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JUNE 2021

UK, Germany And France Accuse Iran Of Carrying Out Attacks On Saudi Arabia’s Oil Infrastructure

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UK, Germany And France Accuse Iran Of Carrying Out Attacks On Saudi Arabia's Oil Infrastructure

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On September 23rd, the UK, Germany and France issued a joint statement accusing Iran of carrying out the attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure.

“It is clear to us that Iran bears responsibility for this attack. There is no other plausible explanation. We support ongoing investigations to establish further details.”

Regardless of this, the three signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOAE, the Iran Nuclear Deal) said that they still reiterate their commitment to the deal, but used the chance to urge Iran to stop reducing commitment to it.

“In this regard, we recall our continued commitment to the JCPoA, agreed with Iran on July 14th, 2015 and unanimously endorsed by the UN Security Council. We urge Iran once again to reverse its decisions to reduce compliance with the deal and to adhere fully to its commitments under it. We call upon Iran to cooperate fully with the IAEA in the framework of the JCPoA and its Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement.”

In a general response to the European signatories to the deal, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted that the UK, Germany and France should put more effort into action, rather than simply “parroting” US claims and being paralyzed “without US permission.”

At the UN, Zarif further accused the US of being behind the “vicious cycle” of wars in the Middle East.

“Why do we have this vicious cycle? They first pay Saddam to attack us, then Saddam attacks them, they pay the United States to attack Saddam. Then, the US installs a new government in Iraq. They pay somebody else to undermine that government in Iraq.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and French President Emmanuel Macron met at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly and reiterated their commitment to establishing peace in the Middle East, despite France accusing Iran of carrying out the attacks.

President Rouhani underscored the responsibility of the JCPOA signatories namely France for preserving the nuclear deal after the US unlawful withdrawal. He also criticized E3 (Germany, UK and France) for their recent statement and their baseless allegations to complicate Iran in attacks on the Saudi refineries.

The harshest tone Iran appeared to have towards UK out of the three European countries.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi rejected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s accusations of Iran carrying the attacks on the Kingdom’s Aramco, and condemning it for still continuing weapon sales to Riyadh.

“Instead of making futile efforts against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the British government had better stop the sales of deadly weapons to Saudi Arabia… and clear itself of the charge of war crimes against the Yemeni people,” Mousavi said.

Johnson suggested the UK would consider taking part in a US-led military effort to bolster Saudi Arabia’s defences in the Persian Gulf.

Rouhani is to meet with Boris Johnson later on September 24th.

Iran’s armed forces chief of staff, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, said that “enemies” who try to attack Iran will face “captivity and defeat”.

“We have repeatedly told the enemy that if there is any violation toward this country, they will face the same action that took place with the American drone and the English tanker,” he was quoted by Tasnim news agency.

The statement by the UK, France and Germany is unlikely to lead to anything concrete, it is simply one more piece of evidence that the US treats all of its “allies” rather as subordinates in its pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic.

Iran on September 23rd released the seized British tanker – the Stena Impero, as a gesture of good will, aimed at reducing tensions between the UK and the Islamic Republic ahead of the meeting between Rouhani and Johnson.


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Black Waters

Damn so many vassals in one room. They don’t even know what to do without the cock inside their mouths.

Damien C

“There is no other plausible explanation”

In other words they have no proof it was Iran they just think it might be according to what the U.S (entirely impartial of course) told them

Charles Homer

Here is an article that looks at how America’s pro-Israel Christians are being drawn into believing that a war with Iran is essential:


This “turning of plowshares into swords”, particularly when it comes to Iran, stands in complete opposition to what evangelical Christians claim to believe in their religious lives.

Zionism = EVIL

These arseholes are in a mess and the Americunt deadbeat losers are killing themselves.

3 Navy sailors assigned to USS George H.W. Bush kill themselves in a week


Copy/paste the chemical attack in Douma: no proof Syrian government forces did, but the trio is convinced it was “Assad what dunnit”. And the MSM lap it up like a drug, can’t get enough of it.


They cannot be that dumb, perhaps they were drugged, while their families are under hostages and rape threat.


