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UK Government Funded “Citizen Journalist” Propaganda Campaign In Syria: Middle East Eye

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UK Government Funded "Citizen Journalist" Propaganda Campaign In Syria: Middle East Eye

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The British government established a network of “citizen journalists” in Syria that’s been influencing how people perceive the conflict in the country.

According to documents reviewed by the Middle East Eye, this has been going on from the very early days of the conflict.

The documents detailed that by using British, American and Canadian funding, UK government contractors hired Syrians living in Istanbul and Amman, and then they, in turn, recruited citizen journalists inside Syria.

These individuals were then commissioned to produce TV footage, radio programmes, social media, posters, magazines and even children’s comics.

The people who were recruited apparently were also often unaware that they were part of a British propaganda initiative.

The documents were drawn up as blueprints for the initiative by an anthropologist working in counter-terrorism at the foreign office in London.

One says: “The objective of the project is contribute [sic] towards positive attitudinal and behavioural change.”

This was further defined as: “Reinforcement of popular rejection of the Assad regime and extremist alternatives; promotion of the moderate values of the revolution; promotion of Syrian national identity.”

UK Government Funded "Citizen Journalist" Propaganda Campaign In Syria: Middle East Eye

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Of course, the documents also underlined that there were some risks for the young journalists, but propaganda can’t be deterred.

“Media coverage of the project will be distinctly unwelcome due to the risks to Syrian employees and to project effectiveness that it would generate,” says one.

“The implementer is not permitted to speak publicly (to the media or at academic conferences) about their work without the explicit permission of HMG [Her Majesty’s Government]. This will be enforced by a Non-Disclosure Agreement.”

The British government’s citizen journalism project was part of a three-pronged propaganda initiative that was developed in London and was, according to the documents, intended to “have a synergistic effect.”

UK Government Funded "Citizen Journalist" Propaganda Campaign In Syria: Middle East Eye

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UK Government Funded "Citizen Journalist" Propaganda Campaign In Syria: Middle East Eye

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The first strand, named Syrian Identity, sought to “unite Syrians through positive affirmation of common cultures and practices and to restore trust between neighbours, while illustrating Syrians’ strength in numbers.”

The second strand, is called Free Syria and it “seeks to build confidence in a future Syria free from extremist rule.”

It “amplifies the work of the ‘free’ police, civil defence teams and wider public service provision and broader developments in civil society and seeks to unite the moderate opposition (civil and armed) to work for a common future”.

The third strand, is called Undermine, and it “seeks to degrade the effectiveness of VE [violent extremist] networks in Syria by undermining the credibility of VE narratives and actors and isolating VE organisations from the populace.”

“ISIL is an explicit and named focus, Al Nusra Front (due to its current popularity within Syria) is addressed indirectly through its behaviour.

The purpose of the project to directly ‘Undermine’ (degrading the effectiveness of) VE networks in Syria through the delivery of media product, the emboldening and empowering of moderate voices, and supporting community coalescence around a vision of a tolerant, pluralist Syria. Ultimately, active Syrian rejection of VE is the requirement.”

The Middle East Eye also cited unnamed sources who said that the project involved nine companies were involved in the bid for contracts, and most of them were established by former British diplomats, intelligence officers and army officers.

“It was a shady, shady business,” says one person involved in the work, adding that frequently the individual journalist would believe they were working for an opposition group, and have no idea that a British communications company was running their media office, under contract to the UK government.

UK Government Funded "Citizen Journalist" Propaganda Campaign In Syria: Middle East Eye

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Other leaked documents, revealed that the British government had awarded contracts to communications companies, which selected and trained opposition spokespeople, ran press offices that operated 24 hours a day, and developed opposition social media accounts.

The propaganda initiative was primarily aimed at Syrians, living both inside and outside Syria. The blueprint explains that “radicalised UK citizens are not an explicit focus (target audience) for this work,” adding: “Those efforts are the responsibility of another government department.”

It adds: “Nevertheless, it is accepted that some C-VE [countering violent extremist] material may reach the UK information space.”

Reportedly all of these efforts have been diminished after Idlib was “surprisingly” overtaken by militants, and the “moderate opposition” was nowhere to be seen. Possibly because the militants were the “moderate opposition” to begin with.


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Zionism = EVIL

Historical fact is the the limey cunts are born liars and most devious backstabbers on earth.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

BBC Media Action
used to stir up trouble in many countries across the globe

AM Hants

Still trying to.

AM Hants

How much does the UK and US spend on private intelligence programmes, using a revolving door, that the private military and intelligence industry, then comes back with lobbyists, demanding even more money for their concerns?

