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UH-60 Black Hawk Medium-Lift Utility Helicopter (Infographics)

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UH-60 Black Hawk Medium-Lift Utility Helicopter (Infographics)

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The UH-60 Black Hawk is a twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter developed and manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft.


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  1. PZIVJ says:

    Igor Sikorsky, an immigrant to the United States who was born in Kiev.
    Before the helicopter came along he designed many biplanes and flying boats, usually only prototypes.
    His first production helicopter in 1942, the R-4:

  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Wouldnt be a bad helo…
    But the engines are notorious for micro cut outs, its so annoying that alarm signals were disabled years ago in the cockpit.
    At low altitude is not really dangerous, but at higher altitudes especially in the mountains it is.
    Lot of Blackhawks crashed due to instant torque loss.
    Interestingly they arent willing to fix it for 40 years, I guess its more profitable to build a new one…
    One of the main reasons Marine One is still the good ol Sea King.

    1. Brian Michael Bo Pedersen says:

      Interesting info, thanks.
      I dont know if the Blackhawks suffer from the same as the SeaHawks, but the RDAF Seahawks are one noisy bird, making more noise than our Merlin´s and even more than a Dutch Chinook who came right over my house when NATO had that large exercise last year i believe it was.

  3. Ashok Varma says:

    Blackhawk down, the Somalis seems to perfected the art of bringing them down with RPG and small arms.

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