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UK Announces Deal To Sell Warships To Kiev, Raising Tensions In Black Sea

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UK Announces Deal To Sell Warships To Kiev, Raising Tensions In Black Sea

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British measure intensifies tensions in the Black Sea, generating provocations and threatening to international peace.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Tensions on the rise in the Black Sea. London recently announced that it will be selling warships to Ukraine. The vessels would be allocated in the Black Sea region. The possible deal belies a previous announcement by the British government that it would not sell arms to Ukraine and increases regional frictions between Ukraine, NATO, and Russia. The presence of modern and equipped Western ships in that area will generate a new escalation of instability, unnecessarily undermining international peace.

In a statement this week, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace gave a positive signal for heavy weapons sales to Ukraine. The equipment to be traded would be focused on modern warships with high destruction power. The aim is to significantly increase Ukrainian naval power amid a regional context of tensions in the Black Sea. To that end, the British secretary also said that Kiev could pay for the ships using the amount received from the loan taken by the Ukrainian government as part of a trade agreement signed between the two countries in early November. As there is a mutual geostrategic interest in this deal – given the UK’s ambitions to weaken Russian presence in Eastern Europe – there appears to be little concern on the part of the British over how the debt generated by this deal will be paid off.

According to the data released so far, the sale includes the negotiation of two mine countermeasure ships and the joint production of eight warships with missiles, as well as a new frigate. Possible aid from London to Kiev for the construction of a naval infrastructure platform, with the modernization of the weapons systems of current Ukrainian ships, is also being negotiated.

Both Ben Wallace and his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksii Reznikov, commenting on the case, emphasized the fact that the agreement is aimed against Russia, which makes the project a real open affront to the stability of Russia-Ukraine and Russia-West relations. However, in a joint statement, they both tried to be delicate in their words and said the aim was not to make the UK and Ukraine adversary to Russia, but that the move comes amid concerns about Russia’s presence in the border region: “Our governments have no desire to be adversarial, or seek in any way to strategically encircle or undermine the Russian Federation (…) We are concerned by Russia’s military build-up and activity around the borders of Ukraine”.

As we can see, once again, the West is trying to arm Ukraine and turn this state – which has an openly anti-Russian political and ideological orientation – into a regional power to face Moscow’s presence within its own strategic environment. The accusations made by Kiev and London – adopting the Washington-born speech – against Russia, pointing to it as a threat to international security due to its actions on the western border, are truly weak and unsubstantiated. Moscow has not only repeatedly denied all accusations, but it has also demonstrated through its actions in that region that it does not plan to start a war or heighten existing tensions. On the contrary, Russian military movements on the western border have been minimal in recent years – at least when compared to NATO maneuvers, which have now become constant and virtually uninterrupted.

The Russian government frequently denounces NATO’s dangerous maneuvers, with the international society remaining silent. Recently, for example, Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced that NATO planes are operating maneuvers just 20km away from the Russian border, which is a real provocative affront – and, as on previous occasions, no action has been taken within the UN in order to investigate the case or demand a more peaceful posture from NATO. Indeed, in the current international arena, it has become commonplace for NATO and Ukraine to conduct aggressive operations against Russia and justify them with defamatory speech about an alleged Russian intention to invade Europe. This has simply been passively accepted by the UN and peacekeeping organizations, with no action being taken.

Now, with this acquisition of new war equipment, the situation becomes even more complicated. The UK is providing heavy weapons to a state that is currently being denounced in international courts for maintaining ethnic persecution against the Russian population and that is openly considering the possibility of attacking Russia. Obviously, such a scenario would be disastrous for Ukraine, but geostrategy is a minor point in Kiev’s geopolitical orientation, which is motivated by a fanatical anti-Russian ideology. This should be reason enough for the international society to intervene in the case, condemning the negotiation and applying sanctions against the Ukraine and the UK.

