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UAE To Build Large Photovoltaic Power Station In Syria

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UAE To Build Large Photovoltaic Power Station In Syria

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A consortium of Emirati companies will build a large photovoltaic power station in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus as a part of a cooperation agreement that was signed by the Syrian Ministry of Electricity on November 11.

The station, which will be able to produce 300 mw from solar power, will be built in the area of Wdian al-Rabi’a near the Tishreen thermal power plant.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, the United Arab Emiratis (UAE) will finance 100% of the turnkey project. Syria will pay back the cost on a quarterly basis for the next ten years. The construction is expected to take no more than two years.

The power station will save 125,000 tons of fuel a year, saving Syria 117 billion pounds and around 350,00 tons of carbon.

“This is the first time that the ministry contracts Emirati companies, there will be a specialized team to follow up the work to build the photovoltaic station that will be a good source to meet the demand for electric power in Syria,” Mahmoud Ramadan, head of Syria’s General Electricity Generation Corporation, said after signing the contract.

Two days earlier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sheikh Abdallah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, made a breakthrough visit to Syria and met with President Bashar al-Assad.

Wdian al-Rabi’a project confirms that the UAE is serious about rebuilding its relations with Syria on all levels, not just politically.

The project is yet another blow to the US Syria policy which is based on isolating Damascus and preventing any reconstruction efforts in the war-torn country. Washington’s allies in the Middle East have begun to distance themselves from this failed policy.

A few months ago, Syria accepted a proposal to transport Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity to Lebanon through its territory.


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Israel is a colonial NATO project

Syria needs more of these agreements with neighboring countries and it needs to be taken back into the Arab League. The American Empire’s regime change war in Syria has failed.

Chris Gr

Arab League is against Iran. You should know that.

Chris Gr

I knew that this would happen.

Lance Ripplinger

Prayers for the Syrian people, and I hope this seemingly positive step will open more opportunities.

Lone Ranger

Not a bad idea.
But china has better tech and would build it for half the price.

Lone Ranger

CIA-t-rolls and hasbara-ts will cry and rage 🤗

Peppe il Sicario

Saudi Arabia needs to be isolated from the rest of the Arab League. It is their policy of religious and fanatical Wahabbism, crypto Zionism, that has been causing so many problems around the world the last 40 years as agents of dajjal, the Great Satan and his minions on Earth. Let’s remember that the UAE has even broken with Saudi Arabia on Yemen and Qatar even earlier.

Stephen michael Basteed

but also remember that israel and the UAE are building an intelligence centre together on a yemeni island

Stephen michael Basteed

Why? they were up to their elbows in blood with their american counterparts in the destruction of syria while playing footsie with the genocidal israelis,both of whom would be aghast at such an arrangement, is this a geopolitical shift or just smoke and mirrors ?

photovoltaic power station

How will a photovoltaic power station produce any power – which it should reliably? – when the sun is blocked? Also the sun might be increasingly blocked as volcanic ash, mists and meteoric dust fills up the atmosphere. What the Schwab-Kartel and his Bosses were afraid of.

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