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JUNE 2023

UK Isolated From Outside As New, More Infectious, COVID-19 Strain Discovered

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UK Isolated From Outside As New, More Infectious, COVID-19 Strain Discovered

Screen grab from 28 Days Later, by Danny Boyle. Click to see full-size image

On December 20th, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium, and almost every other European country halted flights from and to the United Kingdom.

There is an European Union meeting for December 21st, where a more uniform response will be agreed upon.

The reason? A new strain of COVID-19 was detected in patients in Great Britain.

The new variant has spread quickly in London and south-east England.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on December 19th introduced a new tier four level of restrictions for those areas, scrapping a planned relaxation of rules over the Christmas period for millions of people.

Research showed that there was no evidence the new variant was more deadly, or would react differently to vaccines, but it was proving to be up to 70% more transmissible.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the new strain “was out of control. We have got to get it under control”, admitting that this was “an incredibly difficult end to frankly an awful year”.

France suspended all travel links, including freight lorries, with the UK for 48 hours from midnight on December 20th.

In response to France’s ban, Eurotunnel said it would suspend access to its Folkestone terminal from 22:00 GMT for traffic heading to Calais. People booked to travel on Monday can get a refund. Trains will still run from Calais to Folkestone.

In Ireland, which has significant passenger traffic with the UK at this time of year, the government announced that flights arriving from England, Wales and Scotland would be banned for 48 hours at least from midnight, and “in the interests of public health, people in Britain, regardless of nationality, should not travel to Ireland, by air or sea”.

In Germany, an order from the ministry of transport said planes from the UK would not be allowed to land after midnight on December 20th, although cargo would be an exception. Health Minister Jens Spahn said the UK variant had not yet been detected in Germany.

Belgium, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Turkey and Switzerland also introduced travel bans.

This strain is not something entirely new. It was first detected back in September.

In November it made up around a quarter of cases in London. This reached nearly two-thirds of cases in mid-December.

Three things are coming together that mean it is attracting attention:

  • It is rapidly replacing other versions of the virus
  • It has mutations that affect part of the virus likely to be important
  • Some of those mutations have already been shown in the lab to increase the ability of the virus to infect cells

On December 21st, the UK also recorded 35,928 COVID infections, which is the highest ever since it started recording the number.

The new variant, which sent the UK into a sort of quarantine imposed by other countries not seen since the movie 28 Days Later, is called VUI-202012/01 (the first Variant Under Investigation in December 2020), is thought to have first occurred in mid-September in the country’s southeast, in the capital London or the county of Kent.

Thankfully, the virus isn’t shown to turn people into ravenous zombies no more than Black Friday does, so that should certainly be a positive in the given situation.

Susan Hopkins of Public Health England said the agency notified the government on December 18th when modelling revealed the full seriousness of the new strain. The UK submitted its findings to the World Health Organization the same day.

Johnson hoped to allow small-scale festivities for Christmas, but due to this new COVID-19 strain and the lockdown, it is likely that it is largely canceled this year, Santa better wear a mask.


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johnny rotten

They are making him pay dearly for his escape from the €U lager.


Looks like back to fosters,if the uk know whats good for them.


with Anchor butter, corned beef and NZ frozen lamb. Skip on the fresh veg and salads.


Finally karma for the havoc these warmongering brought to the world for centuries. Next stop, occupied palestine


Karma will fall on the nwo/deep state covert neo-liberal fascist regime,whom todays only knew how to destruct never construct anything of significance,unlike the commonwealths!


Covid+Economic collapse = societal collapse. It’s deliberate Jew plan so that we can have “order out of chaos”, as in New World Order, also known as the tyranny of the ruling Bilderberg Zionist sociopaths like Mark Fuckerberg, Soros, Bezos et.al.


I remember some some US pundits jubilating when Iran was hit immediately after China, then it hit US harder so speaking about ‘karma’ it could be your shithole next stop.


but, but US is so advanced “exceptional superpower”, what happened? do tell.