Previously, several Western governments – including the UK itself – had pledged not to sell heavy weapons to Ukraine amid rising tensions at the border. But the move comes amid recent UK interest in increasing its naval expansionism. Several British military vessels have circled the Black Sea in recent months, with London openly trying to elevate its geopolitical status in a post-Brexit scenario. So, it is possible to say that, in addition to all the factors mentioned here, once again Ukraine is being used by Western powers to secure interests that do not concern it.

It remains to be seen, however, what will be the position of British public opinion. Unlike international society, citizens of Western countries are already tired of seeing their states investing billions in military operations abroad while the Western social rates decline, and state investments are absent. The UK is one of the countries with the greatest popular rejection of partnerships with Ukraine, due to allegations of corruption against the Ukrainian government. Considering this, how will the people react when they see their taxes being once again converted into arms supply for Kiev? Certainly, there will be a negative response.


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Like the NATO ships currently in the Black Sea, the life-expectancy of those ships and their crews can be measured in minutes should they even think of preparing to attack Russians.


If they were modern ships. But ZATO countries are selling rusty junk to Ukraine.

jens holm

Yes, some are. Thats normal trade. We sell old stuff too, when we buy new stuff.

But there seemes to be new ones too.

jens holm

So this is not normal trade Miss Minus One?

Lone Ranger

HMS Rubber duck snd HMS Harry Potter reporting for service…
These trolls are totally delusional.
Russia doesn’t even have to warm up the engines they could sink the whole toy fleet with the Bastion system in Crimea.


They really are insane,Wallace turned up in Ukraine wearing a camouflaged jacket LOL!

Lone Ranger

There will be a lot of crying and raging, and it won’t be Russia doing it…


Hopefully Russia sinks all NATO and NATO allies ships soon to show them they’re not to be fucked with.

Chris Gr

NATO is dysfunctional. NATO won the Cold War, now they are obsolete. European powers are trying to be independent.


If these rusty boats don’t sink all by themselves! Let’s face it. They are selling shit to Ukraine, just to rob the country of the last remaining drop of money.

jens holm

But people do buy used cars and houses.

jens holm

People dont buy used cars and houses?


These people really do talk Bollocks!!


IT IS GOOD FOR RUSSIA!!!! Russia has allowed the Zio terrorist controlled wannabe bullies to stick their fingers into their faces too often without reacting physically. Diplomatic words don’t hurt a bully. Until you sink or shoot down or destroy some of these bully’s assets,they will continue to make asses of Russia

jens holm

I hope You are less then 5 years old or a senile.

I will remind You this is both ways.

Chris Gr

Or maybe he is just basement dweller.

jens holm

It could be. Maybe it has no windows:)

Karl Wolfe

Ah yes, pretending to “promote democracy and freedom” in Ukraine while they’re busy committing Genocide and setting up Soviet style Tyranny against their own people in the UK….George Orwell sure called them out.
“Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies” ehh boys…
Jesus was REAL and you’re going to be very unhappy when you discover that as you enter Gehenna. Good Luck with that.

jens holm

Allah has forbidden suicidebombers to kill others too. No space.

Donald Moore

Britain should say instead they will pay for and give Ukraine these ships. Ukraine is broke and heavy in dept and can’t pay for these ships so they have to be given to them!

jens holm

m sure its partly a donation. Russia do that in Syria very much. Its normal procedure.

Danes bought leopards and upgraded them. They are much better then the old stuff we had and we have more of them and drivers too.

Comrade Matryoshka

They only had ONE operational ship this summer when they were invading into Russian territory. Kiev will get rafts with guns on them.

Dr shlomo biddlestein

can Ukraine buy cheese from jens? only w CIA money

jens holm

Ukrainians has their own cheese. We dont use money. We have credit cards – AND CREDIT.

Klaus Meier

Die Ukro Nationalisten führen Krieg gegen eigene Bevölkerungsschichten mit ethn. Säuberung, Völkermord und führen militär. Provokation gegen die RF aus. Der scheindemokratische Westen fördert dies, genauso wie den Maidanputsch. USA und GB liefern die Hardware in Krisengebiete und mißachten Internat. Verträge. Ekelhafte Freund-Feinde haben wir da..

jens holm

You are in the old days.