Perhaps they cannot be that dumb, but they sure believe the populace is that dumb and believe their BS again. They really take us for idiots.


Alright I changed my mind, they are dumb af.

Zionism = EVIL

UK Supreme Court rules Parliament suspension ‘unlawful, void’

Ruling by UK’s highest court is major blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson who had suspended Parliament for five weeks.


The usual gang of four, US, UK, France and Germany; master and his disciples. Iran should respond by simply stating that they have failed in upholding their commitment to the JCOAP and if they wish to destroy the global financial system and have a war then there is no need for this rhetoric and lets get at it.


Yep, this is all nothing but a show. They know the truth, as always, yet intend to look as if there are real questions. There are questions of course…like, how long will you liars keep up the pretenses? Trying to good cop, bad cop Iran is not a good idea. But then, when have these ‘B’ actors ever had an idea that didn’t come from DC or Tel Aviv?

Tiresia Branding

for all of them(and their agonizing economies) gulf monarchies are the golden eggs chickens, and all of them are where they are because of zionist “philanthropy”… so, void words


Are we surprised the poodles obey their master.


Yeah, what did we expect, huh, from the troika is evil scums of this earth, and then Trumps unloading of expetionalism and eh…. how marveLousy their army is, and I didint bother to watch since I knew before hand what that Vilage idiot from NY was going to say.
Yup, 18 years of warfare, and just in an couple of days, the UssA have bombed counteless Afgans, from weddings to field workers, and of course they where terrorists, right and in the mean time Saudi-barbarians have bombed Yemen, incl an Moske, how, uh….. Islamic of them, right, wacking the people they claim to be the leaders off, since they have Mecca and Medina, Muslims, you cant piss on Allah and Islam in an more hideous way that what this rotten scums are doing right now, but again, they just fight terrorists.
The MSM drools something about Hadi as an legitim state leader, when He was the ONLY option in an election so fake it shames everything history have had of fake or orcertated elections, it was an bloody joke, and of course the Yemen people didnt recognice that sham, but hey, the Saudis did, yeah, how noble of them.
The already sky high level of insanity and hyporcasy is going into uncarthered territory in warp speed.

Yup, Bozo the Clown, Mutti Morekill and the little french POS is of course yapping along, no surpirce what so ever.

Think about it, the Persian sea, between Saudi-Barbaria and Iran, packed with more electronics, radars listening devices, etc and othere exotic hard ware, non of this could or have come up with even an lousy fake video of something, anything, and yet they have nothing, whats the numbers, huh, 125 missiles and 487 drones, and nobody have anything, other than eh…. using the mother of all clsical f….ups, assumption, aka highly lightly.
I hope the rest of the world notices this, and never forget what they are, scums of this earth, the force of evil, millions killed and more millions displaced, and blames the people whom is fighting for their people and land.

WE the people have one tool, they dont like, and thats hitting them where it hurts, their wallet, boycot UssA, never buy anything from them anymore, apart from Apple, what else.
Stop buying Geman cars, over rated junk, oly beaten by French witch is beaten to pulp with spectaculare crap made in Britain, etc, stop going there in vacation, go to other european countrys, like I did, went to Matla (republic) is a nice place, tiny but nice, and they even have beer that beats everything I have drunken, the only one in the realms of german brauhouse, and you can find one in Malta, the Brew, in Sliema, they have another one to in the region, nice people and excseptional good beer, and say helo to the people there from me.
And if you like Lemonade drinks, they have the numbero uno, much much better then anything else, sorry Italians, yours dont match, and so on.

Boycot the terrorstate UssA.


Harry Smith

Another example of MH17 type of “investigation”. The most pathetic part will be if those guys will not start military operation after the accusations. Quartet of states, which publicly fart while keeping poker faces.

Icarus Tanović

No, they won’t. They have theirs asses, and they are affraid for those. No one is gonna wage a War for Americans.


Very highly probable…has anybody seen, a dog dyed dark green…

Toronto Tonto

Iran and its buddy putin are fuckin guilty and are terrorists and always will be , time to eliminate the issues .