When did Radio Free Europe set up base in Ukraine and who was behind that? How successful did it prove? Same with Radio Svoboda, over in Russia and why is it funded courtesy of the US State Government Funded Voice of America?

How much does the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office spend on disinformation programmes, wherever certain character wish to pillage the resources of others? How much do they spend on White Helmets? How much do they spend on Integrity Initiative/Statecraft/Open Information Partnership and what is the media outlet, they also fund, run by those who answer to David Bell (of Common Purpose) Media Standards Committee? Don’t they also fund Belingcat and SOHR?

How much does the BBC receive from non-tax payer funding? Why are so many who fund the BBC also funding the White Helmets and involved in Radio Svoboda/Radio Europe?
comment image%2F624&f=1&nofb=1

How much does the US State Department also spend on media disinformation programmes?

How does the Soros Open Policy Foundation Script and the NED tax payer funded NGO scripts work?

Why does US, UK, EU, NATO members and 5 Eye Nations Governments rely heavily on media disinformation, to keep spinning the same old lies, where regime change is required?

AM Hants

Although off topic, the same crowd are involved and an interesting article, which somebody might pick up and run with.

How the State Department Got Itself in Trouble Concerning the Pentagon’s Bio-Laboratories in Ukraine… https://www.stalkerzone.org/how-the-state-department-got-itself-in-trouble-concerning-the-pentagons-bio-laboratories-in-ukraine/

Remember Monsanto-Beyer, which Gates’ invests heavily in, purchased Erik Prince Blackwater Mercenaries (Adademic Mercenaries), just before Monsanto set up base in Ukraine, back in 2013. Just in time for the 2014 coup d’etat.

Bill Gates, who not only heavily invests in Monsanto-Beyer, but, also in the 400 bio-chemical laboratories, with full diplomatic immunity, that the US provides, scattered around the globe, including the 15-16 in Ukraine.

Why were they advertising for Russian DNA and why is the US military in control of the Ukraine and Georgian bio-weapons labs, that are desperate for Russian DNA? How many similar labs have been set up surrounding the Middle East?

How does Obama Gate fit into it all, including Gulan, Erdogan assassination attempt, Ukraine and General Flynn (who is the innocent)?

FLASHBACK: General Flynn and His Business Partner Targeted by Mueller and Obama’s Deep State for Reporting Obama and Clinton’s Ties to Islamic Terrorist in Pennsylvania… https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/flashback-general-flynn-business-partner-targeted-mueller-obamas-deep-state-reporting-obama-clintons-ties-islamic-terrorist-pennsylvania/

Zionism = EVIL

No matter who runs the bankrupt Americunt failed state, it is kaput. I read a good book recently:

Why America is cracking up and nothing can save it

New book ‘American Secession‘ suggests the US has hit rock bottom
with no path up – and that was before the coronavirus crisis

AM Hants

Hopefully it will heal the nation and cleanse it from toxic politicians from oligarch clans.

In the same state over in the UK.

Concrete Mike

This illusion we all.have of democracy is the problem.

We all have this deep down malaise in the western world.

Democracy is to help the rich get richer, in a nut shell. If we have and upward concentration of wealth, where does this leave the working class and the poor?

I think we could learn alot from socialist countries, especially in keeping oligarchs under control. Right now the oligarchs are in control, not an envious position for the majority of the people !

What we call democracy is essentially financial fascism.


Enjoy this article.

AM Hants

Like ‘Financial Fascism’ – simple way that goes straight to the jugular. Thanks for the link.


Perfidious Albion, the scum of the earth on par only with the worst US/French Zioterrorist filth. The Brutish empire installed the Wahhabis in Riyadh and fabricated the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine as a very long-term strategy, they’re not about to give up on their abortions just like that.


Pakistan iran turkey and China should be destryed for world peace

Concrete Mike

Fuck you genocidal maniac!

Calling for such things makes you a fascist like hitler.

Go fuck yourself you self righteous pseudo humatinarian.

What would be the world without China that you hope for? A totalitarian corporate fascist state?
Really progressive there Adolph.


Calm down mike.Im really scared of the mighty dog eating(chinese) army :D

Concrete Mike

Orginal statement still stands, go fuckyourself genocidal maniac.
Go back to Bill Gate’s nipple.


lets start with you being “destroyed”. I feel there would be moar world peace without your presence here.

Anthony Papagallo

just keep killing them Vlad, its working.

cechas vodobenikov

the dying anglo empire has long been bribing and threatening journalists world wide —most US journalists r funded directly or indirectly by the CIA, as r German journalists as Udo Ulfkotte demonstrated—when the CIA demands that google, FB etc censor, they r happy to comply—most US sites have removed comments sections—where they exist, all comments r the same…..anything that does not reflect imperialist robot thinking is deleted and banned

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