Firstly, Britain can no longer build decent or purposeful warships – these will be vastly overpriced duds. But the real activity going on here is the long term financial scam – Britain loaning Ukraine the money to initiate the purchase of British warships – and then the structuring of a purchase loan and interest repayments scheme that comes afterward. This will be hopelessly corrupt at al levels, for Ukrainian officials and British officials, to fleece the Ukrainian public purse for decades to come.

Chris Gr

It seems that the Ukrainian state will disintegrate because every country bordering them are against them. Even the Hungarians.

jens holm

Thats not impossible. Several countries and Sovjet aonomes are creations of Stalin and USSR.

So its wrong for so many living there to compare their countries in nationalisme as they do, when so much is moved west.

Chris Gr

I don’t get it.

jens holm

I try gain.

Ukraine is moved west by Stalin and USSR but it also has been added from the east as well as Crimera.

Ukraine almost was empty when USSR took it back. So many had been killed and almost all jews. Fx Kharkow and Donetsk hasd 30% Jews.

Instead USSR regained their industrial Kombinates by Russians coming home from War.So parts of Ukraine actually are Ukraines, Ukraine-Russians and not integrtated Russians(those are the uprisers).

The western parts als almost empty after cleaning by germans as well as russians was Galicia where half was Poland.

Its exact the same for Belarus even it was no country. Its moved west. Poles there west of minsk and the many jews are expelled if they are not killed and by that its moved west with a part taken by USSR and by Russian emmigration to there by industralisation.

So thats wjere the splitups can be.

The old “real Ukrainians” are in the middle/north.

Maybee I didnt understand. I as a hobby has worked with WW1 and WW2 and by that know those parts very well in maps, landscapes, inhabitants, religion split up. uprisings.

If I go more back I do the Kiev Kingdom well. It had galizia too.

Its was defeated by “Moscow” and took their name to join with them. It was Russ.

Chris Gr

Ukraine is a big state though. But in a war with Russia, if Ukrainians are alone then they have no chance of winning.

jens holm

The real Ukraine army is worth nothing. Actually the “war” is runned by oligarcs.

But Russia will get even more pressure from the outside.

I dont understand those Ukrainians. Even when I propose they should vote back the parts, which has majority of russians and make some compensation.

We did that when germany lost WW1. We could have taken back what preussen took by war in 1864.

But we decided to let the people living there vote about it. Other just took anything they could from Germany.

Since then there has beeen very good relations with the germans and both parts as well as the rest help each other very much.

Danes has schools in germany and culturel facities and many germans go in danish school there because they want to know us for reel. Some speak danish better then the danes:)

We have just had local Kommune elections. For the firsttime a Danish-German has become major.

Down there they also share firebrigades, ambulances and hospitals. The police are allowed to follow criminals crossing the borders in full speed.

Germans live in Our part and work in Germany. Danes live in Germany and work here.

I wish some here and there could see its possible to relate in peace and understanding like that.

The German danes also has one member in the Berlin Parlament.

I think nothimg will happen in Ukraine/Russia until their Leaders of today has died. I often wonder if Putin has majority at all.

Chris Gr

Yes it can happen but Ukrainians have some bad relations in them. They are mostly seen as collaborators. In WW1 they cooperated with the Central Powers. In WW2 they collaborated with the Axis. Without US, Ukraine would have been gone long time ago.

jens holm

Its a normal procedure for the world. The russians has sold S400s to Turkey in exact same way. They most likely has sold the comming nuke powerplant to Iran in the same ways too

Your comment is typical onesided with no factschiking at all even you have a very low biased level of knowledge.

I allow me to add Russia is just as corrupt as Ukraine. You lyed that facts away too blaming Ukraine only.

Chris Gr

They sell weapons because it is business.

jens holm

Yes, its hard to keep down. Too much money, corruption and temptations.

