oil tankers then they cannot enter or use Persian Gulf. In case if Israel do any bullshit then Israel will be wiped out completely. Anyway Israel will end in 2019.

Iran is not Afghanistan where UK and US will win. They have lost war even from Afghani Taliban. This is world record that how many wars America have started all they have lost.


come on, the dysfunctional states of A lost big big way in afghanistan and are in negotiations with the talibans of how to end the war and the primary purpose for the dysfunctional state is how to avoid a clear cut defeat (evacuations from the embassy a la saigon) so that they can go home and pretend to the suffering people that it was a win (although it’s difficult to explain that something that cost a trillion of or more of $$ yielded so little of value, except the shareprices and dividends for the mic).


Trump has already declared that America have lost war in Afghanistan and for this they accuse Pakistan.

David Parker

Well it was Pakistan’s fault. After all they share a border with Afghanistan and they bend toward Mecca just like the Taliban and Al Qaeda and Daesh and the rest of those deluded peoples (or at least they think so, not having compasses and being completely ignorant of actual history and how cults form) every day too.



1 United States dollar = 42,105.0000 Iranian rial.

Therefore, Iran should produce new currency and keep its exchange rate 1 Iranian new currency = 10 United States dollars. There is no restrictions on Iran to not produce any new currency.

David Parker

Wrong, If Iran will use gold and silver, the only money in history, they will be immune to the Zionist inflationary printing press. But never value anything in “dollars” until and unless the “dollar” is once again redeemable for one Troy ounce of silver .99 pure. There is enough silver in the world and it is a useful enough commodity to remain valuable. However, for sure that will start the war on Iran. Muammar al-Qaddafi was creating a gold-based coinage system for Libya. That provoked the CIA to fund the army of head choppers to take him down in a “civil war”.


You know how many wars Americans have started till this time this is world record that all these wars Americans have lost.

David Parker

You miss the point. I did not say “buy” gold and silver, I said make it their money – gold and silver coins, real money.


If a country increase its currency value and bring it to the value of gold so what do you think about that.

Look bit coin does not use gold or silver because it is a soft currency I mean it has no physical existence. In the next decade many countries will produce its own digital courancy and will be widely used and accepted in all world trades and in daily transactions.

In the future there will be no use of precious metals like gold, silver and precious stones like diamond etc.

Their use will be only in the museums. I hope I have given you the correct answer.

David Parker

That is exactly why I say use gold and silver, the only money. Cryptocurrencies are not tangible. They require a computer system for use. I cannot use them to buy a dozen eggs from the lady in the valley who sells eggs from her home and doesn’t own a computer. You can have certificates as long as there is only one per unit of metal, which means you cannot trust certificates because there will always be someone who will print two per unit of metal and get away with it.


When I have said to ban physical currency? Physical currency cannot be banned and digital currency cannot be avoided. Digital currency is our future.

David Parker

Money is that most marketable commodity. It has to be a physical medium of exchange that is easily accessible but cannot be counterfeited.


You know at this time nobody trust nonphysical currency but one day they will trust. Counterfeit is exist in physical currency and will be execist in nonphysical currency as well but then there are receipts and legislations.

David Parker

The “US dollar” has been shifted from one troy ounce of silver .99 pure to a federal reserve note which is a number in a bank account redeemable for a piece of paper (at the moment).

alejandro casalegno

The iranian SF have AK-103 in the operation…………….russian AK!!!!!!


Y’all seem to hold anti west views. here..read your history and you will find that mostly the good and advancement of humanity has come from uk and ?? us…just the way it is


Here , we have read our history, and many are UK/US citizens . Our views are in full knowledge of how our governments lie to the world and mostly to it’s own citizens. The “advancement of humanity” has been on going for centuries, no particular group holds the cards. Just the way it is.


that is the most childish comment I am reading. I question which history you have been reading, firstly, we are not anti-west, second, western civilization was build from the accumulation of Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Greek-Romans, Muslims (combined with Chinese/Asians)during silk trade and later western central and western Stop insulting history

Jim Prendergast

How were the Skiprals involved?

David Parker

The Skiprals were upwind of the ship’s captain. The Novichok fumes incapacitated him and apparently also the skipper of the Iranian rowboat who could not avoid a collision with the rapidly advancing 100,000 ton tanker towing water skiers. The water skier’s GPS failed also causing them to lose their skis, which are still floating in the Persian Gulf creating a collision hazard for other 100,000 ton tankers and a target for MOSSAD missiles and mines.

Jim Prendergast

Putin and Lavrov must have infiltrated the tanker and steered it off course. I suspect Maria Zakharova was helicoptered in as well.


Reds under the beds

Rafik Chauhan

Britsh liars and thief will always remain same. Britsh has always been cowards and never apologies for their mistake and also their hypocracy known to the world long before . you still the shipmof iran and then cry and blame ian for sezing their own ship. British cunt

David Parker

steal. Actually it was armed robbery, a crime done in broad daylight using deadly force which could easily have resulted in the unarmed ship’s crew being murdered by British Marines.


If the Iranian’s release the video footage then we will see how close the UK escort ship was. UK claims HMS tincan was an hour away. Maybe, the Iranian’s are giving them more rope! Anyway, they made trump look like a dumb liar, who said “no doubt we shot it down”. However, the military said electronic WF was responsible. Get the popcorn fact checker ready.

Len Zegelink

fake news


when you look at the skidmarks in boris’s trousers it will be the result of him being scared of the russians.


Better check the Zionists GPS networks.

kpevt12 .

And of course the USA CIA who claims they imitate any country it wants electronically, would never think of doing this to cause a minor false flag operation to ramp up tensions against Iran. The USA cannot get a coalition assembled to impose martial law on the Strait of Hormuz, so possibly create a situation against Iran so they can claim more USA navy vessels need to be in the Persian Gulf area. But I think “The Russians did it” sounds better (sarcasm)


how its feel to have someone slaps you back?


GPS spoofing… yeah, maybe, but it does not exonerate UK and US as they could do the spoofing just as well, in order to initiate/escalate a conflict. A kinda GPS spoofing false flag. The history of fukus conflicts is that they blame the victim for exactly what they are doing themselves.

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