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JUNE 2023

UAE Was Planning To Invade Qatar Using Rebranded ‘Blackwater’ Mercenaries

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UAE Was Planning To Invade Qatar Using Rebranded 'Blackwater' Mercenaries

Blackwater founder Erik Prince. Photograph by Adam Ferguson

Qatar’s former deputy prime minister, Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, has accused the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of preparing to invade Qatar with own army of mercenaries, according to Spanish daily ABC.

Attiyah said that the UAE hired a “Blackwater-linked” security company to train thousands of mercenaries to overthrow the Qatari emir. The alleged goal of the move was to put in power a ruler subservient to the Saudi-led bloc.

The UAE allegedly started preparing this operation even before Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt started their diplomatic campaign against Qatar and imposed sanctions on the country accusing it of supportint “extremism”.

The UAE reportedly failed to implement its plan because US President Donald Trump rejected it when it was submited for consideration to him.

The New Arab website provided more details on the issue (source):

An unnamed official source told the daily that the soldiers for hire were trained at Emirati military base in Liwa in the west of the country by ACADEMI – a US security service company formerly known as Blackwater.

“We estimate that Blackwater trained about 15,000 employees, most of them Colombian and South American,” the source said.

Blackwater military contractors killed 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians and injured 20 in a notorious 2007 massacre in Baghdad that prompted the firm to change its name.

Reports first emerged in 2015 that the UAE was sending mercenaries to fight in Yemen, choosing not to send its own citizens to take part the war against the Houthi rebels.

The country has been accused of transferring running secret prisons in Yemen where torture was said to be widely used against detainees.

“The UAE has not only utilised private security contractors to bolster its own ability for self-defence but has used them to engage in foreign wars and, potentially, domestic repression,” said security expert David Isenberg.

According to a recent email purportedly sent by the Emirati ambassador to the US, Yousef al-Otaiba, Saudi Arabia came close to “conquering” Qatar before the start of the blockade.

Sources close to Trump said in September that the Saudi-led bloc considered taking military action against Qatar at the start of the crisis before the US President urged for calm.

Kuwait’s emir, who has been leading efforts to mediate an end to the spat, has said he stopped the bloc from taking military action against Qatar.

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That’s how submissive you need to be to hold your position, whatever it is. Qatari rulers are Wahhabi, funded terror groups along their brotherly neighbours wherever they felt like it but dared to have an independent policy in some matters. It won’t be tolerated.

I doubt they (UAE, SA, US) stopped this scheme just for the Emir of Kuwait’s peace of mind. The real reason has to be something else. If they’re capable of doing something like that, what would they do to their own dissident “peasants”?

You can call me Al

Excellent videos above.

Just one last point on them: Qatar and Iran had “relatively good” contacts, but since they are both developing the “North / South pars” gas field; the biggest field in the World, their relationship, became closer; I think you may find that is the big problem to Washington, Saudi Arabia and Libya.

10-1, the people in both the UAE and Qatar DO NOT want a war.

To me, the 2nd video is the most telling; my gut view is that it is to try and cover up the backing the US, Saudi Arabia ++ are the real backers of terrorists.


They(UNITED STATES) will use the trained TERRORIST(Colombian/South American) in Venezuela or the Philippines to overthrow their government and instal a UNITED STATES SEPOY in Venezuela/Philippines.


They will try.


There’s a typo in the title, should be “Invade” not “Invide”


invide? invitation to invade?

Solomon Krupacek

who is on the picture? matt damon? :)

John Mason

Would you believe the “A Team”?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Thank you Mr Trump for stopping this Zio-nonsense. Please Trump make more decisions like this one. We want you to oppose Saudi and Israeli plans everywhere in the whole world.


Thanks for the laugh.


I wish, but the US never had a president more pro-Zionist.


That man Prince would be in an Afghan torture prison or Abu Ghraib if there was any justice in the USA. But we know all this – the US media was getting all teary-eyed at the deaths of precious American blood in the midst of oceans of Muslims dead, so they started paying “private” soldiers to die instead. Same in all the wars they “fight” now – any number of troops they give, you should multiply by three to get the real number. The good thing is, there is no protection for mercs under international law – they can be simply shot on sight. The US citizenry really do need to start holding their corporate criminals to account, though, otherwise the world America will be synonymous with evil – already mostly there. Trump made a couple of tiny steps in the right direction, but then the wicked Rasputin Bibi started whispering in his ear – “Jerusalem will be our caaaapital, Iran is building a nuclear booooomb, Assad must goooooo”…. too bad. Bring on the Russo-Chinese world order.


Wouldn’t it be great if one second after the above photo was taken a drone strike “accidentally” killed them all? Apologies from the Russian government – “we don’t know how this could happen!”

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