Danes do it too even its not visible. We make a lot of very advanced parts. Weapons mainly are not made by one country any more.

Danes even export cars even we dont produce any. We make IT systems for German cars and transform mainly german cars to anything people wish. We fx export cars for airport firebrigades using foam and strange cars runing at rooftops and narrow places.

Thats why we have delievering problems. We are so dependent . Right now we also seemes to have lacks of important medicine. 1600 products is not here, but most of them for now can be replaced by semilars.

Chris Gr

All wars have business in them. The WW1 was mostly business and ethnicity. The WW2 was business, ethnicity and ideology. The Cold War was only business and ideology. Now we are seeing the end of history and the end of ideologies and nations. Probably the next World War will be only business.

jens holm

Ha ha. We have been one earth many years. You and we only see a dot.

I see the future could be many more but smaller states again being associated.

We both see Syria and the area could or maybe should be more then one state. It makes sense You hve Your own state and by that can leave to another and live there.
I partly see EU as such organisme. We are many big and small states but we are Ourself too as well as almost all see its importent with associations.

I feel the same for several big states and fx Afsganistan/Pakistan as a colonial empire leftover. It could have some pashtun state “in the middle” with turkmens, usbeks and tadjiks joining the new made state as well as the are whwre Baluchistate is, should be its own.

Russia has nort chosen a central or a decentral devellopment. It has big problems.

USA has grown too old as it is. They need some vital changes and a minority has solutions in the Sanders way. They need a better connection to washington but also the opposite. I have hopes for them bu5t Im pessimistic too.

I hope You are wrong about Your business part. Humans should not be raised as fitting plug inns for macines and tech.

Chris Gr

I say what is happening. I don’t like this corporatocracy.

Syria should not break apart because Turkey will be happy with this. Iran may also be happy if weapons flow to Hezbollah.

jens holm

But Im caught myself in the business part and has been speaking for windpower, solar cells and insolations for many years.

AND I am stockholder for windturbines and rockwool insolations.

BUT it is because I think I invest time and money for we as humans has right for a god living standards by that.

I now and then speak for putting limits for the big business and do it hard by taking parts of it as confiscation.

“If You can make that much money that fast its because You are theieves” Something like that.

We do make restrictions here but we are not able to tax them well and they too often try to cheat. In direct translation we say “the arms of the laws are too long and too thin”.

We has to remember what busines is for and its for us living here and as minimum those, which are producers and the ones,which are not able to work like children, old people, handicapped and people which now and then are unimployed.

Thats what I write here about Syria, Iraq aso. I dont support people which deny to make changes and even blame people like me, because I wont pay anymore, so they can remain as they are.


How will they pay for this? They even can’t pay for gas. It’s not wise to sell warships to a broke & failed state. Besides, by the time they should be delivered I doubt there will be any Ukraine left. At least not in this shape.

jens holm

We will see. Russia will be paid back by Assad with Syrian oil, when Assads and the Bad Artists can:)

jens holm

Thats a facts Miss Minus

Chris Gr

Assad is not able to repay all these. Probably Syria will disintegrate also.

jens holm

I think its the only solution. But Turkey has to decline there as well.

Its very visble, where Assads has more then military control.
Im for the old Osman provinces.

Aleppo as one. Raqqa as one. But its very complicated. Everything in north is split inj the middle by the devatstaing Sevres/lausanne treaty. Its the same for northern iraq.

So what do Younpropose as possibilities`?

Chris Gr

This is wrong. Personally, I want Syria and Iraq to be united into one because it needs this. A fractured Syria will be America’s dream. Later they may fracture Turkey and Iran also. They want states to break apart.

Syria could have broken into 4 states. One in Aleppo (Turkey), one in Damascus (Russia), one in Raqqa (US) and one in Latakia-Lebanon (Iran).

jens holm

Some unification has been tryed in Panarabisme with Gamel Abdel Nasser. He fought in yemen as people do today as well.