Well, contrary to your opunion, they don’t wear furry tails and red horns unless they play kinky games in bed.


At least they quote me, “an incredibly difficult end to frankly an awful year”.


Franklins > Franks.

Al Gathafi Did Nothing Wrong™

In Western countries Covid-19 had been around for a long time but was kept hidden from the media mainstream. (cf.COVID-19 was present in Italy since the summer of 2019)


Wrong. Thay found it in the 2020 in Italy and Spain sewages and dated it back to 2019.


Viruses can’t be contained nowadays, can be slowed down however. Hopefully doesn’t spread globally before most are vaccinated.


Not where I’m from,we defeated the epidemic twice,it’s just that them overseas and nwo affiliateds will try anything in vain to try to contain our robust economy,no brainer really: Vaccinations potentially can trigger other variants,I wouldn’t be gates sales boy i were you!

Lone Ranger

I hope you will get vaccinated soon…


Thanks for your concern,but that won’t be nessesary,besides my towns clean,no masks hence i kept the steets clean,never failed,god our witness,

besides never start problems,unless my very own,ending them’s different!

Speaking of vaccines,well the russian can deal with mk11 corona,the uk know that too,best bet would be the russian/uk variant,definetaly not the german!

Jimmy Jim


Decatur Guy

An experimental vax for a seasonal flu. Wow, that’s weapons grade stupid.

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.” – The Impact of Science on Society (1953) by Bertrand Russell, p.50


Brexit,reset opinions most welcomed:

Lone Ranger

Ironic, UK govt helped starve Yemenis to death, now they will be on short on food, no trucks or planes or ships are leaving or entering. Globalist zuckerfuckers probing how far they can go. Their next move will be to shut off global trabsportation and starve everybody to death. You either take their vaccine and die in two years or you die in 3weeks because the Lack of food and artificial scarcity. These are the same crimes nazis and mengele comitted in WWII amd according to the Nuremberg code is punishible by death. You better wake up soon…

P.S. boris johnson is a retard and a coward traitor.


Frankly speaking, most of the so-called western is under a brutal martial law with scared obedient slaves happy to be locked down. Even the most totalitarian states never controlled their populations to this extent. This is a global Gaza gulag.

Lone Ranger

North Korea could learn a thing or two…


But, but the Anglo-Zionists are bringing democracy to the world :)

Lone Ranger

In disney movies they sure do…

John Brown

There are no Anglo Zionists just Zionists.

Damien C

Fuck him I’d give the bastard 10 years for attempted murder of old or disabled people. Absolutely no sympathy for the fucker how many other funerals would have been caused by him and trash like him?

Ashok Varma

UK exported slavery racism and opium trade to the world and dumped convicts in Australia and is now exporting mutated Covid to Europe. Karma in spades.

The new highly contagious variant of SARS-CoV-2 virus, which triggered many nations to impose travel restrictions on the UK, has been exported to European mainland and is already circulating in France, the country’s health minister has admitted.

John Brown

crimes nazis and mengele committed in WWII as ordered by their Rothchild masters who paid for the election of their nazis. The nazis who created Israel for their Rothchild masters

Jimmy Jim


Jimmy Jim



Stefan Lanka proved in front of the supreme court of justice of Germany, in two separate trials that there’s not enough evidencie to say measels virus and HIV exist. Think about that, it should creat a huge scandal


This may be the beginning of end of King Covid has it mutates into a more infectious but less virulent form that spreads rapidly so giving everyone natural immunity to the older harder pure forms which are displaced rapidly by this new strain.


eerie UK cut off from the world like in one of the best scariest zombie movies ever made; 28 Days Later.

cechas vodobenikov

20 nations that have most most Covid deaths per capita declared covidian cult martial law; reported at anti-empire.com

Антон С

https://s2.cdnstatic.space/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/shutterstock_5881696i-scaled.jpg Boris Johnson’s eys?

cechas vodobenikov

apparently there are many different covids. there are many species of birds– few are worried that they will attack and eat you

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