Icarus Tanović

Stick that to your shitty ass.

J Ramirez

Good luck fuck face, you think Vietnam was bad, your going to open the gates of hell and burn ;}

Toronto Tonto

Your a funny drunk .

J Ramirez

Just because I drink with your mom and like to fool around with her butt naked doesnt make me a drunk ;}

J Ramirez

UK, Germany and France are all terrorist nations. who cares what they think ! Their just there to suck the US off ;}


Claiming that “Iran bears responsibility for this attack” without providing proof, or disproving the existing evidence that indicates that the Houthis did it. Isn’t helping the western European’s already significant credibility deficit.

Tommy Jensen

More Skripal bs from Britain and EU vassals. In Europe you majority vote on which reality shall prevail.

Xoli Xoli

Never ever believe in France, Britain and Germany lies.Their are biggest warmongers and liars to fulfill USA and Israel evil desires and goal.Their have the best civilians which their the evil regimes are oppressing and distruct.


Well at least it’s obvious enough. Their major oil companies take a hit and a unified front of outrage hits all the channels. 100,000 brown Yemen people are systematically murdered, ho-hum, just another day at the office. Ka-Ching.

Notice how important stopping police shooting, opioid deaths, or the ever increasing suicides are to Trump, but the Israelis run short on their project to exterminate anyone who doesn’t kiss their asses and oh boy the shit can’t hit the fan fast enough.


it doesn’t cost them anything to agree with fatso or dunny the dunce, easier to say yeah right and repeat in an endless stream, yeah right yeah right.

and who knows, dunny the dunce and fatso might forget about nordstream 2 long enough. the brits are just too friggin tied up in shitcreek without a paddle (brexit) so they don’t know what they’re saying and macron, asked momma about it and she probably advised him to concur – and poland, anything said in washington will be repeated in warsaw word for word as god’s gospel, even though they, the poles, are dumber than dumb. must be a good feeling for the unhinged states of A to have a devout disciple like poland repeating anything said, even if the disciple is dumber than dumb!


where’s the beef??
any proof?

“Johnson suggested the UK would consider taking part in a US-led military effort to bolster Saudi Arabia’s defences in the Persian Gulf.”

well at this point, anything meaning any “military assets” that the US or its allies move into the middle east, anything with say 1500-2000 km of Iran, would be a potential target in case of a major war.

why take the risk, bbbbBoris?

AM Hants

Funny, how they all fund the White Helmets/ISIS/Al Qaeda/Daesh orr whatever they are called today?

Funny, how they are all behind ‘we will invade 7 nations, in 5 years, ending with Iran’?

Funny, how they all put the interests of Israel and the Greater Israel Project, before their own nations?

Tumultuous September, seriously looking that way.

The Tumultuous September: Madman US General Pits US Bombers Against Russian Missile Defenses, Saudi-Iranian Conflict Looming, While Biden Slams Trump (VIDEOS)… https://www.fort-russ.com/2019/09/the-tumultuous-september-madman-us-general-pits-us-bombers-against-russian-missile-defenses-saudi-iranian-conflict-looming-while-biden-slams-trump-videos/


By the way, I wonder if this is Iran’s response to Boris, and the story is in progress.

UK-Flagged Tanker Stena Impero Facing Charges Despite Finalised Release – Iranian Foreign Ministry… https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201909251076885719-uk-flagged-tanker-stena-impero-facing-charges-despite-finalised-release—iranian-foreign-ministry/

AM Hants

Weren’t they all also involved in trying to get Clinton into the White House, together with events in Ukraine?

Off topic, but, this article interested me.

EXCLUSIVE: Former Ukrainian Secret Service Official Leaks Info on How Ukraine Funded Clinton Campaign with Stolen IMF Money… https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/09/exclusive-former-ukrainian-secret-service-official-leaks-info-on-how-ukraine-funded-clinton-campaign-with-stolen-imf-money/


Here we go again: “no other plausible explanation.” What an idiotic statement. There are plenty of other plausible explanations. First up would be a false flag.

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