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JUNE 2021

UAE Warplane Violated Qatari Airspace

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UAE Warplane Violated Qatari Airspace

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On January 11, Qatar revealed that a warplane of the UAE Air Force violated its airspace at 9.45am on December 21, 2017. As a response to the incident, Qatar sent two identical messages to the United Nations Secretary-General and to the President of the UN Security Council to protest the violation, according to the Qatari al-Jazeera TV.

Ambassador Sheikha Alia Ahmed bin Saif al-Thani, Qatar’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, stressed in the messages that the UAE warplane entered Qatar’s airspace without any approval from the Qatari side.

According to the official Qatari messages, the UAE warplane, with the induction code (0403), flew over the exclusive economic zone of Qatar at a height of 33,400ft and at a speed of 460 knots. Qatar even provided the UN with the radar records.

Sheikha Alia Ahmed bin Saif al-Thani warned in the messages that Qatar is ready to defend its borders and its “national security” if the violation is repeated.

“While Qatar is keen to maintain good relations with its neighbors, it strongly rejects any violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and that in the event of a repeat of such violation, the State of Qatar will take, in order to preserve its legitimate sovereign right, all necessary measures to defend its borders and airspace and national security, in accordance with international laws and regulations,” Sheikha Alia Ahmed bin Saif al-Thani said in the messages.

The accident was the first military mishap between Qatar and its neighboring countries, since the outbreak of the Saudi-Qatari diplomatic crisis on June 5, 2017.

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uae is stirring sh*t on behalf of buddies from usa, israhell and ksa. looks like they need more beating. having their army of mercenaries in Syria destroyed was not enough.

jade villaceran

Looks like qatar need s400


To arm rich salafist terrorists against rich wahhabi terrorists? What could ever go wrong?

Pave Way IV

Qataris didn’t think they would need their own air defenses after 2001. That’s when they agreed to build the then-secret Al Udeid Air Base for US use near Doha and made the US promise to put 10,000 human-shield soldiers there. The assumption was that the U.S. would protect their air base (but mostly protect the Qatari royals and profanely rich in Doha) from the potential of an Iraqi, Syrian and (eventually) Iranian counter-attack during the planned wars.

Qatari royalty apparently still don’t understand how disposable they are to the US – they have continued to by billions in useless Patriot batteries and expensive US aircraft and mil equipment for themselves. I’m sure the thug UAE troops and mercs will appreciate all this new equipment when they roll through Doha and start beheading anyone remotely related to the current al-Thani ruling mafia.

CENTCOM uses al Udeid for all Saudi-Wahhabi support ops and Shia-civilian-killing missions, so the UAE regime-changers will be welcomed. Not sure exactly who is on who’s side there in the Pentagon-CIA thing, but they mostly stay out of each other’s way. The base is safe, as well as the B-52s stationed there for eventually nuking Iranian population centers.

Al Udeid’s secondary purpose is to thoroughly convince any unfortunate US military personnel stationed there that they are sub-human garbage tools who exist to protect the expansion of Saudi Arabian and Israeli interests in the region, and are therefore heros for protecting America’s freedom. It’s not working, since most soldiers/airmen quit the military after a tour at the $7 billion dollar equivalent of a hellish, moldy, bug-infested Florida trailer-trash motel in the middle of an oppressive Islamic state. The SF guys there are probably OK with it after their exciting ear-and-finger-collecting… er, ‘anti-terrorist’ missions.

Hide Behind

And what response is made towards this violation of Sovereign air space, they go crying to the UN?
A body that has US military stationed within over 140 of Bodies members, easy to see why owners of Qatar wear flowing robes.
Easy wealth does not build strong character traits, within rulers or their subjects that depend upon Regal charity.
One can clearly see it in how D’s up Saudi Totals cannot fight for themselves and buy mercenaries to fly , drive, arm and train other mercenaries.
Ti’s is easy to Lord over ones weak subjects, and never worry about facing physical discomfort to themselves, you get to buy Big Bullies, US and EuroCentrics to protect themselves.
Lords of own, hide behind religion, all the while thinking they are self made men, and in reality no more than worshiping their creation.
To Qatar, I say ,: waaaah, Wabash waah, stop crying , and learn to change own diapers.


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