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UK May Reopen Its Embassy In Damascus Soon – Reports

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UK May Reopen Its Embassy In Damascus Soon – Reports

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

The United Kingdome may reopen its embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus in a year or two, the Sunday Telegraph newspaper hinted in a report on January 6 citing a British diplomat.

“Give it a year or two and you can bet we’ll be reopening our embassy,” the unnamed diplomat said in the what the British newspaper described it as “an off-the-cuff remark.”

During the last two weeks, the restoration of the Syrian-British relations was discussed by several unofficial figures. On December 30, former UK Ambassador to Syria said that we may witness the return of the British and French ambassadors to Damascus during 2019.

Later, the RT TV revealed that four employees of the Kingdom’s embassy in Beirut visited the embassy building in Damascus to supervise ongoing restorations there. Prior to the Russian TV channel report, the UK dismissed similar rumors and said that building was leased and the real owners are the ones who are restoring it.

“We do think he [Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad] is going to be around for a while and that is because of the support that he’s had from Russia,” UK foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said during an interview with Sky News two days ago.

Hunt’s statement was seen as a shift in the UK’s stand on Assad’s government by some observers, who linked this to the rumors about the possible reopening of the UK’s embassy in Damascus.

However, other observers believe that the restoration of Syrian-British relations is almost impossible as for now because the UK, which participated in a strike on Syria few months ago, is still not willing to make any changes in its negative policy towards the war-torn country.

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leon mc pilibin

There has been no invitation,and there never will be,they must think the people of the earth are stupid,,,LITTLE BRITAIN.


Who cares?


After any war the losers should be glad there’s still any place left for them at the table. And the UK is very much the loser in this war. Cursing the Russians for having derailed their particular regime change project is just sore loser talk. Other then coming up with clever and witty ridicule let us not lose much sleep over this UK loser’s remarks.

alejandro casalegno

UK…..the Resistance Axis won………….suck it!!!!!!!!


Yes, bring them closer, makes them easier to shoot.


“We do think he is going to be around for a while
and that is because of the support that he’s had
from Russia,”.
UK foreign secretary

You know it and we know it. After such bloody and long war, president Assad is still Syria’s president because the Syrians support him, not because of this or that foreign country.
Foreign support is never enough if people don’t want a leader. That’s what happened to Shah, Mubarak, Bin Ali and WILL happen to your other puppets. Puppets like Saudis, Zayeds, Khalifahs, Sisi are ruling with absolute brutality for now but we all know what “fate” has planned for them.
Even “free” and “democratic” governments of Europe are on thin ice, but let’s pretend it’s all Russia’s “fault”.

An espionage den is dangerous as long as the host nation does not realize it’s true purpose. I’d say Syrians learned their lesson and are much more vigilant than before, so go ahead, open your “embassy”!

Bigaess Wangmane

I’m guessing every british diplomat working there will have 3 syrian intelligence operatives tailing them.

Tommy Jensen

We may or we may not.
The Syrian people should expect the British government will do its utmost to protect their democratic rights.
But the situation with HitlerPutin and HitlerTrump is still uncertain, why we cant give you any date.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, the Russians have been helping Assad for 7 years, did it make a difference to EU attitudes, NO.
Back in January the Arab League asked Assad to return to the League, they demoted the Saudis to an equal status, instead of being the leader of the League, and they demanded that the Iranians and Saudis stop the conflict they have between each other. That was 12 months ago, it’s since back then that we’ve seen the change in attitude from so many parties that we would have never expected a change in attitude from. But without Russia there first, the Arab League may never have made the decision to accept Assad.

Xoli Xoli

Italy,France,Germany and British embassies are spy sentrumsFor a while their want work out close monitoring to find lope halls in Assad regime. Because their couldn’t achieved it militarily.Sanction hidden attached loans will be provided.


Syria would be stupid to allow Britain, France to reopen their embassy.
Saoudi could reopen after a loan of 400 billions $ ( without interest )

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