That area wont be strong as long as its not in a productive way can improve themself.

To me turkey is a mistaken state too. After WW1, there could have been a tribe area being owned by the locals in the narrow vallyes and in the dry land. They should have been left alone.

By thats Syria and Iraq had no Kurds.

To me Turkey with its 80 milions runned as they does in a hard centralized version is not good.

I would rather see some “United States of Anatolia” or “Minor” Asia.

Chris Gr

There is an explanation why Syria and Iraq are in this state. Syrians and Iraqis are bordered by Turks to the north and Iranians to the east. These powers are anti-Arab and anti-Semitic. Secondly, Syria and Iraq were allied with Soviet Union which lost the Cold War. These are the two factors.

But Turkey and Iran can have many enemies. Slavs from the north, Europe from the west, Semites from the south, Chinese from the east, Indians from the southeast.

jens holm

I partly agree even I see an Iraq-Syria as unrealistic.

But the areas where Turkmen and Kurds live was not in that.

Chris Gr

It can happen but it is difficult. Syria is in much weaker position now. And Syrians and Iraqis have clashes many decades. Ethnic clashes. You will see Syrians supporting Iranians in a Iraqi-Iranian war and Iraqis support Turks in a Turkish-Syrian war.

Erdogan can easily lure Iraqi Turkmens and even some Iraqi Shias (Sadrists especially) against PKK/YPG and the Assad regime.

johnny conspiranoid

Are new ships going to be builtin the UK?

jens holm

Sky news 4 days ago said so:

On Ukraine’s £1.7billion shopping list are two minehunters, the joint production of eight missile ships and a frigate as well as the purchase of weapons for existing vessels.

jens holm

3 minus sheep denying facts again. The deep dark state is them and made by tem too, but the rest of the world is blamed for it:(

jens holm

Im sure the Ukrainins would like to be 100s of kilomters away. They were the last ones to fight the Bolsjevics, they were punished hard for that and after that they were starved to death, they were jailed, they were deported.

Stalin left them, when Hitler arrived too and so manyh was killed the jews included. Now theyare themself again.

It no wonder so many prefare almost nazisme and nationalisme of the worst kind semilar to the Russian one.

I would say, that if the Russians should take their troops away, the Ukraines might do same thing.

We all has seen how teh russians has taken Ukrainian ships too. No wonder they want some relative modern replacements.

jens holm

Sure Miss Minus. I have not counted the ones in Ukraine myself as well as have asked.

Karl Wolfe

The British leadership is purposefully pushing for some type of war: this would further their Agenda for exterminating as many human beings as possible around the world as quickly as possible. These Fanatics running the show there, not the people who serve in their militaries, should be the ones put onto these warships and instructed to “Go and fight the war you want to create so badly “.
There would be no provocations or wars anymore, anywhere on Earth. The real leaders behind the scenes just want death for Humanity. To do anything to destroy any part of Gods beautiful Creation is what they seek, for they are enemies of our Creator, obsessed with fantasies of “becoming gods” themselves, just like every other petty tyrant that has come murdering in history.
They push for the war, but being absolute COWARDS themselves, they sit back and count their monies made from it – and they REVEL – and secretly pleasure themselves – in the human deaths, destruction and misery they start.
Truly many parts of the world are run by Psychopaths who should be locked in Zoos for public display where people can throw peanuts at them and discuss, Openly and Freely, the Contempt for All Life and the Earth these Losers really share.

jens holm

Not at them – I hope.

jens holm

Very nice Lucas Leiroz is worried about Our taxes. Little man, we can decline if its important for us and the world.

Lance Ripplinger

Ukraine is a second rate, trash country with a tinpot despot for a ruler. The U.K. military industrial complex is just salivating at all the money they will make, at the expense of the destroy Ukraine economy. If some naval conflict did break out in the Black Sea, the Russians would prevail against stupid Ukraine and their joke of a “navy”, which consists of rusty patrol boats.

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